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    Kaki Haruka
    Hello Nogizaka fans,

    Please feel free to send me any short/medium length text based translation requests through a conversation. I can’t guarantee that I’ll get to everything but I will certainly try!


    Saturday, February 22
    Nakada Kana: 8th Year BIRTHDAY LIVE ~DAY1~ Report-Kana? 1833

    Maichun and I are on the cover of the March issue of
    “Highway Walker”~!!

    You can find copies at service and parking areas
    Be sure to have a look when you’re out for a drive~

    And here’s some more Maichun for you

    Today, there’s another episode of
    “Nogizaka46 Nakada Kana no Mahjong Gachi Battle! Kanarin no Top me Toreru Kana?”
    On TBC Channel 1 from 24:00~25:00

    The episode features the third round!

    The guests competing are
    Hamakan – Hamatani Kenji
    Hamakan – Kanda Shinichiro
    DOKI-DOKI Camp – Kishi Manabu

    And also the team from K-Dash Stage
    Who are regulars on the show!

    I thought it was a fascinating match~
    And I hope you’re looking forward to seeing it!

    The supporting guest of the episode…
    Is Maichun!

    With All Night Nippon and everything else
    Maichun has been helping me out all week!

    I think the show is great for mahjong fans
    And even those who aren’t particular interested in mahjong
    Please be sure to check out this week’s episode~


    This photo here
    Is from a shoot that got me really excited because the stylist prepared pieces
    From a brand that I wear quite often

    The stylist knows me so well~~
    It made me so happy!

    Now, onto the report
    We’re still in the middle of the concert
    So it’s probably best that I leave out the finer details
    I think I’ll just post the setlist here!

    Besides, the only time we can post the setlist
    Is during special occasions like this when we’re covering all of our songs~

    DAY 1 Setlist

    Yoakemade Tsuyogaranakutemoii 〇
    Natsu no Free & Easy〇
    Against 〇
    Omoide First
    Tender days
    Anata no Tame ni Hikitai
    Inochi no Shinjitsu Musical "Ringo Uri to Kamemushi"
    Kumo ni Nareba ii*
    Atarashii Kafun ~Musical “Mishiranu Sekai” yori~
    Bocchi Tou
    Koko janai Doko ka
    Mangetsu ga Kieta
    Choppin Usotsuki
    Teitaion no Kiss
    Shiritai koto
    Nazo no Rakugaki
    Am I Loving?
    Kokuhaku no Junban 〇
    Rewind ano Hi
    Atarashii Sekai
    Fuusen wa Ikiteiru 〇
    Tsuki no Ookisa
    Dankeshon 〇
    Boku no Omoikomi 〇
    Settei Ondo 〇
    Ima, Hanashitai Dareka ga Iru
    Sankaku no Akichi 〇
    Kotodama hou
    Boku no Shodou
    2 Dome no Kiss Kara
    Hatsukoi no Hito wo Imademo 〇
    Watashi no Tame ni Dareka no Tame
    Another Ghost
    Under 〇
    Ano Hi Boku wa Tossa ni Uso wo Tsuita 〇
    Unubore Beach
    Oide Shampoo 〇
    13 Nichi no Kinyoubi 〇
    Korogatta Kane wo Narase 〇
    Boku no Koto, Shitteru 〇
    Nandome no Aozora ka? 〇

    Hito wa Naze Hashiru no ka 〇
    Umareta Mama de 〇
    Koumori yo 〇
    Guru Guru Curtain 〇

    〇 marks the songs that I’m part of

    Did you get to hear your favorite songs~?

    The songs below are the ones I performed in as an Under member
    But I'm not an original member for

    Yoakemade Tsuyogaranakutemoii
    Maiyan’s position

    Natsu no Free & Easy
    Wakatsuki’s position

    Fuusen wa Ikiteiru
    Iori’s position

    And that’s about it~

    I hope you enjoy Day 2 of our Birthday Live!

    Nakada Kana

    *Translator’s note: Kana lists “Kumo ni Nareba ii” as “Ai ni Nareba ii”

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    Thanks for this.

    I personally like the idea of having a specific thread for text-based translations (blogs, interviews) as those can often get lost in the shuffle of main threads, member threads, news threads, etc. It would be nice to keep them in one place.
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    Kaki Haruka
    Thanks for the feedback! I also felt it would be easier if there was a specific thread after trying to post the following in the Reichan thread...

    Please see the original blog post for images:

    Sunday, February 23
    4th Generation – Seimiya Rei
    Which hairstyle should I go with tomorrow?


    Seimiya Rei here ☺︎

    Yuna took this photo of me
    I felt a bit embarrassed, though
    (She took it after the encore so my cheeks were all red)

    Then Kakki came and tried to make me laugh

    Thank you for your support on Day 3 of our Birthday Live ⸜(๑'ᵕ'๑)⸝
    Did you all have a chance to come see us yet?
    I heard there will be live-viewing in cinemas for our show tomorrow and it's making me even more motivated!

    We’re performing all 199 songs! Isn’t it amazing〜
    Which Nogizaka46 song is your favorite?

    Since we’re going through each and every one of our songs during this Birthday Live,
    I get to perform plenty of songs for the very first time, which makes me happy ( ¨̮ )

    Especially “Nandomeno Aozoraka” - it's my favorite song to hear live and I was so glad to be part of it on Day 1 ❁︎

    The performances each day are so much fun that I feel sad when I think about how tomorrow is our last day…

    Oh, also!
    Happy 8th birthday to us!!!!!
    It’s hard to believe that not only do I get to celebrate Nogizaka46’s birthday as a member of the group, I even get to go on stage and perform the same song that I loved so much as a fan when I first joined.

    I feel overwhelmed every day with all the things I have to remember, but I want to do my very best to give all of our fans a great performance!
    Let’s all have a wonderful time together ♪

    Here are the 4th gen members!!!

    And we have some great news!
    We’re very glad to announce that 11 of us from 4th gen will be starring in a drama
    The last time I had a chance to act was in the Principal musical
    And this will be the first time for me to act on film

    We’re divided into two teams
    Endo, Kakehashi, Kangawa, Tamura, Tsutsui, Hayakawa, and Yakubo will star in “Samu no Koto”
    While Kaki, Shibata, Seimiya, and Kitagawa will star in “Saru ni au”

    In the “Saru ni au” team that I’m a part of, Kakki, Yuna, and I take the leading role together. We’re in the middle of making very thorough preparations with the director and we’ll begin shooting very soon!
    I feel a mix of nervousness and uncertainty and anticipation and…

    I’m doing my readthrough of the script now. There are plenty of things I’m worried about when the time comes for me to start acting ( .. )
    We’ll all do our best, though!

    I hope you are looking forward to watching it! It won’t be broadcasted for another while, so please be patient!

    Onto another announcement: four of us from 4th gen will be featured on the cover of the Ray April issue!
    I get to be on the cover of a fashion magazine that I love. It makes me so, so happy ♡

    Please be sure to check it out!

