TV / Radio SKE48 Musubi no Ichiban (SKE48 むすびのイチバン!) (2017/04/24 - 2019/03/26)

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    Oct 18, 2017
    is there sm1 kind enough to pm me the eng subs?.
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    Jun 2, 2015
    @justafan AFAIK, only one episode of this show which got english-subbed(You can backtrack it). Not sure if there's any fansub doing the rest as of now.
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    Jun 2, 2015
    Apologies for the lack of updates. Or more like, lack of time to watch this show. I'm deeply sorry.
    Eps. 27 (171023):
    Cast: Asai Yuka, Takahata Yuki, Sato Sumire.
    This episode has become Suuchan latest(and possibily the last) appearance on Musubi to-date. Watch as her infatuation on Asai, once again, got recorded on the camera, maybe with other expression as well from these 3 with all these cameras...:D
    Eps. 28 (171030):
    Cast: Goto Rara, Kimoto Kanon, Machi Otoha.
    The first appearance of Mach-chan(pun intended:p). They are visiting an international martial arts club specialized in medieval knight battle. And by medieval, it means Full-metal plate armor as well!:D
    Eps. 29 (171106):
    Cast: Kitano Ruka, Shirai Kotono, Takeuchi Saki.
    Another laid back Spot Hunting episode. Rehashed idea indeed(With the rain possibly disrupting the initial plan of recording). But since photography never get old, there might be some surprise artwork coming from them.:D
    Eps. 30 (171113):
    Cast: Tani Marika, Suda Akari, Aikawa Honoka.
    First location shoot of Aikawa, and surprisingly Dasu(for the main corner) too. No take 2 as the girls doing gourmet report and meeting new people along the way.

    All credit to respective uploader.
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    Jun 2, 2015
    Eps. 31 (171120):
    Cast: Takayanagi Akane, Furuhata Nao, Kataoka Narumi.
    First timer Narupea, alongside her KII senpai were coming on a certain face mask manufacturer to watch the making process of it behind the scene.
    It's different than the usual design though, so why not having the girls tried it too? :D

    All credit to respective uploader.
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    Jun 2, 2015
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    Jun 2, 2015
    Just doing what we can. Out of love for the group, hehe.

    Eps. 33 (171204):
    Cast: Hidaka Yuzuki, Ota Ayaka, Kitagawa Yoshino.

    The gangs were offered opportunity to create a CM for a certain product from the CEO himself. Can they make it as requested? :D
    Personal note: First time appearance of Yokonyan, and she already make a hilarious first impression....:rofl:
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    Jun 2, 2015
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    Jun 2, 2015
    Musubi SP in USA (171216):
    Cast: Matsui Jurina, Furuhata Nao, Ego Yuna
    Watch as the gangs explore the vastness of USA, from the ever vibrant Vegas to the calm Red Valley power spot. What surprise are waiting for them? :D

    Eps. 35 (171218):
    Cast: Arai Yuki, Aoki Shiori, Inuzuka Asana
    The show start with each girl venting their recent source of stress: Arai with her "jiko" in Musubi not long ago as VTR shown, Oshirin with being mistaken as R&B artist at recent event by her own fans, and Wanchan with how easily her hands sweat so cold that some fans has considerately warming their hands first before handshake:rofl:. And thus, this time the gangs went on several stress-relieving activity which hopefully helps them. Or not.:D

    First, onward to certain exotic pet . As expected, this is a haven for animal-lover Wanchan, while for the rest of two.....:awesome:

    Next, to a certain armory air soft gun shop where the manager is revealed to be avid subscriber of ARMS magazine, where SKE members regularly featured in front cover. Hilarity ensues when Jurina cover is shown, as Yoshimura said, "You all like a private looking at your sergeant in bootcamp!". It is also shown how adept Oshirin is at shooting range. Must be her vented-up rage.:awesome:

    Of course Yoshimura once again acted up. Thanks to him, we always have a target to bash each week.

