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Stage Team E 5th [SKE Festival] (2016/09/09 - )

Discussion in 'SKE48 News & Releases' started by sakurazaki, Sep 10, 2016.

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    Dec 22, 2007
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    Moriya Akane
    Anyone got any links to Takatera Sana's setansai from last year?
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    Sep 7, 2015
    Sugawara Maya
    September 9 marked the second anniversary of the SKE Festival stage.

    Before moving to Japan I was a firm believer in Team KII. I watched a ton of Theatre no Megami (Team C) and Ramune no Nomikata performances. I only really watched Team E because of Shibata Aya back then, and when she graduated I stopped watching the team altogether. Fast forward and I decide to apply to all the SKE teams' stages. I was won over by the MC segments, the energy from the members on stage, their appeals to me during the send off, and the setlist.

    Of course this stage has become somewhat of Team E's original stage. I think it shows that you can pick up these Team Surprise songs, which most SKE fans didn't know, and rebrand them as another group's own setlist. Given how it seems like AkiP would sooner set up a sister group in the Vatican than write a brand new stage for us this seems like a decent compromise to get an identity.

    To celebrate I'll give some "awards" for the stage. I'd love to write that the team itself is the MVP and everyone contributes equally, however I'm biased so here's the list of whatever popped into my head:

    The Best Song: Koi no Onawa. I voted for it for Request Hour. It's just the kind of song I want to see at the theatre, and has the perfect timing right after the encore.

    The Successful Experiment: Putting Kumachan on Oteage Lullaby. I came to love those performances while Makiko was absent. (Not that Makiko is bad at it.)

    The Workhorse: Ida Reona. A few months ago she announced that she performed in every single performance of the stage. I didn't see anything about her having performed every performance of the two years, but regardless she feels like she is always there, and that counts for something.

    The (vice) Leader: Fukushi Nao. Although Makiko and Suda are more experienced I really get the leader vibe from Donchan. I think she's still some ways from Makiko's ability to keep people in line, however she's often in charge of saying the emotional things near the end of the stage. You can just feel the passion from her when she says those things, she's able to electrify the air with those statements like Churi does in KII. This is all on top of her being great at MCs.

    The Performer: Kumazaki Haruka. I get more moved by my oshimen's performances and I'm glued to her - except when Kumachan comes along. No one can compete with Naochan in terms of performance, and indeed Kumachan's performance is of a different sort. She doesn't move me with a type of performance that derives its power from the expression of emotions and affect through dance and song - she instead expresses herself with her raw energy and passion. Kumachan is able to mix a level of professionalism, very personal appeals to her fans, cuteness, and sheer passion that makes her seem almost amateurish into a product that is the most fascinating thing to watch on the stage and is much more refined than the individual components suggest.

    The ATM: Sato Sumire. If I'm not horribly mistaken this stage was the birthplace of the jokes that led to Sato Sumire calling herself Asai Yuka's personal ATM. I think a great many SKE fans were indifferent about Suuchan until she went crazy over Yuukatan. It was a pretty funny character and charmed a lot of people. I'd like to think it also gave Yuukatan a lot more exposure.

    The Best MC Idea: Having member put NG words on their foreheads and goading the others into saying their NG words. This has been hilarious every single time. Shout out to Rara's English story where she got other members to say what they heard in English back in Japanese. (I remember Naruchan getting it hilariously wrong.)

    The Worst MC Idea: Wasting a MC slot teaching the fans how to do the motions for Heart no Vector. At least the fans can do it reasonably well after but it feels like a waste of what is usually the funniest MC slot.

    The Greatest Foreheads: Takahata Yuki and Kamata Natsuki. One of my top moments in the theatre was when the members tried to find ugly foreheads. Nacky and Hatagon were both shy about their foreheads so they forced them to expose them. I don't have a picture saved but the reveal was one of the funniest things I've seen.

    The Melancholic Graduation: Takatera Sana. Her graduation just didn't have a good feeling to it, with many people having bigger hopes for her, and you could see her indecision in her final performance. It started at 18:00 and ended near 21:10 +additional time. It only got quite bad near the end where she had trouble speaking to the crowd and making her peace with the stage. From what I've gathered she seems to be doing well recently.

    The (Impressive) Draftees: Nishi Marina and Hirata Shiina. They were called up to perform for Team E relatively shortly after being inducted into the group. I saw Nishichan on her debut day, and she and Shiichan performed very well for their time in the group. They seem to be doing very well for themselves.

    The Please Stop Shouting Random English To Me During The Send Offs: Sato Kaho and Tani Marika. Special shout out to Donchan.

    Of course there are way many other mentions but I'll stop here.

    Reflecting on the stage, it really does feel like the theatre is a place where you can become attached to SKE "organically." It's rather inexpensive and you get to watch the girls for a long time.

    What are your thoughts on SKE Festival? Top moments? I'd be interested in knowing how you feel about the graduates and newcomers.
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    I still think she was fired.

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