The 2015 Stage48 Member Ranking Results

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    Murayama Yuiri
    [# of Positive Votes | # of Negative Votes]

    My final ranking

    01. Miyazaki Miho (+15) 72
    02. Takahashi Juri (+10) 29
    03. Yokoyama Yui (+9) 6
    04. Oshima Ryoka (+8) 105
    05. Takeuchi Miyu (+7) 118
    06. Kizaki Yuria (+6) 39
    07. Tano Yuka (+5) 16
    08. Kitahara Rie (+5) 21
    09. Kojima Mako (+4) 20
    10. Muto Tomu (+4) 35
    11. Aigasa Moe (+4) 177
    12. Kodama Haruka (+3) 10
    13. Okada Nana (+3) 1
    14. Ishida Anna (+3) 165
    15. Oba Mina (+2) 105
    16. Suda Akari (+2) 102
    17. Ota Aika (+2) 128
    18. Sato Sumire (+1) 98
    19. Miyawaki Sakura (+1) 9
    20. Takahashi Minami (+1) 4

    Im so happy to see Naachan rises in the #1:1st: (now I regret for not given her +4 :wall:)
    Yes another round for the tiebreaker!
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    Jun 5, 2013
    Give us another round to settle the winner :2nd::1st:

    It does. Last year Paruru was an absolute winner with or without negative votes. This year is kinda different. I know @ithebigc made the rule, but since this is the first time of tied winner, I demand a trial by combat, :^O^: I mean last head-to-head vote if it is allowed :p
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    Okay. The ranking really is surprising this year. Even if management doesn't seem to want to change the status quo, the forum members here have been calling for it for years now and it's reached a pretty fevered pitch at this point.

    The 3 missing ranks from my last post:

    #6 3.:3rd: (4) [88|7] Yamamoto Sayaka {+553,-17}, 536

    Sayanee is essentially a "perfect human". She is beautiful. She is talented. She is empathetic and a natural leader. She is that girl in school who is good at everything and friends with everyone. It's no wonder management is abusing her by sticking her prominently in everything they can possibly stick her in (while unfortunately promotion-wise the rest of NMB falls by the wayside). I acknowledge that she is perfect, yet she is not my oshimen. If I chose an oshimen purely on talent or beauty, Sayanee would take that spot easily. It's just, there is something a little bland about perfection. She's not unpredictable in the slightest and there's nothing further the 48 Group can offer Sayanee to help her grow. That's what keeps her from being higher in my ranking. But man am I glad to see her in the overall Top 3!

    #2 4. (2) [61|10] Takahashi Minami {+515,-34}, 481

    I'm getting this off my chest now. Last year, I was already in the process of oshihenning away from Takamina. I was very unhappy with how she was handling things and it seemed to me very much like she was coasting. The old fire she had in her, the very essence of what made me love her, was completely gone. Her humor was falling flat (worse than usual), her singing was getting worse, and the only thing she really seemed to be offering the group at that point was "sage wisdom" and her trademark long eloquent speeches at events. It was clear that she was tired of AKB and she was ready to get out. Moreover, her fans on Stage became more obnoxious than they had ever been (not that that's her fault). I recall being so unhappy about the state of affairs that I didn't include her in last year's ranking at all. I don't think it was a mistake (she still made Top 3 if not outright winning, idr) but this year I definitely wanted to include her in a place of honor as #2. Management screwed her over, milked her for all she was worth and only then did they let her graduate. A poor way to treat the girl who led the group for years. My memories of loving Takamina for who she was before she got tired of her position will always be with me. The only thing I do regret is not ever being able to meet her before she graduated.

    #1 1.:1st: (12) [90|2] Okada Nana {+543,-6}, 537

    I...I don't believe it :shocku: I knew she would be high on the ranking - fan interest in her has gone through the roof the past couple months - but I never imagined she would tie for 1st! It looks like more people voted positively for Naachan than any other girl, so it's a cumulative win, which means she is doing a good job of getting people to notice her! To be honest, when I oshihenned to Naachan, she wasn't this popular. I thought "Ah, now I will get a chance to see what life is like when you oshi a non-senbatsu member"...but that didn't last for very long as her popularity has skyrocketed here, she made media senbatsu in TwI and by all account she should do pretty well in the election too.

    My history with her is actually pretty long - I was first attracted to her when 14th gen debuted and photos started going up. I go into a lot of girls' threads saying I'll be watching them, but most of the time I forget about them shortly afterward :^^;: Naachan was definitely an exception to that. I kept watching her - she is so hard to look away from. And if I'm being totally honest, I was most attracted to her because she reminds me so much of Takamina in her earlier days when she was still exuding the fire and love for AKB. They have many of the same qualities, the ones that draw me especially are the sharp dancing and use of "mejikara" (eye power). And Naachan has expressed wanting to be a pillar of support for AKB much like Takamina became, though I'll cheer her on no matter what role she wants to take within the group. Her own personal charms are riveting: she's so decisive and unafraid of going against the grain to achieve something, and she keeps her cool even when someone is trying to unsettle her or make a fool of her. There's really no denying that she's got "what it takes" to be a staple senbatsu member and a lot of disparate fans here are calling for that so I can only hope it comes true!

    I'm just so happy for Naachan! :cute:

    On another note... it seems I forgot to put Haruppi in my ranking and only realized it when I saw her name here :oops: Not sure how she got shuffled out but now I'm kicking myself. She's another polarizing member but I always love what I see from her and I have a hard time understanding all the forumgoers who are down on her. Ah well, maybe next year.

    If I can posit a theory about Sakura's negatives... most of them are likely because she's super pushed and centered AKB's 10th anniversary single when she's not even sourced from AKB :lol: People were mad about that! Paru got similar hate when her push came around, but for different reasons. Some people just don't like the way the wind is blowing, but luckily it always changes direction eventually.
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    Jun 6, 2014
    Impressive, almost a three-way tie lol, funny how Paruru is the most downvoted when she's still the same person I mean isn't like she did something different from last year.

    01. Watanabe mayu(+15)
    02. Sasaki yukari(+10)
    03. Tashima meru (+9)
    04. Okada nana (+8)
    05. Tomonaga mio (+7)
    06. Kitagawa ryoha (+6)
    07. Takita kayoko (+5)
    08. Komiyama haruka (+5)
    09. Nishino miki (+4)
    10. Sakaguchi nagisa (+4)
    11. Ikoma rina (+4)
    12. Suto Ririka (+3)
    13. Ueki nao (+3)
    14. Tanaka miku (+3)
    15. Owada nana (+2)
    16. Aramaki misaki (+2)
    17. Fuchigami Mai (+2)
    18. Natori Wakana (+1)
    19. Hirata rina (+1)
    20. Mukaichi mion (+1)
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    May 17, 2012
    Surprises Abound! - It appears the "projected Mainstream" Idols are really a good bunch of Fresh Faces...OH & my Negatives have "popped" (Bout time!).