    All credit to respective Uploader.
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    Jan 4, 2017
    Hinachan's Cell House
    Iwata "Sukinaso" Hina
    Finally caught up with the newest episode.

    Thanks to this show I got to know most of the girls in SKE now.

    It's a shame that not much people here are talking about it.

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    Jun 2, 2015
    Apologies for the late post.
    Eps. 36 (171225)
    Cast: Inoue Ruka, Kitagawa Ryoha, Takagi Yumana
    First appearance of the uber-honest Ru-chan. As expected, it got teased right away in the first few minute by the GM.:D
    The theme of the episode is Inuyama City PR, located north of Nagoya metropolis and chosen just because 2018 is the year of the dog (Inu=Dog).
    The gang will form up a Dog-shaped circular route with GPS started from Inuyama City Hall, taking shots of many benchmark location during the course, and returned back within 2 hours. Should be doable until the first detour happened.
    Throughout the tour, you will see how bubbly Ru-chan is, how hilarious deer-girl Ryoha when she got trolled multiple times, and how Takagi just.....giggling all the way just like us.:D

    It is also spectacularly comes with a plot twist as the girls finished their PR run. Rather than be congratulated in good-old-fashioned ending, Yoshimura instead pointed out they are missing one important spot to be documented and making the GPS dog imagery "Tailless", much to the girls (cute) embarrassment.:rofl:

    Btw, that Ru-chan "Yattaa!" deserve to be GIF-ed. :p

    All credit to respective Uploader.
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    Jun 2, 2015
    Eps. 37 (180108)

    Cast: Kumazaki Haruka, Tsuzuki Rika, Mizuno Airi
    First broadcast of 2018. Plus we got Mizuno. Yattaa! :D
    This time, the gangs are playing Karuta(Japanese traditional card game) for PR sake. Against elementary schooler kids with some custom rule. Should be easy until they saw...
    (image blurred for parental advisory.:p)

    As the first match begin, Kuma got rekt right away where she got snatched more than she can score. Poor girl.[hehe]
    Piyosu learned better though, as she fight a gruesome battle to ensure a stalemate. So intense the card got ripped and the winner have to be decided from how big the part of ripped card they hold. What a rule!:rofl:
    The problem child Mizuno on the other hand.....Sasuga! :awesome:

    The funny part is the girls are supposed to lose so Kaotan can do her entrance and be the hero they need. Regardless, she make her entrance as a villain instead and has to be stopped. With Karuta game of course.

    This episode also mark the change of "Mousou Musubi" corner to "10-byou Challenge" corner by Dasu-Arai (in commemoration to 10th anniversary) where they are doing a challenge which is related-to-10. Loser got a batsu game. Classic!~:p

    All credit to respective Uploader.
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    Jun 2, 2015
    Late post again. Gomennasai.
    Eps. 38 (180115)
    Cast: Obata Yuna, Ego Yuna, Kitano Ruka, Kumazaki Haruka, Kamata Natsuki, Sugawara Maya.

    More cast than usual, which our MC noticed and teased about right away+Maya antics. No location shot, and it's probably gonna be a boring promo talkshow, until 2 of our newest senbatsu member pulled a twist.
    As you can see, Maya and Nakkii were already interviewed prior. They're using it as question to see how much the rest of girl know them. Let's see....
    Q1. What is Sugawara reason on why she was chosen as senbatsu member, according to herself?
    Yunana & Kuma-chan: Visual
    Ego-chan: "Sales"
    Ruka: "This is Sugawara era!"
    GM: "Because I have personal affair with Jurina."
    This question brought to light Maya Ijirare chara(Bullied) and Ruka Dokuzetsu chara(Venom-tongue) plus how they interact. :lol:
    Some snippet:
    Q:From all the senbatsu member, which rank are you?
    M:Ehhh, 15th?
    Q:Who's the 16th?
    Q:Eh, which side are you winning at?
    M:Stomach narrowness.
    You can tell the comical reaction after that.:rofl:
    Q2. According to Nakkii, if she is a Titan in SnK, who among senbatsu member she will eat the least?
    Ruka: Ego-chan, because save the most tasty cutie for the last.
    GM: Kumachan, because she too skeletal.

