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    Nogizaka46's 2nd Stage
    16nin no Principal deux (16人のプリンシパル deux)

    Akasaka ACT Theater, Tokyo. (1,324 seats)
    Umeda Arts Theater Main Hall, Osaka. (1,905 seats)

    Akasaka ACT Theater
    05/03 (Fri) - 17:00
    05/04 (Sat) ~ 05/06 (Mon) - 1st show: 13:00;  2nd show: 17:00
    05/07 (Tue) ~ 05/10 (Fri) - 18:00
    05/11 (Sat) ~ 05/12 (Sun) - 1st show: 13:00;  2nd show: 17:00

    Umeda Arts Theater
    05/31 (Fri) - 18:00
    06/01 (Sat) ~ 06/02 (Sun) - 1st show: 13:00;  2nd show: 17:00

    ● Scriptwriter: Kiyasu Kouhei      ● Producer: Emoto Junko

    Their 2nd short term stage/act, now in halls 3-4 times bigger than the first one, and 20 performances. You can see details and results for the 1st one here. The same voting system will probably be used once again.

    Voting System
    The voting system will happen during the interval of each theater show. After the 1st half, with all the members performing, 16 are chosen after the voting to participate in the 2nd half, with the positions and lines of the play decided by the number of votes. It is done via mobile phone by those attending the show (a card/QR code is given to them at the beginning)

    ※ (Late) Update
    Differently from the 1st 16nin no Principal, the members had now the opportunity to choose which role they would want to challenge in each performance.

    In the 1st act, a quick audition was held for each role, with the members showing their acting skills under specific instructions/circumstances from a "voice from above" (e.g. in the May 4th performance, act as if you were very sick and weak, for the Hisako role).

    The audience, then, had to vote for each role (only one member per role, for a total of 10 main roles). If there was only candidate for a role (since they couldn't previously know which member had chosen which role), that member already had the luck to secure her role in the 2nd act.

    If there was no candidacy for a role, the audience could choose any member (out of those they hadn't chosen yet) who they thought she would fit the best for it. In this case, the member with most votes and that hadn't been chosen for any of the other main roles would have the chance to perform it.

    Among the members defeated in the mini auditions, the 6 with most votes would be chosen for the 'maid' roles.

    Quick description of the roles, thanks to rust.
    Quick summary of the story, thanks to rust.

    Table with the final results:

    2nd generations members were also presented during the end of each Tokyo performance, one by one. Two songs were performed in the end of each performance (usually Kimi no Na wa Kibou and Shakiism). The 6th single "Girl's Rule" was also performed for the first time during the Osaka kouen.
    You can see photos of the stage here

    ※ Ichiki Rena, Kashiwa Yukina and Hoshino Minami were absent due to school commitments. Ando Mikumo had announced her graduation; Miyazawa Seira had a leg injury.
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    Re: [STAGE] Nogizaka46 2nd [16nin no Principal deux] '13/05~

    Wow, new stage already!
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    Re: [STAGE] Nogizaka46 2nd [16nin no Principal deux] '13/05~

    Cool beans.

    Since it's a sequel title, I'm assuming it's going to be like the other stage where they just played out a popular tale and sung previously released songs. Since the stages look to be a annual (or seasonal) thing, I hope they start getting original "stages". I don't want them to use the xxx48 format. I like this format of music + story just fine (actually better even), I just want them to get original material for these events and hopefully stage dvd's and album releases.

    Voting results should still be 'interesting" this time around. We have an established "Top 3" in Nogizaka (Maiyan, Nanamin, Sayuringo) but there's still strong contenders for top spots in Ikuchan, Kazumin, and the rapidly rising Nanase. Sayurin and Ikoma have been in yo-yo mode, and then there's also Manatsu in the mix this time around... how will she fare?
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    Re: [STAGE] Nogizaka46 2nd [16nin no Principal deux] '13/05~

    A lot of information updates here! All info are from the Nelke Planning website. First of, it seems like there will be a change in the voting system!

    Whereas previouslly, the top-voted 16 members will be assiged roles in based on their rank, this time the audiences will have to decided on ONE member for each role! There are a total of sixteen roles, & for each, the audience will have to decide on who they think are most befitting of it. The schedule for each stage performance will be:
    [1st Act]
    「Nogizaka Troupe ~ The Garden in the Maze ~」audition stage.
    33 trouple members will compete for the roles for the theatre drama.

