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Stage48 Countdown: On Hiatus

Discussion in 'General AKB48 Discussion' started by ForrestFuller, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. hazeleden

    hazeleden Kenkyuusei

    Apr 24, 2012
    1. Watanabe Miyuki
    2. Ogasawara Mayu
    3. Matsuda Shiori
    4. Jonishi Kei
    5. Jo Eriko
    6. Takano Yui
    7. Yagura Fuuko
    8. Yogi Keira
    9. Kawakami Rena
    10. Yamamoto Sayaka
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  2. Discothèque

    Discothèque Kenkyuusei

    Sep 2, 2011
    protecting Arin
    Well let me try

    1. Yamamoto Sayaka
    2. Watanabe Miyuki
    3. Ogasawara Mayu
    4. Yamada Nana
    5. Kotani Riho
    6. Jo Eriko
    7. Yabushita Shu
    8. Kamieda Emika
    9. Kinoshita Momoka
    10. Shimada Rena
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  3. sakurazaki

    sakurazaki Kenkyuusei

    Feb 1, 2012
    1. Yamamoto Sayaka
    2. Watanabe Miyuki
    3. Yamada Nana
    4. Ogasawara Mayu
    5. Kotani Riho
    6. Kinoshita Momoka
    7. Fukumoto Aina
    8. Shiroma Miru
    9. Jonishi Kei
    10. Yoshida Akari
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  4. pblancafort

    pblancafort Kenkyuusei

    Apr 20, 2014
    Vic, Barcelona
    1. Yamamoto Sayaka
    2. Watanabe Miyuki
    3. Yamada Nana
    4. Ogasawara Mayu
    5. Kotani Riho
    6. Jonishi Kei
    7. Kinoshita Momoka
    8. Yagura Fuuko
    9. Yabushita Shu
    10. Shiroma Miru
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  5. undine235

    undine235 Kenkyuusei

    Apr 22, 2012
    California, USA
    1. Watanabe Miyuki
    2. Yamamoto Sayaka
    3. Jo Eriko
    4. Yamada Nana
    5. Kotani Riho
    6. Fukumoto Aina
    7. Shibuya Nagisa
    8. Shiroma Miru
    9. Ogasawara Mayu
    10. Jonishi Kei
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  6. Cristafari

    Cristafari Stage48 Admin Staff Member Stage48 Admin

    Sep 10, 2008
    Itabashi-ku, Tokyo, Japan
    Iwasa Misaki
    I am basing my ranking on who I think had the biggest roles in developing the group as opposed to personal preference.

    01. Watanabe Miyuki
    02. Yamamoto Sayaka
    03. Yamada Nana
    04. Kondo Rina
    05. Jonishi Kei
    06. Fukumoto Aina
    07. Jo Eriko
    08. Ogasawara Mayu
    09. Kinoshita Momoka
    10. Kawakami Rena
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2014
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  7. mysoshipinups

    mysoshipinups Kenkyuusei

    Feb 26, 2012
    So many votes for miorin?
  8. spoonish

    spoonish Kenkyuusei

    Oct 4, 2014
    1. Yamada Nana -> not only because she's my kami oshi, she also leads many young NMB girls.
    even she often seen comforting sayanee when she cried.
    2. Yamamoto Sayaka -> obviously, the ace of the group also the leader.
    3. Watanabe Miyuki -> the original center of NMB.
    4. Yagura Fuko -> future ace of NMB. i can see she's trying her best to embrace the title.
    5. Jo Eriko -> her comeback made history of NMB. i believe she would be next candidate of future ace once she's ready.
    6. Ogasawara Mayu -> along with sayaka, i think it's a pity they remove her from NMB since she has the geinin material which is NMB's image.
    7. Fukumoto Aina -> same reason with maachun.
    8. Kotani Riho -> she has mix personality, in my view. and she's getting more interesting nowadays which i believe, bring NMB benefits.
    9. Shiroma Miru -> her sudden rise in popularity will bring NMB many benefits, also candidate of future ace. i personally enjoy her rivalry with fuuchan.
    10. Shibuya Nagisa -> because of her contribution in Tentoumu Chu! i think she managed to bring some people to have interest in NMB.
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  9. Timmeon

    Timmeon Kenkyuusei

    Sep 4, 2014
    I will try to come up with a list of members who had/have great impact in the group - "made NMB what it is today". A favourite ranking is totally pointless.

