The 2016 Stage48 Member Ranking Results (All Ranks Revealed!)

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  1. OshimaYuko

    OshimaYuko Kenkyuusei

    Jun 23, 2015
    I didn't downvote Meru (She was probably just outside my list since I don't really follow HKT that much but like TTMC)

    But if I remember correctly there has been a bit of push back against her due to what people perceive as an undeserved push. There might be other reason's but that is just what I recall.
  2. Lisa

    Lisa Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Mar 8, 2016
    @OshimaYuko I figured there might be other reasons since that pushed died out long ago...
  3. Reveen

    Reveen Upcoming Girls

    Feb 16, 2013
    Sunnyvale Trailer Park
    She only got -4 though, same as Haruppi. It could be anything, as simple as someone not liking their face or haircut or whatever. -4 is practically in the realm of statistical anomaly, I'm not sure if there's any pattern to discern there.

    I didn't downvote her either btw, so I dunno lol
  4. Lisa

    Lisa Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Mar 8, 2016
    @Reveen Just honest curiosity, since she is my oshi, I like to know how people see her and I like to discuss her [hehe]
  5. Quark

    Quark Kenkyuusei

    Jul 6, 2015
    First of all, i'm really happy that i participated here :). I’m mainly a Nogizaka46 fan, but I included many G48 that I like based in performances, mvs and the firsts 100 episodes or so of akbingo.

    01.Hori Miona (+15)
    02. Ikuta Erika (+10)
    03. Nishino Nanase (+9)
    04. Watanabe Mayu (+8)
    05. Iriyama Anna (+7)
    06. Ota Yuuri (+6)
    07. Saito Asuka(+5)
    08. Matsui Jurina (+5)
    09. Kitahara Rie (+4)
    10. Hirate Yurina (+4)
    11. Okada Nana (+4)
    12. Takeuchi Saki (+3)
    13. Motomura Aoi (+3)
    14. Miyazaki Miho (+3)
    15. Tano Yuka (+2)
    16. Shibuya Nagisa (+2)
    17. Kumazaki Haruka (+2)
    18. Taniguchi Megu (+1)
    19. Kawamoto Saya (+1)
    20. Kato Minami (+1)

    I'm glad to see sakamichis growth. i think it would be cool to make a campaing for a sakamichi queen next year :corr:. Looking forward to the next ranking.
  6. marioworldakb

    marioworldakb Upcoming Girls Stage48 Donor

    Jan 4, 2017
    Hinachan's Cell House
    Iwata "Sukinaso" Hina
    Good for you. I would love to know who was the only person to negative votes Mako too! Tho it was a -2...I mean number 1, who the buck negative votes Mako LOL and number 2, that single vote costed her being out in the single digit rank :O

    Just kindly inbox me, if anyone can find that person :D

    P.S I'm not salty at all, just curious.
  7. Lisa

    Lisa Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Mar 8, 2016
    @marioworldakb Is that Kojimako? She seems pretty sweet for me if it's her you are talking about! Good luck in your quest :)
  8. AnToNa

    AnToNa Kenkyuusei

    Mar 26, 2016
    Some sort of eating disorder, that's why sometimes members spotted her sleeping in theater because she's tired but since it's hard to digest food so she kinda compensate it by sleeping. She didn't tell anyone (except her Yuri pair Yuiri if I'm not mistaken) until the ranking announcement. She also said that one of the reason she wanted to rank into senbatsu that bad was because senbatsu speech duration is longer and she wanted to use that time to address the health problem since the sickness was getting worse two weeks before SSK to the level where she even opted out from any AKB activity during that time and it actually created quite a buzz in her base.