    The audiences will serve as judges, & based on the members' performance in the 1st act, will decided for each role one member that is the best for the role. This will be done via cellphone voting.

    [2nd Act]
    With the 16 chosen members, chosen based on the selection of the judges,「Nogizaka Troupe ~ The Garden in the Maze ~」will begin!
    & as for the specific of he roles, the site also have details on it. I have managed rough translation below.

    [Nogizaka Theatre Group ~ The Garden in the Maze ~]
    There exist a small island that can only be reached by small ships from the mainland (Japan).
    On the island, resides a powerful family that achieved prosperity through fishery & tourism, the mysterious Nogi Family (野木家). However, the death of family head, Nogi Juichiro (野木 寿一郎), have caused a string of abnormal happenings & bickering between the family sisters. During this time, the detective-like Aketagawa (明田川 太郎) and young lads Sawamura (沢村 小坊主) enters the story. Presented here is a dazzling women's labyrinth!

    Nogi Hisako - 野木緋咲子
    The always seemingly troubled elder sister of the Nogi Family. Hisako wishes to appear determined, but gets tired easily, & is unable to lead her sisters. Hisako have visual disorder, & seems to suffer from anemia.

    Nogi Husako - 野木芙咲子
    The second eldest sister of the Nogi Family, whom appears to be uninterested in things.
    Husako is a romantist, the most proactive toward love of the three sisters, a sexy bomb that's never rushed but always composed & confident. Her most adept cooking is baking fruit atop the heater. Her interest is in making hair accessories.

    Nogi Misako - 野木美咲子
    The always crazy youngest sister of the Nogi Family, with a body like a princess.
    Of the sisters (each with different mothers), she is the most beloved by Juichiro. Misako speaks with a sharp tongue, but is actually kind. Misako is an innocent & lovable girl, who like all things related to fish.

    Itsumi - いつみ
    The daughter between Juichiro & Lover #1. Itsumi does not reside on the island of the Nogi Family, & is basically a urbanite. Itsumi is seemingly never satisfied with anything. She dress fancily but lamely. Itsumi does not drink yet carries the smell of an alcoholic. She also likes air tobacco.

    Imawa Youko - 今和洋子
    The daughter between Juichiro & Lover #23. Youko lives distantly from the Nogi Family, & do not desire intimacy with the Family. She is a girl of the summer, & aims to be a transparent woman.

    Kitashima Ayame - 北島文目
    The secretary of the Nogi Family with obvious ambition. Within the Nogi family, Ayame display obedience, but in front of the rigorous sisters, she always desire a life of splendor. Ayame likes anime & Arabia. Additionally, Ayame have a scheming personality despite her nice appearance. Nonetheless Ayame is well liked by the sisters, none of which hate her.

    Sakae -
    The reliable family servant of the Nogi Family, with a very dramatic attitude.
    Due to her love of theatre drama, Sakae often sport Takarazuka-like makeup. Sakae aims to one day play Juliet of Romeo & Juliet in the Empire's Theatre.

    Imawa Seichi - 今和誠ㄧ
    The adopted son of the Imawa Family. His mother is Lover #23, & he is Youko's brother without any blood relation. Seichi is a young man with an naive appearance. He is very daring, kind-hearted, but overly hearty. Seichi have a interesting one-of-the-kind fashion sense.

    Aketagawa Taro - 明田川太郎
    A 色男 that carries with him an aura of a detective. (色男 can mean beautiful man or a man who like to hang around girls.) Aketagawa likes to posture, and to build good relationship with all.

    Sawamura Kobouzu - 澤村小坊主
    Good friend with Aketagawa despite a significant difference in age.
    Like to call Aketagawa "sensei". Sawamura get along with people better than Aketagawa, & is someone not to be underestimated.

    The Group of Six Maids - 女中六人組
    Elite maids of the Nogi Family whom will risk their lives with the words "Excuse me." They will often use "go" as a code to exchange information & giggles secretly afterward. These maids are no commoners.
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    Re: [STAGE] Nogizaka46 2nd [16nin no Principal deux] '13/05~

    So since a new voting format is featured, methink its an excellent idea to try it out! :)
    So I discussed these roles with two other fans already, & here's what we think. Underlined are members I just have a "ah! This is the role for her!" feel. Others are members I can see playing the role. Some I don't even know why I feel this way lol.

