The 2015 Stage48 Member Ranking Results

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  1. mieniem

    mieniem Member Stage48 Donor

    Jul 14, 2009
    Canada, Ontario
    01. Futamura Haruka (+15)
    02. Suda Akari (+10)
    03. Sakei Mei (+9)
    04. Yamashita Yukari (+8)
    05. Azuma Rion (+7)
    06. Souda Sarina (+6)
    07. Nojima Kano (+5)
    08. Takayanagi Akane (+5)
    09. Yamada Juna (+4)
    10. Takeuchi Mai (+4)
    11. Tsuzuki Rika (+4)
    12. Aoki Shiori (+3)
    13. Takeuchi Saki (+3)
    14. Kamimura Ayuka (+3)
    15. Tsuji Nozomi (+2)
    16. Yamada Mizuho (+2)
    17. Miyamae Ami (+2)
    18. Kobayashi Ami (+1)
    19. Taketera Sana (+1)
    20. Takatsuka Natsuki (+1)

    and the members i don't really like

    01. Minegishi Minami (-5)
    02. Shimazaki Haruka (-4)
    03. Yabuki Nako (-3)
    04. Ikoma Rina (-2)
    05. Iwata Karen (-1)

    These are my rankings I'd put explanations as to why I voted for who I did! but I'm on vacation now. So writing long texts on my phone on why I voted why I did will take to long, but feel free to ask if you feel you need to know and maybe I will give an explanation.
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  2. Chanandler

    Chanandler Kenkyuusei

    Sep 17, 2013
    Ikuta Erika
    My voting, just for the record.

    01. Takayanagi Akane (+15)
    02. Sashihara Rino (+10)
    03. Matsui Rena (+9)
    04. Motomura Aoi (+8)
    05. Yamada Nana (+7)
    06. Miyawaki Sakura (+6)
    07. Suda Akari (+5)
    08. Ikuta Erika (+5)
    09. Anai Chihiro (+4)
    10. Watanabe Mayu (+4)
    11. Yamamoto Sayaka (+4)
    12. Kitahara Rie (+3)
    13. Hoshino Minami (+3)
    14. Furukawa Airi (+3)
    15. Shiroma Miru (+2)
    16. Nakamoto Himeka (+2)
    17. Furuhata Nao (+2)
    18. Hori Miona (+1)
    19. Terada Ranze (+1)
    20. Oya Masana (+1)

    01. Shimazaki Haruka (-5)
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  3. gocchisama

    gocchisama Member Stage48 Donor

    Oct 12, 2012
    If you want to have results as much representative as possible, you need to have a lot of voters. I don't think 220 is proportionally reflecting the true population of the forum, and i find it regretable. This is for the sake of accuracy.

    Every criticism is welcomed if those are explained, so i'm not afraid to put my dislike votes. A better understanding makes you think about a member twice.
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  4. achanoshiJKT

    achanoshiJKT Kenkyuusei

    Jun 5, 2013
    You know why I don't really need people to explain why they downvote my oshis (especially Paruru)?
    Because negative point doesn't always mean hatred or disgust. Sometimes it's just criticism. And it's not eternal thing unless it's a true hate and you do it every year to the same girl(s) CONSISTENTLY.
    Last year (or the year before, I dont remember) I downvoted Mayuyu and this year I don't. Like @gocchisama said, people - including me - now are more easy on her.
    So normally the downvote changes it's target, unless - like I said - it comes from true hatred. :fear:
    (FYI, I always use my downvotes)
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  5. Matsui Hikari

    Matsui Hikari Future Girls Stage48 Donor

    Sep 28, 2015
    I don't get why you're looking for accuracy. This thread is made for the sake of entertainment and not for exact popularity of the members. There's SSK for that if you want "accuracy" but tons of people vote more than once anyways.