    SLACKER13 List of Awesomeness!!!!

    01. Kizaki Yuria - AKB48 Team B - (+15)
    03. Shibata Aya - SKE48 - (+9)
    05. Komiyama Haruka - AKB48 team 4 (+7)
    07. Watanabe Miyuki - NMB48 - (+5)
    08. Kitahara Rie - NGT48 - (+5)
    09. Shibuya Nagisa - NMB48 (+4)
    10. Anai Chihiro - HKT48 - (+4)
    11. Ikuta Erika - NGZK46 - (+4)
    12. Sakurai Reika - NGZK46 - (+3)
    13. Tomonaga Mio - HKT48 - (+3)
    14. Tashima Meru - HKT48 - (+3)
    16. Nishino Miki - AKB48 Team 4 - (+2)
    17. Fujita Nana - AKB48 - (+2)
    18. Suda Akari - SKE48- (+1)
    19. Mukaichi Mion - AKB48 Tean K - (+1)

    #5 Komiyama Haruka (Komi-Haru) - Jokerchan, Smile-Monster, Khaleesi of Kawaii!!!- I've been raving about her since 2013- Lets find out WHY? - Why #5 you ask?
    Well now...this was a tough one. I could go w/ the 'Rubber Stamp' but that's to obvious- I've already explained how Yuria Kizaki got my #1 rank but why #5 for Komi? Simply put - "Baking". She's kind of Make-or-Brake at this point. Management seems to be paying more attention to her but we'll see if Japan agree's with us in June. She's still "Baking"...she's already more than some of us ever wanted in an Idol but I have a feeling this Election will decide if she Achieves "Bonkai" (2nd stage release). I couldn't put all my eggs in the basket of someone who might "Graduate" if she doesn't "rank"- and I also agree she's wasting her time in AKB if she doesn't get a "proper rank". Her smiles, gifts, dreams, talents are WASTED in AKB if for whatever reason she can't excel there. She needs to find BETTER Representation! Komi deserves the World but my Rank here won't make that happen.

    My thoughts about how to explain the Transcendental Experience of being a KomiHaru fan are best summed up by "Mad Men"'s Don Draper "I don't need to tell you about Jesus, You already know about Jesus - He either Lives in your Heart or He doesn't (IF) You're a Non-Believer, why waste time on Kabuki?"
    This Clip of him saying is better....

    if the video does not show watch the video here Basically Don is talking about Lipsticks & how it's NOT so much the shade of type of lipstick that matters- it's the OWNER of the Kiss & who she Kisses. In Idol Terms - it's Voter and Who the VOTE for (Oshi). So if you're NOT a fan of KomiHaru, by all means go on doing what you're doing- I can't convince you any further than KomiHaru can

    I actually think Paruru's "shunning" of KomiHaru is HELPING - Komi is Everything Paruru is Not in terms of Personality. The more Paruru shuns her Openly- the more Sympathetic Komi becomes...Keep at it Paruru- keep "Feeding" your Anti - make her Strong!!! - lol

    #7 Miyuki Watanabe (MILKY) - I actually would NOT have voted at ALL for her if I knew she was Graduating so Soon. Further thoughts
    I still love Milky & wish her the best but it feels too soon. I could site reasons but we ALL love Milky for similar reasons. God, I wish we could spend a YEAR saying Goodbye to Milky...nope, she's got things to do. She's not gonna "Hang around" - No chance for "pity points" or Goodbye Final "this or that"....Why doesn't she enter the election Anyway- maybe she'll be #1 - c'mon it's her Last One.....Yeah- We know why NOT.
    If anyone should be MILKING her Graduation it should be MILKY....get it?

    #8 Kitahara Rie NGT48 (& mostly AKB48 for me)
    What a surprising FRESH Face!...where has she been my whole life....of banished overseas....Oh....Well She's back & Rules NGT and what? there's MORE??
    She's the classic example of "Would've been Popular sooner if they gave her a shot!" - I wonder if they had choosen Aki Takajo instead for NGT leader would be talking about her instead?...hmmm. No Seriously I like her. I liked her Nurse bit w/ Dr. Paruru. She has seductive eyes and looks smashing in Gravure. I mostly love her face during LIVE Perf. She's always so animated & adorable. She seems like a really sweet person. I Love that she was kind of Left for Dead in those "sister groups" (Not even gonna google which one) & I used to hear people HERE bemoan her being "Under Used" & how she keeps surviving.....well Sometimes Perserverence Pays Off. Now, I can appreciate her in her Prime!!

    Thanks for keeping her Warm all these years you Kitahara Oshi's - I think we all agree she's been saving her best for NGT48!

    #11- Erika Ikuta (NGZK) - I'm still riding high off the Buzz I got from her leading the 10th Single. While I'm not totally experience in NGZK46 lore - I catch fan-subs & such from time to time (NGZK fans are more "passionate" than many AKB48 fans at times- BYGONES). What made her "stand out"- what pushed her over the edge to Greatness in 2015?'s pretty obvious
    She did sweet GRAVURE!! silly- lol. Her cooking skills!...No really her photobook was pretty sweet! Seriously - I really like her. I like her "princess-ness" - I could gush & gush but really she's my 1st impression of NGZK46...I still love what I saw then. I later added Sayurin to my "list"....then realized Reika was a much better fit for my Oshi needs. I like Erika doing Anything.

    #14 - Tashima Meru (HKT) - OK.... she's the girl most likely to be grabbed by tentacles so that's why she always makes my list...but else keeps her there??
    I make that joke about the Tentacles ever year if youre NEW BTW...

    Who doesn't love "Meru-saurus"? Seriously- back in the 2013 Haruppi vrs Meru days (it was like the Sharks vrs the Jets- lol). I really didn't like her...but as I say every year since late 2014 & 2015- her Smile & energy WON me over. I Love ITHEBigC's stories of her. She's really like a Genki Anime Girl - She's so Genki & Happy I think her smile used to scare other people.... I like that.

    Meru had a "Growth Spurt" (or Out rather?) and she's becoming quite the woman. I love her face - she's not quite down "baking" yet - but she's going to be KojiHaru or Yukirin pretty soon & RULE HKT48 with Grace. I don't have anything against Haruppi ( I like her) but while Haruppi's fans have "Haruppis Struggle"....Meru fans have "Meru Merryment" ALL the time. She's a energetic character- she eats A LOT & she's got really Kawaii Reactions and she's just a Joy to see sparkle on the stage.

    #16 - Miki Nishino (AKB48)....just reread whatever I wrote about Meru.....Kidding! opinions inside
    I've liked Miki since I saw her bounce around doing "Cherry Boy". She's so Wirey & Electric when dancing. She does this thing w/ her face where she looks straight into the cam and you feel like she's singling JUST to YOU!- It's a gift. I love her LONG Hair
    But she's benched & gets a time out if she cuts it as bad as Okada Nana
    and she has such a presence on stage. Like when she was a dance girl instructional vid for "Halloween Night"- She looked so confident & graceful. How she didn't rank at all is beyond me - She's a diamond girl - She' deserves better than AKB if she can't make it there.

