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  1. UkiyaSeed

    UkiyaSeed Kenkyuusei

    Jan 29, 2020
    parts unknown.
    Ashley Cloud Garcia
    Sorry if it is too long, there are some members barely have any info on their pages. I tried to limit it to stuff that tells a lot about them because some of them don't do Q&As on SNS. Seriously, this is the most I was able to sift when I checked their official MNL48 app profile page. Quoted below is the further edited version after a few more reviews.

  2. sscrla

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    Dec 27, 2015
    Takayanagi Akane
    By bitter gourd, do you mean bitter melon (ampalaya)?

    I believe that in both the US and the UK the common term is bitter melon.

    P.S. The issue is not that some members have too few trivia entries, but that some have too many. Perhaps you could suggest the top eight and no more for each member.
  3. UkiyaSeed

    UkiyaSeed Kenkyuusei

    Jan 29, 2020
    parts unknown.
    Ashley Cloud Garcia
    If that's the common term in the US and UK, just go with bitter melon. As for members with a lot of trivia entries, it's hard to pinpoint in my opinion, what is the best on some members, since I just compile trivia of what I think I find interesting about x member. Which is why I tried to combine some entries if possible to save space, especially if they are related, which is what I did with Ruth's entry suggestions last time. With this latest update, since most of them came from their profile in the app, I tried to trim down to the stuff that I am not aware about said member. Didn't knew that x member did this before joining the group, etc. sort of thing.

    When I re-edited in a later reply, I further trimmed it down to "will new fan find this interesting" kind of way because their general profile Q&A, for some odd reason, is not available on the website and you can only access it via the app and the only way to access is the app is if you have a Philippine sim card to register to use said app. With some of the popular members (Sela, Abby), I tried to limit myself with obscure stuff that most older fans are aware of and new fans are not aware until someone asks. It's hard to pick a proper top 8, which is what I tried to do on SNS when I asked the MNL48 tag if there are any interesting trivia that they can contribute about x member when I did my early trivia compilations before resorting to just checking their SNS if they posted something interesting.

    EDIT: Also this is likely the last trivia update I'll do for most of the top members, most notably, Sheki, Sela, Abby, and Alice since I think this update is more than enough to educate new fans about them. Might do another major one, but focusing on the second gen and some of the 3rd gen that will get in via General Elections.
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  4. Shinga Kurukato

    Shinga Kurukato Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Jan 20, 2014
    Nueva Ecija, Philippines
    Cristine Jan Elaurza
    Please do, but yeah, there are some things that I didn't put on those trivias that you shared that seemed not that important like those fears and 3 things about themselves, but I do appreciate it if you could give some more trivia for Trish since hers is almost bare
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  5. UkiyaSeed

    UkiyaSeed Kenkyuusei

    Jan 29, 2020
    parts unknown.
    Ashley Cloud Garcia
    Was expecting that some of those will not be added, I just find them interesting that's why I included them. But yeah, will try my best to get more trivia for the 2nd gen, 3rd gen, and some of the 1st gen that barely has any entries. Trish's is hard to get though since she barely has any online presence. When I check Nile's Instagram, there are no signs of her tagging Trish so I don't know what's her official Instagram. Same goes with Twitter.

    I also see that you started to update it, once you get into Sela's part, please include the GodSela bit and most of the stuff I added for Abby. GodSela is a really obscure trivia and the only ones who know its origins are the older fans.
  6. Shinga Kurukato

    Shinga Kurukato Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Jan 20, 2014
    Nueva Ecija, Philippines
    Cristine Jan Elaurza
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  7. Arigatou means Thank You

    Arigatou means Thank You Kenkyuusei

    Aug 21, 2016
    Excuse me; I think, I need someone to rectify some information or sentence about JKT48 Theater Show especially in these pages.
    * JKT48, Stages
    * Team KIII 5th Stage, Trivia
    * Team KIII History, 2020

    Thank you, sorry to bother you.

    Oh yeah, I have a question. How about another sisgroup theater show ?
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  8. UkiyaSeed

    UkiyaSeed Kenkyuusei

    Jan 29, 2020
    parts unknown.
    Ashley Cloud Garcia
    More MNL48 trivia updates, but before that here are some trivia from my previous post that needs some update.

    Now for some new stuff and stuff that was missed, which has some additional info.