    Since you offered, do you mind sharing why you Kojiharu and Mayu besides the fact that you said is to get rid of the old members?
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  6. Millyna

    Millyna Kenkyuusei

    Jul 5, 2015
    I love the results xD

    01. Okada Nana (AKB48 Team 4) (+15)
    I'm a fan of Naachan since a friend told me to watch the AKBingo! special about her. I wouldn't even say, I like her because of her appearance, because imo, I consider Kojimako as more beautiful, but I love her character. I want those results to be the real SSK's results!
    02. Watanabe Mayu (AKB48 Team B) (+10)
    I guess, there are several reasons why I voted for Mayuyu. AKB0048 is likely the major reason. I love her voicing Chieri (even though I don't like Chieri as character xD) and I love the anime-Mayuyu.
    03. Yokoyama Yui (AKB48 Team A) (+9)
    I became a fan of Yuihan after being active in a 0048 RPG in which one of my characters became her successor randomly. I started to be interessted in her and now, she's part of my Kami7~ :3
    04. Miyawaki Sakura (HKT48 Team KIV/AKB48 Team A) (+8)
    I became interessted in Sakura after KwM. I have to say, she reminds me on my original Oshimen Yuuko. I wouldn't say, she is a great performer, I prefer Naachan but I love Kanojo~
    05. Iwata Karen (AKB48 Team A Graduate) (+7)
    AKB0048, her voice, everything. She's awesome.
    06. Kato Minami (NGT48 Team NII) (+6)
    When I was looking for an NGT Oshi, I found the heavy rotation performance with her and her flip. Seriously, that's awesome~
    07. Shimazaki Haruka (AKB48 Team A) (+5)
    I love her voice, I love her appearance and her character is unique!
    08. Takakura Moeka (NGT48 Team NII) (+5)
    I have become a fan of her after watching SashiKita Gassen. She's very funny and I like her voice somehow~
    09. Ikuta Erika (Noigzaka46 1st Generation) (+4)
    I originally became interessted in her because she was born in germany and I live there. But after finding out more about her, I really started to like her. Her voice is great and she's a super human.
    10. Sashihara Rino (HKT48 Team H) (+4)
    I love her story in the 48G~
    11. Matsui Rena (SKE48 Team E Graduate) (+4)
    Rena is someone, I had to give votes to. She deserves it.
    12. Takahashi Minami (AKB48 Team A) (+3)
    I think, it's obvious. She has done much for the 48G.
    13. Hiwatashi Yui (AKB48 Team A) (+3)
    14. Okawa Rio (AKB48 Team 4) (+3)
    I became a fan of her after a friend of me though about oshing her.

    15. Anai Chihiro (HKT48 Team H) (+2)
    Got her photo on KwM and became interessted in her.
    16. Nishino Miki (AKB48 Team 4) (+2)
    She needs more love. Guess, I started liking her after following Naachan~
    17. Kojima Mako (AKB48 Team 4) (+2)
    Guess, I started liking her after following Naachan~

    18. Miyazaki Miho (AKB48 Team A) (+1)
    I like her appearance very much~
    19. Watanabe Miyuki (NMB48 Team BII/AKB48 Team B)(+1)
    Warukii is a song, I like very much. I started following her thanks to this.
    20. Ichikawa Miori (NMB48 Team BII) (+1)
    I love this Fresh-Lemon-thing.
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  7. Yukitie

    Yukitie Member Stage48 Donor

    Sep 5, 2013
    Kashiwagi Yuki
    01. Kashiwagi Yuki (+15)
    02. Morikawa Ayaka (+10)
    03. Takahashi Juri (+9)
    04. Yamamoto Sayaka (+8)
    05. Yabuki Nako (+7)
    06. Owada Nana (+6)
    07. Yokoyama Yui (+5)
    08. Kojima Haruna (+5)
    09. Takayanagi Akane (+4)
    10. Ichikawa Miori (+4)
    11. Ikuta Erika (+4)
    12. Kitano Hinako (+3)
    13. Kitahara Rie (+3)
    14. Kawaei Rina (+3)
    15. Habu Mizuho (+2)
    16. Ogino Yuka (+2)
    17. Lu Ting (+2)
    18. Taniguchi Megu (+1)
    19. Tomonaga Mio (+1)
    20. Yamashita Emiri (+1)

