The 2017 Stage48 Member Ranking Results (All Rankings Revealed!)

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  1. Trinu

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    Jul 30, 2010
    I doubt they do, but

    I think that's it.

    Or, as Cris said, people just dislike her fans in the forum and just want her to fall.
  2. marioworldakb

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    Jan 4, 2017
    Hinachan's Cell House
    Iwata "Sukinaso" Hina
    Well not surprised at the result for this year.

    Amen to that

    *Cough* :fear:
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  3. Trinu

    Trinu Upcoming Girls

    Jul 30, 2010
    I know. :cool:
  4. Kiri

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    Sep 18, 2015
    On board the Rocinante
    岡田奈々 / 유정연
    01. Okada Nana (+15)
    02. Yabuki Nako (+10)
    03. Yamamoto Sayaka (+9)
    04. Miyawaki Sakura (+8)

    05. Honma Hinata (+7)
    06. Kuranoo Narumi (+6)
    07. Taniguchi Megu (+5)
    08. Hori Miona (+5)
    09. Nakai Rika (+4)
    10. Matsui Jurina (+4)
    11. Ota Yuuri (+4)
    12. Nagasawa Nanako (+3)
    13. Ma Chia-Ling (+3)
    14- Kojima Mako (+3)
    15. Oda Nana (+2)
    16. Sugai Yuuka (+2)
    17. Takayama Kazumi (+2)
    18. Sasaki Kumi (+1)
    19. Kubo Satone (+1)
    20. Kodama Haruka (+1)

    What can i say? I'm happy Naachan got first, but i'm still clueless about why some people hate inoffensive/uncontroversial members, while Naachan was the more extreme case it was not the only one... the way the anti mind work is surely confusing :|
  5. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    Miyawaki Sakura
    The Rest of my list

    01. Watanabe Mayu (+15)
    02. Kato Minami (+10)
    03. Miyawaki Sakura (+9)
    04. Matsui Jurina (+8)
    05. Takakura Moeka (+7)
    06. Ikoma Rina (+6)
    07. Yagura Fuuko (+5)
    08. Kojima Mako (+5)
    09. Okada Nana (+4)

    10. Yamada Noe (+4)
    11. Takahashi Juri (+4)
    12. Ogino Yuka (+3)
    13. Yokoyama Yui (+3)
    14. Melody Nurramdhani Laksani (+3)
    15. Tomonaga Mio (+2)
    16. Kashiwagi Yuki (+2)
    17. Homma Hinata (+2)
    18. Sashihara Rino (+1)
    19. Komiyama Haruka (+1)
    20. Akimoto Manatsu (+1)

    01. Nakai Rika (-5)
    02. Sutou Ririka (-4)
    03. Shiraishi Mai (-3)
    04. Matsuoka Hana (-2)
    05. Owada Nana (-1)

    Going to miss voting for Mayuyu in this ranking :(. Happy that she was able to remain in the Top 3 for her final list (Highest for a graduate right?) I think that's mostly due to the fact that most of the Mayuyu Oshis are still on this site :).

    Congrats to Naachan on her 3-peat (Half way to breaking Takamina's record) The fact that she got my dislikes votes then a girl who did one of the most selfish acts in the history of the 48group is just :fp: (Espcally when Naachan is one of the most Un-Selfish/Sweetest members of all time).

    and I see I was the only one to give a dislike to Maiyan (a first for me lol). I gave her one mostly because while I don't really hate her or anything. Just part of me feels she is kind of stuck up and + the fact that she hasn't done HS Events for a while now has really rubbed me the wrong way (Like's she too good to do them now). It's like she wants to graduate from the group, but management isn't letting her imo. Anyways, that's just me.
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  6. ryandtw

    ryandtw Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Nov 1, 2010
    Seattle, WA, USA
    Whoa...2017 top three same as 2016? :shock:

    Very understandable why you put Maiyan on the 'dud' list, I have to agree. :blush:
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  7. Puni