    Funnily, even with this symptom, she is one of the best performer in AKB, that's why she's really growing in my watch.
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  9. Silenka

    Silenka Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name) Retired Staff

    Aug 9, 2012
    A version of hypoglycemia. Before she got it under control, she said she was eating too much and throwing up sometimes. It's a manageable condition.
  10. kyoto48☀︎☂

    kyoto48☀︎☂ Kenkyuusei

    Jun 8, 2015
    01. Miyawaki Sakura (+15) [5]
    02. Nishino Nanase (+10) [14]
    03. Watanabe Mayu (+9) [3]
    04. Matsui Jurina (+8) [55]
    05. Hirate Yurina (+7) [4]
    06. Cho Kurena (+6) [140]
    07. Oguri Yui (+5) [42]
    08. Matsuoka Hana (+5) [168]
    09. Hori Miona (+4) [34]
    10. Shiraishi Mai (+4) [23]
    11. Kitano Hinako (+4) [147]
    12. Ikuta Erika (+3) [7]
    13. Shiroma Miru (+3) [20]
    14. Okada Nana (+3) [1]
    15. Chiba Erii (+2) [244]
    16. Yamaguchi Maho (+2) [110]
    17. Eto Misa (+2) [81]
    18. Kojima Mako (+1) [10]
    19. Murayama Yuiri (+1) [12]
    20. Nakano Ikumi (+1) [78]

    01. Kato Minami (-5) [46]
    02. Matsumura Kaori (-4) [263]
    03. Suda Akari (-3) [108]
    04. Kinoshita Momoka (-2) [34]
    05. Miyazaki Miho (-1) [192]


    01. Miyawaki Sakura (+15) - What can I say, after Acchan graduated it took me almost 2.5 years to find a new oshi. Once Sakura cut her hair I couldn't stop paying attention to her. Definitely a case of "your oshi finding you"! Unless something drastic changes, she will be my oshi until she graduates. And like Acchan, probably the only other member I will care about after she grads too.

    03. Watanabe Mayu (+9) - Mayuyu, always in my top 3-4, for about 8 years now. Just like the election lol. She is the definition of an idol, but I can't help but feel if she just had a little bit more of a personality that stands out, she would have won the ssk a couple more times. Oh well, she's beautiful and I'll just enjoy the rest of her time in the group.

    05. Hirate Yurina (+7) - Closest thing to Acchan-aura since Acchan. Nobody else has even come close. And Yurina, if they keep her as keyaki's "eternal" center (which I hope they do) will probably pass Acchan as the greatest japanese idol in the past 20 years. She is just amazing... I feel like she has such an "aura" that even people who don't believe in a center having an "aura" are starting to believe it. Hopefully she will continue to the top and not breakdown, because she's got a good 5-6 years left in her and keyaki will be able to reach immense heights with her leading them (and if they keep on getting kami-songs). Seriously, being a keyaki fan today is almost eerily like being an AKB fan in 2010. Lets hope they stay on top for longer.

    12. Ikuta Erika (+3) - She is super beautiful and crazy funny personality. Also her talent is unmatched. All around amazing idol and nogi is lucky to have her.

    14. Okada Nana (+3) - While I think her "lesbo" chara is not real, if she actually was one she'd be the sexiest one I've ever seen. Props to her for getting in everyones fantasies I guess lol. Also, her looks and attitude are great to be a top AKB member now and in the future (kind of like a bridge between the AKB of now and the AKB of a few years from now).

    18. Kojima Mako (+1) - She's the last of her gen still standing strong (edit: oops :fp: lol), and I feel like she will unfortunately graduate very soon. But she gave it a great shot and if the circumstances were different she would've risen higher. Still, she was really good on akb variety shows and she is still grasping at senbatsu, so I hope she makes it before she quits.

    Now for some thoughts comparing my rankings from 2015-2016:

    2016 median : 28.5
    2016 mean : 59.9

    2015 median : 25
    2015 mean : 38.15

    Compared to last year, my rankings are unfortunately lower. I'm not one of these cool ( :rofl: ) people who only like not-popular members. So I'd rather my favorites be much more popular. But this year I definitely started liking younger members who haven't gained lots of popularity yet, so its ok. I don't mind as much.

    Now, for members who were on my list last year but dropped off:

    04・Watanabe Miyuki (+8) - I don't vote for graduated members. Just a personal thing.