    HOLY WOW. Serious congrats to the Top 3 and the overall top 10. Naachan joint 1st?!? Amazing <3
    First time Takamina has been out of the top 3 in seven years?!
    Naturally my top points go to Yuki <3
    And this year, despite being mildly tempted to, I refrained from giving anyone negative points. This is genuine new era 48 Group: we need to be positive, not negative.
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  8. miyako-dori

    miyako-dori Kenkyuusei

    Feb 12, 2016
    Congrats Mayu and Naachan! I couldn't vote this time but if I could, I would vote Mion, Riorin, Naanya and some but none of top 10. Exactly, I'm majoring in younger and newer members, lol. But still, I was No Sleeves oshi in early fan days... the shokimen group.
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  9. kanjo

    kanjo Under Girls Retired Staff

    Aug 20, 2012
    Nishino Nanase
    If someone says something that if taken entirely at face value would be terrible and wouldn't make sense for someone in their position, maybe they didn't say it for it to be taken at face value.
    Feel free to not find out what she intended to say but don't pretend it requires any effort or interpretation on your side to think she doesn't actually want to literally destroy AKB. That should be anyone's default assumption.
    I'm not taking any sides except that of common sense.

    As for the "not full AKB" thing, it's out of Sakura's hands that she's not "full" AKB but is not only kennin but a senbatsu regular and HKT itself is completely absorbed as one part of AKB. She's in AKB48's single sousenkyo, being voted for the chance to be centre of AKB with no distinction from being originally a HKT member. If HKT was one part of the "48 group" you might have an argument there, but sister group members are part of the "AKB48 group", and are treated as such. They have as much investment in the future of AKB as non-kennin Team A, K, B, 4 and 8 members do.

    If anything, I could agree with a "getting ahead of herself" argument. Sayanee or Jurina would have a better standing making that speech. But that's she's not AKB enough? She absolutely is, any member of a 48 group is.

    Honeslty though, people who blame this speech are probably just looking for excuses to justify hating her as much as they hate her push. A lot of people do this, it's very common and not unique to Sakura-antis at all. After all, no one wants to think they're being unreasonable for hating someone.
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  10. Sayaka.Sakura92

    Sayaka.Sakura92 Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Mar 29, 2013
    My final ranking:

    01. Taniguchi Megu (+15) 51
    02. Okada Nana (+10) 1
    03. Shimazaki Haruka (+9) 5
    04. Tano Yuka (+8) 16
    05. Mukaichi Mion (+7) 11
    06. Takahashi Juri (+6) 29
    07. Nakano Reina (+5) 139
    08. Tsuchiyasu Mizuki (+5) 193
    09. Yamada Nanami (+4) 56
    10. Kawamoto Saya (+4) 53
    11. Yokoyama Yui (Team A) (+4) 6
    12. Ikuta Erika (+3) 19
    13. Kumazaki Haruka (+3) 185
    14. Muto Tomu (+3) 35
    15. Imaizumi Yui (+2) 139
    16. Tano Ayaka (+2) 185
    17. Hirate Yurina (+2) 91
    18. Sakaguchi Riko (+1) 207
    19. Kato Rena (+1) 36
    20. Nakai Rika (+1) 71

    I'm so happy for Naachan :blush: Congratulations for getting 1st :1st::1st::1st:
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  11. achanoshiJKT

    achanoshiJKT Kenkyuusei

    Jun 5, 2013
    Sorry, but no. Wouldn't even care to give her any negative vote if she didnt say that speech.
  12. True_Beginner

    True_Beginner Kenkyuusei

    Apr 19, 2013
    United States
    Paru has the most positive points out of anyone (578), but the most votes in general goes to Okada (90) and Sayanee (88). Paru and Rino hate has made a return, with Paru somehow going from a major turnaround into the polarizing figure she was before. Maybe newer members of the forum are rekindling some of that lost energy, lol.

    Pretty mind-blowing Mayu could win/tie with 20 less votes, and even more surprising for me to realize this is her first time winning. That means Okada and Sayanee benefited from accumulated points of being generally well-liked by the forum. As for Mayu, clearly those who follow her, love her.