    Puni Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Nov 6, 2013
    01. Kashiwagi Yuki (+15)
    02. Ogino Yuka (+10)
    03. Suda Akari (+9)
    04. Yamamoto Sayaka (+8)
    05. Yamaguchi Maho (+7)
    06. Sutou Ririka (+6)
    07. Takahashi Juri (+5)
    08. Tani Marika (+5)
    09. Okada Nana (+4)
    10. Tashima Meru (+4)
    11. Kodama Haruka (+4)
    12. Ikoma Rina (+3)
    13. Ichikawa Miori (+3)
    14. Komiyama Haruka (+3)
    15. Ma Chia-Ling (+2)
    16. Yamada Noe (+2)
    17. Matsumura Kaori (+2)
    18. Tanabe Miku (+1)
    19. Nakano Ikumi (+1)
    20. Fujie Reina (+1)
  8. Yukitie

    Yukitie Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Sep 5, 2013
    Kashiwagi Yuki
    My full list! Congrats to all the members, super happy Yuki didn't get any negative votes! <3

    01. Kashiwagi Yuki (+15)
    02. Takahashi Juri (+10)
    03. Ma Chia-Ling (+9)
    04. Ogino Yuka (+8)
    05. Yabuki Nako (+7)
    06. Imaizumi Yui (+6)
    07. Kato Rena (+5)
    08. Kojima Mako (+5)
    09. Tatsuya Makiho (+4)
    10. Habu Mizuho (+4)
    11. Shiraishi Mai (+4)
    12. Mukaichi Mion (+3)
    13. Hirate Yurina (+3)
    14. Oguri Yui (+3)
    15. Okada Nana (+2)
    16. Tomonaga Mio (+2)
    17. Praewa Suthamphong (+2)
    18. Ikuta Erika (+1)
    19. Sashihara Rino (+1)
    20. Jennis Oprasert (+1)

    01. Nakai Rika (-5)
    02. Sutou Ririka (-4)
    03. Regina Angelina (-3)
    04. Ayu Safira Oktaviani (-2)
    05. Owada Nana (-1)
  9. jiinatsu

    jiinatsu Kenkyuusei

    Nov 24, 2015
    New Zealand
    And my list is finally complete! Congrats Naachan for winning for the third year (second by herself) in a row! I do, however, think her high number of negatives came from SSK (when she absolutely pummelled Riripon).

    01. (+15) Matsuoka Natsumi (No. 88, 32)
    02. (+10) Ogino Yuka (No. 15, 105)
    03. (+9) Matsui Jurina (No. 92, 31)
    04. (+8) Yokoyama Yui A (No. 13, 118)
    05. (+7) Sugawara Maya (No. 248, 7)
    06. (+6) 1. (1) [42|12] Okada Nana {+297,-45}, 252
    07. (+5) 3. (3) [27|3] Watanabe Mayu {+236,-7}, 229

    08. (+5) Ueki Nao (No. 186, 12)
    09. (+4) Shiroma Miru (No. 20, 96)
    10. (+4) Iriyama Anna (No. 53, 49)
    11. (+4) Asai Nanami (No. 92, 31)
    12. (+3) Cherprang Areekul (No. 146, 18)
    13. (+3) Tashima Meru (No. 42, 56)
    14. (+3) Hyodo Aoi (No. 316, 3)
    15. (+2) Furuhata Nao (No. 50, 51)
    16. (+2) Wakatsuki Yumi (No. 48, 53)
    17. (+2) Yoshida Akari (No. 26, 75)
    18. (+1) Kumazawa Serina (No. 359, 1)
    19. (+1) Honda Hitomi (No. 164, 15)
    20. (+1) Taguchi Manaka (No. 186, 12)
  10. sscrla

    sscrla Stage48 Moderator Staff Member Stage48 Moderator

    Dec 27, 2015
    Takayanagi Akane
    Juri was harsher on Riripon, and got half as many negatives: 6 voters, -22 vs 12 voters, -45. This is part of it, and I think her fans are a part of it. Also, as a high profile member, voters are likely to think of her and ask themselves, positive or negative, while someone low profile won’t even be considered one way or the other.

    Full disclosure: Naachan was not on my list of 20 and I gave no negatives.
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  11. Matsui Hikari

    Matsui Hikari Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name) Stage48 Donor

    Sep 28, 2015
    But if the Riripon case was part of it, how did Naachan get around the same amount of negatives last year when she did nothing? There is around the same number of negative voters as well. To be honest though, why should fans be part of disliking or liking an idol. There’s ignorant ones that an idol can’t control and it’s kinda stupid to downvote them just because of dumb fans. Not that I’m defending Naachan because she’s my kami-oshi or I’m salty or anything, it just doesn’t make sense and it goes for everyone that got negatives despite not having done anything.