    Francinne Rifol
    • Favorite AKB48 song: Love Trip
    • She has a total of 8 piercings.
    Also, she has two entries for the same topic. Remove the one not labelled Hobbies. Attached below is the image of the two entries.

    Maria Jamie Beatrice Alberto
    • Favorite anime: Sword Art Online
    • Admired AKB48 members: Atsuko Maeda, Jurina Matsui, Yuko Oshima, Rino Sashihara
    • Her MNL48 kami oshi is Shekinah Arzaga.
    • Was part of her school's journalism group prior to focusing on MNL48.
    • She wants to pursue medicine in the field of pediatric oncology in college.

    Abelaine Trinidad
    • Update "Hobbies: Watching horror movies and dancing in front of the mirror" to "Hobbies: Watching horror movies and dancing in front of the mirror, eating doughnuts and ice cream because she loves it, playing mobile games, writing stories, sleeping, collecting makeup and fashion outfits"
    • Favorite color: Red
    • Favorite food: Shrimp
    • Knows how to drive a car and ride a motorcycle.
    • She had a boyfriend for five years, but decided to broke up with him to focus on her MNL48 career.
    • Gained the nickname "Batas" (The Law) because of her answer in the 1st episode of MNL48 I-School when she was asked on how can she show that she is a good influence to other people.

    Jemimah Caldejon
    • Hobbies: Baking, surfing the net, reading or watching the news, articles, discoveries, experiments, and more online.
    • Favorite comfort foods: Salted French Fries, chicken skin, and yogurt ice cream
    • Loves to crack her bones.
    • Loves sharing her opinions about random things and issues to a point that the fans call her DJemimah because of how she gives advice about various things like a radio DJ.
    • Her MNL48 crushes are Aubrey Binuya and Francese Therese Pinlac.

    Jennifer Nandy Villaruel
    • Update "Hobbies: Reading non-fiction books and watching dance tutorials" to "Hobbies: Playing any kinds of sports, reading books, doing dance covers, and watching dance tutorials"
    • She has appeared in a Disney Channel commercial prior to joining MNL48.
    • Has once participated in a global hip-hop dance competition in Australia prior to joining MNL48.

    Miho Hoshino
    • Hobbies: Checking her social media accounts, spending her time alone at home, likes pampering herself when she has the chance to do so
    • Favorite anime: Fairy Tail, Charlotte, Shugo Chara
    • Favorite MNL48 songs: First Rabbit, Iiwake Maybe, Aitakatta
    • Update "Her Kami-oshi is Kashiwagi Yuki" to "Her AKB48 oshi are Yuki Kashiwagi (kami-oshi), Haruka Komiyama, and Nana Okada."
    • Loves lavender.
    • Is an introvert.

    Amanda Isidto
    • Hobbies: Playing Rubik's Cube, annoying her MNL48 senpai, eating, space out, play instruments or mobile games
    • Favorite AKB48 song: #Sukinanda
    • Is scared every time the song "I'm an Albatraoz" plays.
    • She likes to laugh a lot that she can laugh through out the day without stopping.
    • Her MNL48 kami oshi is Marsela Mari Guia, while her kami oshi in other 48g groups is BNK48's Kamonthida Rotthawinithi.
    • Her MNL48 crushes are Aubrey Binuya and Dana Yzabel Divinagracia. She also claims that Shaira Duran is her favorite person.

    Dian Marie Mercado
    • Favorite movies: Midnight Sun, Admiral, The Girl Allergic to Wi-Fi, Hello Love Goodbye

    Nicelle Joy Bozon
    • Admired 48g member/s: Sakura Miyawaki
    • Favorite KPop groups: EXO, BTS, X1, GFriend, Twice, Red Velvet, IZ*One, Dreamcatcher
    • Wants to center Love Trip.
    • She loves writing stories and killing off the characters of the stories she writes to make it more tragic.
    • Loves coffee and is obsessed with strawberries.

    Anne Nicole Casitas
    • Update "Favorite food: Sinigang" to "Favorite food: Sinigang, Pizza, French fries"
    • Favorite movie: A Dog's Purpose
    • Favorite TV series: Legend of the Blue Sea
    • Favorite groups: MYMP, Sponge Cola, The Carpenters

    For some single trivia.

    Aitakatta (MNL48 Song)
    • The music video was shot Mapúa University, which was Faith Shanrae Santiago's university when this music video was shot.