    It feels like Sakura is more popular than where she ranked, and being next to Haruppi is fitting when you have both Matsuis next to each other too.

    Still amazed by Okada doesn't come off like she's that big yet, but I certainly did notice her lately. Mayu came out of nowhere for me...kinda expected Sayanee or Paru to be up there more, but I guess her appeal is still as strong as ever.
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  13. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Stage48 Moderator Staff Member Stage48 Moderator

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    01. Mayu Watanabe (+15)
    02. Sakura Miyawaki (+10)

    03. Kato Minami (+9)
    04. Miyuki Watanabe (+8)
    05. Rina Ikoma (+7)
    06. Melody Nurramdhani Laksani (+6)
    07. Ju JingYi (+5)
    08. Goto Rara (+5)
    09. Rena Matsui (+4)
    10. Nana Okada (+4)
    11. Sayaka Yamamoto (+4)

    12. Kojima Mako (+3)
    13. Yuki Kashiwagi (+3)
    14. Minami Takahashi (+3)

    15. Nako Yabuki (+2)
    16. Manatsu Akimoto (+2)
    17. Mio Tomonaga (+2)
    18. Otaki Yuria (+1)
    19. Mion Mukaichi (+1)
    20. Jurina Matsui (+1)

    My Final Rankings. Very happy to see my Kami-Oshi won along with Naachan. Congrats to both Mayuyu and Naachan.
  14. tomosama

    tomosama Kenkyuusei

    Jul 18, 2012
    01. (07) Kashiwagi Yuki (+15)
    02. (01) Okada Nana (+10)
    03. (43) Murayama Yuiri (+9)
    04. (81) Omori Miyu (+8)
    05. (89) Ota Yuuri (+7)
    06. (63) Saito Asuka (+6)
    07. (95) Matsuoka Natsumi (+5)
    08. (20) Kojima Mako (+5)
    09. (71) Nakai Rika (+4)
    10. (53) Kawamoto Saya (+4)
    11. (139) Akashi Natsuko (+4)
    12. (125) Goto Moe (+3)
    13. (85) Nagao Mariya (+3)
    14. (246) Kishino Rika (+3)
    15. (11) Mukaichi Mion (+2)
    16. (97) Ogino Yuka (+2)
    17.(32) Kato Minami (+2)
    18. (08) Watanabe Miyuki (+1)
    19. (01) Watanabe Mayu (+1)
    20. (56) Yamada Nanami (+1)

    In a perfect idol world if only Yuki and Miyuki ranks in 3rd and 4th places, that would be brilliant. For me. ;) Top four consisting of them with Mayu and Naachan :^O^:

    Naachan!!!! Omg omg cant believe she got first place! I have always been her fan since the start and seeing how well received she is by this stage and also japanese fans really made me proud of her. Really hope this sousenkyo will bring her to senbatsu!!

    Mayu as first was a shocker too. If only she is the ace of AKB. But then I would not have like her as i like her now. She also has a very little - votes as compared to last year.

    Milkyyyyy. Just love her in everything. I really like her face. Shallow but the truth hehe. A bit sad to see her graduating but oh well thats idol for you....

    YUKIRIN. Negative votes higher than last year. Might be due to her kennin thing. Ugh. Its not like she demands that position more like AKS tied her to do things so that she is forced to stay. Whatever. I shall remain entranced by her beauty, charms, kindness, everything. Yukirin is the ultimate idol for me. Been a fan of her even when Im not a fan of AKB. Still remain my oshi even after 4 years. When I love something/one I rarely let go. As what did happen to my Yamapi love. Off topic. But yeah both Y are my ultimate idol.

    That Paru votes....
  15. USA48

    USA48 Kenkyuusei

    Sep 27, 2013
    Saitama, Japan
    I am extremely happy with the results. My number #1 and my #2 tied for first!!! :):1st::1st::)
    And to think, if I hadn't voted for either of them as much as I did, one of them wouldn't be in first place. A very gratifying feeling.

    So happy for Mayuyu, a few people have expressed surprise. I wonder if it's since Mayu is kind of a quiet person, she tends to attract quieter fans. I'm a Mayu-oshi, but other than my most recent concert report, I haven't made a habit of vocalizing my love for her on this forum.