    I legit have only seen 1 person speak up about down voting Naachan for the past 3 (including this one) annual rankings while everyone is quick to say that they downvoted, let’s say, Rika for her inappropriate behavior. If the reason was legitimate, what is so bad about it? The person that admitted they downvoted Naachan didn’t get attacked or anything.
  12. minaeshi

    minaeshi Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Feb 13, 2014
    United Kingdom
    What makes her stuck up? I've seen a couple people here say this but i'm not really sure why, she seems like a sweet girl.
    Also, she's not the only one to not do IHS for a while, do you feel the same about Nanase? They're equally as busy. If they were to do IHS on top of their schedule they would probably collapse. They still take part in NHS. Just curious since i've never seen anyone downvote her before lol
  13. Reveen

    Reveen Upcoming Girls

    Feb 16, 2013
    Sunnyvale Trailer Park
    Frankly speaking, yes, I'm in agreement with Forrestfuller. Neither of them is as busy as Sasshi, yet Sasshi fulfills her handshake slots for AKB. Same for Sakura, even with her insane schedule she at least tries to meet the fans. Sayanee isn't too posh to do handshakes either. Mayuyu, Yuko, Shinoda, Acchan kept doing handshakes when AKB was insane.

    Annin understandably got a free pass from doing HS because of her trauma, the only other reason to miss HS is because of medical hiatus. Otherwise your getting the benefit of being in a group without doing the work.
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  14. JoltFiend

    JoltFiend Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Oct 10, 2012
    California USA
    I did a double take with the top three since right under them is the list of last year's winners and in the same order.

    01. 92. (108) [9|4] Suda Akari{+45,-14}, 31
    02. :2nd:2.:2nd:(2) [34|1] Yamamoto Sayaka{+251,-3}, 248
    03. 53. (81) [15|0] Takayama Kazumi{+49,0}, 49
    04. 22. (103) [17|0] Yokoyama Yui (Team 8){+92,0}, 92
    05. 27. (108) [19|1] Ma Chia-Ling{+76,-2}, 74
    06. 82. (140) [7|0] Chou Kurena{+34,0}, 34
    07. 131. (187) [6|0] Murase Sae {+20,0}, 20
    08. 80. (66) [10|0] Goto Rara{+35,0}, 35
    09. 221. (115) [3|0] Okita Ayaka{+9,0}, 9
    10. 212. (394) [2|0] Higashimura Mei{+10,0}, 10
    11. 13. (11) [19|1] Yokoyama Yui{+121,-3}, 118
    12. 230. (---) [4|0] Tanaka Kouko{+8,0}, 8
    13. 265. (---) [4|0] Miyata Manamo{+6,0}, 6
    14. :1st:1.:1st:(1) [42|12] Okada Nana{+297,-45}, 252
    15. 6. (10) [33|1] Kojima Mako{+171,-2}, 169

    16. 67. (122) [10|0] Goto Moe{+40,0}, 40
    17. 338. (234) [1|0] Kawamura Mahiro{+2,0}, 2
    18. 359. (263) [1|0] Takeuchi Saki{+1,0}, 1
    19. 186. (192) [5|0] Shinuchi Mai{+12,0}, 12
    20. 194. (328) [6|0] Sagara Iori{+11,0}, 11
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  15. Merlin54

    Merlin54 Upcoming Girls Stage48 Donor

    Apr 27, 2016
    06. Kojima Mako (+6); 6. (10) [33|1] Kojima Mako {+171,-2}, 169
    An improved ranking for Mako from last year

    01. Yamamoto Sayaka (+15); (2) [34|1] Yamamoto Sayaka {+251,-3}, 248
    Like in the real SSK, deserved to be #1 but never got there.