    07・Saito Asuka (+5) - Well, I guess she didn't do anything I liked this year. And her pb was extremely disappointing, so she dropped off my radar

    08・Kodama Haruka (+5) - Same, she didn't do anything for me, and I stopped thinking at all about her. Plus I always thought she would be a fun rival for sakura, but by now I know she'll always play a less-popular second fiddle, so not as interesting anymore.

    09・Goto Rara (+4) - She dropped extremely from last year, to someone I might even neg if I had more negs. I think she will never be a top member in SKE, but we'll see.

    10・Yokoyama Yui (+4) - Literally the only thing she did for me last year was prove how absolutely worthless takamina was in her "manager" position. That would have been enough to give her a vote but yea, I completely forgot about her. She'll probably graduate soon and be completely forgotten like takamina.

    15・Furuhata Nao (+2) - She was just surpassed by other members who are cuter than her.

    17・Minegishi Minami (+2) - Well, she took her gym stuff too far, and she became more annoying with her attention whoring, which I tolerated when I thought she was cuter.

    18・Nagao Mariya (+1) - graduated so I won't put her on here. But even if she didn't graduate she gained a lot of weight so not for me anymore.

    19・Goto Moe (+1) - I should've voted for her, but I completely forgot. That's my bad, and I'll probably vote for her again next year.
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  11. hjr1891

    hjr1891 Kenkyuusei

    May 11, 2013
    Anywhere, Everywhere
    Nishikawa Rei, Sakamoto Erena
    Okada Nana says hello.;)
  12. kyoto48☀︎☂

    kyoto48☀︎☂ Kenkyuusei

    Jun 8, 2015
    That's true.... Not sure why I said that lol
    I completely forgot they were both 14th gen :blink:
  13. bonjourmarlene

    bonjourmarlene Upcoming Girls

    Mar 21, 2016
    I remember when the 14th Gen started appearing on AKBingo and I started liking Naachan for her politeness and everything... I never expected her to do as well and be as popular as she is but I'm proud of her
  14. sayakalover

    sayakalover Kenkyuusei

    Jun 12, 2014
    I'm curious on who gave negative votes for Techi.:confused: I think I only saw one person confess that they gave negative votes for her.
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  15. ConanShimizu

    ConanShimizu Kenkyuusei

    Aug 13, 2016
    I forgot to finish my list :^^;:

    As I expected Naachan won, congrats!

    1. Kitahara Rie (+15) (58)
    2. Ishimori Nijika (+10) (93)
    3. Shiroma Miru (+9) (20)
    4. Ikuta Erika (+8) (7)
    5. Takeuchi Miyu (+7) (83)
    6. Motomura Aoi (+6) (52)
    7. Yokoyama Yui (+5) (11)
    8. Omori Miyu (+5) (95)
    9. Takayanagi Akane (+4) (37)
    10. Yamamoto Sayaka (+4) (2)
    11. Koike Minami (+4) (98)
    12. Tano Yuka (+3) (22)
    13. Mukaichi Mion (+3) (18)
    14. Ikoma Rina (+3) (56)
    15. Komiyama Haruka (+2) (17)
    16. Hayasaka Tsumugi (+2) (125)
    17. Moriya Akane (+2) (28)
    18. Nakamoto Himeka (+1) (100)
    19. Yamada Nanami (+1) (75)
    20. Oda Nana (+1) (118)
  16. Puni

    Puni Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Nov 6, 2013
    Oh yeah, posting my complete list. I knew i forgot something...

    01. Kashiwagi Yuki
    02. Suda Akari
    03. Ogino Yuka
    04. Yamamoto Sayaka
    05. Kodama Haruka
    06. Tashima Meru
    07. Takahashi Juri
    08. Iwata Karen
    09. Ogasawara Mayu
    10. Hirata Rina
    11. Tanabe Miku
    12. Okada Nana
    13. Sutou Ririka
    14. Yamaguchi Maho
    15. Ikoma Rina
    16. Ikuta Erika
    17. Mukaichi Mion
    18. Shimazaki Haruka
    19. Tani Marika
    20. Takahashi Minami
  17. rikasa