    Here's how I voted:
    01. Watanabe Mayu (+15) #1
    02. Okada Nana (+10) #1
    03. Kashiwagi Yuki (+9) #7
    04. Yamamoto Sayaka (+8) #3
    05. Watanabe Miyuki (+7) #8
    06. Takahashi Minami (+6) #4
    07. Kitahara Rie (+5) #21
    08. Matsui Jurina (+5) #13
    09. Miyazawa Sae (+4) #14
    10. Minegishi Minami (+4) #18
    11. Shimazaki Haruka (+4) #5
    12. Kuramochi Asuka (+3) #59
    13. Kodama Haruka (+3) #10
    14. Miyawaki Sakura (+3) #9
    15. Furuhata Nao (+2) #49
    16. Jonishi Kei (+2) #75
    17. Kojima Mako (+2) #20
    18. Uchiyama Natsuki (+1) #145
    19. Uchida Mayumi (+1) #221
    20. Kobayashi Marina (+1) #285

    Negative Votes:
    01. Sashihara Rino (-5) #28

    At first it looked like everything was going to go in order, my #20 was revealed first, then my #19 the next day, then my #18 the day after that, but the day after that everything else fell apart.

    I'm surprised to realize I didn't vote for Haruna Kojima. She should be my number 6, but apparently I overlooked her and didn't type her name in. :fp:

    @gocchisama Are your big mysteries really that mysterious? Maybe I'm full of it, but it seems like they have logical explanations:
    As for Haruna Kojima still being here: What would be the point of her graduating? Graduation is, essentially, a career move. At some point, the girls want to try doing something else and being part of AKB hinders that. For example, for the girls who want to be actresses, they need to be available to do acting gigs, and they want to be known as actresses in their own right and not "the girl from AKB is in a movie". Or in cases like Nakky, they decided to focus on a non-entertainment job and need to leave the singing and dancing behind. So what's NyanNyan's other profession? Modeling. You can easily be a model and do AKB, they're very compatible. And, the AKB name seems to help you on a magazine cover, where on a movie poster, it apparently can be a hindrance. Also, Kojiharu doesn't seem like the most ambitious of people out there, I'd bet she's happy to coast and get the easy money appearing and performing at arranged events. She's still young enough and hot enough to be in the group, her fans are still here. So why would she leave?

    As far as Izurina goes, I too, used to be curious about why she was in the group. She is after all, rather homely looking. But then I saw her in a Team B stage. There's something in the way she moves. She has a cuteness about her motions, her mannerisms, her voice. She was a pleasant surprise and was a good part of the stage. She also is a delightful handshake. I can see how her potential would come through in an audition, and how a judge might be impressed.

    About the new stages. Well, we did finally get one this year, didn't we? Frankly, I'm surprised we got that. New stages are expensive to produce, and they aren't making that much money for the group. The theaters are always full, regardless of the old stages. It makes business sense to focus your resources elsewhere.

    @tomosama I think Yukirin's negative votes are due to the fact that she had a minor scandal last year. I didn't get upset about it, but a lot in the fandom did. I don't think it's because of the kennin. She was an NMB kennin in 2014.

    And one last thing, even though Sakura's sousenkyo speech was bad, I think she still deserves a pass:
    How many of you are good public speakers? If you are, were you in high school? She was only 17. Plus, the senbatsu is a highly emotional time. Imagine that all of your clients/customers at your job had a vote about who they liked the most or who they thought was doing the best job. That would be extremely nerve wracking. I might say something regrettable if I were in a situation like that. It would be a shame if people hated me for months/years because of it.

    But I guess that's the world we live in.
  16. sno_rpg

    sno_rpg Kenkyuusei

    May 19, 2014
    I waited for everything to be posted cause I'm lazy to post everyday. :) Here is my ranking. Also throwing the down votes.

