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  1. IkoSayu

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    Oct 17, 2014
    Paris, France
    If I could I would be there almost every day ! :hehe: :blush: I'm sure you'll make a nice report for those unlucky fellows having to scout the web for any good news or translated blogs ! (and a good promoting can only be shameless ! :D )
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    Jul 4, 2014
    Yokohama, Japan
    I went to Nogizaka station to watch the panel exhibition finally.
    Actually it was not an exhibition, just a promotion campaign for their first album, in a dim corridor of the subway station. But for me, it was like a museum with endless series of beautiful portraits.
    It was completely different from clean and modern museums, not freezing but a little bit cold, under the pale fluorescent lamps, 45 posters in a large format (1,5 by 1 meter, I guess) of all the members including Kenkyusei were put up on the wall in AIUEO order.

    I enjoyed every picture so much for nearly an hour, especially I liked Himetan, KTK, Marikka, Maichun, Noujou, Misa-senpai, Rarin...oh, no, I can't stop naming! Every photo was really great.

    Akimoto Manatsu n01.jpg

    Ikuta Erika

    Ikoma Rina

    Ito Karin

    Ito Jun'na

    Ito Marika

    Inoue Sayuri

    Eto Misa

    Kawago Hina

    Kawamura Mahiro

    Kitano Hinako

    Saito Asuka

    Saito Chiharu

    Saito Yuuri

    Sagara Iori

    Sakurai Reika

    Sasaki Kotoko

    Shiraishi Mai

    Shin'uchi Mai

    Suzuki Ayane

    Takayama Kazumi

    Terada Ranze

    Nakada Kana

    Nakamoto Himeka

    Nagashima Seira

    Nishino Nanase

    Noujou Ami

    Hashimoto Nanami

    Hatanaka Seira
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    Jul 4, 2014
    Yokohama, Japan
    ...continued from the previous post.
    Higuchi Hina

    Fukagawa Mai

    Hoshino Minami

    Hori Miona

    Matsui Rena

    Matsumura Sayuri

    Yamazaki Rena

    Wakatsuki Yumi

    Watanabe Miria

    Wada Maaya

    Type A members

    Type B members

    Type C members

    Type A cover

    Type B cover

    Type C cover
  4. Takoyama

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    Nov 18, 2013
    Kichijoji, Tokyo
    Nice write-up! I too spent nearly an hour looking at the photos. There was a handful of fans taking shots of the portraits with their mobile. A group of high schoolers in particular were giggling in front of Nanase's photo. I could not help but eavesdrop on their conversion to which they were arguing who's the prettiest member? "Naachan or Maiyan?"

    All the photos were nicely done. The photos that stood out for me were Captain, Kotoko, Maiyan and Maichun. They had the best daylight (golden hour) which highlighted their hair.

    One can only hope that SMEJ will advertise at Nogizaka Station for every single release. I don't often take the Chiyoda-sen and rarely use Nogizaka Station but I am willing to make a stop if they advertise there again.
  5. noginogi

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    Aug 1, 2014
    non english speaking country
    Wooa Great photo :cute: now i know why people tempted to steal its :^O^: Lol
    i love Sagara Iori photo, looks like scene from horror movie haha.
    Reika, Chiharu, Nojou Ami, and Sayurin Photos were nicely done.
    Waka-sama looks like real highschool girl :^O^:.
    I dont like Maiyan photo, she look too pale.
  6. prataz

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    Nov 24, 2011
    Went for the 1st Album and 10 Single handshake this weekend.

    The only bad thing is the lack of money to buy more handshakes... Especially for my kami oshi and even if I had the money, she was sold out...

    It's an amazing experience to see the girls in real life and witness 5 Birthday celebrations in 1 day.

    The Birthday Committees are truly amazing people who put in all their heart and soul for the girls.

    All the birthday lanes were beautifully decorated. The fan cheers totally amazing!

    To be there's no best coz the hard work and effort of all the committee members should be appreciated.

    But the most creative goes to Team Hoshino Minami, who turned the lane into a parody of Disney Sea, aka "Minami-Sea"

    On the previous day, they trolled Minami by putting Work in Progress decorations during the Album Handshake with ultra cute manga Minami in construction worker outfit.

    The Birthday celebration had a story line of an evil witch kidnapping poor Minami and we have to save her.

    Minami is one lucky girl to have so many amazing fans!