    No negatives
  16. bonjourmarlene

    bonjourmarlene Upcoming Girls

    Mar 21, 2016
    1. Tano Yuka (+15) / 44. I think it was fairly obvious I was gonna vote for her but I also have valid reasons~ She did a lot of work outside of AKB in 2017 (two stage plays and her first lead role movie) but I saw the negatives coming for her
    2. Komiyama Haruka (+10) / 21. Imo she's been trying really hard the past year especially on her social media and I'm excited to see what's to come
    3. Kato Minami (+8) / 27. She was my NGT oshi from the start and nothing has changed since. I'm excited about her future. Curious tho what caused someone to vote negatively for her
    4. Minegishi Minami (+8) / 37. Despite what everyone says, I think she's a fantastic role model for younger members and really hard working
    5. Okada Nana (+7) / 1. I'm really happy to see her in first place 'cause she is seriously hard working and although she's been quite honest and open about being nervous and scared of being in the spotlight, she works incredibly hard to get there and you can't even tell she's scared
    6. Kitahara Rie (+6) / 42. She really proved herself as a captain, you could see how much the nuggets love her and she graduated at a really good timing
    7. Yamamoto Sayaka (+5) / 2. Started listening to her solo music and even bought her album, which I came to love. Sad to know she might not be around for the next one
    8. Yokoyama Yui (Team A) (+5) / 13. I wonder why she's dropped from 3rd in 2014 to 13th this year because I still think she's the same incredible person she was back then. Hard-working, beautiful and talented
    9. Ma Chia-Ling (+4) / 27. Gotta thank AKBingo again for making me discover some gems in the group I wouldnt see otherwise. Ottamage!!
    10. Yamaguchi Maho (+4) / 108. Watching NGT stages, I've always found her interesting to look at. I hope she gets more attention
    11. Iwata Hina (+4) / 62. I guess this is partly 'cause of Mario as she's the STU member I know most about
    12. Sashihara Rino (+3) / 24. Appreciated the fact she took a step back from SSK
    13. Murashige Anna (+3) / 104. Probably one of the funniest girls in the 48G for me. I guess I like loud girls
    14. Miyazaki Miho (+3) / 164. I've always found it a shame she dropped a lot in SSK because she's a good singer and has a fun personality, plus I think she's really pretty
    15. Kashiwagi Yuki (+2) / 9. I kind of only voted for her cause I couldn't get her reaction at Ogiyuka's #1 in the prelims last year out of my head
    16. Matsui Jurina (+2) / 92. Surprised to see her called so early, Jurina is a hard worker despite what anyone says. Kinda sad that she had a ratio of [13|12] as I personally don't think she deserves as much as she gets
    17. Oba Mina (+2) / 104. Similar to Miho, I consider her an incredibly underrated member. I appreciate the older girls
    18. Sato Kiara (+1) / 186. She really caught my eye during AKBingo the last year! She's really funny and has a super cute face. I need to pay more attention to her performances, too. I wanna know who the other three people are that voted for her!!
    19. Shiroma Miru (+1) / 20. Although she's pretty low on my list, she's still in my top 20. I didn't know her before Tofu Pro Wres and I just think she's incredibly stunning
    20. Miyawaki Sakura (+1) / 4. Mostly voted for her cause she's pretty

    So that's my late list lol

    I'm still curious who voted negatively for Katomina and why :confused: Would really be interested to hear an opinion on this

    I also find it incredibly interesting how much this varies to SSK, especially when I look at people like Jurina, Sasshi, Komiharu, Tanochan, etc. Excited to see more Produce 48 and BNK48 names in the list next year, hopefully :D:p
  17. Mana

    Mana Upcoming Girls

    Sep 11, 2012
    My full ranking and short explanations:

    01. Miyawaki Sakura (+15) - 04. [27|5] Miyawaki Sakura {+213,-17}, 196
    Nice rank for Sakura! She's a member I've followed and supported since her debut and my support for her just grows bigger everytime. I like talking about her and following her news and career, I just find it all so interesting. She's also adorable and beautiful and she works hard, she's really my type of idol.

    02. Shiraishi Mai (+10) - 10. [21|1] Shiraishi Mai {+133,-3}, 130
    Literally perfect in every way. I used to follow her very closely since 2013 but I didn't have time to follow Nogi anymore 2-3 years ago, however I got back into them since 2017 and I love Maiyan as much as ever, or even more. She's a great performer, beautiful, funny, interesting, and very passionate.

