The 2015 Stage48 Member Ranking Results

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    nope again, you just translated my last part of the quote when I said "is't it a good thing when me as sasshi's fan and @M4YUYU as mayuyu and tomu's fan being okay with each other? Is it wrong for wishing there are more of a good terms like this?" This question implies on what is wrong if we both agreeing or something and I'm not the one who said their being petty. You can talk or DM staright to the person before me if you don't mind.
    The main answer of my post is the first part of it "nope I think you're being narrow minded since I said "I wish more people doing it" it means I already know the fact that people might ended up hating member, but what is wrong with hoping for something? " don't you get it? I understand if people hate another member but I wish they won't. If it's not than it's okay, it's not like i'm pushing people to stop hating other member.

    But in the end you have your own opinion, I do too. As long we're not trying to push our opinion into each other, I'm sure we won't get in to a big argue. If you still think if I'm wishing fans who love one member doesn't have to hate other member is statement on being narrow minded so be it I don't mind..I'm sure there will be other people who will agree on me or agree to you, bu you can't push me to agree on you in the public forum like this. We all have a right to give our opinion.
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    Only one of the girls I voted for ranked yesterday, Meru! That puts me at 15/20 before the Top 10.

    Meru is exactly like you see her on stage. She's spontaneous and loves when people talk to her, and is sullen when no one's in her lane. She also has a cute jealous streak going, where if she recognizes you in another member's lane she'll actively frown at you, which makes it difficult when you're only visiting HKT48 members all around her :lol: One time, I was in a hurry because the end of the slot was approaching and forgot to change out of my Sakura oshi shirt before seeing her, and she immediately called me out on it. "Oh, Sakura again, huh?" :glare: Then she just stared disappointingly at me until I hurriedly changed the subject to Disneyland :fear:

    But she's honestly great. She's one of the girls you really don't have to think too hard about what to say beforehand, because if you don't have something to say, she'll have something to talk about. If any of you want to try out English with a member, she's one of the possible choices too. One time she remembered I was from the US and just randomly initiated a whole conversation in English :shocku: I don't know whether it's because she studies a lot or it's just because she reads a lot, but I was shocked that she could. She's not shy, which is a big plus for her.

    I also maintain she's the best member to watch on stage, even as a Sakura oshi. She gives 110% into every performance and is just so energetic and commands so much stage presence that you can't resist watching her.

    Honestly, I think for anyone that has spent some time in Japan, handshakes and other events is what it ultimately comes down to. Same as you, I've met 17/20 of the members on my list. People have no idea how much meeting these girls changes your opinion. I thought I knew a lot about the group by 2013 from TV shows and the like, having been a fan for 5 years at that point, but then spending half a year in Japan completely shattered my previous perceptions.

    I think the Top 10 will have a surprise or two, and I say that as the person running this. :fear:

    But I'm in complete agreement with you. The most fun I have with this ranking each year is reading everyone's opinions on the girls for those who choose to share their reasoning. If people just reveal their ranking and nothing else, I'm completely skipping their post, but if they took the time to explain why they voted a particular way, you bet I'm reading their whole post. It's just fascinating to me to read how other people think and highlights other viewpoints for members you like and dislike.
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    I haven't had the chance to articulate my attraction to the members I ranked, and I will do so for a few for now. I only have two left in the top 10!

    To preface, I haven't been able to see the members face-to-face, so most of my AKB48 fandom experience is from the media channels, including the theater LODs, SNS, and radio shows.

    01. Muto Tomu (+15)
    Before Tomu I didn't really have an oshimen, per se. I loved the original members, especially Yuko and Mayuyu, and they have always entertained me. But I didn't really delve deeper into their time in AKB, their interactions with other members, etc. I was just following what was presented in variety shows and performances. When they started to shift over to the ori-4 in AKBingo etc., I wasn't really a fan and my interest in the 48G group dwindled. I kept tabs on the little ball of energy Ryoka, who was Yuko's under as KKS in 2012, and Miyupon, the angel, who sometimes subbed in K shows also as a KKS. I didn't buy into the whole "new gen" thing back in 2012 as I wasn't a fan of a lot of the original Team 4 members.