    I shook the hands of the following girls:

    Ikuta Erika - Kami Oshi
    Akimoto Manatsu - "Can't be a Nogi-fan without being Zukkyuned"
    Ikoma Rina - The Face of NOGIZAKA46 and the Old Man of the Mountain
    Sakurai Reika - The Captain who's really charming and lovely like a mother
    Saito Chiharu - The tall princess with grace and beauty
    Shiraishi Mai - The goddness of Nogizaka46
    Nishino Nanase - The queen of Nogizaka46
    Fukagawa Mai - It's true... Her handshakes are like a healing spell! All my worries and nervousness disappeared!
    Hoshino Minami - This girl is charming without trying. It's like going home to your cute bratty sister
    Takayam Kazumi - She's AMAZING! And she remembers you even after one handshake.
    Wakatsuki Yumi - She's a fisher. Beware! But tons of young girls still go and be fished by her
    Inoue Sayuri - She's so pretty that I was speechless.
    Sagara Iori - Once she smiles and flash her dimples at you... You will forget your name and what to say
    Hori Miona - I once thought that she might be salty but she is really wow... once she flashes her eyes at you
    Nakamoto Himeka - She is much more beautiful than her younger sister, Su-Metal. She's pretty and graceful and warm and please go handshake her to know more.
    Saito Asuka- She's one cool beauty with tons of confident despite her age.
    Higuchi Hina - She made me regret getting only one ticket for her. So much to talk about but not enough time.
    Sasaki Kotoko - She's cute and silly but totally lovable!

    For folks planning to go handshakes, do plan properly so that you don't waste any tickets.

    Nanase, Maiyan, Nanamin, Maimai, Ikuchan, Misa etc. are always fully packed.

    So don't be stupid like me by having 2 mega long Queue members in a single slot.

    The staff are also living on a different time dimension.

    A single ticket is now 3 - 4 seconds for Long Q members
    Other members can be 6 seconds or more...

    If you combine 2 stickers, the timing might extend t 5 - 6 seconds.

    So please loop members if you can or go see them every slot to maximize your tickets.

    Have fun and hope to meet you guys during next handshake!
  7. IkoSayu

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    Oct 17, 2014
    Paris, France
    *hugely jealous* well doesn't seem that much interesting... *cry out loud* Thanks anyway for sharing... *want to swim his way to Japan or die trying*
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  8. prataz

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    Nov 24, 2011
    I am just too lazy to type out every handshake and the crazy shit I did.

    The highlights for me:

    Giving Ikuchan a custom electric guitar and having her confirm that she received it and MOTTO MOTTO DAISUKI

    Telling Ikoma that she's Cute, Pretty and Cool. But my fave Ikoma is the Yama no Ojisan!

    Having Maimai heal me before I see Ikuchan coz my heart will pound non-stop when i step near Ikuchan's lane

    Asking Higuchi Hina about Singapore and thanking her for writing about my country in her blog

    Having Minami remembering me and promising to give her a cute merlion

    Having Hori all smiles at me instead of staring me to death

    Having Kazumin remember me the next day when I only shook her hand ONCE..

    Meeting Himetan only to realized that "OH MY GOD... WHY IS SHE SO PRETTY???"

    Knowing the Nanamin Committee and realized that they are really damn nice folks!

    Meeting other international fans and speaking English together
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  9. IkoSayu

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    Oct 17, 2014
    Paris, France
    OK, cannot laugh about it anymore, it is just too much but THAT !


    I cannot live anymore this life of sorrows while Ikoma-sama enlighten people on the other side of this planet ! :cry:

    (man, I think I'm really jealous lol need to call JAL or ANA asap :cute: )
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    Nov 3, 2013
    On Twitter
    I went to both of these events as well.

    I arrived late due to a delayed flight and missed my Minami block 3 ticket, but with some help from my fellow Minami Bday Ceremony friends I was able to change into a block 4 ticket and was able to see both her and Sayu.

    Minami offered 3 seconds of silence until she figured out who I was. Claiming she couldn't recognise me cause I was wearing a hat. She was of course the cute(st) and it was nice to see her again.

    Sayu instantly recognised me and even knew it had been half a year. She asked why I haven't come in like forever and was seemingly surprised to know that I live in Sweden and not in Japan. She was a literal angel.