    1.) Yamamoto Sayaka
    2.) Yamada Nana
    3.) Watanabe Milky
    4.) Fukumoto Aina
    5.) Ogasawara Mayu
    6.) Shimada Rena
    7.) Kinoshita Momoka
    8.) Kamieda Emika
    9.) Yagura Fuuko
    10.) Yabushita Shu

    Honorable mentions go to: Jo Eriko, Jonishi Kei, Yoshida Akari and Kawakami Rena.
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  10. convenience93

    convenience93 Kenkyuusei

    Feb 5, 2011
    I do feel the members that has made the biggest impact in terms of NMB the way it is today is definitely their top 3 (I guess the order they come in is debatable though). Since it's about establishing NMB, I had to give top 10 to mostly 1st gen.

    1. Yamamoto Sayaka - Captain and ace
    2. Watanabe Miyuki - Ace and center
    3. Yamada Nana - Baba and has played unofficial co-captain role to Sayanee in NMB
    4. Ogasawara Mayu - NMB's former top comedian & MC
    5. Fukumoto Aina - NMB's former sports queen and variety specialist
    6. Kinoshita Momoka - Craziest NMB member
    7. Shimada Rena - Former captain of Team M and made her team a loving home and from her team established some of NMB's strongest characters
    8. Kotani Riho - NMB's resident hetare and scaredy cat with great TV reactions
    9. Kawakami Rena - One of NMB's strongest charas with Udon
    10. Jonishi Kei - NMB's resident alien (her impersonations) who has sometimes creepylike behaviour but often said to have a calming presence

    Honourable mentions: Kamieda Erika, Yoshida Akari, Kadowaki Kanako, Kinoshita Haruna, Jo Eriko, Kishino Rika, Kondo Rina, Shiroma Miru, Yagura Fuuko, Yabushita Shu, Shibuya Nagisa
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  11. mysoshipinups

    mysoshipinups Kenkyuusei

    Feb 26, 2012
    1. Yamamoto Sayaka
    2. Watanabe Miyuki
    3. Yamada Nana

    Top 3 is duh.

    4. Kinoshita Momoka (The only and only girl who is like that in the entire idol industry)

    5. Fukumoto Aina
    6. Ogasawara Mayu

    Both of them are undeniably important, where their move out really helped the group progress. What a shame Mayu is struggling to remain relevant now.

    7. Jo Eriko (only because her push was so controversial and then her comeback)
    8. Kawakami Rena (The definition of a hard worker, who persevered and made a name for herself all by herself)
    9. Shibuya Nagisa (The future ace of NMB imo and she's important in bringing NMB closer to AKB in a sense, NMB is so distant from AKB in general but she kinda integrates the two.)
    10. Kotani Riho (same as 5&6)
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  12. asunarilliane

    asunarilliane Kenkyuusei

    Mar 15, 2014
    1. Yamada Nana
    2. Watanabe Miyuki
    3. Yamamoto Sayaka
    4. Jonishi Kei
    5. Yabushita Shuu
    6. Shiroma Miru
    7. Kotani Riho
    8. Shibuya Nagisa
    9. Ogasawara Mayu
    10. Yagura Fuuko
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  13. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
  14. jeauexe

    jeauexe Kenkyuusei

    Mar 31, 2012
    Sydney, Australia
    So this is my list: I tried to remove all bias and thought a bit on what members I think made the most impact on NMB as a group and I wrote my reasons why as well.

    1. Yamamoto Sayaka - Sayanee is first for obvious reasons so I'm not going to go into it, but being the ace and the captain are the main reasons.

    2. Watanabe Miyuki - The original center for NMB and she's a member who helped form the image of NMB as one of their frontgirls. Again, also obvious reasons so I won't expand on this.