    I’ll end with a few photos with Ayachan ‪‪☺︎

    I’m writing this blog post after the concert so I think my excitement is showing \(◜▿◝ )/
    Thank you all so much for coming with your towels and penlights
    I could see every single orange penlight all the highest rows!!
    It was nice seeing my towels out there, too ♪

    Let’s have a great time tomorrow as well ♪
    Good night

    - Rei
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    Takahashi Juri-Miyawaki Sakura
    Thanks for the good work. To help with future posts (and before the mods step in)
    - photos are 750x750 max even in spoiler tabs. Otherwise the mods will remove it eventually
    - S48 has server issues with capacity (as u can tell with all the time outs) hence would recommend using 3rd parties like imgur or postimage to adjust size/attach images going forward. sorry, more work i know
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    Kaki Haruka
    I appreciate the feedback and recommendations! Pictures removed for the time being - I need to figure something out...

    Also, Sakurai Reika graduation interview incoming!
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    Thank you, looking forward to it :cute:
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    Takahashi Juri-Miyawaki Sakura
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    Kaki Haruka
    Interview with REIKA
    September 2019

    -- Joining us is Sakurai Reika, who graduated from Nogizaka46 following their concert at the Meiji Jingu Stadium on September 1, 2019. Reika-san, can you tell us about how you felt the night before your last concert?

    S: After the show on August 31 we took individual interviews. When I returned after I was done with mine, I found all the 1st generation members waiting for me on stage. We took pictures and videos, we talked about all of our memories, and we all cried a lot. I think that might be when I started to feel like it was really coming to an end. After making it back home, I tried to think about what to say during my graduation speech, but nothing came to mind. I laid down in my bed but couldn’t fall asleep. In the end, I never managed to put anything together. I just went with the flow on the day of my graduation (laughs). Then again, rather than focusing too much on preparations, I thought it would be more like me to just do it. I wanted to share the emotions I was feeling at that particular moment with everyone.

    I’m glad I ended my run by remembering how enjoyable it is to perform.

    -- Please tell us about the thoughts that went through your mind during the concert.

    S: After a few of the songs, I was struck with a few moments of sadness when I realized that I would never sing those same songs as Sakurai Reika, a member of Nogizaka46, anymore. But then the next song would start. During the concert, I couldn’t really get into it – I was left feeling rather bewildered (laughs). I have to say, though, I was able to see the faces of those in the audience really clearly! I even found myself thinking “Ah, it’s that person” and “Found you!” (laughs).

    I won’t forget how enjoyable that day was for me. In the previous concerts, I couldn’t fully enjoy the experience since I would find myself thinking about how we were doing on time or what I wanted to say during the MC components. However, at my last concert, all I did was enjoy myself. I’m glad I ended my run by remembering how enjoyable it is to perform.

    There was an afterparty following the concert. Having a proper afterparty seemed to be a challenge over the past few years, but the staff members made it happen. It might have been the first afterparty for the 3rd and 4th generation, actually. It had been a while since we all got together and had fun, and when I got home that night, I spent my time responding to the thank-you messages I received.

    -- Near the end of the concert, former 1st generation member Wakatsuki Yumi made a surprise appearance, didn’t she?

    That’s right - I was so surprised! After the last part, I stepped down from the stage, walked around the venue, and bumped into something. I was confused about what happened until I realized it was her (laughs). There were fewer and fewer of us original members remaining, and I remember feeling gloomy because there wouldn’t be many of us around when my graduation came, so I was really happy to see her there for me.

    -- Looking back at the eight years you spent as a member of Nogizaka46, which parts did you enjoy the most and which were the most difficult?

    S: Let’s see… It might not exactly be a “part”, but when I think about what I enjoyed most, my answer has to be the fact that I got to spend these years with the other members. I got as far as I did because of the members of the same generation who shared the same goals. We would have Christmas parties in the dressing room, and at the end of the year in the Kohaku dressing rooms, the staff team would bring us food and snacks. I loved counting the year down with them. As for the difficult parts… To be honest, I think there were far more challenges and difficulties than enjoyable things (laughs). Because I didn’t enter this industry with the dream of becoming an idol, I didn’t quite feel right as an idol during my early days as a member of Nogizaka46. I tried playing around with my outfits, hairstyles, and makeup to push myself towards my ideal image of what an idol should be, but it didn’t exactly go well. There were times when I struggled between the real Sakurai Reika and the one everyone wanted to see. Things got better after a while, though (laughs).

    -- Out of all the experiences you had with the group, which was the most memorable?

    S: Even today, my experience in 2013 when we had our first concert at Yoyogi National Gymnasium is still a very special one to me. Until Yoyogi, our concerts were live houses and smaller venues. It was the first time we performed at a venue with a main and surrounding stage. There was so much to remember for the concert, but all of us felt a great sense of accomplishment afterward.

    -- How have you grown through your activities as a member of Nogizaka46?

    S: I joined as a high school student who never even had a part-time job, so I learned everything about the professional world through Nogizaka46. Being a member allowed me to learn how to communicate with others and hierarchical relationships, so I think it made me more mature overall? Having said that, there are times when I still misunderstand others or say the wrong thing and fail so much that I shock myself. The “ponkotsu” part of me is still very much alive (laughs).

    I believe that the other members made me, Sakurai Reika, into their captain

    -- You brought the group together as its captain for eight years. Can you tell us more about your role as the captain?

    S: Honestly, I turned down the offer a few times, telling the staff that I simply couldn’t do it. In the end, I was still given the role, and by the time we released our second single “Oide Shampoo”, I became the temporary captain. You must be wondering what I mean by “temporary” (laughs). Since I was only the temporary captain, figuring out what I could do and how far to extend myself was a complicated process. Looking back at it all, I guess I couldn’t help it since I was in my teens and I didn’t have any experience. But there were times when I reacted with too much emotion or said things that were too harsh.

    At the time, I thought the members chosen to be in the center position would feel lonelier than the captain, so instead of leading from above, I made it a point to focus on having everyone work together. Fortunately, everyone was very supportive. I thought I did quite well in finding out who was a bit down or not feeling too well. When I was struggling, there were lots of occasions when I would talk to the other 1st generation members and even the 2nd generation. At the time, I thought it was another way of communicating with others. As for the 3rd and 4th generations, many of them joined the group because they admired us, so I tried to make myself look good and avoided telling them about my problems (laughs).

    Even now, I’m not sure why I was the captain. But if I didn’t have that role, I don’t think I would have stayed with Nogizaka46 for as long as I did, and I might not love the group as much as I do now. Being the captain made me more responsible. With my personality, if I wasn’t the captain, I would have probably been sloppier here and there. I feel like the other members made me into their captain, which really allowed me to grow.

    -- How did you feel when Akimoto Manatsu was chosen as the next captain of the group?

    S: I always got along very well with Manatsu. Before it was announced that she would be the next captain, I even talked to her about who would be best to replace me. At the time, someone else was being considered, and when the announcement was finally made, I was truly concerned. For me, the role of the captain didn't always lead to positive experiences, and I felt bad knowing that Manatsu would be put through the same issues. I even felt that the role would change her. However, she was very positive in accepting the role, which made me happy and quite relieved. Manatsu is a source of comfort for Nogizaka46, and I hope she can stay this way even as the next captain.