    As for the 10th single event.
    Woke up at 4:30 and went for Yokohama to meet up with the other people in the Minami birthday committee Prataz mentioned above.
    Lots of decorating, putting things together etc, and we finished about 2 minutes before the actual HS event started.

    From then on I went to see both her and Sayu. Minami recognized me today cause I didn't wear a hat, and she also noticed I was in the committee.
    Sayu looked gorgeous so I basically just told her that, and she wouldn't let go as this dude behind me who probably weighed 30 kilos more than me tried to drag me out.

    After that I handed out promo cards for the Minami ceremony until it actually started.
    It was pretty much how Prataz described it. Miona read a letter for her that made me all teary-eyed, and other members who came to watch it were Kanarin, Hinachi, Maimai, Maiyan and Rarin.

    She stared right back at me for a while there and made a really interesting face and laughed when I got surprised. She came up to speak to us too which was really sweet, could care less about touching her hand.

    After the ceremony we took photos and then headed for her lane. Her slot this time was halved so that there'd be time for only committee members to talk to her one by one undistracted. We were supposed to remove the decorations after this, but a staff member came running and told us that Minami had requested to photograph everything, so we put everything back together and stayed 2 hours longer just for her sake.

    For 5th block I went to see Hinachi for the first time. Her grip was so strong she almost broke my hand, and the fact that she has the face of an angel should be obvious to anyone. Anyway, I just told her that I often call for her during lives and she said she's seen me. I think it's love.

    Then I went to see Sayu again together with a Sayu oshi friend. He was going to introduce me to her but she spotted me and already knew who I was. However, she was surprised to know that I'm from Sweden. Despite already hearing it one day earlier. Anyway she's more than a human being it's been confirmed.

    When all that was done we were able to clean up right before Chiharu's birthday ceremony. Getting everything out of the room took like 30 minutes but the overall cleaning up took like 2 hours in total.

    Took a semi pause for Chiharu's ceremony in order to help it become as successful as possible.
    Three of the birthday committees from that day (Minami, Marika, Chiharu) also sang Saitou-ke no Uta when we'd exited the hall to finish off the night.

    I didn't take any photos myself, but Minami will post photos on her blog so please look forward to it!


    Minami birthday ceremony was a huge success
    Sayu is the babest
    Hinachi is a cute
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  11. SputnikZ

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    May 12, 2013
    On Saturday I went to the Special Handshake Event to commemorate the release of Nogizaka's 1st Album at Tokyo Big Sight. My first handshake ever.

    I only had tickets for time slots 3 and 4 so I arrived at the venue around 1:30 pm. I passed the security check where our bags and bodies were inspected.I didn't have any problems with this procedure and the persons doing it were very nice. However, they returned the person in front of me because he had some kind of medicine in a little jar.

    After that, I went to the goods booth, but a lot of good things were already sold out. Fortunately I could buy Kazumin and Rena-San acrylic key chains (which were later sold out).
    At 2:30 when round 3 started I went to the queue and everything went smoothly. When I reached Kazumin's lane I gave her the 2 tickets and explained the lady that checks tickets that I was from overseas and there was no problem. She gave me 2 stickers and then another man gave me the alternative jackets (which unfortunately were repeated). After that I just waited about 5 minutes until I could see Kazumin. While waiting I could see Marika in the next lane. She looked really nice and for some reason reminded me of Matsui Jurina, she was putting a lot of effort in her handshakes.
    Then I finally entered to the handshake with Kazumin. She looked really beautiful wearing Oide Shampoo's Outfit.
    Kaz: Hello
    Me: Hello, I'm a Kazumin Oshi from Mexico.
    Kaz: Eh!? That's too far!
    Me: Have you ever gone to Mexico?
    Kaz: Not yet.
    Me: Please go one day.
    Kaz: Yes, I want to go. Mexican food is ehmmm... delicious!
    Me: (doesn't know what to say) Tacos! Have you eaten tacos?
    Kaz: yes, I have
    (Then time is up and I say goodbye to Kazumin)

    To be honest I was expecting Kazumin to be more cheerful, but still she was really nice although I think she wasn't really interested. I noticed that for some reason she gave me the handshake with only one hand instead of with two as she was doing with people before me. Maybe she becomes closer to you once you visit her more times. The problem is that I don't know if I'll ever see her again... Probably it would have been better if I would have queued for her twice instead of using both tickets at the same time but I had understood that in able to get a sticker you had to use 2 tickets in a row, but you actually get a sticker per handshake no matter the order.