    #20 - Mukaichi Mion - AKB48 Tean K
    This was more a "You got my attention" vote. It was only "1" and I was actually excited to see her as a Center (Although it should've been in a BIKINI). I like her Acting & she seems fun & nice. More of a Vote for the Future.

    I'm actually going to wait to reveal my Negatives - I want to do them during Top 5 or At the end...There's a lot take in and I want to see the reactions & reasons from others. I'd do it now (some of them) they can wait....No need to rush things.
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    Well the results are a surprise for me. Didn't expect Mayu to come anywhere near first, I suppose everyone really did hate Kokoro no Placard that much. :p

    Well since full rankings are out, I might as well give a more in-depth write up of my rankings. Hopefully this doesn't end up too long.

    01. 1. (8) [69|7] Watanabe Mayu {+555,-18}, 537 (+15)

    First up is my oshi Mayu. Maybe the contents of last year really did help her out this year along with everyones emotions not running as high with her already having won sousenkyo the year before. Last year was full of highs and lows as her fan. Deai no Tsuzuki is my favourite single released by her, she got a lead role in Tatakau Shoten Girl, she matured into her senior role to the newer gens. Yet on the other hand management's shoved her aside in terms of centreing anything, her drop to 3rd in sousenkyo and of course her haircut (still makes me sad to this day to see her cut her beautiful hair). She's one of the members in the group with the most drive and determination to reach her goals and that's one of the reasons she pulls me in as a fan to continue supporting her until the end. She might not be the best at anything and parts of her personality can easily put off other people but to me, they're just what makes her even more endearing and I'm glad at least this year here, she's more appreciated than ever before.

    02. 39. (32) [34|6] Kizaki Yuria {+152,-22}, 130 (+10)

    I already wrote on her before here so I'll save myself the trouble of repeating it. However, something else that annoys me is that many fans don't know much about her and take what she has for granted. Reading what some people write about her on this forum leaves a bad taste in my mouth with how they view her. They know nothing about her and it's frustrating to see opinions of her that are rather uninformed. Also, I find that it's not that Yuria doesn't deserve her push but AKB doesn't deserve Yuria from how they've mismanaged her. A lot of the backlash she gets are for things out of her control and it's not exactly left her in a bright position either. Of course there are those who just don't like her or find her appealing and that's fine, everyone has their own taste. However I doubt anything will change though and the misdirected hate at management's actions will continue to follow her wherever she goes.

    03. 36. (47) [29|5] Kato Rena {+155,-12}, 143 (+9)

    I've followed AnRiRe since the early days of their push and while I never really liked any of them at the start, they've all grown on me varyingly. Renacchi was the last one who caught my attention out of the three yet here she is near the top of my rankings. She's really grown up beautifully, has opened up more now and making her own place in the group. I finally got to meet her this year at a 2-shot event and she's even more beautiful in real life than on TV. Definitely one of the newer members who's grabbed my attention though I'm not sure if she'll manage to keep me in the fandom if my top two were to graduate anytime soon.

    04. 7. (5) [72|5] Kashiwagi Yuki {+406,-19}, 387 (+8)

    When I first joined this fandom, the first member I learn after Mayu and Acchan was Yukirin and of course with that Mayuki. Their interactions have always been somethign that lit up my day and watching her be like an olders sister to my favourite member, you can't help but love her too. If there's anyone I want to win sousenkyo this year if Mayu fails, it's definitely here even though the chances are slim. I do hope the group doesn't hold her back though, if she feels like she's ready to graduate then she really shouldn't hold back. I don't want what happened to Yuko and Takamina to happen to her and keep her back longer than what she's needed. And speaking of that, it's been awhile since she's done anything solo, I do look forward to the next time she releases a new single.

    05. 43. (61) [29|0] Murayama Yuiri {+118,0}, 118 (+7)

    Theatre no Megami would be the fitting name for Yuiri. She's the one who holds down the theatre while everyone aspires to be big. I do wish she would participate in the sousenkyo though so her fans could show their support for her and also to measure where she stands in the group. She's a talented one in both singing and dancing and I feel like it's a wasted effort by management to make DendenmuChu yet just scrap it like that.

    06. 20. (10) [57|2] Kojima Mako {+228,-8}, 220 (+6)

    Mako, the girl with the radiant smile who can light up anyone's mood. Management sucks for treating her like a playtoy moving her in and out of senbatsu and she deserves better from them. Either push her or don't. A part of me is worried they've moved on now first with Mion and now with Naachan. Hopefully she gets a second chance because she's one of those members who shine on stage albeit in an orthodox idol way but there's nothing wrong with that.

    07. 83. (76) [16|0] Yabushita Shu {+64,0}, 64 (+5)

    My NMB oshi finally makes her appearance and who else but the original KSGK. She randomly caught my attention during an episode of AKB48SHOW when I used to watch it and after researching her up, I've been following her ever since. You could consider the only reason I bother to follow NMB's releases I suppose. While she's much lower on my ranking, my 2-shot experience with her was top notch and I'd definitely recommend anyone who doesn't know who to see to go see her. Would love to get a chance to go handshake with her and have a proper conversation but that'll have to wait until next time I get a chance to head back to Japan.

    08. 64. (51) [18|0] Shibata Aya {+83,0}, 83 (+5)

    Somehow, Aya made her way up to become my SKE oshi (with the constant graduations). I find her eyes her charmpoint and even without that, she's plenty beautiful as it is. Also, her dedication to pass university has me cheering for her even more, with her dropping the lead role in the AKB49 stage play amongst other things to pursue her studies while still being in the group. My only worry is that with her age creeping up, she may be soon on the graduation list for SKE.

    09. 29. (23) [42|0] Takahashi Juri {+170,0}, 170 (+4)

    Juri, why you cut your hair?! Okay with that out of the way, she's one of the newer gens who first caught my attention back during the days of Shinoda Team A. That was the first team I followed after I joined the fandom and I'm glad she's finally making her way up the pecking order. She's developing her leadership skills well and I hope she grows into a fine captain for the group and for Team 4.

    10. 49. (55) [26|0] Furuhata Nao {+107,0}, 107 (+4)

    One of the remaining SKE members I like, she's finally getting a push and while it'll never rival Ryoha or Rara's pushes, I hope she can help take on the mantle as one of the top member for SKE and stay in the group. They need some pillars in senbatsu and she can grow to be one of them. Also, she's on the end of senbatsu for the sousenkyo and with her SKE hako oshis are, I don't doubt they'll have the needed firepower to push her up there.