    Portland was a beautiful place with very kind people

    -- Onto your new photobook: I heard the shoot took place in Portland, the most livable city in the United States.

    S: I originally requested to have the photobook shot on the West Coast, and after tons of research by the staff team, we decided on Portland. Unlike Los Angeles, Portland was a place that I really didn’t know much about. When I saw photos of the city and the shops, though, I thought it was a wonderful place. I also asked around for opinions and decided that Portland would be the right location. When I got there, the city was both stylish and quite adorable. The locals were also very kind. It was a great place.

    And the food was great, too! Especially the ice cream at Salt & Straw ♡. I liked it so much that I went twice during my stay (laughs). I wish the other members could try it! Dinner with the photography team each night was fun, and I had a great time dropping by a bar and playing table tennis!

    -- You told us that a key phrase for your new photobook is “maturity and sexiness”. What kind of image would you like to project now that you have graduated?

    S: I can’t quite imagine how I will change now that I've left Nogizaka46, but I do hope to share my identity and my personality with the world bit by bit. With the other members, we would naturally end up with similar hairstyles and makeup, but from now on I want to do things the way I like. I want to find a new way to be Sakurai Reika.

    -- Can you give us some more detail about what kind of work you would like to pursue?

    S: As an idol for the past eight years, I’ve experienced plenty of different things. I want to continue being flexible and moving forward without restricting myself. I do want to try new things whenever a chance arises, but I know I would like to work on acting. Movies, dramas, musicals… and so on. Regardless of the format, I would like to be involved in the world of acting. I grew up glued to the TV, and even as an adult I had always been addicted to dramas. Since my earlier years, I’ve always dreamed of being in the entertainment industry and becoming an actress. I was too embarrassed to tell anyone, though. In high school, I secretly applied to the agency’s audition; my parents were so surprised when they found out.

    When I act, I use my true self as a foundation that I build on to become my character instead of turning into someone completely different. Looking back at the interview I took when I was part of a comedy, I can see myself being more excited than normal (laughs). I never noticed it myself, but other people told me that my laugh was a bit strange at the time, so I guess the characters I play have quite an impact on me (laughs).

    I look up to actresses who can combine cuteness with beauty. All I want to do now is gain more experience and become capable of acting in romantic comedies, medical dramas, and other roles in any sort of genre. Also, although I didn’t use to like my own voice, people have told me how much they enjoy hearing it, so I would also like to try dubbing for foreign dramas or even narrations.

    -- You are 25 years old and now halfway through your 20s.

    At the age of 25, it’s common for people to get married or have children… so maybe it’s a turning point? When I turned 25, I thought I would be more an adult. I still feel like a child inside, so I want to gain as much experience in a variety of different fields to make sure I can enjoy my 30's to the fullest. More specifically, I want to work harder on my language skills. I had the same thought during the photoshoots in Portland since speaking English would surely expand my horizons. I would like to work with people from other countries at some point, so I want to make sure I’m ready. When I was in the group, I found myself wanting more time to focus on myself. Now that I have the time, I feel like I’ve been able to organize my feelings and see things with more clarity. I can focus better on my work, and I want to make sure I keep things this way as I continue moving forward.

    I want to be someone who can enjoy life regardless of their age

    -- What kind of adult would you like to become?

    S: I want to become someone who can enjoy life until the very end. I want to make sure I never forget how to have fun and that I’m able to be childish every now and then. Learning to be capable of assuming more responsibility is also something I’m working on since there are still times when I depend too much on those around me. I’m also working towards becoming someone who can really bring a team together and make sure everything is in order in the studio or at work. Right now, I’m still on the “being brought together” side, so I hope I can become more like a leader someday.

    -- And a message to the members of Nogizaka46 to conclude, please.

    S: I didn’t fully realize this when I was a member of the group, but Nogizaka46 is filled with members who are active in various genres of work, whether it’s modeling, acting, novel writing, or working in art. I feel that Nogizaka46 is an organization that girls look up to. Honestly, there are plenty of difficulties and troubles to overcome, but I hope you are all proud of being part of Nogizaka46 and will continue to be someone that others admire.

    -- And a message to your fans as well.

    S: Thank you all, so, so very much for your support. You have all seen things through my point of view even better than I have and gone through my joys and also my sorrows. You are all very important to me because you taught me that there are people in the world who can support you like that. Now that I’ve graduated, the way we communicate won’t be the same. However, since we’ve already gotten to know each other, I hope we can maintain this connection somehow. I would be very happy if you could please continue watching over me!
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    You're super fast. Not sure if I can keep up with you (reading). [hehe] This is now one of my fav thread. Awesome job, thanks very much :approve:
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    Really apreciated your work here, @Posipeace. Good job!
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    A Rainy Scottish City.
    Sakaki Miyu
    Fantastic work, thank you for this.
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    Nice idea and you work it better i believed! Arigato!
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    Kaki Haruka
    Please see the original blog post for images:

    Tuesday, February 25, 2020
    Inoue Sayuri - Happy birthday, Nogizaka!


    Happy eighth birthday, Nogizaka46!

    We’ve made it this far thanks to all of your support ( ˶ˆoˆ˵ )
    Thank you all very much!!

    We held our Birthday Live
    Over a four-day period starting from February 21st!
    I was part of two of those days

    When we first made our debut
    I never thought that so many fans
    Would celebrate our anniversary with us
    I never imagined that we would have 199 songs, either

    This was my first concert since I went on hiatus
    And it’s also my very last Birthday Live
    Having said that, the point of this entire event
    Is to celebrate Nogizaka’s birthday,
    So rather than thinking about my own situation
    My priority was to enjoy celebrating our eighth birthday
    With the rest of the members

    And it was very, very enjoyable indeed ( ˶ˆᴗˆ˶ )
    I had to return to Tokyo immediately after the concert
    But while I was rushing here and there
    A bunch of members came by
    And told me they wanted to take pictures with me
    And here they are.

    My apologies – I was ready to head out already (sweats)

    I’m really grateful




    And Maaya

    Someone in the room
    Was telling the members to line up
    And making sure each member only got four photos (laughs)

    To the members who I didn’t get a chance to take pictures with today
    Let’s take some next time we meet〜

    With such a lengthy setlist,
    I’m sure everyone was exhausted both physically and mentally
    Yet nobody showed even a hint of fatigue
    And all the members had smiles on their faces
    I have so much respect for everyone
    And I’m really thankful to be with them

    Through this Birthday Live
    I was reminded of how wonderful these members are
    Even when I’m working alone in Tokyo
    They make me want to do my best for them
    And I know I can do my best
    Because they are always with me

    No matter where I go,
    I’ll surely be seen as a member of Nogizaka
    So I need to make sure I’m always giving it my all.

    I also want to mention that white is my personal cyalume color、、

    And for the songs where I was in the center,
    I realized that Nagoya Dome was covered
    In a coat of white light…

    It made my manager really emotional
    And they took the following photo for me

    Thank you all for showing me
    Such a beautiful sight!