    Nogi Hisako - Eldest Sister
    • - Maiyan: role feels like its made for her. She seems to fit the troubled feel, & is sisterly. Her pale white skin fits with anemia description.
      - Maimai: have a sisterly aura, but not quite pale.
      - Naachan - She have pale skin, but not sisterly.

    Nogi Husako - Second Sister
    • - Sayurin: role feels its made for her too. Similarities include proactive nature & cooking.
      - Myumyu: Proactive & sexy bomb. Not sure about being uninterested.

    Nogi Misako - Youngest Sister
    • - Ikuchan: Some been saying her tongue is sharp lately. She's an ojousama, fit with princess body.
      - Hoshimina: Sharp tongue, princess body, & like fish lol.
      - Naachan: Nogizaka's girlfriend, hence very lovable, but no sharp tongue.
      - Ashurin: Imouto aura, princess body.
      - Hinapyon: Princess body.
      - Sayunyan
      - Nenekoro
      - Bebitan

    Itsumi - Unsatisfied Urbanite
    • - Reika: She was said to be "unsatisfied" on tha NogiDoko ep so...
      - Seitan
      - Yuttan

    Imawa Youko - Girl of Summer
    • - Naachan: Can see her wanting to distance herself from the mess?
      - Rottii: Energetic, hence fit summer-ly feel?
      - Misamisa
      - Kanarin

    Kitashima Ayame - Ambitious Secretary
    • - Misamisa: Can see her play angel & devil well since she's alrdy an angel & was on that angry show.
      - Myumyu: Capable of looking most ambitious among all Nogi-girls.
      - Anchan: Bookish aura, hence fit secretarial role. Too bad she's graduating..
      - Yukina: Bookish?
      - Manatsu: Also bookish aura.
      - Maimai: Mature, so fit the secretarial role?
      - Nanamin: Confident & likable feel?

    Sakae - Dramatic House Servant
    • - Maimai: Feels fitting for a nanny-ish role. Can see her playing Juliet.
      - Ikuchan: Dramatic & Juliet? Check. House servant? Not rly lol.
      - Kanarin: Being a wota might help...?
      - Misamisa
      - Secchan: Can see her be dramatic

    Imawa Seichi - Hearty Young Man
    • - Nanamin: Can play couple with Youko/Naachan(?).
      - Reika
      - Ikoma

    Aketagawa Taro - Posturing Detective?
    • - Kazumin: This seems like the most humorous character, so feels fitting. Can imagine her playing detective.
      - Yukina
      - Yuttan
      - Ikoma
      - Myumyu

    Sawamura Kobouzu - Not to be Underestimated?
    • - Ikoma: Young-lad-like.
      - Renarin: Also young-lad-like
      - Rottii: Energetic so young-lad-like?
      - Himetan: a little bit young-lad-like.
      - Ashurin: Youngest of all. Not too lad like tho.
      - Yukina: She is experienced in playing such role lol.
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    Re: [STAGE] Nogizaka46 2nd [16nin no Principal deux] '13/05~

    Nogi Hisako
    Ikoma - wears glasses, wishes to be determined, AB blood type (common for anemia)
    Manattan - Older than she appears, could fit the elder sister role.
    Misa - AB bloodtype like Ikoma, kind of an elder UG member.

    Nogi Husako
    Hinatan - one of Ngzks most fashionable, can appears uninterested, pretty, good hair
    Seitan - sexy bomb
    Sayurin - good hair for hair accessories

    Nogi Misako
    Marika - has a skinny body, innocent face
    Hinatan - (similar to rust) princess body, sharp tongue
    Sayurin - Princess-like, with a crazy personality
    Noujo - well figured, & kind of a crazy personality
    Yuttan - has a nice figure & small waist, crazy personality

    Reika - tries to dress fancily but gets judged by for having bad taste so it fits the "lamely"
    Seitan - dresses fancy, kind of an urban girl, has an intimidating alcoholic aura
    Secchan - Urban girl
    Rottii - urbanlike, dresses rather lame.

    Imawa Youko
    Yukina - least intimate girl with the rest of the members
    Ashurin - daughter-like
    Ikuchan - no definite OTP with any members, daughter-like
    Hoshimina - same reason for Ikuchan

    Kitashima Ayame
    Kanarin - otaku
    Hinatan - otaku
    Yuttan - well liked, otaku
    Maimai - well liked, ambitious

    Sakae doubt

    Imawa Seichi
    Ikoma - interesting fashion choice, ikemen

    Aketagawa Taro
    Seirarin - has good relations with all the members, short hair so able to play a boyish role
    Maiyan - beautiful, loves to dress as a guy ever since shakiism lol. good relations w/ the members
    Yumi chan - good looking, extremely ikemen, can see her as a detective.