    11. 79. (121) [15|0] Fukuoka Seina {+68,0}, 68 (+4)

    It's random how she caught my attention but while I was waiting in line for a 2-shot with Yuria that was halted because Yuria took a break because of her sickness at the time, I was watching over to the adjacent lane where Seina was. She got up for every single person who came into her booth and was a bundle of evergy from start to finish. Sadly her slots were only up to slot 3 so I couldn't use my free ticket to see her but ever since then, I've been keeping an eye on her.

    12. 11. (27) [63|5] Mukaichi Mion {+293,-17}, 276 (+3)

    Back when 15th gen debuted, I was on the Naanya train from day one. Somehow I've ended up on the adjacent train with Mion now between the two 15th gen aces. :^^;: Of the new gens, she's got what it takes to succeed and her push has been recieved really well from the fans. There's nowhere else she can go but up and I hope she helps build AKB's image in the future since they're really in need of some newer members to take centre stage from the old guard.

    13. 116. (165) [10|0] Kato Yuuka {+45,0}, 45 (+3)

    I'm not sure why I ranked her so high now that I think about it. Her performances do catch the eye though and she is one of the better dances in NMB so that might be why. Glad she got such a high position in Must Be Now.

    14. 147. (74) [9|0] Tanikawa Hijiri {+33,0}, 33 (+3)

    My Team 8 oshi and a member who I've developed a soft spot for yet don't follow much. I don't remember how I discovered her actually. Was probably browing the Team 8 thread or something. Hoping she keeps her place in the Team 8 senbatsu and pushes her way up!

    15. 165. (107) [6|0] Ishida Anna {+27,0}, 27 (+2)

    With Yukiko gone, hands down the best dancer left in 48G in my opinion. She's a fun member to watch and follow and one of the few that still hold my attention in SKE though I don't think she'll ever make it back into senbatsu.

    16. 8. (7) [73|2] Watanabe Miyuki {+364,-5}, 359 (+2)

    I wish her all the best after her graduation. I've been fished at times by her and I'm glad I got to follow her but it's coming to an end now. My only regret is never getting to meet her since she sat out the event I went to.

    17. 24. (20) [40|0] Tashima Meru {+192,0}, 192 (+2)

    Originally long ago, I didn't like her hahas. How times have changed since then. I remember watching her in TentoumuChu and she threw my views on her upside down. She's definitely one of the most fun members to meet and watch so definitely take note of her in HKT performances and shows and also go meet her if you ever have a chance.

    18. 42. (35) [29|0] Shibuya Nagisa {+123,0}, 123 (+1)
    19. 81. (107) [15|0] Omori Miyu {+66,0}, 66 (+1)
    20. 53. (64) [25|0] Kawamoto Saya {+105,0}, 105 (+1)

    These last 3 I don't have too much to say so I'll leave it to someone who's more of a fan to talk about their appeals. Nagisa's smile needs no explanation and it's always fun to watch her. Miyu though I feel is underappreciated and forgotten at times. And finally Saya, Mayu speaks most highly of her of her juniors and I've chosen to keep watch of her and see how she grows. Plus she's probably the only draftee I care about.
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    Oct 27, 2013
    Yess Sayaka top 3!
    Mayu 1st is a shocker and Naachan:shocku:
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  8. Hashire

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    Jan 28, 2013
    lol not sure they hating or don't want she back to be number 1 again :^^;:
    but i'm satisfied she got most positive vote than others.. those downvoter just people who jealous with her LOL [hehe]
    btw this is my full list

    Positive Vote

    01. Shimazaki Haruka (+15) [5]
    never change after 5 years.. this year she fighting with her illness make her don't appear much like other senbatsu member.. and rumoured this year also her last participation at election.. so i will do a maximum effort to vote her this year
    02. Komiyama Haruka (+10) [17]
    already got my eye this year.. very angelic face and attractive at akbingo.. her little devil character very attach to me and her documentary just so sweet.. knowing she will leave if she dont rank this year i'm willing to give some vote to her
    03. Kojima Mako (+9) [20]
    never bored to see her smile feel like it can cure my stress
    04. Mukaichi Mion (+8) [11]
    i'm rooting for her to take next gen center than those keenin member
    05. Priscillia Sari Dewi (+7) [312]
    so.. I'm the only one who vote her :^^;: she is interesting girl and very funny among JKT48 member but sadly she don't pushed by management at all.. even after she got 8th rank at JKT48 Sousenkyo, she never got management favour.. it's little pissed me she don't get a proper push even after she broke senbatsu wall. even her unit song where she is the center got rank #3 at JKT48 Request Hour
    06. Owada Nana (+6) [57]
    a fallen angel.. i hope she can mantain to still ranked at election later, she should not following paruru salty path :^^;:
    07. Kawamoto Saya (+5) [53]
    my favourite 1 draft member, her gravure getting good now
    08. Murayama Yuiri (+5) [43]
    she getting pretty and cute recently just added to my oshi list
    09. Hiwatashi Yui (4) [66]
    My favourite 2nd draft member. luckily she same team with paruru
    10. Kizaki Yuria (+4) [39]
    i most liked her gravure and her tomboyish character
    11. Watanabe Miyuki (+4) [8]
    can not resist her fisher chara
    12. Yokoyama Yui (+3) [6]
    YuiParu Forever
    13. Oshima Ryoka (+3) [105]
    14. Yamada Nanami (+3) [56]
    My favourite team 8 member with her funny and cute appearance
    15. Yokoyama Yui (Team 8) (+2) [150]
    like her dancing skill
    16. Nakai Rika (+2) [71]
    attract me between NGT member
    17. Kawaei Rina (+2) [31]
    even after her graduation she never fail entertain me with her drama
    18. Takahashi Minami (+1) [4]
    Most respect leader
    19. Kojima Haruna (+1) [12]
    she is older sister for paruru.. hope she getting along with her until graduation
    20. Takahashi Juri (+1) [29]
    rooting for her to take captainship for young generation member after yuihan reign

    Negative Vote

    01. Miyawaki Sakura (-5) [9]
    Hate her.. seriously, her speech last year show how cocky this girl.. at least this is my perspective, please don't discuss it more.. i just can't like her
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  9. Nagatsuki Nura