    03. Owada Nana (+9) - 230. [5|6] Owada Nana {+25,-17}, 8
    I can't say I didn't expect the negs LOL but it's less bad than last year (btw my vote saved her LOL). She's getting hate since debut so I'm used to it anyway. She was my new gen fav in AKB and I'm sad she left so early, but she's working so hard after graduation and I'm glad to see her doing well!

    04. Hirate Yurina (+8) - 62. [14|13] Hirate Yurina {+93,-49}, 44
    Ouch! So many negs, but like it was said earlier here, the reason why she dropped so much is the lack of upvotes. Did all her fans leave the forums... Oh well. I personally think she's an amazing performer and different than other idols in general, I like what she offers. and she's a very sweet girl off stage.

    05. Nagahama Neru (+7) - 16. [22|1] Nagahama Neru {+106,-5}, 101
    Highest ranked Keyaki member! Congrats! Neru is just... I think there's no other member like her. I find her so unique and simple at the same time, she's super cute, sweet, she has like a calm aura, her voice and laugh and smile are just so relaxing. She's also interesting at the same time. Really a great idol.

    06. Kashiwagi Yuki (+6) - 9. [29|0] Kashiwagi Yuki {+132,0}, 132
    She will forever be on my ranking, one of my favorite member of AKB all-time ever since I got into the group. Amazing singer and performer too. Love her!

    07. Watanabe Mayu (+5) - 3. [27|3] Watanabe Mayu {+236,-7}, 229
    Another one of my favorite members all-time, I'm sad she graduated, but it was the right time and I'm happy to see her doing well, I'll always support her.

    08. Kato Rena (+5) - 40. [12|2] Kato Rena {+64,-7}, 57
    I always liked Renacchi and still do. She's a sweet girl even if she doesn't have all the strong points as an idol but I know she's trying her best in her own way. I feel like she's slowly becoming similar to Kojiharu in terms of career (model etc.) and that's nice! She's beautiful in her photoshoots and photobook.

    09. Okabe Rin (+4) - 24. [15|1] Okabe Rin {+85,-5}, 80
    Great rank for Berin! (still getting used to not call her Rinrin anymore LOL) She's my favorite Team 8 member and I never thought she would get all the push that she is getting. She's great in HS and deserves the push though. Captain of Team A and now ranked in elections, everything is going perfectly ;_;

    10. Ikuta Erika (+4) - 5. [25|0] Ikuta Erika {+186,0}, 186
    One of the most talented member in the whole 48/46 groups. She's working so hard to be both musical actress and idol at the same time and I just admire her a lot for that. She's a great singer and also pretty and cute, and very funny too, she literally has everything. Nogi is so lucky to have this girl.

    11. Sugai Yuuka (+4) - 92. [6|0] Sugai Yuuka {+31,0}, 31
    I remember back when I first saw her, she reminds me so much of Sayanee at debuts. Now I know her well and she's a great girl, beautiful and adorable, I love her! She's a very good leader too and great performer as well. and her photobook was nice! Her Twitter videos/photos for promo were so adorable too!

    12. Yamamoto Sayaka (+3) - 2. [34|1] Yamamoto Sayaka {+251,-3}, 248
    wow She almost won, it would have been nice since she's graduating soon ;_; Sayanee is perfect, I love her solo songs, I love her personnality, everything.

    13. Shiroma Miru (+3) - 20. [19|0] Shiroma Miru {+96,0}, 96
    One of my favorite member in NMB. Mirurun is very cute, a nice singer, and a good idol overall, I really want her to do well and become NMB's ace.

    14. Suzumoto Miyu (+3) - 108. [7|1] Suzumoto Miyu {+28,-2}, 26
    Somehow I really like Suzumon. I like her personnality, she's cute, she's a good performer, I just like her!

    15. Kojima Haruna (+2) - 73. [9|1] Kojima Haruna {+43,-4}, 39
    Last time that she can be voted so I gave her some points, she's forever a legendary member (like all top old gens) and while I do know that it was about time for her to leave (LOL) but I kinda miss a personnality like her in the group, there's no one else like her (both in visuals & her idgaf attitude LOL).

    16. Kubo Satone (+2) - 62. [10|2] Kubo Satone {+46,-2}, 44
    She's a cutie and one of the AKB new gens that I like (there aren't that many so it's an achievement!) I hope she can be successful.