    Sawamura Kobouzu

    Chiharu, Hinachima, Sayunyan, himeka, yamato, ashurin, nanase

    Its hard to fit some of the members around.. i kind of rushed it. It's a shame theres not really a 'shy' role to fit members like nanase
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    Re: [STAGE] Nogizaka46 2nd [16nin no Principal deux] '13/05~

    Nogi Hisako - Maiyan

    Nogi Husako - Sayuringo

    Nogi Misako - Ikuchan

    Itsumi - Nanamin

    Imawa Youko - Bebitan

    Kitashima Ayame - Nanasemaru

    Sakae - Kazumin

    Imawa Seichi - Ikomachan

    Aketagawa Taro - Kana

    Sawamura Kobouzu - Hoshimina

    The Group of Six Maids - Misamisa, MyuMyu, Manattsun, Sayurin, Maimai , Reika
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    Re: [STAGE] Nogizaka46 2nd [16nin no Principal deux] '13/05~

    Character image of each roles have been released on the Nelke Planning website!
    From top to bottom, the characters are: Nogi Hisako, Nogi Husako, Nogi Misako, Itsumi, Imawa Youko, Kitashima Ayame, Sakae, Imawa Seichi, Aketagawa Taro, Sawamura Kobouzu, & the Six Elite Maids.

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    Re: [STAGE] Nogizaka46 2nd [16nin no Principal deux] '13/05~

    I hope I will not be posting 95% of the posts here like in the last Ngzk stage thread. :sweatdrop:

    Anyways, major update here!

    First off the voting system is going to be significantly different this time around! Instead of choosing from among the 27 participating members for each role, this time the members have to choose which role they want to audition for before hand, & showcase why they are most befitting for this role in the first act.

    There are only 27 participating members, because:

    - Hoshino Minami will not be participating due to study.
    - Ichiki Rena will not be participating due to study.
    - Kashiwa Yukina will not be participating due to study.
    - Miyazawa Seira will not be participating due to injury.
    - Ando Mikumo have announced her graduation.

    Regarding 2nd gen members, one will be announced per perf, & the one to be announce at the first perf tmr is announced to be born November 11th, 1999, which will make her the youngest member thus far (unless surpassed by another 2nd gen).
    Here's a mysterious pic provided by Ngzk's official blog:
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    Re: [STAGE] Nogizaka46 2nd [16nin no Principal deux] '13/05~

    Press-conference for the open rehearsal!

    Also, news articles from Natalie, Oricon, & Sanspo.

    You can find all the picture at the Nogizaka Picture Thread.
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    Re: [STAGE] Nogizaka46 2nd [16nin no Principal deux] '13/05~

    5/3 results :
    Hisako : Misa eto
    Husako : Matsumura Sayuri
    Misako : Ito Marika
    Itsumi : Seira Nagashima
    Youko : Shiraishi Mai
    Ayame : Himeka Nakamoto
    Sakae : Ikuta Erika
    Seichi : Takayama Kazumi
    Aketagawa : Noujo Ami
    Sawamura : Ikoma RIna
    6 Maids : Wakatsuki Yumi, Sakurai Reika, Fukagawa Mai, Inoue Sayuri, Hashimoto Nanami, Nishino Nanase

    results and some pict from natalie :
    and also , please welcome to Watanabe Miria
    [​IMG] ... miria.html
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    Re: [STAGE] Nogizaka46 2nd [16nin no Principal deux] '13/05~

    Here a list of which role each members auditioned for, in bold are the elected ones, underline are maids.
    Hisako - Eto Misa, Hashimoto Nanami, Higuchi Hina
    Husako - Fukagawa Mai, Matsumura Sayuri, Yamato Rina
    Misako - Akimoto Manatsu, Ito Marika, Saito Yuri
    Itsumi - Kawamura Mahiro, Nagashima Seira, Nakada Kana
    Youko - Sakurai Reika, Shiraishi Mai, Hatanaka Seira, Wada Maaya
    Ayame - Nakamoto Himeka, Nishino Nanase
    Sakae - Ikuta Erika
    Seichi - Kawago Hina, Saito Chiharu, Takayama Kazumi
    Sawamura - Ikoma Rina, Ito Nene, Inoue Sayuri, Saito Asuka
    Aketagawa - Nojou Ami, Wakatsuki Yumi

    Members who didn't made it: Higuchi, Yamato, Rottii, Manattan, Yuttan, Kanarin, Seitan, Maaya, Chiharu, Hinapyon, Nene, Ashurin.
    Underlined are members who are dropped despite having above-average popularity. I guess this shows the volatility of the new voting system.