    Then Show Fight! happens. I only knew of Tomu in the periphery in most of 2012 as the under for Sasshi in Team A, and that KKS who ranked in her first SSK, but after Tokyo Dome my interest grew. I started checking out Oshima K shows where Tomu was in Yuko's position whenever Yuko was absent. I didn't realize, with her somewhat cool/beautiful image, and being the eldest in 12th gen, and only second two Sahho if you include 13th, she's actually really goofy and awkward LOL. Oshima K was a great time for me in general, and it was really fun watching Tomu settling in and actually improve herself week after week. She wasn't the best dancer or singer, but in all the time I've followed AKB48 and Tomu, not once she has let up for anything and is always driven. She may be terrible at variety settings where exaggeration is common like AKBingo (lol), but she's actually pretty entertaining in radio shows and smaller shows where she can be at ease, especially surrounded by her closer members.

    The shuffle in early 2014, and how it was conducted, however, really pissed me off. Tomu had to leave in the middle of an encore because she had a breakdown and I had to take a break from the fandom because how ridiculous I think the whole thing was. I was also not a fan of the huge 3 musketeers push throughout 2014 that practically neglected the rest of the new generation members, leaving them with weak teams patched together with kennins and being left out of AKB48 singles. I started watching the LODs of Shin-Takamina A a month or so after they debuted, and found out that she was Takamina's under whenever MT was absent, and Tomu was in Tsundere with Chori, I think, and Tatsumaki :lol: Then I thought this new team is not so bad and kept following her growth even further. Then Megu and Miyabi joined the fray and it was a pretty fun time to be a "new gen" fan. She also took more of a leadership role and being a senior to the 15th gen members and quite a few of them look up to her, Tomu who was a baby in Oshima K with Yuko, Mocchi, and Kitarie as seniors now have juniors of her own LOL It was an interesting dynamic to me.

    Tomu has always been a "niche"-type idol, I think, where you actually have to delve a little deeper to appreciate what she does and therefore doesn't really have a lot of casual fans (mediocre at performances, not a variety standout, not a cutesy idol, middle-tier gravure assets, not an ace-designate, etc.). You really have to actually watch something like the LODs or look at a bigger picture of her circle to see what kind of idol she is. I think she's been growing, though, and she's been able to gain more fans through whatever opportunity she's been given, and she's always appreciative of the huge part her loyal (and maybe a bit insane) fans have in propelling her forward in whatever path she chooses.

    02. Tatsuya Makiho (+10)

    Maki-chan is awesome.

    If you don't think so, then you are wrong.

    03. Iwata Karen (+9)
    One of the few ori-4 members who I really liked. Karen is always entertaining: very talented, driven and inspiring, loud and brash, but is actually a big softy LOL Her ability to play off anybody in the group has never failed to entertain me.

    I will miss her shenanigans and I hope she finds success in her career after AKB48.

    04. Iwatate Saho (+8)
    :lol: Sahho's burikko character may not be for everybody, but I find her antics to be hilarious and, from what I see, she seems to be a very sweet person. I also like how she doesn't seem to care that some people may be put off by her burikko act and still go with it all this time :lol:

    Nao-chan's expression upon seeing Sahho's self-intro for the first time in one of the recent Minegishi K shows where Sahho performed in.

    05. Yokoyama Yui (Team 8) (+7)
    I only first knew of her as that Team 8 girl with the same name as Yuihan. Then Team 8 members started to feature in AKBingo and she's always been a blast to watch LOL I have a soft spot for goofy idols, and I really like those who always take up challenges and always push themselves to improve and inspire her fans.

    06. Omori Miyu (+6)
    Miyupon's aura is very calming and I've always loved her presence and performances. If I have to choose a word to describe her charm, I think I would say... fluffy? LOL

    07. Okada Ayaka (+5)
    Another goofy one. She's pretty similar to the ex-member Komorin in character. Too bad she hasn't really gotten a decent exposure, her Anta Dare episodes were pretty funny :lol:

    08. Kojima Natsuki (+5)
    09. Mogi Shinobu (+4)
    10. Tano Yuka (+4)
    11. ---
    12. ---
    13. Sasaki Yukari (+3)
    14. Ichikawa Manami (+3)
    If you don't know Manami, you may want to check her out. Manami is an excellent dancer and is very earnest. Her presence in a performance is always a huge plus.