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    There goes another member, one of the few that gave me reason to follow this group. Appreciate it @Posipeace
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    Kaki Haruka
    And here's a bit of Maiyan who we also need to say goodbye to... there is a bit more to this that I can post another day.

    I'm also going to start updating the title of this thread with the newest translation to hopefully make things a bit easier!


    Shiraishi Mai: Heroine of the film “Stolen Identity 2” (modelpress)

    Shiraishi Mai has announced that she will graduate from Nogizaka46 on March 25th, the release date of the group’s 25th single. Before approaching such a significant change in her life where she will “graduate” from her successful life as an idol, Shiraishi has challenged herself by starring as the heroine in the sequel of the popular film, “Stolen Identity”.

    The film has also served as an opportunity for Shiraishi to face her future after graduation, and today, we get to hear about what she has learned. As she describes her thoughts, we can feel her personal growth, we can sense her strength, and we can certainly see why so many people love her so much.

    Shiraishi Mai on being chosen for the major role and the conversations she had with Kitagawa Keiko

    -- Did you feel the pressure when you were selected to star as the heroine in the sequel of such a popular film?

    Shiraishi: Yes, I felt a lot of pressure, and I wondered if I would be good enough for the role. At the same time, I was very happy for the opportunity. The original film was absolutely fantastic, so I wanted to do my very best to make the sequel just as good.

    I was really, really nervous on my first day of shooting the film, but the staff and the rest of the cast were very welcoming, so I was able to enjoy the process.

    -- The sequel also features Kitagawa Keiko and Takana Kei, who were both in the original film. Were you nervous when you met them?

    S: I was! When I met Kitagawa-san and Tanaka-san, the aura surrounding the two of them was completely different than what I had experienced before. Kitagawa-san was very kind and told me to just do my best, which really motivated me.

    -- So you spoke with Kitagawa-san!

    S: We started off with the bus scene on my first day, which happened to be quite a significant scene in the story. Kitagawa-san was like, “You started with that scene?” (laughs)

    Shiraishi Mai on being incredibly nervous for intense and physically-demanding scenes

    -- In the film, you played your role with a tremendous intensity from start to finish. Did you experience any challenges in preparing for the role?

    S: The Director asked me to remember that I was constantly being pursued, but it was difficult for me to really show the fear and the sense of having someone hunting you down. The Director also taught me to exaggerate and do more than what I was already doing, which helped me learn a lot about acting.

    -- The scene where you were in danger was incredibly tense and terrifying. We could definitely see the actress inside of you emerging in those physically-demanding scenes.

    S: Thank you very much (laughs). It was an important scene and I was so nervous when I arrived on set. In fact, it was the most nerve-racking part of shooting the entire film.

    -- I’m sure anyone would be nervous in that situation. What was your mentality going on set each day?

    S: I made sure to remind myself of how Matsuda Minori must have felt when she was in those situations. Before stepping on set, I tried to stop myself from focusing only on those feelings, but by the time the lights and cameras were on my, all I did was make sure that I continued to show fear.

    -- You shot more scenes with Chiba-san than with anyone else. Did you have a chance to chat with him between shots?

    S: Even after we finished shooting the film, I worked with Chiba-san in promoting the film on various shows and also in interviews, so we had many opportunities to talk. We couldn’t have any deeper conversations while we were still shooting, but he always brought a sense of calmness to the set. Thanks to him, I was able to relax and play my role.

    Shiraishi Mai on the changes in her perception of being an actress

    -- We heard that you recently announced that you will be graduating from Nogizaka46.

    S: I did. I knew that some fans would be upset when they heard the news, and I was scared of the reaction I would receive after the announcement. I couldn’t sleep the night before…

    -- That must have been difficult. Through all the subtle details in your facial expressions and even the way you moved your hands in the film, we could tell how serious you were in becoming a better actress. Was your approach toward “Stolen Identity 2” different than your previous experiences in acting? Did you go in with the mindset of challenging yourself as an actress instead of an idol from now on?

    S: Thanks for the praise! I didn’t have a different mindset, but I was able to learn a lot by working with so many other actors and actresses. I wanted to use this film as an opportunity to become more mature as an actress myself.

    Shiraishi Mai on personal strength and the impact other Nogizaka46 members have on her

    -- In all the various tasks and projects you have worked on until now, how have you overcome stress and moments that made you want to give up?

    S: The other members of Nogizaka46 play a huge role in pushing my forwards. Of course, I’ve worked on plenty of difficult things and experienced many challenges, but I was never alone. Because we would cheer each other up and bring ourselves together towards a common goal of doing better next time, I’ve been able to overcome everything that has been in my way.

    -- Matsuda Minori, whom you play in the film, is a strong woman at heart, just like you are. Can you tell us more about the strength you have?

    S: I’m not strong at all! I’m really just a softy inside (laughs). Having said that, when I perform, I know that people see me not just as myself but as a member of the group, so I believe that each and every one of us has to prepare ourselves properly and approach our work with the right attitude.

    To be honest, I haven’t really thought too deeply about our group until now. With each passing year, I became more and more aware of the group’s future and also my own. Now, I want to the group to continue to expand, and I want to continue growing myself. Maybe I’m starting to show myself as a strong woman at heart because my determination towards being a professional has become stronger?

    -- Did the film change your attitude towards being an actress?

    S: It made me want to continue acting even after I graduate from Nogizaka46. Sure, I have always been interested in acting, but this film really helped me understand the joys and the hardships of acting. It made me realize how enjoyable acting really is.

    -- What triggered the change in your attitude towards your work in general?

    S: The introduction of new members definitely led to the change. Not so much the 2nd generation members since I see them as partners I’ve always worked with, but the 3rd and 4th generation really feel like kouhai to me. They made me feel like I had a lot to protect and care for, which caused the change in my attitude.

    Shiraishi Mai on Nogizaka46 being a “treasure” to her and how it was her destiny to join the other members

    -- Until now, you have been able to meet the other members of Nogizaka46 naturally on a regular basis, but that is all going to change once you graduate. How do you want to spend the rest of your time with the other members?

    S: I don’t want to do anything differently. I just want to continue having fun with them, just as we’ve been doing all these years. I do want to take lots of photos with them, though!

    -- To conclude, please tell us your secret to making your dreams come true.

    S: My secret is to start by taking the first step. I have been a member of Nogizaka46 for the past eight years, and I always thought it was important to branch out by challenging myself, even when I thought I couldn’t do it. This takes a lot of courage, but even if you fail, the process itself only makes you stronger. I want everyone with a dream to take action and challenge themselves instead of just talking about their dreams!

    -- Thank you very much for your time.

    Throughout the interview, Shiraishi Mai showed a strong sense of confidence and great faith in herself as she spoke about Nogizaka46 and her future as an actress.