    After the handshake with Kazumin I waited until the next round of handshakes started. I visited the museum-like exhibition of outfits and photographs from the first 10 singles. It was great seeing Nogizaka's costumes in person. Some of them looked really beautiful, my favorite one was Nandome no Aozora ka's. Hashire bicycle's looked horrible though. And for some reason I don't like how Kimi no na wa Kibou's looks without someone wearing it. After that I went to leave a gift for Kazumin at the information counter and continued waiting. While I was waiting a man approached me and asked me to write a graduation message to Hatanaka Seira. I didn't really know what to write so I only wrote: "Seitan! Congratulations on your graduation! Greetings from Mexico!". It's sad that Seitan is leaving but I didn't really put much attention to her.

    Next when it was time for round 4 I went to the queue. For some reason there were more people in line for this round than in the past one, it was difficult to control. In this round I met Matsumura Sayuri. I don't really know what I was thinking when I bought her handshake tickets (She probably even wasn't in my top 10), but it's one of the best decisions I've made in my life! As in Kazumin's lane I show my passport and received Sayurin's sticker and cover. While waiting, I could see Akimoto Manatsu. She looked really cute wearing Oide Shampoo's costume. However, what most attracted my attention in her lane wasn't her but the security staff in her lane. He was very rude with people, he was practically pushing people out of the lane and he even violently dragged a boy with his arm out of the lane. Very mean to treat your customers like that imo, I'm glad I wasn't in Manattan's lane. I could have also be able to watch Nanamin from there, but no! She had to arrive late to her lane... :/

    Then The handshake started, she was wearing Girls Rule uniform. I hadn't really planned what to say to her so it started a bit similar to Kazumin's.

    (Ringo says hello in English and grabs my hands with her both hands, super cheerful).
    Me: Hello, I'm a fan from Mexico
    Say: Really? I'm glad!!!
    Me: Have you gone to Mexico before?
    Say: Not yet! I want to go!! I want to go!!
    Me: Please come some day.
    Say: Yes, I will.
    (Then time is up, but Ringo doesn't let me go.)
    Say: Don't go! Don't go! Please come again! (Starts jumping like a little girl. I giggle of happiness, say goodbye and leave.)

    The last 2 seconds or so were too magical to be real. It was super cute watching Sayuringo jumping and asking me to stay. If I have the opportunity to go to another handshake in the future I will definitely go see her. She is now officially my top-2 in Nogizaka and if Kazumin doesn't speed her game she might become my Oshi (hope that doesn't happen hehe).

    At the end I wanted to buy a Ringo keychain as a souvenir of her handshake, but all keychain had already sold out, so I bought a pencase.

    Then, too finish my day in the best way I took the Yurikamome to Odaiba and visited the beach and Aquacity. Had dinner in Kua Aina. Totally recommend the place!

    Overall it was a great experience, but I think too expensive. I would definitely like to return to a handshake but I will have to wait some years I think.
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  12. Jeff86

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    Jun 22, 2011
    Poitiers, France
    It's 1AM, my report are piling-up and it's been 4days since the event now. Let's do this!
    It was my first HS ever so prepare yourself for some epic fails and second-hand embarassment.
    I already saw Nogizaka when they went to France for the Japan Expo convention in July of 2014. In France, they did two talk shows and a mini-live. I was maybe 2meters from them for the first talk show. And it's a good thing cause I think I would have failed even more lol.
    First because of the height, cause your idols are fricking small!
    Second, some members can give totally different vibes than when you see them on TV. And Misa-senpai for example totally blew my mind.

    So yeah, back to Japan now. 12hours flight + jet-lag + nervousness => wide awake at 2AM after going to sleep at 10PM, guess I'm not gonna fail to hear my alarm as I feared.
    The 1st slot begins at 10AM and it takes me 1h20 to get there. Yokohama is really a pretty city so I take pictures on the way, it's even better at night!


    The HS was at the Exhibition hall. There was some kind of politician going around the streets so there was a lot of cops around.

    For the security check, it's what we've been hearing.
    They check you bag, metal detector and make you take a sip if you have a drink. At no time did they touch me and the staff was super nice too so no big deal.
    You have to go through security every time you leave the hall to go outside for example. I myself got through security many times and it's really quick. So yeah, no bitching about the security, it's really nothing.

    So, did you see how much I'm trying to win some time before talking about the actual handshakes lol. Let's get to it!