    3. Kamieda Emika - The captain of 3rd gen and both the original and current BII. She put in so much work for original BII to be noticed after they were the only team who failed to filled out the BII1 performance of A2 in the Minogashita Kimitachi E concerts. She put so much effort and love into her team, helped encourage them and the fact that she retained her captaincy post-shuffle over more senior members I think speaks a lot about her personality and her skills as a captain.

    4. Shimada Rena - The now graduated captain of original Team M. Team M were a bunch of misfits when they were first put together, and were labelled a team that could do nothing right who were constantly compared to the all-stars Team N. By extension of that Shimarena wasn't labelled as a captain-type either, but under Shimarena's care she helped Team M thrive into the strong team that they are today.

    5. Nakagawa Hiromi - I know Hirorin's graduated but I feel like she was such an important member and a huge loss for NMB. I don't think a lot of people know about her so I'll give a little background. She was firstly a huge pillar of the theater and she acted as a super sub for all teams, she actually performed in Team M's Idol no Yoake stage 91 times alone (out of 145 stages I think), and she hit 282 performances all together when she graduated. Along with this, she grew from becoming a shy and quiet member to the de facto leader of the kenkyuusei, and really managed to shape them into becoming a team and this may be a stretch but I don't think NMB's kenkyuusei would be the way that they are if it wasn't for her.

    6. Yamada Nana - Nana is of course a huge member as she's part of the original Top 3 of the group and is still a really important member in terms of their image. More than that though, she's been a huge support for Sayanee in leading the group, as well as a terrific performer. Being in NMB also helped grow her variety skills, she's one of the most experienced members in terms of regular appearances on television and radio.

    7. Kinoshita Momoka - I was hesitant about putting Momoka because I was thinking it could just be oshi bias, but I think she does belong on this list. She started out as a member who wasn't selected for the shonichi first generation kenkyuusei performance or original Team N. She realised she needed to do something different, played up her character with her blog entries (I think one of them has over 10,000 comments?) and managed to catapult herself into one of the mainstays of Team M due to a really strong and unique character. And now she's managed to appear in shows despite not being a senbatsu regular, directed short movies, is appearing in a drama and made it back into senbatsu.

    8. Ogasawara Mayu - Despite not being part of the group anymore, I think Maachun should be brought up here because I think NMB really helped her grow her talents and skills as an idol with great MC abilities and comedic timing, and her character was huge in establishing NMB as the 'funny' group.

    9. Shiroma Miru

    10. Yagura Fuuko

    Miru and Fuuchan are here because I think they're members who weren't original management pushes but managed to make their way to the front organically. Miru was always a solid mid tier senbatsu member but was never pushed to the extent other members were, and didn't get to center her own unit in N3. Fuuchan was slightly pushed when she was first debuted but she was lower in rank than Jo, Keira and Airi, she didn't center a unit in ori M and was dropped from Virginity senbatsu. Both girls have managed to transform their situations around though and are comfortably in the Top3 of Team M, as well as centering Rashikunai.

    (Honourable mentions: Ainyan, Jo, Rikanyan, Renapyon. I really did want to include them, but I had no idea who I should bump out.

    Also I was shocked at the amount of people who put Miorin? I love her but I took homegrown as the definition literally and homegrown means: grown or produced in one's own garden or country so!)
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  15. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
  16. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    Before I begin. I'm going to update this a bit differently. Going to update it one by one. The Opening and HM, #10 and you know. Will be all one post (won't do any post whoring). Would like to wait to respond till I finish.

    Mostly wanting to do it for fun and it going on LIVE you can say lol.
  17. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    STAGE48 Countdown
    Episode 10: Best Homegrown Members of all time (NMB48)
    Welcome everybody. I'm Forrest Fuller, and this episode 10 of Stage 48 Countdown. Today is Part 3 of our homegrown members series. This time we look at the group from Osaka. Namba 48 (NMB48). First would like to say something. I know some put Miorin on there list. I did not count her votes because she was ineligible. She's a AKB48 Homegrown member and she was eligible there. I mean what she is doing now for NMB48 is pretty darn good. But she aint allowed here. Just like Jurina wasn't for AKB48 (even though she has done alot for AKB48) and why Sasshi isn't allowed for HKT48 (even though she has done alot of HKT48). Anyways, let's get to the countdown shall we. First up, The Honorable Mentions. These are the 5 girls who just shy of making the countdown.