    Over an eight-year period, Shiraishi has led the group as “Nogizaka46’s absolute ace”, and it’s hard to imagine the amount of pressure she must have felt. It must have been the immeasurable love she has for the members and the mutual trust they share that has allowed Shiraishi and the group itself to develop into who they have become.
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    Jun 28, 2014
    Shiraishi Mai
    Nice conclusion there. This is why I love her so much, she shows confidence in herself while remaining humble.
    Thanks a lot @Posipeace
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    Apr 10, 2015
    Oh my... Well, good luck for Posipeace and... Mai!
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    Apr 18, 2019
    Nogi Satsu vol. 2 Member Comments
    (cross-posted to the Nogi Satsu thread)
    On pp. 236-241, there's a list of everyone’s basic profile along with their answers to two topics about other members:
    1 This is what’s cute about this member!
    2 This is what I admire about this member!
    But I was curious what people said about a particular member if you collected all the responses… so I took the liberty of reorganizing the list by who got the most responses. Can you guess which member was called cute/admired the most!?

    (Answers to 1 and 2 could be different members, in fact, only Christie chose the same member (Maaya) for both. When an answer listed multiple members, I indicated it with a “+.” Some members weren't mentioned.)

    Ito Junna
    She’s a reliable senpai, but she’ll say things like “Ninja camouflage!” when she’s embarrassed, it’s cute. – Hazuki
    Ito Riria
    Riria is cute when she looks like she’s about to fall asleep. To tell the truth, I often catch sight of her sleeping, and I think ahh she’s like a baby. – Hoshino
    Iwamoto Renka
    + Tamami, 1 They’re cute individually, but when the “Rentama” pair are together, the cuteness doubles! These two must not be separated. They’re so lovable, I can’t stand it. – Momoko
    Sasaki Kotoko
    When I find out that I like the same things as Kotoko-san, she gets excited and starts talking rapidly. That gap between her cool appearance and her behavior is cute. – Reno
    Shibata Yuna
    Yuna-chan is a girl who tries her hardest. There’s something about her that’s similar to me, so I want to watch over her warmly. – Hinako
    Tamura Mayu
    + Seira, 1 When we were working together, they told me “We always wanted to talk to Inoue-san.” I thought ahh they’re cute kouhai. – Inoue
    Mukai Hazuki
    She asked me “Do you like Hazuki?” and when I said “Yes,” she bashfully said “I’m glad.” She’s my senpai, but I love how she’s cute when she’s spoiled. – Mayu
    Yamashita Mizuki
    Her face is cute to a surprising degree. To the level where when I watch her on the monitor during tours, my heart skips a beat. I have no choice but to like her (lol). Also, it’s cute how she doesn’t let herself be spoiled by her senpai. – Matsumura
    Shinuchi Mai
    + 5 others, 2 I can’t narrow it down to one person! I love everyone, they’re all people I admire. – Yuri
    Suzuki Ayane
    Even though we’ve been together a long time, I can’t find things I dislike about her. I learn many things when watching her up close, like her language and behavior. – Hori
    Watanabe Miria
    + Kana, 2 During rehearsal, these two members’ dancing is captivatingly cool. I’m charmed by the way they use their body, the way they move their gaze, and their expressive ability! – Riria
    Inoue Sayuri
    Her cuteness and idol-ness is high, but I like when she unexpectedly shows her mischievous boyishness. Like when she flirts with people. That gap is cute. – Umezawa
    1 When we went flower-viewing together, she made onigiri for me. She’s a gentle person, so I’m soothed when I’m with her. We have a relationship like an old couple (lol). – Rena
    Kitagawa Yuri
    I think the her that is always able to stay un-embellished is cool, I think that’s also what’s cute about Yuri-chan. – Kubo
    + Rei, 1 The kouhai are all cute, but I suppose it’s these two, with an unwavering worldview and an unwavering smile. It’s incredible that even though they have overwhelming idiosyncrasy and ability, they don’t flaunt it. – Takayama
    Nakamura Reno
    I love her face! In particular, I like her pained expression in “Kimi ga Aoidekureta,” I was moved by Reno-san’s performance and cried. I’m stealthily imitating Reno-san’s bangs. – Sayaka
    1 I like Reno-chan’s singing voice and dancing. Although she’s idol-like, her ability to put on a cool dance performance is also charming. – Miria
    Yoda Yuuki
    Yoda-san’s appearance is cute even when her mind wanders. – Kaki
    1 I like Yoda-san’s cute figure when she’s eating. I secretly watch her from afar. – Ayame
    Umezawa Minami
    She has an image of being tall and cool, but I think the parts of her that are unexpectedly nervous or girlish are cute. She indulgently calls me “Ane-san.” – Shinuchi
    2 I aspire toward Ume-chan’s figure and adultness. I believe I’ll still grow taller, but it’s scary that my coming-of-age ceremony could turn out looking like a Shichi-Go-San… – Yoda
    Kitano Hinako
    I love Hiiko-chan’s smiling face. I think that innocent smiling face is really lovely and strong. – Momoko
    2 I admire her sharp dancing and expressions. Even among her performances, I like Kitano-san in "Nichijou." – Seira
    Terada Ranze
    I like her face, she has good taste, and she can candidly communicate what she thinks. I also like how she’s strong-willed and doesn’t waver. – Inoue
    2 Ranze-chan has a different feeling than ordinary people, I’m really drawn to her sense of originality. – Matsumura
    Hori Miona
    + 5 others, 2 I can’t narrow it down to one person! I love everyone, they’re all people I admire. – Yuri
    2 I admire her attitude in pursuing beauty. She changes her hairstyle and makeup depending on the day. If I was a Mio-chan fan, I’d be very happy. – Ayane
    Ozono Momoko
    When she told me she likes Renka, I replied “I like her too,” and she got really bashful (lol). It’s also cute how she gets happy when you hug her. – Tamami
    1 Her face, personality, her Kagoshima dialect, her way of talking, everything’s cute. I’m simply healed by her. – Rei
    1 I like Momoko-san’s Kagoshima dialect and her voice. – Ayame
    Kubo Shiori
    Her face, her personality, everything’s cute. I also like how even though she’s a high spec person who can sing, act, and do anything, she still doesn’t spare any effort. – Ayane
    1 She appears to have her act together, but she’s a spoiled child. She’ll say “I’m lonely, can I go your house?” and come over for a sleepover. That part of her is cute. – Seira
    2 She’s my kouhai, but there are many things I respect about her! When I see Shii-chan, I think that Nogizaka46 will probably continue on forever. – Hinako
    Seimiya Rei
    + Yuri, 1 The kouhai are all cute, but I suppose it’s these two, with an unwavering worldview and an unwavering smile. It’s incredible that even though they have overwhelming idiosyncrasy and ability, they don’t flaunt it. – Takayama
    1 When our eyes meet, she grins and shows me a million-point smile. She’s smiling at all times, so whenever I look at Rei-chan, I’m able to cheer up. – Hina
    2 Always grinning, and anyhow energetic. She’s energetic before a live and energetic after a live. She’s brimming with youth, I’m jealous! – Hoshino
    Saito Asuka
    She tries to act “tsun,” but her humor threshold is low and she often laughs. It’s also cute how she sometimes plays along unexpectedly and we’ll fool around together. – Ikuta
    2 A person I’ve always admired since before I joined. Asuka-san dances the way only she can, with a sensuous feeling. I respect her an awful lot, she’s cute 24/7! – Renka
    2 I think Asuka-san’s performance is incredibly smooth and wonderful. In particular, I want to imitate the way she uses her neck, I’m doing my best. – Ayame
    Higuchi Hina
    Her gentle personality, and feminine manner and way of talking are cute. The way she gloms onto me is also adorable. – Maaya
    2 I admire the courage she has. I think she’s calm and gracious, but cool. – Umezawa
    2 I admire people who are feminine like Higuchi-san. When I’m beside Higuchi-san, I feel like I can become feminine too, so there’ve been times when I just nonchalantly stick close to her (lol). – Hazuki
    Hoshino Minami
    The “Ah” when Hoshino-san says “Ah, I forgot!” or “Ah! I messed up!” is cute. – Kaki
    2 An all-rounder who can dance, sing, and act. She’s also quick at memorizing, doesn’t show others how hard she’s trying, and executes without hesitation, which I think is cool. – Junna
    2 She acts like she’s not thinking anything, but even among the members, she’s the very best at considering others’ needs. She can treat all members with the same attitude. – Asuka