    Upsets & notable results are:
    Misamisa > Nanamin,
    Bebitan > Manattan,
    Seirarin > Kanarin
    Ami > Myumyu/Yumichan,
    Himetan > Naachan,
    & Sayurin > Maimai was not a surprise but was certainly notable as Maimai does have top 5~7 popularity.

    Here's a closer look at what the each members in their roles look like, in the above order from left to right.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Also two new 2nd gen members will be revealed for the next perf! On the left here is someone born January 22nd, 1992, 21 y.o. (making her the oldest of all current members) & on the right is someone born July 17th, 1996, 16 y.o.
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    Re: [STAGE] Nogizaka46 2nd [16nin no Principal deux] '13/05~

    what happen to those who fail the audition? is that means they will not participate in this stage at all? sorry for asking silly question, new fan here, :D I just a bit confuse, sorry :fp: well, very happy for Misamisa and Himetan, it's time for both of you to shine, don't waste it :)
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    Re: [STAGE] Nogizaka46 2nd [16nin no Principal deux] '13/05~

    ^Good day miruss87! :)
    Don't worry about asking question at all! If there's anything you don't know, plz do ask away!
    The audition will be held separately for every single stage perf, & there will be a total of 15 perf. So that means 15 vote, & 15 different results. The result posted are only for the 1st perf.

    I'm very happy for Misamisa & Himetan too! <3
    In fact, words are that Misamisa cried when Himetan & Ami was announced to have make it!
    She's such an sweet & empathetic girls, looking out for the unders.. :cry:
    Truly like the leader of the Unders right now..

    Also, some additional info!
    Words are Maiyan, Sayurin & Kazumin were singing during the 2nd act! That means the role Youko, Husako & Seichi have singing component to it! Words also are that Amiami & Ikuchan's role have the most dialogue, that's Aketagawa & Sakae respectively. Lastly, fans are saying the role Youko felt most like the female lead, & that role was played by Maiyan for the 1st perf.
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    Re: [STAGE] Nogizaka46 2nd [16nin no Principal deux] '13/05~

    (credit for all of this is the guys of Nogizaka no Uta. Hope they dont mind me posting this ^^;)

    Looking at the source code for the 2nd gen page, the rest of the 2nd gen names are shown.

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    .idx #header p {
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    .idx #bgMain { background:url(../img/bg2.png) center 0;}
    .d2 h1 { width:100%; height:78px;text-align:center;}
    .d2 h1 .inner { display:block; width:990px; padding-top:15px; margin:0 auto;text-align:left;}
    .d2 h1 .inner a {
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    .d2 h1 .inner a:hover { background-position:0 -50px;}
    .d2 #header { width:100%; height:59px; background:#60186e;}
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    	.idx #container {padding:24px 0;}
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    .profile { width:980px; height:720px; position:relative;}
    	#horimiona { background:url(../img/profile/horimiona.png) no-repeat;}
    	#itojunna { background:url(../img/profile/itojunna.png) no-repeat;}
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    	#kitanohinako { background:url(../img/profile/kitanohinako.png) no-repeat;}
    	#nishikawananami { background:url(../img/profile/nishikawananami.png) no-repeat;}
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    	#sasakikotoko { background:url(../img/profile/sasakikotoko.png) no-repeat;}
    	#shinuchimai { background:url(../img/profile/shinuchimai.png) no-repeat;}
    	#sugiyamayuma { background:url(../img/profile/sugiyamayuma.png) no-repeat;}
    	#suzukiayane { background:url(../img/profile/suzukiayane.png) no-repeat;}
    	#teradaranze { background:url(../img/profile/teradaranze.png) no-repeat;}
    	#watanabemiria { background:url(../img/profile/watanabemiria.png) no-repeat;}
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    	#yamazakirena { background:url(../img/profile/yamazakirena.png) no-repeat;}
    	#yonetokukyoka { background:url(../img/profile/yonetokukyoka.png) no-repeat;}
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    .profile .pic { position:absolute; top:110px; left:571px;}
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    .d2 #sociallink { top:-137px;}
    In total, there are 15 names:
    Hori Miona
    Ito Junna
    Ito Karin
    Kitano Hinako
    Nishikawa Nanami
    Sagara Iori
    Sasaki Kotoki
    Shinuchi Mai
    Sugiyama Yuma
    Suzuki Ayane
    Terada Ranze
    Watanabe Miria [confirmed member]
    Yada Risako
    Yamazaki Rena
    Yonetoku Kyoka