    Honorable Mentions
    11) Fuuko Yagura (39 Pts)
    12) Emika Kamieda (22 Pts)
    13) Shu Yabushita (19 Pts)
    14) Rena Shimada (17 Pts)
    15) Keira Yogi (14 Pts)

    Now Let's get to the countdown shall we.

    10) Miru Shiroma (40 Pts)
    Coming in at #10 is the girl who just centered her first NMB48 Single and is the Team M Center. It's Miru Shiroma.

    Miru Shiroma is only 17 Years old and you wouldn't think it. But she is an NMB48 1st Gen Member. But it's always something when girls join at a very early age. Miru joined at the age of 13. At first she was in Team N with girls like Sayaka, Mikyuki, Nana, Mayu O.. But she was up there with them.

    A Full time Senbatsu member from the start. It wasn't until 2014 when she centered her very first single. (NMB48's 10th Single: Rashikunai) with Fuuko. It showed that her and Fuuko are on managements radar and one day will probaly ask to lead NMB48 once girls like Sayanee and Miyuki graduated.

    Speaking of 2014. Miru has had one hell of a 2014. While also getting her first center (with Fuuko), she was also ranked for the very first time. Getting #43 and being in the next girls for the KNP Single.

    For somebody who has been with NMB48 since the start. It looks like her career in NMB48 is just really beginning and rightfully so.

    9) Riho Kotani (47 Pts)
    The 9th Ranked Girl is the girl who would look so darn cute if she really was what her 2014 janken costume was (Dog). It's Riho Kotani.

    Riho Kotani aka Ripopo is a First Gen Member and a Team N Original. Like with our #10 girl, she has been in a full time senbatsu from the start appearing in all 10 of NMB48 singles. She's also another girl who you will never see leave Team N (like Sayanee). She's in Team N until she graduates I think.

    She also ranked for the first time in 2014. Ranking at #61 (which put her in the future girls) and in janken of this year. She finished 6th (while also wearing a cute doggie costume).

    Giving that she is a dog lover (dogs rule by the way) sucks she wasn't in the dog song. She would have been in heaven (You suck management, you should have let her be in heaven lol).

    Also is a member of AKB48 (Kennin) as a member of Team 4.

    8) Momoka Kinoshita (56 Pts)
    The #8 Girl is the "craziest" member of NMB48. It's Momoka Kinoshita.

    Momoka Kinoshita is know for her "crazy" personality and rightfully so. But it's what everybody likes about her. She is something different. You don't see an idol like her.

    Another 1st Gen member of NMB48 and a Team M original as she was apart of the first Team M team for NMB48. Not
    exactly a full time senbatsu member. It looks like she will be as of 2014 as her popularity is starting to skyrocket.

    Never been ranked (she will be in 2015, watch) she even said in her 2013 Election Video that everybody should vote for Miyuki Watanabe. Can we make a video for people to vote in Momoka for 2015?

    She is also the first member to pretty much have her hair all sorts of colors. Her hair has been her natural hair color (Black), It was once Pink (for a drama), then purple, currently is now blue. I'm moving for Bright Red and she shows Annie how to look better with Red hair lol.

    7) Kei Jonishi (61 Pts)
    At #7 is the girl who is currently a co-captain of NMB48 Team N. It's Kei Jonishi.

    Kei Jonishi is a Team N Original and a 1st Gen member. She is a member who I'm sure will never leave Team N. (Everybody has them) and if she did, then :wall::wall::wall:.

    A Full time Senbatsu member as she has been in all of the singles (one of the few for NMB48). She has shown that she's a respectable member of NMB48. Only ranked twice. First time in 2013 as she was ranked #40 in 2013 and ended up falling 18 spots in 2014 to #58.

    While maybe not the most popular member, she is well loved. I think with Kei, if Aliens came. She would love it (giving that she
    intimidating them). She is also known for being a mysterious member and is most of the most mysterious members.

    Also is very hard to approach as well. Also is one of those girls (don't see alot) that loves bugs. If you know a girl who loves bugs. More power to you lol. Also a lizard lover as well. Wonder what she thinks about snakes?