    Slot 1 : Failure!

    Kazumin :
    I read a lot of HS report and I really love it. You get to learn things to do, what not to do... And I just ignored it...
    First mistake and many people warned me. I went to my oshi for my first HS...
    I knew it was a bad choice because you're super nervous for your first HS and you're going to mess up. But on a 'moral' point of view, I wanted to have my first HS with my oshi.

    Kazumin is a funny and cool girl so I kinda forget sometimes that she can be drop-dead gorgeous. I didn't think I was going to be nervous but a handshake is totally different and today's Kazumin is totally stunning and doesn't seem like the girl that usually messes around in TV shows!

    I wasn't nervous going into to queue but when I actually saw her entering her booth, my heart was beating like crazy and I knew I was in trouble.

    My HS was the most basic a foreigner fan can do. "Hajime mashite, France kara kimashita..." bla bla boring stuff.
    I realized an hour later I didn't even tell her she was my oshi, that's how much I messed up!!

    The good thing is, I had a ticket for the first slot and 2 for the last slot so I had a chance to do better.

    Himetan :
    Failed pretty much as much as Kazumin. At least I got a "Himetan Beam" and I had a stupid smile on my face for a long time.

    Sayurin :
    Guys, i had a plan! I thought I'd just praise her and she can be cute/shy Sayurin trying to deny it. Yeah...
    Didn't happen like that, it was more like :
    Me : "Ah...................... Sayurin chou kawaii!"
    Sayurin : (said something I can't even remember)

    Wow that was awkward!! So yeah slot 1 was pathetic on my part.

    Slot 2 : The clash of the two big-hitters of Nogizaka

    Maiyan : I always thought she was the most beautiful of Nogizaka but strangely when I saw her in France, she didn't leave an impression on me.
    But now it's HS's Maiyan I'm meeting and damn!! WOW!! Goddess Maiyan is right, she's just incredible without really overpowering you either cause she acts very friendly. More than just a stunning beauty, she's also approachable and very cool!

    I actually said what I wanted to, that her center in Girls Rule was the best and that I wanted to see her center again.

    Naachan : She actually missed the first slot I think and they were doing an announcement concerning her since early in the day I didn't understand. Turns out she was sick.

    I was very lucky to see her for slot 2 and I know why she's number 1 in HS. I still really remember the impression I got from her but it's so hard to explain. Like she's some kind of mystical creature lol, you feel like she's floating. And you feel like you can tell her anything and she'll listen.

    So I actually changed what I wanted to say to her initially and said what I was really feeling at the moment :
    that I'm really glad I got the chance to meet her and that I was afraid she wasn't going to be here.
    You feel like you've met someone very special after leaving the booth.

    Kana : Another stunning girl and she was super happy to see me. I told her I wanted to see an under live. I tanked that one!

    Slot 3 : The announced failure.

    Misa-senpai : I knew exactly what was going to happen after I saw her in France. At the time I couldn't even watch her in the eye and I couldn't stop talking about her for two weeks. And I don't feel like that at all on TV, she has a great aura in person and I understand how popular she got now with pretty much only HS.
    I wanted to tell her that I loved her since the bowling episode of Nogikoko but I knew I wouldn't be able to do it lol.

    So I can't even tell you how it went or what I said, I honestly don't remember. At least this time I could actually look at her so I guess I'm getting better...

    Maimai : The other one that killed me in France. She was doing the second talk show and Kazumin and Misa weren't there so I didn't know who to choose to cheer for.
    After she did her introduction MC, I called her and she looked right back at me with her "angelic smile" and I lost my mind for the rest of the talk show lol.

    Pretty much like Misa-senpai, I don't remember how the HS went lol. She actually tried to talk in english, it messed me up, I tried to say something, failed, and just spent the rest of the HS looking at her!

    Slot 4 : The comeback.

    At this point, I changed my strategy. I decided to not introduce myself because it's pretty clear that I'm a foreigner. It achieved two things :
    It actually helped me say what I wanted to say without being stuck when they were responding to my introduction.
    My HS time got longer because I did my usual HS saying what I wanted to say and when exiting the booth, the members themselves asked me where I was from and didn't let go before I answered lol.
    So yeah like people said before on reports, you shouldn't go when the guy is just touching your shoulder to tell you to leave, you have to let them usher you.