    01. (01) Watanabe Mayu (AKB) (+15)
    02. (121) Ikoma Rina (NGZK) (+10)
    03. (79) Fukuoka Seina (AKB) (+9)
    04. (21) Kitahara Rie (NGT) (+8)
    05. (83) Ogasawara Mayu (AKB) (+7)
    06. (08) Watanabe Miyuki (NMB) (+6)
    07. (16) Tano Yuka (AKB) (+5)
    08. (03) Yamamoto Sayaka (NMB) (+5)
    09. (72) Suto Ririka (NMB) (+4)
    10. (25) Takayanagi Akane (SKE) (+4)
    11. (28) Sashihara Rino (HKT) (+4)
    12. (19) Ikuta Erika (NGZK) (+3)
    13. (75) Oya Masana (SKE) (+3)
    14. (72) Miyazaki Miho (AKB) (+3)
    15. (98) Akimoto Manatsu (NGZK) (+2)
    16. (64) Hori Miona (NGZK) (+2)
    17. (44) Tanaka Miku (HKT) (+2)
    18. (217) Tanabe Miku (AKB) (+1)
    19. (246) Izuta Rina (AKB) (+1)
    20. (40) Shimada Haruka (AKB) (+1)

    01. Matsui Jurina (SKE) (-5)
    02. Hashimoto Nanami (NGZK) (-4)
    03. Okada Nana (AKB) (-3)
    04. Miyazawa Sae (SNH) (-2)
    05. Yabuki Nako (-1)
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  17. Pheebs

    Pheebs Upcoming Girls

    May 23, 2015
    Congratulations to Mayu and Naachan! I am extremely happy with this result :1st:<3

    My full list (I didn't down vote anyone)

    01. 1. (8)[69|7] Watanabe Mayu {+555,-18}, 537
    02. 30. (36) [32|0] Shiroma Miru{+166,0}, 166
    03. 10. (16) [46|6] Kodama Haruka{+312,-18}, 294
    04. 64. (51) [18|0] Shibata Aya{+83,0}, 83
    05. 5. (1) [79|25] Shimazaki Haruka{+578,-111}, 467
    06. 29. (23) [42|0] Takahashi Juri{+170,0}, 170
    07. 102. (111) [22|16] Suda Akari{+99,-48}, 51
    08. 177. (140) [10|1] Aigasa Moe{+29,-5}, 24
    09. 12. (11) [56|8] Kojima Haruna{+284,-19}, 265
    10. 38. (47) [32|0] Nakanishi Chiyori{+132,0}, 132
    11. 25. (26) [33|0] Takayanagi Akane{+183,0}, 183
    12. 7. (5) [72|5] Kashiwagi Yuki{+406,-19}, 387
    13. 3. (4)[88|7] Yamamoto Sayaka {+553,-17}, 536
    14. 105. (70) [9|0] Oba Mina{+49,0}, 49
    15. 1. (12)[90|2] Okada Nana {+543,-6}, 537
    16. 8. (7) [73|2] Watanabe Miyuki{+364,-5}, 359
    17. 36. (47) [29|5] Kato Rena{+155,-12}, 143
    18. 28. (15) [46|23] Sashihara Rino{+246,-74}, 172
    19. 17. (39) [48|5] Komiyama Haruka{+242,-13}, 229
    20. 185. (---) [6|1] Jessica Veranda{+24,-2}, 22
  18. tomosama

    tomosama Kenkyuusei

    Jul 18, 2012
    @USA48 ooops my bad. Totally forgot about that. Somehow it slipped out of my mind. Now that you mention it, the negatives are not that high even with that scandal thing.
  19. Minowa Natsuki

    Minowa Natsuki Kenkyuusei

    Sep 29, 2014
    01. Miyawaki Sakura (+15) #9
    02. Yamamoto Sayaka (+10) #3
    03. Watanabe Miyuki (+9) #8
    04. Shimazaki Haruka (+8) #5
    05. Fukuoka Seina (+7) #79
    06. Watanabe Mayu (+6) #1
    07. Matsui Jurina (+5) #13
    08. Ikuta Erika (+5) #19
    09. Tanaka Natsumi (+4) #61
    10. Kato Rena (+4) #36
    11. Takahashi Juri (+4) #29
    12. Iwatate Saho (+3) #62
    13. Tano Yuka (+3) #16
    14. Kashiwagi Yuki (+3) #7
    15. Mukaichi Mion (+2) #11
    16. Okada Nana (+2) #1
    17. Hirate Yurina (+2) #91
    18. Shiraishi Mai (+1) #27
    19. Kojima Mako (+1) #20
    20. Kumazaki Haruka (+1) #185

