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  1. hiroto

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    Jul 14, 2009
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    Held, opened and inspected by customs since the beginning of this month :blink: the package finally arrived :^^;:

    A figure of Miichan

    Mama&Son Official Store gave me a gift from Miichan's graduation :)
    Look at the size of the gift I bought with.
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  2. x_lambs

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    Jun 11, 2012
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    Lip Gloss is here. Nice insert in the theater ver.


    I rolled a 1 (- - ; )


    Then a natural 20 ( ^ ^) /


    And that's it..just 2 tickets for yuiyui. I'm really tired of all the plastic in my house (I recycled close to 100 jewel cases from jiiwaru and shitsuren). At least until the next in person event i can attend in Japan wwww
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  3. IbarakiRose

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    Oct 29, 2022
    Okabe Rin
    I picked up some of the netshop photos for Hisashiburi no Lip Gloss.


    I got Okabe Rin's and Omori Maho's versions. It comes with four photos in costume and then one of them both in the MV clothing. I'm not always a fan of the outfits they choose normally for the net shop photos but thought these were nice.

    The shipping was more expensive then both of the photos and proxy cost put together, so I might wait for it to get back to some normality before purchasing anymore.
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  4. x_lambs

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    Jun 11, 2012
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  5. sscrla

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    Dec 27, 2015
    Takayanagi Akane
    This post (it will be quite long) is about a recent arrival, but also about how shipping has changed (for me) over the past seven years. Recently, I have been buying more ITZY than anyone else (My Last JPop was purchase 11/23/2021: Ne mo Ha mo Rumor, re-union by Little Glee Monster, and U by NiziU) and have posted arrivals in their thread, but today I am going to post here because I want to ask you a question.

    Today I received ITZY’s Cheshire (C Ver. Signed).



    with Chaeryeong's signature
    [The thing in the upper right is actually a die, when folded. You can see the six sides and the flaps around them. The problem is that they don’t stay in place. I may have to glue it together.]

    In the past, this might have been shipped from Korea or more recently from Amazon, but now ITZY has their own US internet store, and this was shipped from Austin TX. Here are some of the ways I have purchased goods in the past.

    In Person
    Japan: BookOff in Kawasaki near the JR station
    Local: BookOff in Gardena CA
    J-Pop Summit (2017), Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture, San Francisco CA

    Internet (shipped)
    From Korea: Yes24, 11Street [warning: never buy from 11Street]
    From Japan: Amazon, LimitedStand (aka limista via Tenso)
    From Hong Kong: YesAsia
    From Los Angeles: Choice Music, Target
    From Other US: Target (NJ?), ITZY online store (Texas), BlackPink online store (unknown: not shipped yet)
    From Amazon:
    Sold by asian sellers, shipped by asian sellers (e.g., BLACKPINK - Kill This Love from KPOP MARKET (Hanteo & Gaon Chart Family Shop))
    Sold by asian sellers, shipped by Amazon
    Sold by Amazon, shipped by Amazon (e.g., ITZY Not Shy, next day delivery)

    Now my question for you: how do you display your treasures? Photos obviously can go in photo albums, but what about larger items?

    I have purchased art portfolios (8x10” and 14x17”) to display items left to me by @Cristafari, for example SSK posters.

    (of course I will use Paruru as my example :))

    As for posters, while buying posters shipped in a tube rather than folded is possible, all of mine have been folded (it’s cheaper that way). I have never pinned up a poster, not even on the ceiling over my bed.

    I did buy a Poster Frame Shape B2 (Black) (515x728mm) by Arte ($60, most of which was for shipping) sold on Amazon by a Japanese seller and shipped from Japan to hold a poster of Wasamin that I saved from the trash at the J-Pop Summit in San Francisco in 2017. Japanese movie posters are a special Japanese B2 size, not the same as B2 for other purposes.

    hanging above my desk

    More recently, I had an ITZY Checkmate poster framed. It cost me roughly $80, but is much higher quality than the frame I got for Wasamin.


    on my bedroom wall

    I also have posters from TWICE, Nayeon, ITZY (Lia), and BLACKPINK that are not displayed (and one more of ITZY), unless you consider lying flat on top of a dresser as displayed. The largest two are Lia at 30H x 20W and BP at 23H x 17W. I am not going to frame them because of cost and limited wall space.



    So what do you do to display your goods?

    P.S. my current dilemma: do I want to spend three times to cost of the single to get my new poster framed?
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  6. David61

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    May 17, 2015
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    Komiyama Haruka
    This is a pertinent question for me currently as I've a signed poster of Mirurun on its way to me from Japan. It's part of the promotion for her new single 'MELTY' and as she's my all-time NMB48 oshi (and indeed my all-time second-favourite 48G member after Mayuyu) I'd really like to display it so I'm starting to think about framing it but I haven't yet looked at costs.

    At the moment wall space is all I have to display new stuff! Over 90% of my collection is in drawers or boxes. I do though keep a special collection of stuff on top of some drawers next to my bed so seeing these every morning helps me to get up out of it [hehe]:


    From right to left is a handprint by my ex-SKE48 oshi Minarun, signed cards by Hidaaya of T8 and my current AKB oshi Komiharu, all-member signed albums by LE SSERAFIM and BLACKPINK, and a signed calendar by ex-SKE member Churi (simply so I know what day it is lol).

    As I said, most of the rest of it is stored away due to lack of display space. As an example here's two boxes full of IZ*ONE stuff:


    It includes two signed albums (one of which is visible on top) so it's a huge shame I can't display some of this. (and don't get me started on the two boxes to the left which contain mags and PBs from pre-2020, at least the more recent stuff is more accessible.)

    CDs are mostly in drawers, for example here's my collection of AKB singles (they were in a box until I cleared the drawer of old clothes and gave them to a charity collection!):


    I would very much like to display more items (e.g. signed photocards and chekis from 48G members, and other Kpop signed albums such as those from TWICE and ITZY). In a way it's a nice problem to have and I'll see if I can have a general clear-out and move-around of stuff at home after Xmas.
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  7. sscrla

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    Dec 27, 2015
    Takayanagi Akane
    I like the drawer idea. My CDs are on bookshelves, but that leaves more empty space than your drawers.

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