    Wada Maaya
    During the under live, Maaya-san was in front of the entrance backstage and told me, “I wanted to sit next to you, so I was waiting.” She’s a senpai, but I thought, ahh cute. 2 Her powerful, smooth dancing is cool. The way she moves her body is incredibly beautiful, I admire her. – Christie
    + Kana, 2 When these two sang “Jiyuu no Kanata,” they were cool and looked like princes. I fell in love. – Saya
    2 I aspire toward her foreigner-like figure. Long legs, thin waist, and small face. The No.1 popular figure for girls, I think. – Ranze
    Akimoto Manatsu
    + 5 others, 2 I can’t narrow it down to one person! I love everyone, they’re all people I admire. – Yuri
    2 A goodness of character that anyone would trust, and a sense of security that you end up relying on. I think she’s really suited to being captain. I respect her. – Kana
    2 A person who’s kind, good at taking others into consideration, and brightens the atmosphere. Even though she should be busy with her own jobs, she’s a wonderful captain who gets in touch and calls out to people. – Mizuki
    Endo Sakura
    Perfect, with nothing in her appearance or personality that isn’t cute. If I ask her to “Do something cute,” she responds “Eh?” and is cute. – Saya
    1 I was surprised when she rushed over, crouched down in front of me, and said “Asuka-san, I wanted to see you!” I didn’t think she was the kind of girl to say such things. – Asuka
    1 Her mannerisms are cute. She’ll entwine arms with me, lean against my shoulder, or stick to my back. It makes my heart skip. – Yuna
    1 Every member’s cute so I can’t decide, but I suppose it’s Saku-chan, after all. It’s not just her appearance, her heart is also beautiful, I’ve thought, does a person like this even exist!? – Mio
    Sakaguchi Tamami
    It’s funny how when she’s talking in front of other people, her hand and body gestures become big. I always think she’s behaving cutely and watch her. – Renka
    + Renka, 1 They’re cute individually, but when the “Rentama” pair are together, the cuteness doubles! These two must not be separated. They’re so lovable, I can’t stand it. – Momoko
    1 Tama-chan’s natural personality is always cute. – Hinako
    2 Her eccentric reactions and hard-to-pin-down personality are funny. When I look at her and for some reason am able to start giggling, I think that that’s her unique personality. – Ikuta
    Hayakawa Seira
    + Mayu, 1 When we were working together, they told me “We always wanted to talk to Inoue-san.” I thought ahh they’re cute kouhai. – Inoue
    1 Her face when she’s eating or deciding what to eat is incredibly serious, it’s cute. It makes me want to eat with Seira. – Sakura
    1 I like her straightforward personality and her rich emotions. A girl who can grapple with various things with all her might, without cutting corners. She also has attractive power, so I think she can lead others even during lives. – Hori
    2 I super incredibly admire the way she responds at handshake events. A god-like way of responding that makes me want to lane alongside Seira. – Sayaka
    Shiraishi Mai
    Her word sense when making offhand remarks or talking to members is funny. To be that beautiful and funny – she’s the strongest. – Ranze
    + 5 others, 2 I can’t narrow it down to one person! I love everyone, they’re all people I admire. – Yuri
    2 The role model I have for myself is Shiraishi-san. When I’m troubled, I think, “What would Shiraishi-san do?” or “Would she say it like this?” – Yuna
    2 Openhearted and kind Shiraishi-san. A person who’s wonderful to the point where you wonder: She’s good at both singing and dancing, does she even have any flaws? – Mayu
    Tsutsui Ayame
    If I praise her slightly, she’s bashful and looks down; that feeling of pureness is super cute. I hope she grows up forthright and remains that way. – Manatsu
    1 Her soothing face is cute, as well as her being reliable despite being the youngest. I’ve wanted to talk to her recently. – Junna
    1 I like her air of refinement and calm. Her softly smiling face is also cute, so I want to keep spoiling her without holding back (lol) – Riria
    1 When I lost a game and was feeling down, she was cute and talked to me about life. I’m into her funny way of fooling around. – Yuri
    1 A person who’s like a little sister to me. When I saw her wearing white socks lined with lace, my heart skipped a beat. Matsumura and I pamper her (lol). – Shiraishi
    Matsumura Sayuri
    Whether you look at her from close, from afar, when she’s talking, or when she’s eating, she’s cute. A person who’s like the symbol of “cute.” – Kaede
    2 The combination of creativity and proactiveness that she has is incredible. Also, I’m jealous that she doesn’t get fat even though she eats that much rice! – Manatsu
    + 5 others, 2 I can’t narrow it down to one person! I love everyone, they’re all people I admire. – Yuri
    2 I aspire toward the whiteness and beauty of Machu’s skin. She doesn’t sunburn much and doesn’t get rough skin, it’s incredible! – Shinuchi
    2 I’ve liked her since her twintail period, but her cuteness in continuing to evolve is incredible! She’s someone I always admire. – Mio
    Takayama Kazumi
    I like the color of Kazumin’s skin with bluish, translucent tones. Since the early days, I’ve been telling her directly, “I really like it. I’m your skin oshi!” (lol) – Kana
    1 Takayama-san when she cuts her hair is extremely cute, I like it. I’ve personally told her “It’s cute”! – Mizuki
    + 5 others, 2 I can’t narrow it down to one person! I love everyone, they’re all people I admire. – Yuri
    2 I can talk about serious things or silly things with her, just being near her lightens my heart. Kazumin is a person with the power to make those around her happy. – Hina
    2 She starts conversations even with kouhai she hasn’t talked to much before. When I see her conscientiously communicating, I think she’s incredible. – Miria
    2 She has a good head, a good figure, and good personality, she’s someone you can admire in total. She also helps people, she often tutored me in my studies when I was in middle school. – Maaya
    Ikuta Erika
    If you speak of mischievousness, it’s Ikuta-san. When I take photos, she makes various poses for me, and I think ahh, she’s cute. – Kotoko
    1 When I lock eyes with Ikuta-san, we make funny faces, she acts tsun-tsun, and she kisses me (lol). My heart skips a beat from her slightly S teasing. – Yoda
    2 I respect her attitude of accomplishing all work perfectly, no matter how busy she is. When I see Ikuta-san, I think that I, too, have to try hard without backing down. – Sakura
    2 I admire her singing and stage work, her personal character is also wonderful. Her nonchalant way of showing consideration towards kouhai is also cool. I want to learn more and more from Ikuta-san. – Kubo
    2 An iron lady who doesn’t complain and tries her utmost no matter how busy she is. But the Iku-chan who’s occasionally pampered is also cute. I’m healed by her. – Shiraishi
    2 When I went to see the Takarazuka Revue, I was surprised that many people in the audience seats were talking about Iku-chan! – Takayama
    2 It’s incredible how she establishes herself and strives in the outside world, even on her own. I want to learn from her fortitude; we’re close in age so I’ve also been inspired by her. – Rena
    Nakada Kana
    + Miria, 2 During rehearsal, these two members’ dancing is captivatingly cool. I’m charmed by the way they use their body, the way they move their gaze, and their expressive ability! – Riria
    2 I admire Kana-san’s dancing. Her dancing can capture your heart, I think she’s cool. – Kaki
    + Maaya, 2 When these two sang “Jiyuu no Kanata,” they were cool and looked like princes. I fell in love. – Saya
    2 I think the charm of her performance is in a different league. I’d like you pay to attention to Nakada-san at the moment when she enters the song’s high point in “Shitto no Kenri.” – Tamami
    2 Her performance ability and her spirit for service is incredible. Before concerts, Kana-san says “Peropero~” to me and I say “Gerogero~” back. It doesn’t particularly mean anything though. – Kotoko
    2 I’m overwhelmed by the expressive power of her dance. She’s at the level of “absolutely impossible to imitate,” but I’m watching and studying Kana-san’s dancing close-up. – Kaede
    2 I admire Kana-san’s dancing. Not a single one of her movements is wasted, it’s truly beautiful. During lives, even far away, I can tell just from her silhouette that “It’s Kana-san!” – Rei
    2 Her dance movements are beautiful and capture your gaze. It’d be nice if I could also perform like Kana-san, I admire her. – Reno
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  19. Posipeace