    6) Aina Fukumoto (62 Pts)
    At #6 is the former older sister of the group. It's Aina Fukumoto

    Aina Fukumoto was another 1st Gen member. Apart of the groups foundation. She became like a older sister to the younger girls (as some were pretty young) I'm sure even to the ones that were the same age as her. Also a Team N original as well.

    While her time in NMB48. She was a full time senbatsu member as she was in all of the singles that came out during her time in NMB48. I know she was in NMB48 when Boukra no Eureka came out. But she was graduating the next month so that doesn't count lol.

    A Regular on a comedy show called Nekketsu Ninjou and hosted a radio show with Miyuki Watanabe and was also the athlete of the group. She had a pretty good run during her 3 years in NMB48. Only ranked once in 2012 (#43) before she graduated in July 2013 to pursue a career in variety.

    15 Days after her graduation. She debuted as a trainee at Yoshimoto Theater.

    Overall. She was a well liked member, maybe not as popular and big as some of the other girls. She was well liked.

    5) Jo Eriko (80 Pts)
    In at #5 is the girl who was the original Team M Center, Graduated, then came back. It's Jo Eriko.

    Jo Eriko is not a 1st Gen Member. But rather a 2nd Generation (at first). While her first run NMB48 was pretty good (You can say). She was the Original Team M Center and was a full time senbatsu member as well. She was in singles 2 thru 6.

    But in a move nobody saw coming. She ended up graduating in September 2012. Kind of weird seeing somebody who was being pushed as one of the leaders of the group just suddenly graduate. But it looks like she had a change of heart.

    She was able to return to NMB48 in October 2013 via special audition. It drew mixed reactions as you would think something like that would happen. She pretty much wanted to start over from the looks of it. She was promoted in February 2014. But wanted to stay a Kenkyuusei.

    I could see why she wants to remain a KKS member though. Maybe she wasn't happy at first (her first time in NMB48) and regretted graduating and was giving a 2nd chance. I actually have no problem with it. I do think she won't be a KKS much longer. With Yamada graduating in 2015, I think Jo will back in Team M (Miru, Fuuko, and Jo top 3 for Team M in 2015, calling it)

    4) Mayu Ogaswara (116 Pts)
    Coming in at #4 is an NMB48 Original who needs to return to NMB48. It's Mayu Ogaswara.

    Mayu Ogaswara is one of the originals of NMB48 and was a Team N lifer. One of the most well loved members of NMB48. She is a comedian turned into an idol. Her comedian work is so good that she made it to round 3 of R-1 Grand Prix (comedy competition), even past several well known comedians.

    You know your good when you beat several well known comedians. That is why Mayu Ogaswara is so damn loved. She was a full time senbatsu member during her time in NMB48 as well. Has been in ranked 3 times. #60 in 2012, #54 in 2013, and all the way to #76 in 2014.

    For some reason, she got moved to AKB48 in 2014 w/Team B. People wouldn't have a problem with it if she wasn't in the backrow and not even in senbatsu. Why the hell would you move somebody from a full time senbatsu career to a back row and being the "awkward" member.

    But I think she will be moving back to NMB48 in 2015. I think management
    realizes she belongs there. I know we all want to see it. Mayu Ogaswara belongs back with NMB48. Also as a member of Team N (she's a lifer). #FreeMayuOgaswara.

    3) Nana Yamada (181 Pts)
    In at #3 is one of the most popular members of NMB48 and we will miss her in 2015. It's Nana Yamada.

    Nana Yamada is another one of those first gen members and a Team N Original. She was always #3 girl in NMB48. Behind the two centers of NMB48 (Sayaka Yamamoto and Miyuki Watanabe). Even was the center for the 2nd single of NMB48 (Oh My God!)

    That was because of Miyuki ended up out of senbatsu due to a scandal. But Nana Yamada showed that she was one of the top members of NMB48. After being a Team N Member for the 3 years. She moved to Team M in April of 2013.