    Manattan : Had a great HS with her, thought she'll try to fish me but we actually had a funny conversation.

    Me : Your head really isn't big at all!
    Manattan : Thank you, really?!
    Me : Don't lose to Kuroishi OK?

    Ikuchan : Maybe my favorite HS and it was really unexpected. I didn't know how she was going to be on HS so I was really pleasantly surprised.
    I thought she would be difficult to approach so I was nervous about meeting her.

    I told her I really love her voice and that I wanted to hear even more live singing! Her reaction was great and when I was exiting the booth she wouldn't let go and asked me where I'm from and tried to speak some french.
    I was too mind-blowned to understand so I answered in french that she was beautiful.

    Yuttan : Another member that was very different from the image I had of her. I was expecting super energetic Yuttan and I got crazy beautiful Yuttan.
    I wanted to tell her that I loved hentai Yuttan but I just couldn't say that to the Yuttan in front of me!
    So I don't remember what I said and failed.

    Slot 5 : The last chance

    Marika : Went super classic and said I loved her as a center and 'Seventeen'. She was super pretty of course, can't remember more.
    For the last slot, she had glasses and was gorgeous.

    Hinapyon : Model Hinapyon was really beautiful!!
    I called her 'Hime' and she seemed to really like it. I told her that I'll root for her as a model and left with a big smile on my face.

    Kazumin : Now the revenge, last 2 tickets to end the day.
    I was still super nervous to see her again and to complicate the matter, she now has her hair tied and glasses... OH DAMN!!

    This time I open up saying with "I was too nervous before so I didn't say it but in fact, I'm a Kazumin oshi!".
    And then I got the "oshi" service, she squeezed my hand harder and got really excited.
    It took everything I had to say that so I couldn't say much more but before leaving I said "Kazumin really is...Amajingu!" and she did Amajingu too!

    When I excited the booth I heard her tell the staff something about being nervous or me being nervous I'm not sure so I guess my nervousness was apparent.

    Thoughts :
    Nogizaka girls really transform for the HS and go all out to look the best they can. So if you thing they're beautiful on TV, you haven't seen nothing until you go to handshake them.
    It was actually really intimidating for me cause sometime, I had the impression of meeting another person that the person I see on TV.

    I met other international fans and had a blast but maybe HS events are a little too difficult for me where my japanese is right now. I can only imagine how great it would be to be able to talk freely with them without the language barrier.

    But I've made a point to talk exclusively in japanese during the HS, I hope they felt the efforts I made and how nervous I was.
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  13. fczbq1

    fczbq1 Kenkyuusei

    Feb 15, 2013
    I guess Nogizaka46 won't let you down in their HS event.

    Ikuchan mentioned in her blog she learned French at school. Do you think she really understand your French?
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  14. Jeff86

    Jeff86 Kenkyuusei

    Jun 22, 2011
    Poitiers, France
    The only thing I told her in french was that she was beautiful when I was leaving so I didn't see her reaction. But when she spoke in French it wasn't a simple 'Bonjour', she did a complete sentence but I didn't catch what she was trying to say as I was getting ushered lol.
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  15. prataz

    prataz Kenkyuusei

    Nov 24, 2011
    Really enjoy reading your comments! I heard you met Jeffery from Indonesia too!

    Glad that my Kami-oshi made you happy!
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  16. nogibobo

    nogibobo Kenkyuusei

    Jan 24, 2015
    hello everyone~

    i have some question to ask regarding to handshake event..
    -can we leave present for them?
    -do they provide area to leave a gift?

    this will be my first time attend japan idol handshake event and I dont know much about the handshake culture. Hope someone could enlighten me

    thank you so much :)
  17. prataz

    prataz Kenkyuusei

    Nov 24, 2011
    You can leave a present at the information counter for the girls.

    They will give you a paper slip for you to write a short message.

    But do take note of the restrictions like:

    No CD / DVD etc.
    No Food products
    No expensive items

    I think the guideline is available on their website.
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  18. nogibobo

    nogibobo Kenkyuusei

    Jan 24, 2015
    thank you so much!!
  19. prataz

    prataz Kenkyuusei

    Nov 24, 2011
    You are welcome!

    That's why you join the forum. To share experiences and get help if needed =)
  20. erwinalif

    erwinalif Kenkyuusei

    May 3, 2015
    having a good times reading all your HS experience..
    just hoping one day I could get some chance like you all :D

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