    Nagatsuki Nura Kenkyuusei

    Dec 2, 2014
    4. (2) [61|10] Takahashi Minami{+515,-34}, 481
    Ahh... Takamina is out from Top 3. That's a bit saddening BUT her rank is SO MUCH better than what I expected. With all the rage over her delayed graduation and complaints of her taking over 2015 :hehe:, as well as her fans who left the forum, I really thought she'd make a huge drop. I'm pleased that she managed to rank this high :cute: (though she has very less +votes and more -votes compared to previous years: 2014- {+655,-31}, 2013- {+668,-22}). Thank you so much to those who voted for Takamina and helped her secure a rank that is coincidentally the same as her last SSK :D tbh I had a hard time choosing between Takamina and Naachan. But I decided to go for my Kami-Oshi who made me spend my time and money for this group. Besides, this could be her last S48 Member Ranking so might as well give her the most points I could give <3
    1. (12)[90|2] Okada Nana {+543,-6}, 537
    NAACHAN DID IT! :omfg: Totally unexpected! Last year I was so happy she got no -votes at all. While this year she gained -votes, she gained like 300 +VOTES! This made me EUPHORIC! I guess all those exposures on TV shows, stage performances, Tandoku RH, and maybe a bit change in character really helped her a lot [hehe] Thankfully I made the right decision to give Takamina most points and Naachan second (because this decision brought Takamina to 4th place while Naachan 1st. It's a win for both sides!) I'm really hoping her SSK rank this year would be as good as this :worthy: It's exciting to see her progress and improvement as time goes. You go Naachan! I'll just put this here:
    6. (3) [75|4] Yokoyama Yui{+445,-14}, 431
    NOOOOO Yuihan dropped from 3rd place! :cry: Has the hype of succeeding Takamina vanished? I hope this doesn't reflect her SSK ranking this year because this girl is brilliant and I believe she has more to show us. If she were given more chances to stand out in Team A (GIVE HER CENTER POSITION), I'm sure she'll gain some confidence and fans hence will improve her speech skills (which Aki-P view as poor) and most importantly her voice powers. Can't wait to see more of this girl in the future as Soukantoku :D
    81. (102) [10|2] Takajo Aki{+74,-8}, 66
    Ah, my most favorite member in French Kiss unit. She has less voters this year, but she gained ranks and that is good enough for me :^O^: I can't wait to hear what she's going to pursue post-AKB and wish her the best
    72. (90) [23|3] Miyazaki Miho{+80,-6}, 74
    Hohoho look who's back! Just last year I was on the verge of giving up on Myao and thought she'd never be noticed again. Well I was wrong! Funny thing is though, this year she's ranked in the same rank as 2013's ranking :^^;: She gained -votes but also more +votes. I believe she's being noticed again? That's Aki-P's magic alright :hehe: Hopefully she'll rank again in this year's SSK (even 80th place is fine!)
    OVERALL YASSSSSSS TO MY TOP 2 :banana::banana::banana:
    Last edited: May 7, 2016
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  10. Slacker13

    Slacker13 Kenkyuusei

    May 17, 2012
    I actually voted "-1" for Mayu Watanabe...Without me - she'd be 1 point HIRE than Okada Nana - LOLOLOL. Yes! It was ME!!! Just "1" Negative vote.
    I wasn't even a "hate" vote- lol. I noticed She hasn't been around not on Mag covers, TV Ads, Gravures? she went into hiding? I was like "what happened to Mayu?" It's like she took the Fall & Winter off? You had the Takamina Ego single & then Sakura single but she hasn't really made any attempts to "WOW us" or say "Hey, I'm still here!!" - It's like she's on cruise control? (Just my Perception!)- then I remember she really wasn't all over the place when she won #1 & she didn't seem too Miffed she lost it?.....what's up w/ Mayu??

    My "-1" was a "Missing In Action" - Milk Carton Question... " Where is Mayu?" Are they Not using her? Or is she just not doing "other stuff"? IS she bored? Is She really a cyborg? I really couldn't remember ANY Mayu "moments" Aside from "Halloween Night" LIVES where she did ANYTHING...I kinda missed her. My "-1" was meant to be a Playful "HEY YOU!! Get off the Bench a Play a few rounds already" OH well - I'll Live.

    To think My "-1" had a greater impact than the ones I fired at Takamina - which made NO Difference - lol
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  11. Shinga Kurukato

    Shinga Kurukato Future Girls Wiki48 Editor

    Jan 20, 2014
    Nueva Ecija, Philippines
    ALiMiRe (عليمير عبد الرحمن)
    Nana and Mayuyu tied :blink:
    That's really surprising for me, I mean, Sayanee's just 1 vote away!

    If the top 16 will be the Senbatsu line-up, I'll gladly accept that [hehe]
  12. Nagatsuki Nura

    Nagatsuki Nura Kenkyuusei

    Dec 2, 2014
    lol but Rena has graduated
  13. kyoto48☀︎☂

    kyoto48☀︎☂ Member

    Jun 8, 2015
    01・Miyawaki Sakura (+15) [9]
    02・Watanabe Mayu (+10) [1]
    03・Hirate Yurina (+9) [91]
    04・Watanabe Miyuki (+8) [8]
    05・Hori Miona (+7) [64]
    06・Matsui Jurina (+6) [13]
    07・Saito Asuka (+5) [63]
    08・Kodama Haruka (+5) [10]
    09・Goto Rara (+4) [44]
    10・Yokoyama Yui (+4) [6]
    11・Nishino Nanase (+4) [23]
    12・Nakano Ikumi (+3) [77]
    13・Shiroma Miru (+3) [30]
    14・Shiraishi Mai (+2) [27]
    15・Furuhata Nao (+2) [49]
    16・Ikuta Erika (+2) [19]
    17・Minegishi Minami (+2) [18]
    18・Nagao Mariya (+1) [85]
    19・Goto Moe (+1) [125]
    20・Okada Nana (+1) [1]

    1・Matsumura Kaori (-5) [285]
    2・Hirata Rina (-4) [49]
    3・Miyazaki Miho (-3) [72]
    4・Ichikawa Miori (-2) [91]
    5・Takahashi Minami (-1) [4]

    Wow, first congrats to Naachan and Mayuyu for both getting 1st place!!! I think its awesome that we have a tie! I don't think any tiebreakers are needed, this is how the numbers have come and its how they should stay. And two #1's is pretty cool, that out of 221 rankings, two members got the same points should be celebrated as something that may never happen again lol

    I'll give some insight on my pics:

    First Sakura, what can I say, when they say your oshi pics you, not the other way around, I was wondering if it would ever happen again after Acchan left. But come 2014, and bam she picked me lol. I definitely think she is the most beautiful member in the whole group, her amazing writing skills are a plus, even though she doesn't as much as a couple years ago, reading some of her responses to fans was really touching. She is absolutely beautiful. If anyone asked me what is my ideal girl, I could just point to her. Especially when she had short hair. Please go back to the short hair lol. Also, as a young member she probably has the highest potential to be the next ace of anyone under 20 yrs old, and I like to follow the top members more than the lower ones. I could go on more for much longer, but it would get too long. Also, I can tell which forum members don't speak Japanese by their hatred of her speech last year lol. Well that's what you get with quick twitter translations. But either way, I don't mind. Everybody has a right to dislike whomever they please.

    For Mayuyu, she is just almost perfect as an idol. She is probably the most "idol" of all members in the group. I really feel like they messed up their opportunity with her though. After Acchan left, she should have been made perma-center (something I am definitely a fan of), but instead she's only centered 3 songs since then. Either way, she is the face of AKB now and the sole ace that AKB has, and she has done a great job of it. Plus what amazing looks. One of the few members though that I think looks better with longer hair. But perfect skin, amazing body, just really cute all the way around. And her voice, I love her voice, it is so "idolish", just like the rest of her. The perfect idol. She, along with Miyuki, are my two favorite solo-singers in 48g. Futari no yoake and rappa renshuu-chuu are two of my three favorite 48g solo songs (along with yasashiku suru yori).