    17. Oguri Yui (+2) - 17. [18|2] Oguri Yui {+103,-5}, 98
    Nice rank, not too many negs. Honestly Yuiyui's push is deserved and I think no one can argue against it. Becoming the best selling in HS for AKB members when she's so new is crazy and it's not just a one-time thing. She's an orthodox idol but that's good too and AKB really needs girls like this as well.

    18. Nishino Nanase (+1) - 7. [25|2] Nishino Nanase {+158,-7}, 151
    She's a nice member, good as idol, pretty. I quite like her, that's all LOL

    19. Kosaka Nao (+1) - 100. [10|0] Kosaka Nao {+29,0}, 29
    Rank #100 for her first time! My favorite member in Hiragana, she's very pretty and a good center (when given the opportunity) I hope to see more of her!

    20. Komiyama Haruka (+1) - 21. [18|1] Komiyama Haruka {+96,-3}, 93
    I'll be honest, I added Komiharu as #20 on my ranking because I couldn't think of anyone to put there at that time. If I did the rankings now, I would have made some changes, and probably Komiharu wouldn't be on it. However, I picked her because I think she's good as idol overall.

    That's all for me! I think by now I have a better and more specific top 20 than when I did this ranking but it always changes anyway LOL I'm looking forward to the next stage48 ranking. a lot of my favs ranked top 10 though (7 of them) well I think it's expected since I don't have that much time to follow the groups like before so I don't know that many of the new or less known girls and many of my favorites are old gens who are popular and that I know for a long time.
  18. marioworldakb

    marioworldakb Upcoming Girls Stage48 Donor

    Jan 4, 2017
    Hinachan's Cell House
    Iwata "Sukinaso" Hina
    Not much surprises at the end

    01. Iwata Hina (+15)
    02. Nakai Rika (+10)
    03. Takino Yumiko (+9)
    04. Okabe Rin (+8)

    05. Kumazaki Haruka (+7)
    06. Miyawaki Sakura (+6)
    07. Hidaka Yuzuki (+5)
    08. Kojima Mako (+5)
    09. Kubo Satone (+4)
    10. Ichioka Ayumi (+4)
    11. Isogai Kanon (+4)
    12. Ishida Chiho (+3)
    13. Yamauchi Mizuki (+3)
    14. Shitao Miu (+3)
    15. Aramaki Misaki (+2)
    16. Jonishi Rei (+2)
    17. Seiji Reina (+2)
    18. Kashiwagi Yuki (+1)
    19. Arai Yuki (+1)
    20. Murakumo Fuka (+1)
  19. Mana

    Mana Upcoming Girls

    Sep 11, 2012
    @ForrestFuller @minaeshi @Reveen

    I just saw the discussion about Nogi and HS and it made me interested. Actually I think you guys might be misunderstanding why some Nogi members aren't doing HS anymore. I think it all started with Maiyan and Nanase, who both are the top HS sellers. I noticed that they stopped doing HS last year (but not sure when it started), I have no idea if management ever gave reasons why, but I'm pretty sure they didn't? Anyway, it never crossed my mind that they stopped doing HS because they're busy or other excuses. Especially because if Nogi didn't give HS to the busy members, Ikuchan would be first on the list LOL with all her musicals and outside projects, she is the most busy member by far. However, she is still doing HS.

    My very first thought about it (and I think it's the reality) is that it's Nogi management's idea. I remember seeing the HS sales list last year and seeing most of 3rd gens of Nogi being sold out. 2nd gen of Nogi never got this kind of results, in fact 2nd gen of Nogi never really got pushed, but 3rd gen has been pushed, and Nogi management is clearly thinking of them as the successor of 1st gen and the future of Nogi. so I'm pretty sure that what happened is management is the one who decided to make Maiyan and Nanase stop doing HS, seeing as both of them are top HS sellers for years and most popular by far, they made them stop so that their fans who buy the single can instead go to other girls and eventually give a chance to the new girls, and it worked.