    15. Nakamura Mariko (+2)
    16. Oshima Ryoka (+2)
    Unfortunately, I haven't been able to follow Ryoka much because I don't really follow the teams she's been in the past few years. From whatever I see of her, though, she's been pretty fun to follow.

    17. Kitagawa Ryoha (+2)
    18. Nakano Ikumi (+1)
    19. Taniguchi Megu (+1)
    From whatever I see of her, she's been really great. With more exposure I may like her more and more. Megu is my favorite performer in AKB48 right now with Manami a close second.

    20. Mukaichi Mion (+1)
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    May 17, 2012
    I personal NULLIFIED 2/3'rd of Negative Votes for Yuria Kizaki with my "+15" alone (killing her 22 down to a mere "7") She's STILL in the top 30's.... Because I went the extra mile. I am NOT complaining either. I was going to give my "+15" to KomiHaru but statistically one could argue that doing so would've Erased ALL "-13" & gave her 2 extra points (at 244) she'd only Tie #16 (as she now #17)- So as you see KomiHaru's negatives are "Meaningless" when even if she got ZERO negatives, my "+15" would've only gotten her tied w/ #14-#13?- Clearly my "sacrifice" made a bigger difference in Yuria's case.

    ItheBigC has already explained "How & Why" He deems Negatives to be a factor. I agree with their use & as you can see, at some point they become "worthless" depending on the number of "Positive" votes. Best part....I thought Yuria was pretty well liked. I gave her my +15 as "Vote to the Future". I figured it doesn't matter how KomiHaru ranks on Stage48 because we have NO cred in the Election- She did REALLY well last year "here" and didn't even Rank in Japan.

    TOO Late.... Hey, I will always brag I was on Page 5 in 2013 around her 15th birthday & Noticed her in a Birthday Banner...and was instantly smitten- She had it even then. There's NO Salt at KomiHaru's table - ONLY Sugar & smiles...and tears when things don't go well, but then she picks herself up & gets back to being KOMI.
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    So remember how I said this year was our closest race ever? I wasn't kidding [hehe] When I exported the final results from the program I did a double take and went to recheck the last rankings entered, but nope, the results you see now were accurate. For the first time ever, we have a tie somehow, and 3rd Place is literally only 1 point off :eek: This is a case where 1 point, anyone's vote, could've literally affected the final results. If you voted for any of the Top 3 girls, be glad you did. It's also the first time since 2008 that no member from last year's Top 3 is in this year's Top 3.

    I'll let these results sink in before I talk about the last 5 girls from my ranking, but in the meantime, do the people that voted down Sakura care to share why? -79 with only 20 negative votes means the average is around -4, and it's the highest negative point value besides Paruru. :cold: If it's just about her sousenkyo speech, then all I can ask is you take a couple minutes to read the actual speech in its full context and see if you actually understand what she means. If it's something else though, I'm highly curious because in my eyes, she's as close to perfect as humanly possible <3:hehe:
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    May 10, 2013
    Paruru received more positive votes than any other member. By a lot.

    I'm satisfied. Gotta come back later to do my wrap up of my last four.
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    Jun 5, 2013
    Wow paruru received so many negative votes :^^;:. It is understandable though since she didn't do much this year. CMIIW last year most negative voted was Jurina :^^;:
    Congrats to both Mayu and Naachan for the 1st rank. So proud seeing Naachan up there eventhough she is not my oshi :1st:
    No complaint for me but I think Naachan is the top winner because:
    1. More people voted her than Mayuyu
    2. She received less negative points than Mayuyu

    Honestly IIRC I voted down Sakuratan by -5 points :^^;:
    It is because I'm still pissed about her "Destroy AKB"-speech (if I interpreted her speech right). I think it was a bad speech.
    Please no hate, Sakura's fans, and no more discussion about this. It is just my opinion.
    I myself dont care about why people voted down my oshi Paruru :cool:
    Accept the rank and move on. :arrow:
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  8. チームさや姉推し

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    Aug 2, 2014
    United States
    COULDN'T BE HAPPIER RN. Both my girls did so well! In tears rn omg
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    Apr 16, 2016
    What does number in [...|...] means?
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    Shimazaki's Resident
    Thanks to 104 people who were giving points to Paruru, be it positive or negative. That proved she means something to all of you. :^O^:
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  11. Crossheart

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    Apr 14, 2014
    Chihuahua, Mexico
    Amaki Sally
    So, if i didn't give that +2, she will be down to third?
    That's the value of a vote.