    For Yurina, she was supposed to go 4th but I didn't double check my list. Either way, from the moment I saw her I thought she was special. Imo she has potential to become the ace of keyaki in 3-4 years time, if not sooner. I really hope she either becomes keyaki's perma-center, or at least centers much more than other members. I don't see any other keyaki member that is even close to her in potential. And what can I say, I really love the short hair (although for me the best short hair ever was sakura/hori).

    Miyuki, probably has the best personality in the entire group. I'm one who believes most members are fake/playing up their chara. And I for sure believe miyuki plays a chara for the fans too. But what I'm saying is her chara is the best lol. Not just the fishing, but her ability to be really funny at the right times, it's really great. Especially on nmb shows, I always, always look forward to seeing her. She was basically the reason I watched SKE's ebi-shows too. Not to mention, probably the best body in the entire 48g, and the sexiest member of all time in the 48groups (not the cutest, but definitely the sexiest). Her gravure and offshots are of the highest level. Her voice is amazing too, super cute. Yasashiku suru yori and warukii are great, great songs. Actually, I'm really happy she can graduate (something I don't think I've ever felt with other of my fav members graduating). Because it just looked like she wasn't happy, and now she has a weight off her shoulders. She will probably leave the entertainment industry, but I'm sure she will end up doing something that makes her happy, whatever it is.

    Hori miona, my favorite member in nogizaka. I started to like her because she is just so cute. If I could say what is my ideal look for a gf, it would be skinny, light-skinned, short hair, small face. And both Hori and Sakura fit that image completely. But more than just her looks, she is pretty weird, and for some reason I always find that hilarious. Whenever she is on nogi shows or lives, my focus is always on her, even if she is in the back row or wherever. I really hope she is the next ace of nogi, after some big names of 1st gen graduate. Hopefully she gets another center, it's a shame that baretta is one of the songs I like the least.

    Jurina, sometimes I really like, sometimes I get annoyed. Its really back and forth lol. She is probably one of the very few members in the group who I think looks horrible with short hair, and very beautiful with long hair. Of course I wish she would do more bikini gravure, her pb was really, really amazing. Why she won't do it? I don't know (well I do, but I don't know why she feels embarrassed with that sexy body), but she would gain a lot more fans if she does. I'm probably one of the few who really likes her voice too. I can always pick out her voice in SKE or AKB songs, and her solo song was one of my favorite solos. But tbh I'm really sick and tired of the whining and crying ssk speeches. If there is another one this year, she will drop out of my top 10 for sure (and there will probably be one, because I don't see her getting into the top 3). I wish she would just be grateful like mayuyu, or calm like yukirin.

    Asuka for me is just extremely beautiful. Skinny, white-skin, small face, if only she had short hair she'd be perfect. But she is 95% perfect so that's close enough lol. Her modeling is going really well too, and she always looks amazing. She never talks that much, which for some reason really makes me like her more. Just like Hori, when she is on the shows I can't stop looking at them both. But weirdly I could care less about her position in songs and I've never been able to tell if she was singing or not lol. I just want to watch her more and more on nogi shows, and hopefully her modeling will become her main thing from now on.

    Haruppi, I just find her very attractive. Her gravures are amazing and I hope she puts out a pb this year or next. She deserves to be HKT's center imo, and her story of losing it all in the beginning and finally coming back is really nice (whether it's manufactured or not). Plus her lisp is kind of cute. I know she will enter senbatsu for this ssk.

    Rara, is one of the best candidates for future ace of SKE (along with a couple other 7D2). She just seems like she's having a crazy amount of fun and she's really cute. Hopefully her push will be really strong in the coming years. I don't think she will rank this year though. I don't care about her english skills at all though, I follow these groups because they are japanese.

    Yuihan has a really pretty face. And being from kyoto is a huge, huge plus (I used to live close to there and I love kyoto, hence my name). It just feels like she is really classy lol, I know its mainly an image they try to portray, but seriously Yuihan in a kimono walking down the streets of Kyoto works more than if it was literally any other member. When I think yukata or kimono, the first member who pops in my head is yuihan. And kyoto dialect is really cute.

    Nishino just has "it", I don't know what "it" is, but it is something that makes guys want to be your boyfriend. It's not looks. While she is definitely cute, she's not my type. There are definitely more beautiful members in nogi than her. I don't know how to describe it, but I do know she just has "it". lol, maybe other guys know what I'm talking about.

    Ikumin, well she is just really really cute and pretty. Tall, skinny, white skin, small face, perfect legs, she really has it all. Every time she's on tv I noticed I'm focused on her. I'm still hoping for her to continue being team 8's center. Team 8 has some of the cutest young members of the entire group, and their songs are almost always amazing. I hope she can finally rank, but it seems like team 8 fans don't care about ssk at all lol. She will definitely be rising in my rankings next year.

    The rest is just filled out with members I just found attractive (ok, so were the first 12 lol). But I would like to mention one thing. If only Naachan had cut her hair a couple weeks earlier I'd have put her at 13 and moved everyone else down a spot..... She's always been really pretty, and her gravure the past year or so has been absolutely amazing. But I never liked her bangs, they were somehow off. Its the only thing I didn't like about her looks. But with short hair she has really jumped up in my eyes. It would have made her the sole #1 if she had only done that like 2 weeks earlier lol.

    About my negatives: They're all extremely annoying to me and I can't stand any of them being on tv. If they come up on a show I can't wait for them to stop talking. Except for the not-so-fresh-after-6-years lemon. If she really stops doing this stupid act, I won't give her negatives next year. She said she will stop, but I don't trust her. And takamina, I'd totally give her -5, but she graduated, so I don't mind as much. I'll just give -1 for the extremely annoying year and a half sob-fest. And the bells. Should have been -2 but I forgot about the f*cking bells.
    Last edited: May 6, 2016
  14. gocchisama

    gocchisama Member Stage48 Donor

    Oct 12, 2012
    Here's mine.

    01. Tomonaga Mio (+15)
    02. Kodama Haruka (+10)
    03. Tashima meru (+9)
    04. Sashihara Rino (+8)
    05. Kitagawa Ryoha (+7)
    06. Miyawaki Sakura (+6)
    07. Shibuya Nagisa (+5)
    08. Okada Nana (+5)
    09. Hori Miona (+4)
    10. Kojina Yui (+4)
    11. Yabuki Nako (+4)
    12. Tanaka miku (+3)
    13. Murakawa Vivian (+3)
    14. Watanabe Miyuki (+3)
    15. Ju Jingyi (+2)
    16. Tanikawa Hijiri (+2)
    17. murayama yuiri (+2)
    18. Oota Yuuri (+1)
    19. Kurihara Sae (+1)
    20. Okada Kanna (+1)

    Negative points

    01. Shimazaki Haruka
    02. Kashiwagi Yuki
    03. Kojima Haruna
    04. Matsui Jurina
    05. Watanabe Mayu

    Few comments on the final ranking : My guess as Mayu first place is the humility and maturity brought by not being first place. It eased people on her, so she didn't got a lot of negative point. Okada is first because she is loved by everyone (90 votes) but Mayu is highly ranked in people heart ( 69 votes). Is it actually the main problem of the new generation? Some of them are popular, but not enough to be fan's oshimen.

