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    Feb 21, 2010
    API Feature List:
    • http://api.ooo48.net/help
    Ranker Feature List:
    • user creation
    • basic navigation

    Hi guys. You may have noticed that the AKB & SKE Ranker 2.0, my stepcharts, and my remixes haven't been getting a lot of updates lately and (besides having a full-time job) if you follow the ranker account on twitter (@akbranker), you know why.

    I've been working on the ooo48 API and ranker -- 2 separate projects, one feeding from the other, both of them nowhere near completion.

    Allow me to explain:

    Long story short, the API I'm making is a web service that spits out OOO48 group information in JSON. So far, it serves basic member information of all of AKB, SKE, and SDN (+/- a few member shifts I haven't accounted for) and some graduated / forfeited members. I haven't locked it down so if you're a dev and want to hit it, just lemme know before you start pinging the crap out of it or you're getting blacklisted. Donations would be appreciated too.

    The API is accessable at http://api.ooo48.net, but the useful page is at http://api.ooo48.net/help.

    ooo48 ranker (3.0)
    It doesn't rank yet but you can get a feel for the UI over at http://ranker.ooo48.net.

    The API fuels this. So far, it populates some of the menus and calls up some of the girls. The user and (in the future) rank databases are run separately from the API database. In the long run, will make it a lot easier to update compared to updating the ranker 2.0 thanks to the API. Getting my data through the API allows me to sort and organize things a lot easier than how I had it with the previous ranker.

    Also, one of the things I didn't get around to doing with the 2.0 was the picture export. I'm hoping to solve this by enabling hotlinking to rankings for people to see. Also, user accounts and multiple, save-able rankings. These features are a long ways away but something to look forward to, I think. I don't really want to give out any other secrets I have up my sleeve for the ranker right now though... [hehe]


    This is where you guys come in. I'll be putting up the feature lists of both projects here (and maybe what I'm currently working on with both of them) and you guys can suggest what I work on next. Keep in mind, I'm only one guy and work a 9-? (usually later than 5) kinda job with a 1.5h commute so I can't always find the time to work on my pet projects but I'm giving 'er the best I can.

    I'll keep editing the 1st post once I get some interest rolling in this and whenever I do any updates... If I forget, you can always check the ranker itself by clicking the "changelog" text beside the title in the header.

    Also, to keep track of both as it happens, you can hit up the ranker twitter account @akbranker or the API twitter account @ooo48api.

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