    This may be Hori Miona(堀 美緒菜) ... 3472388098
  17. rust

    rust Kenkyuusei Retired Staff

    Jun 13, 2012
    Re: [STAGE] Nogizaka46 2nd [16nin no Principal deux] '13/05~

    ^I will compile all the info I got in a separate post later.

    As for now, here a list of which role each members auditioned for, in bold are the elected ones, underline are maids.
    Hisako - Eto Misa, Higuchi Hina
    Husako - Ikuta Erika, Kawago Hina, Matsumura Sayuri
    Misako - Akimoto Manatsu, Saito Yuri
    Itsumi - Ito Marika, Kawamura Mahiro, Nakada Kana, Nakamoto Himeka, Nagashima Seira, Yamato Rina
    Youko - Sakurai Reika, Hatanaka Seira, Fukagawa Mai, Wada Maaya
    Ayame - Ito Nene, Shiraishi Mai
    Sakae - Nishino Nanase, Hashimoto Nanami
    Seichi - Saito Chiharu, Takayama Kazumi
    Aketagawa - Nojou Ami, Wakatsuki Yumi
    Sawamura - Ikoma Rina, Inoue Sayuri, Saito Asuka

    Maids, ordered by votes received, are:
    Maid ①: Higuchi Hina
    Maid ②: Noujo Ami
    Maid ③: Ikuta Erika
    Maid ④: Fukagawa Mai
    Maid ⑤: Nishino Nanase
    Maid ⑥: Ikoma Rina

    Members who didn't made it, italic are repeat, underline are surprise for me: Hinapyon, Manattan, Bebitan, Rottii, Kanarin, Himetan, Yamato, Seitan, Maaya, Nenekoro, Chiharu, & Sayunyan.

    Upsets (imo, less popular beating more popular) are:
    Yuri > Manattan
    Seirarin > Kanarin & Bebitan
    Ashurin > Ikoma, Inoue

    Notable results (usually similar popularity) are:
    Sayurin > Ikuchan
    Reika > Maimai
    Nanami > Nanase
    Yumi > Nojou (exactly same contest as yesterday, reversal of result.)
  18. rust

    rust Kenkyuusei Retired Staff

    Jun 13, 2012
    Re: [STAGE] Nogizaka46 2nd [16nin no Principal deux] '13/05~

    So as promised, all the info I got on 2nd gen!
    How did everything begin? By having the source code of the second gen page dug out, hence these we know the names listed by Noriega but not sure about the Kanji. (Thanks Noriega!)

    So here's one possibility posted by Noriega.
    Hori Miona / 堀未央奈

    Yamazaki Rena / 山崎怜奈
    Younger pic & info:

    Sagara Iori / 相楽伊織

    & we have a potential former AKBer here, supposingly from the ill-fated 8th gen,
    Nishikawa Nanami / 西川七海 (words are her nick was Nanamin...)

    Words were she was let go due to taking purikura pictures with fans, while others allege it was more serious. I don't know myself & reserve judgment. The official blog post on this incident is here, & this seems to be the alleged picture that led to the termination:

    Kishikawa have a lot of pictures floating around somehow, prolly due to her higher profile.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  19. rust

    rust Kenkyuusei Retired Staff

    Jun 13, 2012
    Re: [STAGE] Nogizaka46 2nd [16nin no Principal deux] '13/05~

    3rd show's result! bold are the elected ones, underline are maids.
    Hisako - Higuchi Hina
    Husako - Eto Misa, Fukagawa Mai, Yamato Rina
    Misako - Ikoma Rina, Ito Marika, Saito Asuka, Saito Yuri
    Itsumi - Sakurai Reika, Kawamura Mahiro, Nakada Kana, Hashimoto Nanami, Wakatsuki Yumi
    Youko - Akimoto Manatsu, Ikuta Erika, Shiraishi Mai, Hatanaka Seira, Wada Maaya
    Ayame - Ito Nene, Nakamoto Himeka, Nagashima Seira
    Sakae - Nishino Nanase, Noujo Ami
    Seichi - Saito Chiharu, Kawago Hina, Matsumura Sayuri
    Aketagawa - Takayama Kazumi
    Sawamura - Inoue Sayuri