    This is something 48G can't afford to try. Maybe if 48G did this back then when they were the top, then many of the fans of old gens might not have left with their oshi, they would have stayed with their new oshi. Let's say if Yuko stopped doing HS back then, but she stayed in the group. Her fans still buy the singles, but instead of going to her HS (they can't) they would go to another girl. That's like 50% chances for them to find a new oshi. in a way it's kind of a sacrifice for Maiyan and Nanase who might lose fans to other girls but they do it for the sake of Nogi, for the group to have longevity instead of completely dropping once the big names are gone. it's not like they're in the same situation as AKB where there's endless sister groups and endless generations being added to keep the sales high. Nogi have to try other ways.

    Now 48G can't do the same as Nogi because obviously they're not in the same situation, not as popular as before, and they really need the sales right now. So you'll never see Sayanee or Sakura or Sasshi etc. stopping HS, that would just hurt the group. it's not because they're busy or not, because like I said, Ikuchan is busier than probably any 48/46 girl but she still does HS.

    So that's why I think you guys misunderstood the situation. Actually I'm pretty sure Nogi management wouldn't just accept it if the girls said "we don't want to do HS anymore" LOL as popular as they are, they're not in a position to decide this. Just now I checked the Nogi HS sales of their new singles and this just proved my point: for this single, Manatsu, Misa and a few other 1st gens are also not doing HS. Those are the next top HS sellers from 1st gen after Maiyan and Nanase. so it's not about being busy or about not wanting, there is clearly a decision of management to make the popular HS sellers of 1st gen take a break from HS and it's probably to make fans move on to other girls instead. it's smart, and it kinda works.

    So I really wouldn't blame Maiyan and Nanase for this at all. it's 100% not their decisions, they did so much for Nogi as a group, and still do so much now. in fact, by accepting this, they are allowing their own fans to oshihen to other girls which I think is a great sacrifice and proof that they truly care for Nogi.

    Now for @ForrestFuller and your impression about Maiyan, which I guess is related to the HS issue (that I just explained), I really don't think Maiyan wants to leave Nogi and that management doesn't let her go. She could have left before Ikoma but she didn't, and I'm sure she is now carefully planning her grad (due to age rather than anything else) but she's not in a hurry either. She's someone who really loves Nogi and always had very strong and passionate feelings about the group, probably also because the group really helped her as a person (she used to be bullied in high school etc.). She always talks about Nogi like it's her whole life. She was the first member to be very open about wanting to become the top girl group and didn't want to ride on AKB's name and fame. She always did her best at everything and always wanted to make the group shine as much as she can, she always worry about the group not doing well (back then), about the fans' feelings (like when kennins happened). Even now in her recent documentary from last month, she talked about all these things. I honestly think she is the member who's most passionate about Nogi as a group so there's no way she's staying because she's forced or that she's sick of it, really no way.

    I feel like there must have been misunderstandings to make you think like this, like the HS issue etc. but as someone who follows her closely, she really really cares about Nogi from debut until now, nothing changed about that.

    Just wanted to share some thoughts because I think some people might have the wrong idea. of course it's ok if anyone still dislikes these members, LOL
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  20. minaeshi

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    Feb 13, 2014
    United Kingdom
    @Reveen, fair enough then. I think it would be unfair to dislike Maiyan for that specific reason and not Nanase for doing the exact same thing. I don't really care about whether he likes maiyan or not, just wanted to know why he thought she was stuck up since i've heard some people mention that before, but i don't really see it.

    @Mana See, I always thought they were absent because of their busy schedules, they seem to be doing things every day. It even further supported that idea when girls like Manatsu opted out of IHS this single too, another incredibly busy member. Erika also missed a IHS a couple singles ago too and that was at a time where her schedule was packed. Even Techi's recent absence (though it may also have been because of her health) from 6th IHS also came at a time where she was busy with shooting Hibiki, which is why i assumed non attendance = conflict/busy schedule.
    While I can get down with your idea (its its a pretty good one if true), It's hard for me to believe management would allow for two of their top members to sit out doing IHS and risk losing say 50/100k just to promote 3rd gen, when the 3rd gen girls seemed to have been doing well on their own anyway. I would be amazed if Sony had the balls to do that. I thought it was more a case of; the 3rd gen's HS sales are doing amazingly well, and the groups overall popularity is increasing too, so if we allow our top girls to not do IHS, the 3rd gen have enough star power to make up for that loss, and maiyan, nanase, manatsu etc can appear in more schedules that they wouldn't have been able to before, thus increasing Nogi's exposure even more.
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