    Q3. What is Maya answer, if by chance, she is treated a meal by Yoshimura?(A: Due to busy lesson, politely refuse)
    Ruka: "If I become famous."
    Ego: "Actually I have tried that meal with everyone before. Not tasty at all."
    Kuma: "Impossible with the age gap. There are better people."
    Obata: *Visible shyness*
    GM: "Please tell, is Sugawara dead already?"

    Q4. Muishiki, Mu: Musubi staff, I: Don't cheat, Shi: If I know it, Ki:...
    (Fukui proceed to open the last. Timely prevented by the rest, "That's the question!".)
    Ruka: I'll live on.
    Ego: I honestly aware what comes next.
    GM: (To be continued)...
    Kuma: I want it cleared.
    Yunana: *Foxface*
    There are some serious note from Maya about this. Well, she is 18....
    Eps. 39 (180122)
    Cast: Machi Otoha, Ida Reona, Nojima Kano.

    Mach-chan dream episode with football involved. :D Never know Kano-chan was already this tall compared to her first time in the program....

    This time girls are learning basic stunt of street-football. With varied success rate(Looking at you, Reona-san). Also having a taste of 1on1 (With Machi successfully rekt'd the GM). Of course those all must come with a dreaded challenge. Can the girls successfully do it?:p

    All credit to respective uploader.
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    Jun 2, 2015
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    Jun 2, 2015
    Kinda distracted from this thread, apologies.
    Eps. 41 (180205)
    Cast: Yahagi Yukina, Ota Ayaka, Fukushi Nao

    Follow how the shy Kina and the self-acclaimed-bland Ayamelo in finding their variety chara. Of course with the help of 2nd round W-championship finalist(AKBINGO covered this if you are wondering), Donchan-sensei. Through monoboke, skit, and (spicy) gourmet report we go. :D
    Beware though as you saw Kina gradually losing her "limiter". Even Donchan were surprised with the change lol
    Eps. 42 (180212)
    Cast: Oba Mina, Suenaga Oka, Saito Makiko

    Ramen gourmet report episode. The unusual one. I mean, just watch the orderly Oochan constantly surprised (and laughed) with the stuff.:D
  16. EinhanderX

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    Jun 2, 2015
    Eps. 43 (180219)
    Cast: Hidaka Yuzuki, Nojima Kano, Matsumoto Chikako

    This episode was supposed for the girls having fun snowboarding lol.
    There was this theory of 3 during any location shoot where first is the capable, the second is the clown moodmaker, and the third is the ponkotsu. We all know who's gonna be the variety, but it looks like we got the reliable and ponkotsu one switched here. :D
    The Burikko instructor though...:rofl:

    It's endearing. Must watch if you have soft spot for these 3. Especially Kano-chan.:inlove:

    All credit to respective uploader.
  17. CutePanda

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    Apr 11, 2015
    episode 43 is pretty good !!! learning the snowboard trick on a practice field with no snow [hehe]
  18. EinhanderX

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    Jun 2, 2015
    Gotta be easy on those newbies. :D
    Eps. 44 (180226)
    Cast: Aoki Shiori, Kitano Ruka, Shirai Kotono.

    A light episode where the girls are faced with various awkward situation in showbiz and have to make it "Lulz-worthy" without hurting others.
    The trivial first question definitely catches them off guard lol.
    -"What's your opinion about Jurina?"
    -(Praising word from them)
    -"Did you all chat with her often?"
    Just lol.

    Lesson 1: During a chat, your partner were telling a story which is bound to fail hard. Save the air without harm!
    -The innocent 15yo Kocchan, well, it can't be helped that she give in.:p
    -While on the other hand, the considerate Oshirin and the brash Kitano barely managed it. With clap and tease.