    Sakura -74 votes is the sign of being an Ace. It looks like a natural feeling to dislike someone at the top who is not your favourite, because she's there and not yours. A sentiment of unfairness as you think of her as bland and she doesn't deserve all the push. Well, paid votes only matter so i'm not going to argue.

    Paruru -111 surprised me. I downvoted her because i don't like her nonchalance as i see this as unprofessional, from her handshakes to her attitude in music show/Saturday night live theater performance. She doesn't like Sousenkyo, and it's fair. It is a lot of pressure for a member. But since she has applied for her fans, i'm expecting a good speech. I want her to express her gratitude and motivation more. Until then...

    I also downvoted Yukirin because we overlooked her "scandal". I'm not even sure she apologized. Too big to fall, and i don't really like this unfairness. We are able to kick out the likes of Hirajima natsumi, but we protect Yukirin and her 150 k votes. Sure, It is management who asked her to not answer but she has a part of responsability, and maybe a mobame would have been enough to deal with this issue. Ignore it, and it's my way to express my discontent

    I don't know why Kojima Haruna is still here. It will be one of the greatest AKB mystery, along with Izuta Rina being selected and where the hell the new stage are.

    the last two are downvoted for a bad reason, i wanted to give more space to newcomers. But i don't think i will do that again, it feels meaningless after a few thoughts.

    220 voters is not a lot for the biggest AKB international forum. Indonesians trust social networks but don't vote here. Maybe some outside advertisement is necessary.
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  15. ithebigc

    ithebigc Stage48 Admin Retired Staff

    Sep 23, 2008
    Fukuoka, Japan
    That's the thing though, I think people are spinning that one sentence wildly out of context. I translate a lot of the sousenkyo speeches live every year, but there's only so much I can do in 140 characters per tweet. What I fear is people didn't really understand what she had to say, which is why I keep linking the full translation.

    The idea was that AKB48 can't keep holding on to what made it Japan's most popular group in the first place, it has to move on and the current members have to forge their own path, hence why they have to "destroy [the old] AKB." After seeing how the group did the past year, I have to agree. "Chapter 2" of AKB48 was supposed to start after Acchan's graduation in 2012, when they reached their original goal of performing in Tokyo Dome. Instead, management held on for dear life to their old ways and as a result AKB has stagnated in recent years. Hell, Takamina announced she wanted to graduate in Dec 2015 and they couldn't even get that right. As @Silenka said above, they had to milk her for all her energy before letting go. Choosing Miion as the center for Tsubasa wa Iranai is a step in the right direction, and I hope management finally sticks with it. I really don't care who they choose as AKB48's ace, be it Mayuyu, Paruru or Miion, or a combination of them, but stick with it and proceed full steam ahead without looking back.

    I must be very out of the loop, but Haruppi is polarizing here too?! :blink: But she's so sweet!

    This I can understand, although I see it from a very different perspective having been "on the ground" so to speak the past two years helping collect votes for her. Sakura was always a senbatsu member in HKT48, but it's not like she was THE management favorite or anything. Rather, fans really liked her and they banded together even during her first sousenkyo to make sure she ranked somewhere as the HKT representative of sorts. Fast forward to 2014 and she announced to her core fans at her seitansai that she wanted to enter senbatsu at the sousenkyo. A number of the birthday committee members I was with felt this was a make it or break it year for Sakura, to force management to pay more attention to her which I agreed with, and so everyone worked their hardest to vote and get people to vote. We didn't have the highest hopes (I was doubting she would make it) but somehow against all odds she made it in! Then she started getting all the outside jobs and then the rest is history. I actually view Sakura as a success story of the sousenkyo system. Her fans got the ball rolling, and management took it and went with it.

    In my wildest dreams, Sakura would pull a Jurina/Sayanee and choose to cancel her kennin to work on leading HKT48 to even higher heights alongside Haruppi, but alas, I'm not management and I'm not sure that would be the best thing for her own career or the 48 Group. Saying that though, I guess I'm partially in agreement with the people who don't care for her kennin :fear:
  16. kyoto48☀︎☂

    kyoto48☀︎☂ Member

    Jun 8, 2015
    You know how people are, when they get one thing in their head no matter how much you try to tell them differently, or even show them differently, they won't listen at all. Confirmation bias or something like that.
  17. Shoka

    Shoka Kenkyuusei

    Jun 17, 2010
    My votes
    01. 112. (137) [7|0] Nakagawa Haruka {+47,0}, 47
    02. 72. (125) [16|1] Iwasa Misaki {+77,-3}, 74
    03. 28. (15) [46|23] Sashihara Rino {+246,-74}, 172
    04. 1.:1st: (8) [69|7] Watanabe Mayu {+555,-18}, 537
    05. 260. (---) [2|0] Yamazaki Rena {+11,0}, 11
    06. 33. (24) [37|0] Tani Marika {+153,0}, 153
    07. 8. (7) [73|2] Watanabe Miyuki {+364,-5}, 359
    08. 337. (---) [1|0] Saito Yuri {+5,0}, 5
    09. 27. (41) [37|2] Shiraishi Mai {+189,-8}, 181
    10. 217. (---) [4|0] Watanabe Miria {+17,0}, 17
    11. 51. (96) [17|0] Takayama Kazumi {+106,0}, 106
    12. 161. (178) [9|0] Kawamura Mahiro {+28,0}, 28
    13. 14. (6) [46|2] Matsui Rena {+254,-9}, 245
    14. 19. (30) [46|1] Ikuta Erika {+227,-4}, 223
    15. 20. (10) [57|2] Kojima Mako {+228,-8}, 220
    16. 42. (35) [29|0] Shibuya Nagisa {+123,0}, 123
    17. 100. (174) [12|0] Fuchigami Mai {+52,0}, 52
    18. 83. (76) [16|0] Yabushita Shu {+64,0}, 64
    19. 136. (84) [7|0] Goto Izumi {+37,0}, 37
    20. 17. (39) [48|5] Komiyama Haruka {+242,-13}, 229

    Awww yeah! We did it Mayu fam :1st:. Well, it would have been more decisive if we had +1. I could have done it....
    I think Mayu really matured over the past year. Before she used to be kind of immature and awkward, and I think that's why people couldn't really grow attached to her. Her drastically decreasing negative votes shows it.