    PS. I just checked my last year rank... and well, again i got Last Place and "Second" Place :^^;::^^;:
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  12. sonsam

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    Apr 6, 2012
    Mayuyu received the most negative votes last year which was -97.
    Jurina only received -67 votes last year.

    Congraulations Mayuyu and Naachan! :ome::awesome: Honestly I wasn't expecting Mayuyu to get #1 this year, after seeing the results from last year.
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  13. achanoshiJKT

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    Jun 5, 2013
    Wow, she did? I thought it was Jurina :XD:

    OK here's my vote
    01. Yamada Nanami (+15)
    02. Shimazaki Haruka (+10)
    03. Kawamoto Saya (+9)
    04. Matsui Jurina (+8)
    05. Nishino Miki (+7)
    06. Owada Nana (+6)
    07. Murayama Yuiri (+5)
    08. Okana Nana (+5)
    09. Kizaki Yuria (+4)
    10. Kojima Mako (+4)
    11. YamamotoSayaka (+4)
    12. Yokoyama Yui (Team A) (+3)
    13. Nakanisi Chiyori (+3)
    14. Murashige Anna (+3)
    15. Ayana Shahab (+2)
    16. Tani Marika (+2)
    17. Beby Chaesara Anadila (+2)
    18. Kashiwagi Yuki (+1)
    19. Minegishi Minami (+1)
    20. Oda Erina (+1)

    01. Miyawaki Sakura (-5)
    02. Tano Yuka (-4)
    03. Nakano Ikumi (-3)
    04. Komiyama Haruka (-2)
    05. Miyazaki Miho (-1)
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  14. hjr1891

    hjr1891 Member

    May 11, 2013
    Anywhere, Everywhere

    That said. On to my final reveal.

    New appearances in Bold. S48 rank in [brackets].
    01. Kashiwagi Yuki (+15) [7]
    02. Kodama Haruka (+10) [10]
    03. Owada Nana (+9) [57]
    04. Kojima Mako (+8) [20]
    05. Sakamoto Erena (+7) [118]
    06. Tomonaga Mio (+6) [60]
    07. Takahashi Minami (+5) [4]
    08. Kawaei Rina (+5) [31]
    09. Saeki Mika (+4) [355]
    10. Matsui Rena (+4) [13]
    11. Iriyama Anna (+4) [33]
    12. Yokoyama Yui {Team A} (+3) [6]
    13. Kizaki Yuria (+3) [39]
    14. Takahashi Juri (+3) [29]
    15. Akiyoshi Yuka (+2) [133]
    16. Murashige Anna (+2) [25]
    17. Komada Hiroka (+2) [207]
    18. Ichikawa Miori (+1) [91]
    19. Nakano Ikumi (+1) [77]
    20. Kato Rena (+1) [36]

    "Surprise #1&2, hjr!" Said no one, ever.:p Yukirin will forever reign supreme in my 48G rankings. And the positive light Haruppi shines is to strong to let others approach my #2 rank.

    Takamina has ALWAYS been my Kami-7 rock, Only one of two that has never budged in my rankings. Many girls have gone around her, both ways, but firm she has stood all these years. Now she is gone.:( I wish her well on her journeys and hope to see her works from time to time.:)

    Yuihan. I had intended for Yuihan to take Takamina's place a #7. That may well happen next year. We will see.

    My current top20 looks quite a bit different right now. But, my rankings are always in flux.