    Iiwake Maybe (MNL48 Song)
    • This is the first music video co-produced by Plan C and directed by Carlo Manatad.
    • This song became Team NIV's song due to team auditions.

    365nichi no Kamihikouki (MNL48 Song)
    • This is the second music video co-produced by Plan C and directed by Carlo Manatad.
    • To give the music video's narrative, the director asked the girls on what they think they are doing at exactly March 2, 2024 at 7pm. The ones we see in the music video are based on their various answers.
    • Quincy Josiah Santillan helped with the syllabication of the song's chorus.

    Igai ni Mango (MNL48 Song)
    • Team L members, primarily Kaede Ishiyama and Quincy Josiah Santillan helped with the adaptation of this song, causing them to win the song.
    • This was the last music video shot in Star City before the amusement park was caught on fire.
    • According to Ashley Cloud Garcia, the audio used in the music video is different compared to the one released in the CD as music video audio replaced the graduated Team L members with the new Team L members.
    • Though the girls admitted that this might not be the best music video of the group, they claimed that this is the most fun they had in shooting a music video.

    Kimi wa Melody (MNL48 Song)
    • The original plans for the initial music video shoot wasn't pushed through due to last minute circumstances, causing the production team to create a new concept for the music video with what they got.
    • According to the girls, this was the fastest music video that they shot.

    High Tension (MNL48 Song)
    • Is the first music video co-produced by TVDG.

    • Abelaine Trinidad dedicated this single to all MNL48 1st Generation members.

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  9. paradisekiss

    paradisekiss Kenkyuusei

    Nov 3, 2018
    Morita Hikaru
    @natsu-kun Hi! I would like to be a Wiki48 mod so I could add the updated profile pics for all the Sakamichi groups and a bit more info for all of the girls. There seems to have been no updates for almost a year now so I would like to contribute by fixing things such as adding new album artworks and updating the profiles for the new sakamichi girls. I have been a member on this forum since November 2018 and I do believe I have more than 40-50 posts since that time. Hopefully I have met the requirements needed. Thank you.
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  10. nakotteiijan

    nakotteiijan Kenkyuusei

    Aug 7, 2015
    @hiraganatwice The wiki had issues with storage and uploading photos. It's impossible to upload new photos, and that's why everything is out of date, there are no covers or profile photos.
  11. rka

    rka Future Girls Stage48 Donor

    Jan 19, 2013
    My Mom's basement
    Matsumoto Chikako
    Forum has no search function, and is down 2-3 times per week.
    Media upload to the wiki is hampered by storage problems.
    Wiki editing access is restricted by disappearing admins.

    it's 2020 btw.

    We can at least migrate the wiki to another place, can't we?
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  12. heatsignature

    heatsignature Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Jun 5, 2014
    @hiraganatwice is very knowledgeable with Sakamichi stuff so she would be a good addition to the wiki editors.

    In the meantime, some information that could be added to the pages of Sakamichi girls:

    Kanagawa Saya
    • Is a "Ray" exclusive model as of April 14th 2020 and is the first Nogizaka 4th Generation member to sign an exclusive modelling contract.
    Tamura Hono
    • Played volleyball from kindergarten through college, and was accepted to her university thanks her volleyball skills.
    Yamasaki Ten
    • Youngest member of all Sakamichi series groups.
    Suzumoto Miyu
    • Her nicknames should be changed to Suzumon (すずもん) and Miyu-chan (みゆちゃん). Kuritarou was never really used, but the Kuri reference was in her catchphrase 「田舎育ちの栗娘」"Chestnut girl from the countryside"
    • You could also add that Miyu had her goodbye on Keyakitte Kakenai with Oda Nana on the March 2nd episode.
    Yoda Yuki
    • Is a "MAQUIA" and "bis" exclusive model
    Umezawa Minami
    • Is a "with" exclusive model as of March 23rd 2019
    • (also it's written that she's the tallest Nogi member twice lol)
    • "Keep Your Hands of Eizouken!" is also a TV drama, so that could be added to the drama section as well (same for with Mizuki and Asuka)
    • Is close to fellow 3rd Generation member Ozono Momoko. Their duo name is 「梅桃」"UmeMomo"
    Ozono Momoko
    • Is close to Shiraishi Mai
    • Is close to fellow 3rd Generation member Umezawa Minami. Their duo name is 「梅桃」"UmeMomo"

    For members Matsuda Rina and Takemoto Yui
    • Performed with Keyakizaka at NHK's Utacon on December 4th 2018, only a day after being announced as Keyakizaka members.