    Wow, Sasshi negatives. Actually I voted for her over Mayuyu even. She has major undeniable TV skills. I mean it's already been pretty clear ever since she won sousenkyo. On a London Hearts ranking special, she was consistently ranked in top 10 of female TV talents. In Ariyoshi Hanseikai, she just freaking comes up with a completely new gag while on air. I get that her personality might be... abrasive (?) , but she talks the talk AND walks the walk.

    I put in a lot of votes for Wasamin and Harugon. They both achieved things very very few other girls in AKB have been capable of and I was hoping for some nice recognition before they finally disappear from 48G. I'm disappointed in their rankings but oh well.... I guess they just don't have the following the other girls have.

    Also seems SKE has been really weak lately. Especially since Rena and Sae are gone now.

    And Mako has negatives :eek: I understand the other girls, but Mako is like the nicest girl ever!

    btw, I was really really close to putting in a +1 for Sayaka instead of Komiharu. That would have been insane.
    Last edited: May 6, 2016
  18. Puni

    Puni Member Stage48 Donor

    Nov 6, 2013
    01. Kashiwagi Yuki (+15)
    My Oshimen gets the most points. I think this doesn't come as a surprise. What made me fall in love with her initially were her eyes. I think I told the story already, but there is this thing in her expression when she is excited about something that makes my heart skip a beat. Until now I had a few opportunities to meet her up close and every time it's absolutely nerve wrecking. My heart beats faster, my hands start to sweat... I don't get this with other members.

    02. Uchida Mayumi (+10)
    Can't help not to like her. Why? Not sure either, but somehow...

    03. Suda Akari (+9)
    She's the first member that I met. If you haven't, give it a try. She gives you a feeling that she cares that you showed up at her lane. Also she was the first member that told me that she remembered me from a previous event.

    04. Yamamoto Sayaka (+8)
    Have you ever got tickets for HS/2Shot with her? This girl is gold. They way she's interacting with you, even if you are a foreigner. It's not only about the conversation you have with her but the experience as a whole is awesome. When she jumps up and down in front of you, holding your hands while swinging them left and right while she directly looks into your eyes...

    05. Iwata Karen (+7)
    Karen's case is the same one as Ucchi's. There is a thing that makes me relate to her, a thing that I can't even name.

    06. Matsui Rena (+6)
    How can anybody not like this little geek? Her geeky character traits made me like her. Also there is her "embarrassed smile" ^^

    07. Okada Nana (+5)
    08. Takahashi Juri (+5)

    Hard to describe why I have an interest in those two. I think this is my 8th attempt at this paragraph but I can't come up with a good reason. There is something about these members that appeals to me. It ain't the "hardworking idol" thing alone though

    09. Yamada Nana (+4)
    Her voice. Idols with a funny voice hold a special place in my heart. This and her suberi character.

    10. Kuramochi Asuka (+4)
    Just look into her eyes, these eyes...
    Also her ear-fetish thing. I like these idols that have a weird side.

    11. Sato Mieko (+4)
    She really is into music and not just the singing and performing part but into the whole process. You can feel that when you listen to her music.

    12. Mukaichi Mion (+3)

    Her smile reminds me a bit about Yuko.

    13. Matsumura Kaori (+3)
    This girl goes the extra mile to promote herself and her group. Have to give her kudos for that.

    14. Kodama Haruka (+3)
    I have a weakness for idols that are a bit different. Haruppi with her lisp back then surely ticked some boxes. Glad that it doesn't bother her that much anymore. She really has grown up these past years.

    15. Tashima Meru (+2)
    Mostly her spontaneity and that she is outright funny.

    16. Hirata Rina (+2)
    Kudos for her ambitions to move abroad it a country that still has xenophobic tendencies and having at least some success. Also the fact that she is one of the few members that you can have a conversation in English with has noting to do with her showing up in my ranking ;)

    17. Ikoma Rina (+2)
    I really like it when idols behave a little bit dorky. In Germany we have a phrase that literally translates to "Looking like a squirrel when it sees a lightning bolt / hears thunder". Her face having this expression is just priceless.

    18. Ikuta Erika (+1)
    Having grown up in Germany, having her photobook shot her... That almost makes her a local idol. That's reason alone to support her.

    19. Takahashi Minami (+1)
    Yeah, yeah, hardworking girl, sacrificing her own career for the group... We have all heard these. These might be reasons to like her but I don't think these alone would be enough for me. As with other members in this list it is her dorky side that made her more interesting to me, also the fact that you could have a laugh on her.
    Furthermore about her "General Manager" role. I think that this is not the correct term for her position in the group. She more served as a "moral consciousness" or like a concealer to other members, which IMO is an even more important job. IMO she did very well in this.
    It's sad that her final days within the groups led to so much buttburt but I can't blame her for business decisions between the 48G and her agency.

    20. Tani Marika (+1)
    Tani is outright funny, point.
    I simply adore "Dasu, Tsuma, Nita". Why can't we have more of this trio.

    So to sum things up:
    As you may already have guessed from this writeup I have a weakness for "Slightly different" idols, that are a bit dorky/strange and make me laugh. So you make ask "Why is Yukirin your oshi then?". Well there are two reasons:
    - She dazzles me with her facial expressions. Everytime I see her all i can say is *frwdngfaqhjfweeaighjdeaöp*. I'm very much an "eye person" and if an idol has the right set of it I can't help it.
    - She may act like the perfect idol but she is a really dork when it comes down to everyday business like housework. She still relies much on her mother for this stuff. Without her mother her room would surely look like Tani's in no time. Just the thought of it makes me giggle.

    Congratulations to Mayuyu and Naachan for winning (wouldn't have expected it) and also sorry for Paruru. The past year really wasn't good for her, she had a tremendous amount of bad luck. Hope the next one will be better for her.
  19. mai48_

    mai48_ Member

    Jun 14, 2014
    That's the thing though, taking myself as an example, I refuse to put effort in understanding of the between the lines of Sakura's speech. I simply don't care. She said what she said.

    Edit: Let's rephrase it, or let me say some more. She said that it's not she want to destroy the old AKB, she just think that she must destroy to create something new. Does that make sense? It doesn't to me. I'm interpretting literally. I just really hate the fact that she said she wants to destroy AKB. The fact that a sister group member said she want to destroy AKB. That's it. Destroy. AKB. I wouldn't have minded as much if, let's say, AKB new gen said it, so let's fully transfer Sakura to AKB so she can destroy it and make AKB all glorious again, and then I wouldn't mind. But would she want to be fully transferred to AKB? Or her heart always lies in HKT?
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  20. Matsui Hikari

    Matsui Hikari Future Girls Stage48 Donor

    Sep 28, 2015
    ^Well, there can be a different meaning about what a person says. You can't always take things literally.
    Could this be the person that ithebigc said about who downvoted the popular members ._. What is with your last paragraph? Besides the fact that there are twice the number of people voting and not everyone votes, why would it need outside promotion? This is just a forum for discussion and it's not like every vote makes the moderators/admin money.
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