    Lesson 2: When you're eating on restaurant, somehow the food served is so plain your partner even said it in front of the waitress. How to save it?
    -Oshirin directly eating it to deny the claim. So kind.
    -Ruka instead spoonfed it to claim it's the best way to eat. I see.:shifty:
    -The airhead Kocchan, well, it can't be helped that she add salt to injury instead.:p

    Lesson 3: The AD screwed up during recording. How to save it?
    -Ruka pointed out another instruction. Correct way, but no lulz.
    -Oshirin staged a fall. Nice distraction!
    -The cult leader Kocchan, well, it can't be helped that she is rushing to toil....wait....Idol were pissing too?:awesome:

    Final Lesson:
    It's inevitable that sometimes, the influential person in work is a pervert, bald oji-san. How to slap some sense into him with a slipper comedically?
    -Oshirin way. Insult the baldness, Slap him asap, and with side part of slipper. Triple Kill!:D
    -Being the second turn, you think Kocchan learned one or two. Yes, she learned......that slipper side is hurt and used it to stab instead. Ouch!:rofl:
    -Thankfully this is Dokuzetsu Ruka specialty and she nailed it. Yoshimura can be relieved from being farmed with slipper's side again.:lol:

    All credit to respective uploader.
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    Jun 2, 2015
    Eps. 45 (180305)

    Cast: Kitano Ruka, Ichino Narumi, Uchiyama Mikoto.

    At first, I was thinking "Ruka again?". Then I heard the episode theme. No wonder why they chose the recently announcing graduation Naru who has long history of tongue-slip, the living 2nd gen eyewitness Mikotti, and her. It is "SKE member inside story: Revealing truth behind the scene!" afterall. Tons of story, borderline shit-talk even.
    edit: on second thought, it is probably better if I hold the review a bit longer. Let's just say the blurred photo part has created a quite heated discussion on matome sites. Why spreading the fire here? :)

    All credit to respective uploader.
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    Jun 2, 2015
    Eps. 46 (180312)
    Cast: Sugawara Maya, Mizuno Airi, Ego Yuna

    This time, two of our D2 were doing "Amazing Race"-like game with Ego waiting in the finish line. The rules are:
    1. 30 mins time limit
    2. If by 5 mins left they still didn't reach finish line, Ego-chan will send a video call with her raising a heart-shaped balloon as a beacon.
    3. Using Smartphone to find the location is NG.
    4. It's OK to ask people.
    Knowing them are draft member, Yoshimura instantly asked, "Why no Donchan?". Sasuga our biased MC.
    First location, a certain cafe famous for pouring their milk and tea from atop the ladder(Personally remember this from 46H TV). The sign of luck comes when the first grandma they ask know the location. So lucky the party that grandma even accompany them to show da wae(After the lulz of asking direction scene). So kind she is. Thanks to her, the gang finally arrived in due time to enjoy some pastries, Tokui being stepped on, and Yoshimura being badly served, both agitated the two MC.

    Second location is where they started wrong. Not knowing the shrine location, they spent 14 min wasted af lol(Just look at the pedestrian scene). It was until Ego send the second video that the gang started moving. Even then, it was for nothing. Leading to hilarious talk in the end.
    Tokui: Do you waiting for us after 30 min passed there?
    Ego: Yes. In the (shrine) dressing room, to be exact.
    Tokui: Is there something else you done to kill the time?
    Ego: Just heating myself near the stove(VTR shown)
    Toku: A sec...
    Mizuno/Sugawara: So sad!
    Yoshimura: We truly got some ponkotsu cast this time.(Maya and Airi giving denial gesture)
    Mizuno: Err..This is the first time I talked to people(asking the direction). But everyone is so cold-hearted....
    (Caption: Human Distrust...)
    All credit to respective uploader.
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