    I think it was safe to say she was like a big sis/mother to some of the girls in Team M (giving that it did have alot of young members). She was the oldest member of NMB48 until Umeda Ayaka came to NMB48 in 2014. Her younger brother is Yuma Nakayama of Johnny's Entertainment.

    Her real name is Nana Nakayama and she did use that name when she was the group SINA.

    2015 will be her last year in NMB48 as she will be graduating on April 3, 2015. We will miss her as she was one of the big members of NMB48.

    2) Miyuki Watanabe (195 Pts)
    Coming in at #2 is one of the leaders of NMB48. It's Miyuki Watanabe.

    Miyuki Watanabe is one of the leaders of NMB48 from the start as her and Sayaka Yamamoto were chosen to be the leaders of NMB48. Also were the members of NMB48 to be in AKB48 songs (like how SKE48 has Jurina and Rena Matsui).

    Miyuki is one of the originals and for a while was a Team N lifer. She centered the first single of NMB48 along with Sayanee but in a shocking move. Miyuki was NOT in the 2nd Single of NMB48. This was because of a scandal (don't really know the details about it) but it was so big that she wasn't in the 2nd Single.

    While being one of the leaders of NMB48. She did rank very well as well. While not ranking in 2011. She did ranked in 2012 (19), 2013, (15), and 2014 (Sadly 18th). She has been in the top 20 thru out her time in NMB48. Was also apart of AKB48 from 2012 to 2014.

    Now currently also in SKE48 as a Kennin member. Part of me wants to see her in an HKT48 single. Just so she can be the first member to be in a AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 and a HKT48 single. Alot of them have a chance if they apart of one more group's single.

    While her year in 2014 has been pretty rocky. She won the Janken tournament this year (good year to be a Watanabe). But she didn't let the so call "scandal" of this year bother her (think that stuff was BS anyways).

    The #1 Spot now. Recap is above you.

    The #1 NMB48 Homegrown Member of all time is. No surprise what so ever.

    1) Sayaka Yamamoto (214 Pts)
    At #1 is who else. The Ace of NMB48. It's Sayaka Yamamoto.

    Did you think it would be anybody else? The Ace of NMB48 who has been the ace from the start of NMB48. She has put this group on her back and is one of the reasons why NMB48 is where it is. While Miyuki is also a center, Sayanee is a center/Ace.

    She has centered the first 10 singles of NMB48 and also has become a big member in AKB48. While she didn't become an AKB48 member until 2014 (Team K Kennin). She has been somewhat of a full time senbatsu member in 2011 (Debuting in Everyday, Katyusha) and become a real full time senbatsu member starting with UZA.

    Didn't make Flying Get, but she was apart of Senbatsu (while Miyuki wasn't at the time). She was in Kaze wa Fuiteiru, GIVE ME FIVE and Manatsu No Sounds Good before not making Gingham Check.

    In her 4 years in NMB48. She has always ranked. Ranked in 2011 (#28), 2012 (#18), moved into senbatsu part of the election in 2013 with a #14 ranking and in 2014 she moved to the top part of the senbatsu list as she was ranked #6 in 2014. Now sets her up to have a good shot at the Top 5 in 2015.

    Apart of The Aces group (that I officially named) she could make a future AKB48 center single (Solo or with somebody like Paru, Mayu, Jurina, and or Sakura).

    She's also had her hair in different looks. From her long hair when she first started, to her short hair (to shown her determination to want to make senbatsu the following year, which she did) to her shortish longish hair (my favorite). Hopefully she stays with the last part of her hair lol.

    Sayaka Yamamoto is #1 on the list of NMB48 Homegrown Members of all time. Congrats
    Well that's our countdown. Our first no shock #1 of this series. While others you could have made a case for being #1. This one came as no surprise. Well anyways, this is Forrest Fuller saying ZEPPELIN RULES! Peace Out.
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  18. milkykoala

    milkykoala Kenkyuusei

    Sep 22, 2014
    Why the countdown stopped at #7???
  19. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    Cause I'm doing it one by one. I'm working on the countdown.
  20. milkykoala

    milkykoala Kenkyuusei

    Sep 22, 2014
    Oh, okay. Keep on working, sorry if I disturb and offend you in some way^,^

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