    Things that should be changed:

    Also Rustie has updated photobook sales for Sakamichi groups if someone wants to add those.
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2020
  13. Dokuro3313

    Dokuro3313 Kenkyuusei

    Aug 3, 2019
    Onishi Momoka, Kojiharu
    Cho Kurena graduated 3 months after Yagcuhi Moka. The Wiki says: Cho Kurena graduated earlier.
    where the Kennin Members are, the order of graduated members is wrong.

    Please, correct it.
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  14. wlerin

    wlerin Upcoming Girls

    Mar 23, 2012
    Muto Tomu
    Do you mean the "now graduated" list on this page? There's nothing on the page guaranteeing that list will be sorted by graduation date, although they mostly have been.
  15. BadIcecream

    BadIcecream Kenkyuusei

    Dec 8, 2016
    Can you add the fact that she wrote, composed, arranged and choreographed the song UNIVERSE which was revealed during her birthday theater live performance of BEJ48 Team E's waiting stage (June 2, 2018)? She is also the lyricist of Hong Ye Wei Jian (红叶为笺) from Team E's 3rd stage.
  16. Nobody

    Nobody Kenkyuusei

    Dec 20, 2019
    SGO48 Hikari
    SGO48 Hikari said in her live stream that she has studied Japanese in 10th and 11th grade.
    She has also studied Chinese for 2 years before going to university.
    She has studied at the Economics University of Ho Chi Minh City.
    She listens to J-pop and K-pop.

    Can somebody add those informations to SGO48 Hikari wiki page please ?âu_Ngọc_Đoan_Thảo

    Source : [Live] Hikari @ Instagram 20200419 (Nyan Birthday) :
  17. Shinga Kurukato

    Shinga Kurukato Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Jan 20, 2014
    Nueva Ecija, Philippines
    Cristine Jan Elaurza
    I wonder why CGM's members' pages ain't following the History at the top and Trivia at the bottom format yet?
  18. bonjourmarlene

    bonjourmarlene Upcoming Girls

    Mar 21, 2016
    Could you give me the family names for Mizuki and Asuka, please?

    Also, I don't know anything about Sakamichi, but I did a quick google and found this tweet, saying "The thing that surprised me most about the careers of members before Nogizaka was that Shiraishi was defeated in the auditions for AKB48's 8th Gen"

    I've asked the person who tweeted it whether they remember the source because Mai's page has been edited so many times (without annotations) that it's impossible to find out who added it. But if the person with the tweet doesn't respond, I'll take it out soon. Everything else I've changed.
  19. heatsignature

    heatsignature Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Jun 5, 2014
    Thank you for making all those edits!

    Sure! Yamashita Mizuki and Saito Asuka.
    Actually I have some more edits for Asuka:
    • The last point in the trivia should say "She was a "CUTiE" regular model until the end of the magazine" not Zipper!
    • Asuka is currently the "sweet" magazine exclusive model.
    • Extra point: She starred in the Fall-Winter 2015 advertisement campaign for fashion designer ANNA SUI with fellow Nogizaka46 members Kitano Hinako and Saito Yuri.
    And some stuff for Hirate Yurina:
    • "Is a skilled dancer and claims she can perform some acrobatic moves, such as cartwheels" I would take out the " she..." since she did do cartwheels during some of the Ambivalent live performances.
    • Add "In January 2019, she received the 42nd Japan Academy Award for New Actor Award. In February of the same year, she received the 2018 Japan Internet Film Awards Japan Film New Face Break Award in the movie "HIBIKI". In May of the same year, she received the New Actress Award at the 28th Japanese Film Critics Award."
    • For her filmography, you could add HIBIKI and The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window.
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  20. wlerin

    wlerin Upcoming Girls

    Mar 23, 2012
    Muto Tomu
    It was added by Fina Chairani in this edit on July 30 2018.

    The source is most likely the matome article linked by that tweet. This rumour pops up in various forms on 2ch but I have yet to see an actual source for it. Whenever it's brought up all the replies express surprise, and it seems to be often used to suggest Nogi are a bunch of rejects or something. Lacking a real source, I don't think the wiki should include this potential hoax.

    edit: I've gone ahead and removed it.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2020
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