    FIRST OF ALL CONGRATULATIONS TO MAYUYU NAACHAN AND SAYANEE :cute::cute::cute: I only expected Sayanee to be in the top 3 with Paruru and Yuihan but Mayuyu and Naachan surprised me!
    Miyawaki Sakura already expected her to be in the lower 10 cause Im certain her negative votes would skyrocket from last year :D She is indeed one of the beautiful idols and also the currently most pushed ones alongside Jurina and Paruru. She has always been standing out in performances and thats one of the reasons why I adore her :cute:Plus she can be funny at times
    Yamamoto Sayaka :3rd:I thought she had enough votes to rank 1st with all the hypes around her (365, crazy handshake results, good position in AKB, more solo works) but she ranked 3rd :( (Well she was only separated by 1 single vote!!) She has the face, the voice, the character. She resembles Oshima Yuko in my eyes. I hope she can have this rank in SSK as well :drool:
    Watanabe Miyuki glad that she didnt drop that much! She is cute and her smile is so soothing lol. Its sad that shes going to graduate soon since I already predicted her to enter Kami8 this year :(
    Shimazaki Haruka positive votes alone she could easily rank 1st [hehe] the more negative votes she received, the more attention she attracts thus she is actually more popular lol. Shes pretty and smh I like her voice??
    Watanabe Mayu Omedetou!!! :1st:
    Kashiwagi Yuki Did expect her to drop with the scandal last year but still a good position if you campare her with Sasshi :^^;:
    Okada Nana OMEDETOU!!!:1st:IDK why I ranked her below Mion but meh the votes are still the same lol. She has the face to become an AKB Ace, she can sing and I like her character! Now that she has cut her hair short, Im so looking forward to her first performance of TwI as part of media senbatsu! :D:D
    The result is satisfying for me since it was my first time participating (Last year I think I didnt meet the post requirement?). Haruppi is so close to Sakura now :XD:
  20. rikasa

    rikasa Kenkyuusei

    Jul 9, 2015
    1. Okada Nana (+15) [#1]
    I am absolutely stunned and elated that Naachan managed to get #1. This is my first year able to contribute to this ranking (this time last year I was still account-less and lurking, lol). But I'm not surprised Naachan has managed to get people's attention, even if they don't oshi her. I was a Yukirin oshi when I first joined the fandom, but then I was trying to learn the names of all the members I didn't know, and I stumbled upon a Naachan performance and just was so blown away by her energy. For the next few months, I felt Naachan battling Yukirin for the top title until she took it, and with everything she does, she stays up there. She's powerful and hard-working and delivers onstage, and watching her change up her character over the past few months especially has been great. It's like watching her develop confidence and become really free in front of the cameras and on the stage.

    And here's the rest of my list:
    2. Kashiwagi Yuki (+10) [#6]
    3. Tashima Meru (+9) [#24]
    4. Kojima Mako (+8) [#20]
    5. Kodama Haruka (+7) [#10]
    6. Kitagawa Ryoha (+6) [#47]
    7. Komiyama Haruka (+5) [#17]
    8. Takahashi Juri (+5) [#29]
    9. Owada Nana (+4) [#57]
    10. Hasegawa Rena (+4) [#337]
    11. Tanaka Miku (+4) [#44]
    12. Goto Rara (+3) [#44]
    13. Nakai Rika (+3) [#71]
    14. Nakamura Ayuka (+3) [#221]
    15. Kojina Yui (+2) [#102]
    16. Murashige Anna (+2) [#24]
    17. Mukaichi Mion (+2) [#11]
    18. Tanaka Natsumi (+1) [#61]
    19. Hokazono Hazuki (+1) [#136]
    20. Matsui Jurina (+1) [#13]

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