    rikasa Kenkyuusei

    Jul 9, 2015
    Complete List, a few days late, only with a few notes.
    1. Okada Nana :1st: So many reasons why, but everybody has already named them, so I won't go into the details. Just that literally everything is better when watching her shine <3<3<3
    2. Kojima Mako (#10)
    This year, she's catapulted farther up on my list. She strikes me as eternally very elegant and poised, and she's one of the few members whose voice I can usually pick out (for a good reason). I'm so glad she's still rising.
    3. Tashima Meru (#21)
    4. Tanaka Miku (#24)
    5. Kodama Haruka (#6)
    Ah, Haruppi. Always capable of making me smile and feel like things are going to be a-ok. Particularly last year, seeing her rise in SSK and shine in all the opportunities that followed, even while stepping back a bit from the heavenly HKT48 center position to let Hana and others have some time. She did everything so gracefully.
    6. Mukaichi Mion (#18)
    7. Komiyama Haruka (#17)
    8. Hasegawa Rena (#144)
    9. Sutou Ririka (#47)
    10. Kitagawa Ryoha (#42)
    11. Kashiwagi Yuki (#8) -
    Yukirin was my original 48 oshi back when I was first entering, because tbh the easiest way to access this fandom is to pick a girl from the 5-8 guaranteed to be everywhere and oshi them. I still think she's such a queen, and I love watching her do literally anything. Since then, others have come and made me cheer harder for them, though, and over the past year, this is how it fell.
    12. Shiroma Miru (#20)
    13. Nakai Rika (#50)
    14. Hokazono Hauzki (#147)
    15. Goto Rara (#66)
    16. Matsui Jurina (#55)
    17. Nakamura Ayuka (#297)
    18. Owada Nana (last place - I didn't even write down the number)
    19. Sato Anju (#166)
    20. Jitoe Nene (#158)
  18. nanabanana

    nanabanana Kenkyuusei

    Feb 14, 2013
    Oh yeah. Here's my complete list.

    01. Miyawaki Sakura (+15)
    02. Watanabe Miyuki (+10)
    03. Hirate Yurina (+9)
    04. Kotani Riho (+8)
    05. Iwata Karen (+7)
    06. Yokoyama Yui (Team A) (+6)
    07. Moriyasu Madoka (+5)
    08. Fujie Reina (+5)
    09. Takayanagi Akane (+4)
    10. Muto Tomu (+4)
    11. Tano Yuka (+4)
    12. Oba Mina (+3)
    13. Miyazawa Sae (+3)
    14. Miyazaki Miho (+3)
    15. Umeda Ayaka (+2)
    16. Kato Minami (+2)
    17. Ogasawara Mayu (+2)
    18. Yamamoto Sayaka (+1)
    19. Goto Rara (+1)
    20. Hashimoto Nanami (+1)

    For next year. My list will have at least 7 new members.
  19. Vivienne

    Vivienne Kenkyuusei

    Dec 13, 2016
    Manila, Philippines
    I'm still surprised Techi got 4th place. I was expecting her around 20th~10th since Stage48 is mostly made up of.. people who love 48 (hence the name);;

    I didn't get to participate this year;; I hope Techi's in the top 3 next year lmao
  20. digital clone

    digital clone Kenkyuusei

    May 29, 2011
    01. Okada Nana (+15)
    02. Takeuchi Miyu (+10)
    03. Kashiwagi Yuki (+9)
    04. Takahashi Minami (+8)
    05. Iwasa Misaki (+7)
    06. Kojima Haruna (+6)
    07. Nishino Miki (+5)
    08. Okada Ayaka (+5)
    09. Iwatate Saho (+4)
    10. Inoue Yuriya (+4)
    11. Omori Miyu (+4)
    12. Komiyama Haruka (+3)
    13. Kojina Yui (+3)
    14. Tashima Meru (+3)
    15. Matsui Jurina (+2)
    16. Yamao Rina (+2)
    17. Goto Moe (+2)
    18. Isohara Kyoka (+1)
    19. Kodama Haruka (+1)
    20. Sasaki Yukari (+1)

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