    Posipeace Kenkyuusei

    Feb 23, 2020
    Kaki Haruka
    Please see the original blog post for images:

    Translator's note: The last bit felt like it was part of her original draft from a month ago that she just pasted back on.

    Wednesday, March 4, 2020
    Umezawa Minami
    Turning back the hands of time


    Hello there.

    It’s been quite a while.

    How have you all been?

    Something tragic has happened recently
    There’s no more sound coming out of the left side
    Of my favorite pair of earphones.
    It’s come as quite a shock to me
    But I’ve still been using it for the past month or so ✌︎
    I’m far too attached to let it go.

    I need to find a new music-playing partner.

    That rather pointless announcement
    Was what I had in my draft.
    Looking back, it has already been a month since my last entry.
    The days have been blowing by like the wind, and I haven’t been able to catch up with time.

    In case any of you were waiting for me to post again,
    I apologize for the wait.

    This isn’t exactly recent,
    But I had the chance to participate
    In the Nogizaka Koujichu Romantic Fantasy GP~!
    Words can’t describe how satisfied I am by being part of a project
    That I have been such a fan of since my pre-Nogizaka days when I was just a member of the audience

    All the fantasies made my heart beat so fast
    And I hope you all enjoyed them as well ☀︎
    I had butterflies in my stomach the whole time we were shooting in the studio!

    Our part was very much an everyday situation
    But I do hope it made you feel warm inside (laughs)

    We weren’t required to base our fantasy on Valentine’s Day
    So we went with our favorite holiday – Christmas – instead (laughs)
    To be honest, we shot the whole thing right before Christmas

    With the music that I love so much…
    With the artist that I’ve been in love with since my junior high school days for the past seven years ♪

    Look at how happy I am here (laughs)

    Junna-san was my partner! ❤︎ Kya~
    With her unchanging attractiveness and tolerance.
    During our rehearsals, she would do this and that and everything extra that I wanted, so I found myself completely devoted to her (laughs) ❤︎

    I had such a great time~
    Ayame-chan and Ren-kun were the winners of the GP, and they were absolutely adorable.

    We also finished the four days
    Of our Birthday Live without any issues at all!

    As I perform and participate
    As a member of Nogizaka46 that I love so much,
    There are times where I wonder it’s all just the longest dream
    This is especially true when I’m on stage.
    Even when I’m in the middle of a performance
    There are moments when so many memories come pouring out.

    We went through 200 songs
    200 – such an unbelievable number.
    When I think about how we all worked together to get through it all
    I feel so emotional. And also impressed.
    The feelings and stories of so many people
    Flow through our songs.
    Although our performances may differ each time, every single one of us put our hearts into every moment.

    We offer our performances, and you come to the venues to receive them.
    That’s what keeps us going.
    I received plenty of your smiles and cheers, too
    And I want to thank you all for that!

    I also want to thank all the staff members
    Who supported us backstage.
    Thank you all very, very much!

    Sure, there were a few issues here and there as we rehearsed and prepared
    But the moment I feel the lights shining on me
    I feel like it’s all worth it – I would overcome any obstacle for that moment.
    The view from on stage is something I want to see for as long as I possibly can.

    Looking back at myself during our 7th Birthday Live
    I feel like I’ve become much stronger.
    I feel like I’ve become more confident on stage.
    I feel like I’ve become more capable of enjoying it all.

    As long as it makes someone else happy,
    I feel like I can face all of my fears!

    I feel so blessed
    To be able to spend such an important day for our group
    With the members and also with all of you.

    At the end of Day 4,
    We performed our 200th song,
    Our 25th single, “Shiawase no Hogoshoku”
    I get the opportunity to perform as one of the senbatsu members

    And it’s all thanks to your constant support.
    I can’t thank you enough!

    It’s a very heartwarming song.
    One that is relaxing when you’re listening to it,
    Just letting it play, or even dancing to it.

    Because the days are passing by ever so quickly,
    I want to make sure that I treasure every moment
    And experience each day to the fullest.
    As a kouhai in the group
    There is still so much to learn from my senpai
    Having said that, now that I have also become a senpai to our newer members,
    There is a certain side of me that I have to show them.

    I want to change more than just a tiny bit.
    It’s something that I’ve really been feeling recently.
    I want to become capable of doing more.
    I want to challenge myself to various tasks, regardless of the genre.
    I want to level myself up.
    I want to have enough strength to support the group.

    As the group continues to change,
    I will carefully identify my own role
    To experience and enjoy the present
    And do my very best to deliver our new single to all of you!

    There are people out there
    Who remind me of how my efforts and actions
    Bring happiness to others.
    Those people
    Are my pillars of strength when I feel like I’m about to collapse ✌︎

    When I feel my mind wandering towards all the negative things
    I see the faces of those people
    And I know they would be disappointed if I failed now.
    Those people are the breaks that stop me from falling into despair.

    Since I first entered this industry, there have been countless times when I came to realize that nothing lasts forever.
    Because I know our time is limited,
    I want to make sure that I experience all the joy around me to the fullest.