    Maids, ordered by votes received, are:
    Maid ①: Noujo Ami
    Maid ②: Eto Misa
    Maid ③: Matsumura Sayuri
    Maid ④: Ito Nene
    Maid ⑤: Nagashima Seira
    Maid ⑥: Shiraishi Mai

    Members who didn't made it, italic are repeat, underline are surprise for me: Yamato Rina, Ikoma Rina, Saito Asuka, Saito Yuri, Kawamura Mahiro, Nakada Kana, Hashimoto Nanami, Wakatsuki Yumi, Akimoto Manatsu, Hatanaka Seira, Wada Maaya, Kawago Hina,

    Upsets (imo, less popular beating more popular) are:
    Bebitan > Ikoma, Ashurin, Yuttan
    Reika > Nanamin, Myumyu, & Yuttan
    Chiharu > Sayurin

    Notable results (usually similar popularity) are:
    Maimai > Misamisa
    Himetan > Nenekoro & Seirarin

    - Three default winner for Hinachima (Hisako), Kazumin (Aketagawa), Sayunyan (Sawamura).
    - Nanamin, Ikoma dropping out completely.
    - Kanarin & Manattan not having made any role at all so far including maid.
  20. support

    support Kenkyuusei

    May 30, 2011
    Re: [STAGE] Nogizaka46 2nd [16nin no Principal deux] '13/05~

    Wow...the results are so fair! It's really nice that it's not obvious who will get what role, since it seems as if even the girls don't know who is going for what! Nobody is a given at all!

    This makes things much better since the girls don't have to memorise every role and its a given that popular members will at least get a maid role. Of course this is skewed though, since a popular member competing against 5 girls for a role needs to gain a larger proportion of the votes than a girl competing against one other girl, should they want a maid role after not getting the desired one. This explains why Noujou Ami gets a role everytime methinks.

    I like this! It's a mixture of skills, luck, popularity, psychology and tactics to get a good role! Its even possible for maiyan to not even get a role at all should she and 8of the most popular members go for one role whilst 2 members each go for the 9 other roles. Its the case of probability afterall since the girls who didnt get the other roles can at the most get 49% votes, whilst maiyan not getting it will get around i feel at around 3/9 of the votes factoring in her immense popularity, thus missing out a role. Oh the power of numbers.....

    I think if nogizaka is to have an election anytime soon it should be similar. Instead of pure votes they should have different contests in different categories for a total of 16 spots. Singing, dancing, beauty, sports, variety and the girls have an option of joining 3 at most without telling others or something. The decisions would be awesome! For example they would hold a popularity contest first and everyone knows maiyan would what happens if maiyan decides not to go for it and aim to win the beauty contest instead? And theres the rule that you must take the position you competed and won first? It's possible that a less popular but notoriously ambitious girl like bebitan can win! So much more exciting with many tv opportunities!

    Warming up to this idea (spoiler cos getting reaaally off topic here:
    suggestions for 16 positions with incentives for each role:

    1. Popularity- this held first, gets to be centre,
    2. Singing - gets a solo line in election song
    3. Dancing - gets a small dance break in election song
    4. Beauty/fashion - gets a photobook/ magazine solo
    5. Sports - join some sports related tv thing
    6. Variety/comedy - regular variety role in a show
    7. Intelligence - gets to release a book
    8. Most popular member as voted for by members - gets an ep of nogidokke just on them
    9. Most improved - ep of nogidokke for them showcasing their change
    10. Gravure contest - .......obvious
    11. Acting - tv role contest
    12. All rounder - singing, dancing and acting - prominent position in song, maybe even top two shared position
    13. Guts contest - girls show spunk somehow in any way they want, extreme sports, disgusting food etc, maybe variety role?
    14. Most anticipated breakthrough ( closed to girls who were in latest 3 senbatsu) - gets interview etc.,
    15. little sister contest - tv role and puts at least 1 youngster in
    16. Luck - rock paper scissors- absolute wildcard

    Ppl will get much less disillusioned like this but it takes a lot more effort and resources. So much more long term potential though than a full on popularity contest

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