    This rank does not reflect this, because 2016. But Eretan has already slid well ahead of the MakoNya duo. And she is gunning for dat HKT-Oshimen title. Like Yukirin when Kuumin came knocking for her crown, will Haruppi maintain at #2 and top of HKT for me? I don't know.:fear: Also, I literally just got done watching my RH2016 copies. When I spent more time looking for a certain KKS in the side-stage seating, instead of watching most of the performances. You know Nishikawa Rei is going to end up high on my list. :blush:
  15. SaikouTan

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    Jan 26, 2015
    Kobayashi Yui, Miyawaki Sakura
    Those two negative voters for Naachan must feel a bit stupid right now [hehe]
    It's also pretty interesting that Mayuyu's negatives went from -97 from 24 people to -18 from 7. I can't really tell you why, but maybe it's her really laid back, admirable sousenkyou speech? Taking a step back from the spotlight? The haircut? Or maybe that pom pom purin cosplay at janken:lol: ? I don't know but something went right, I kinda wish now that I voted for her...

    I second the tiebreaker!!
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  16. broz0rs

    broz0rs Next Girls

    Jan 3, 2015
    Holy moly.. the Paruru negative votes. what gives? she's just been battling an illness the whole year.
  17. aratafuru

    aratafuru Kenkyuusei

    Jun 5, 2013
    It's like in Talladega Nights... you can't have two numbers ones... because that would equal to 11. *cough* tiebreaker *cough*
  18. CutePanda

    CutePanda Next Girls

    Apr 11, 2015
    congrats to Mayuyu and Naachan tied for 1st place :1st: #EveryNegativeVotesCount
  19. Samara Morgane

    Samara Morgane Member

    Jul 2, 2014
    01. Umemoto Izumi (+15)
    02. Takahashi Minami (+10)
    03. Kodama Haruka (+9)
    04. Yokoyam Yui (Team A) (+8)

    05. Shibuya Nagisa (+7)
    06. Yamamoyo Sayaka (+6)
    07. Murashige Anna (+5)
    08. Matsui Jurina (+5)
    09. Tashima Meru (+4)
    10. Kitahara Rie (+4)
    11. Kawaei Rina (+4)
    12. Sakaguchi Riko (+3)
    13. Anai Chihiro (+3)
    14. Tanaka Miku (+3)
    15. Iriyama Anna (+2)
    16. Shimazaki Haruka (+2)
    17. Iwata Karen (+2)
    18. Sashihara Rino (+1)
    19. Matsui Rena (+1)
    20. Minegishi Minami (+1)

    Hurgh!?Never been a fan of Mayuyu and Takamina isn't in the top 3!Anyway,there's a few members that I started to lose interest into for not good reasons (and that include Takamina which she was my Kami-oshi) in the last year!The worst was probably Rena and Paruru!Sayanee was my second favorite!Though I think it's started around the time I got into Haruppi back in let's say Nov 2014 that my interest started to slowly go down!!I decided to put Haruppi third mostly because I felt like it (like the rest) but she's just so cute that she can make you smile easily and I think she's awesome!I always like she had a badass or "dark/cool" edge to her and with her character in Majisuka Gakuen show me right!I still haven't come around to watch MG yet but from the things that I saw,I thought handled herself very well!
  20. haryo48

    haryo48 Kenkyuusei

    Apr 4, 2014
    01. IKUTA ERIKA (+15)[19]
    02. AKIMOTO MANATSU (+10) [98]
    03. HORI MIONA (+9) [64]
    04. SHIRAISHI MAI (+8)[27]
    05. NISHINO NANASE (+7)[23]
    06. SUGAI YUKA (+6) [91]
    07. SHIDA MANAKA (+5) [234]
    08. NAKAMOTO HIMEKA(+5) [161]
    09. SHIMAZAKI HARUKA (+4)[5]
    10. SAITO ASUKA(+4) [63]
    11. SAKURAI REIKA(+4) [69]
    12. WAKATSUKI YUMI (+3) [96]
    13. SAYURI MATSUMURA (+3) [150]
    14. HOSHINO MINAMI (+3) [105]
    15. FUKAGAWA MAI (+2) [151]
    16. HABU MIZUHO (+2) [355]
    17. SAITO CHIHARU (+2) [376]
    18. MORIYA AKANE (+1) [153]
    19. KASHIWAGI YUKI(+1)[7]
    20. MIYAWAKI SAKURA (+1)[9]
    01. IKOMA RINA (-5) [121]
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