    I can’t wait to share our new song
    The masterpiece I have created with the people I treasure so much
    With the fans who have been waiting for it
    And also with my friends and family!

    The details of the single have already been released, but they are again.
    We had the chance to shoot a music video for the 3rd Generation’s track
    Titled “Mainichi ga Brand new days”
    All of us have grown in our own ways
    But when we’re all together, it feels as if nothing has changed.
    To me, the 3rd generation members are irreplaceable
    They are all so precious and dear to me.
    I love the way everyone smiles
    And we all want each other to continue smiling.
    I truly wish for all of us to be happy!

    The song by the trio featuring Asuka-san, Yama, and me
    Titled “Fantastic Sanshoku Pan”
    Is a catchy and rather curious one –
    Just as the title suggests.
    For me, it’s the first unit song I’ve been a part of
    Since our 19th single.
    I’ve been waiting for the day I get to have another unit song.
    It didn’t matter what it was…and it’s finally here!
    I’m so happy for this opportunity! I hope you all enjoy it.

    Also, I’m very much looking forward
    To working with the new 4th generation members!

    So precious and lovely
    So much that it’s almost unbearable.

    Once again,
    I want to wish Nogizaka46 a happy 8th birthday!
    And I want to thank everyone for wishing us a happy birthday!

    Come to think of it, it’s almost White Day already
    I received Valentine’s Day chocolates
    From some of my favorite people ❤︎
    So I’m planning on making something in return
    For White Day.
    I haven’t made any sweets in a while…

    I love her so much!!

    I’m sorry for this wall of text…
    It must be hard to read.


    I'll write again soon.

    I feel like I’m becoming more capable
    Of showing my true self!

    It sounds easy enough to not be pretentious in any way, but in reality, it’s quite difficult.
    That’s why I’m so attracted by people who can just be themselves all the time. I want to be like that, too~

    To be myself in front of others and even in front of the camera.
    That’s my goal! ☀︎
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  20. Gofindnova

    Gofindnova Upcoming Girls

    Apr 18, 2019
    Feeling so at home in Nogizaka46 that you forget about time (BOMB magazine, April 2020 issue)
    (cross-posted to the General thread)
    An interview with Higuchi Hina and Hoshino Minami about the latest single, why Nogi members get along, and the future.

    -- It’s Nogizaka46’s 25th single, but all eleven 1st gen members entered senbatsu!
    Minami: I was surprised. During the senbatsu announcement, when my name wasn’t being called, I thought, “[I wasn't picked] this time, even though it’s Maiyan’s graduation single, it’s lonely…” and resigned myself to it, so I was extremely happy.
    Hina: I also cried tears of happiness. Then, after the senbatsu announcement was finished and I stayed behind alone, Maiyan came up to me with teary eyes and said “I’m relieved,” and hugged me, I was so very happy.
    M: I’m happy the 1st gen can do senbatsu activities with everyone together.

    -- It’s Minami-chan’s first front position since the 5th single “Kimi no Na wa Kibou,” isn’t it?
    M: It’s been too long, it feels weird [laughs]. But there are 1st gen members behind me, beside me, and in symmetry with me, so I feel secure. Everyone was also chatting with each other when we shot the MV.
    H: It was fun, wasn’t it? We livened up talking about our early days and stuff like that.
    M: During breaks in the dressing room or during the shoot, we talked about silly stuff [laughs].
    H: Even though we were told “It’s about time to get started~” we were always talking. At the “Action!” cue, everyone snapped forward [laughs].
    M: We took a group photo of all the 1st gen surrounding Maiyan, it was fun.
    H: The kouhai also told us “We’re happy all the 1st gen members are together,” right?
    M: Right, right. Hazuki was all crying and saying “I’m happy!”
    H: From our perspective, we’re also happy that the kouhai are able to think of us that way.

    -- Once more, what would you say are the 1st gen’s good points?
    H: In the beginning, we took this environment for granted as being normal, but it really isn’t, is it? It’s a large collection of girls who are just plain good.
    M: I think it’s miraculous there wasn’t conflict even with such a large number of people.
    H: I wonder why that is?
    M: I guess some of it was that there weren’t many strong girls who asserted themselves. Since there weren’t hungry girls who were like “I want to go in front!” it might’ve been easy to do things.
    H: There are a lot of girls who mutually recognize each other. It seems like even when there were areas that didn’t match, they still included and accepted that in each other. It’s a relationship that’s really like a family.

    -- When the kouhai entered, did that kind of atmosphere change?
    H: No, the 1st gen has many girls with mild personalities, so maybe girls with a relatively similar atmosphere gathered in the kouhai.
    M: Like, even the 1st gen mothers get along, right?
    H: Right, right. At some point, without the kids knowing, the fellow mothers were going out to lunch and stuff.
    M: Like Ikoma-chan’s or Nanase’s mamas, the graduated members’ mamas too, they were having year-end parties or new year’s parties [laughs].
    H: It’s like they have a “Nogi Mama Association.”
    M: There’s a warmth that really feels like family. If things weren’t like that, I feel like it couldn’t have stayed a group for this long. (Note: The language is slightly ambiguous, I’m not sure if she meant “I couldn’t have stayed in the group this long”)

    -- For the two of you, this year is the 9th year since your debut.
    M: But Sayunyan’s also graduating, the 1st gen’s going to be 9 people.
    H: When we debuted, there were over 30 people… it’s so lonely! But, this many 1st gen remaining in the 9th year is on the long side, isn’t it?

    -- Why were you able to stay in the group for such a long time?
    H: I think there’s something about Nogizaka46 where you feel so at home that you forget about time.
    M: There’s nothing but kind good girls in the group. But if all the 1st gen are gone, it’ll be lonely, so I just don’t want to become the very last one!
    H: I think that. You want people there to see you off, right?
    M: I want to be together with everyone in the 1st gen when I graduate~

    --The two of you who were in Nogizaka46’s “youngest group” have also turned 22 years old.
    M: But in my mind, it feels more like “I’ve been doing this for so long, and I’m still only 22~?" I’ve been working since I was 13 [laughs].
    H: That’s certainly the case. I feel like I’m still 22 so I can do anything. It’s just, I don’t have any experience in society like having part-time jobs, I wonder if that’s okay?
    M: We’ve tried this hard in Nogizaka, so it seems like we can do anything. I’ve decided that after I graduate, I want to work one time at a theme park. I’ll sell popcorn.
    H: Ahaha. That seems like you.

    -- What kinds of things does Higuchi-san want to try in the future?
    H: I want to be involved in entertainment, and I also have interest in things like underwear design. It’s just, recently I’ve been thinking about various practical things, I’ve been reading loads of books about tax and stuff.
    M: No way~!?
    H: I’ve been consulting the big sister members. Because Nakada Kana-chan knows a lot in that area [laughs].
    M: Wow, so serious! I just live going along with the flow… Even if I get a job after graduation, I want to live a life that can’t be tied down. A job where people don’t get mad at me or the rules aren’t strict would be nice.
    H: That’s Minami-like [laughs].
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