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    Thanks for this! I am pressed for time to do all the Chima interviews lately. Would you mind if I posted your translation on hinachima.net? With all the credit to you ofcourse.
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    (cross-posted to the Yamazaki Rena thread)

    March 23, 2020
    Yamazaki Rena’s blog
    College Graduation

    It’s spring already.

    It’s the changing of the seasons.
    The passion of recent days.
    The pollen in the air.

    To you who are reading this,
    is it giving you energy?

    I’m energized!
    My sleep and nutrition,
    compared to when I was being chased by my graduation thesis deadline,
    are quite steady!
    I’m not catching a cold, nor hay fever!
    After the Birthday Live
    there’s been no occasion where I could meet fans directly, so
    I’m looking forward to blog comments, radio mail, etc.

    Now then, speaking of my graduation thesis.

    This spring, I graduated college!

    The graduation ceremony was unfortunately suspended, but
    I served as MC on a live broadcast program
    and for my outfit, I was able to wear a hakama✨

    Right before the start of the broadcast, we hurriedly stopped by the campus near the studio,
    and were just able to take a photo.
    The graduation signboard was on display!!!!
    I’m grateful for the wonderful consideration of everyone on the staff. Thank you very much!


    It’s nostalgic to be reminded of the spring of my 1st year of high school when I suddenly changed from a life single-mindedly focused on academic work,
    to joining Nogizaka46 as a 2nd generation member.

    After some time had passed, when I reread my March 2, 2016 blog post announcing my entrance to university,
    I recall how I regretted the post, thinking, “Ahh, I was bragging.” lol

    “Even if results don’t appear right away, I want to go through all sorts of discoveries and encounters and walk my own path.”

    Thinking back,
    perhaps I’m moving forward in the same way that I wrote about back then.

    In college, ranging from my own academic department to other departments,
    I took lecture courses widely on a great variety of genres, so
    I think I lack “specialization in an existing genre.”

    Of course, pursuing one’s own specialized field of study is also a wonderful thing.
    I also respect those who put that specialization to use in order to earn a living.

    My strong point is Japanese history, including on quizzes.
    Even before I received jobs, I was called a “female history buff,” but
    I took almost no courses on it in college, it was in the category of a hobby.

    For Nogizaka46’s Yamazaki Rena to have been given this kind of opportunity to learn further, is nothing but a delight!
    An irreplaceable luxury.

    Simply put, the fascination of continually absorbing information from completely different genres,
    even faster than could be encountered in radio or quiz shows,
    is something that college taught to me.

    That moment when the accumulated dots are connected together in a line
    happened a countless number of times.
    Afterwards, looking back, those moments when I recognized those connections were, more than anything, pleasant, happy, and fulfilling.

    On that thought, the theme of my graduation thesis is also
    something that joins dots together.

    It’s a thesis in a field with little prior research, but
    I decided on a theme that I hope to make use of in my career someday.
    The details will be told… at another time, another place.

    Incidentally, the total came out to 46 pages✨
    Though I wasn’t aiming for it, I suppose it rose up there
    because of the members? lol

    Being an idol while attending college
    may seem like straying off course when viewed from the outside, but

    even if I can’t become the person who is “like me” that I envisioned, that’s not bad.
    Taking your time isn’t bad.

    That’s what I’ve come to think
    over these past 4 years.

    I have a lot of inadequacies, immaturities,
    and complexes.
    So, in honesty, I don’t hold expectations or impositions towards myself.
    I’m able to simply accept it.

    When you enter any society,
    even if you do what you like, you can’t only do things that you like.

    There are also many things you have no choice but to endure,
    walls blocking the way,
    resentment and regret, emptiness within yourself that’s impossible to deal with.

    Perhaps I was fortifying myself,
    so that I would not be told, “You were doing that thing so you ended up disregarding the other thing.”
    But, it’s impossible to live my life all alone, so
    when I started to have a moment of doubt,
    I felt like I had to bear responsibility for my own choices.

    In the midst of my struggling in that way,
    I was able to meet people whom I greatly respect, was given space to express myself,

    and the number of comrades with whom I could walk side by side with also increased.

    When I tried accepting the person that I was when others would tell me, “That’s so like you,”
    I unexpectedly grew accustomed to it.

    I am truly grateful
    to be able to spend each day this way
    in this life which we can live only once.

    There are many things I want to do from now on.
    I’m still inadequate to do them, but, it’s just words, so I’ll say it. lol

    I genuinely enjoy quizzes, so I want to become stronger at them,
    and I also love reporter work.
    As for places related to history,
    I’m also interested in World Heritage Sites✨
    Any way you look at it, radio has become a part of my life… I couldn’t cut it loose even if I tried. lol

    On the whole, I have been granted chances to tackle things enjoyably,
    and in particular, if it’s for the sake of doing fun things with the people I like, I feel like there’s no end to how hard I can try.

    I am incredibly blessed by people.
    Any place I go, there’s nothing but warmhearted people.
    When I think of which team I’d like to work with again, there are many people who come to mind.

    Someday, I also want to be able to take part in informational programs and educational variety programs.

    Work that leaves behind a body of writing
    is also one thing I’ve always wanted to try!
    There are many teachers I’m indebted to, who presented me with a great deal during TV programs.
    The degree of contact I’ve had with writing has decreased compared to my time in college when I had reports and the graduation thesis, but
    even if it’s not for work, I’m thinking that I want to establish a habit of regularly writing down essays.

    To achieve something,
    perhaps you must lose something else, but
    I feel that the sum of the knowledge I studied, what I came into contact with, and the thoughts I had during my daily activity,
    will not add up to 0.

    What that “something” is, will surely be visible, invisible, tangible, intangible, in various forms.
    No matter if I use this many words,
    no matter what wonderful vocabulary I embellish this with,
    there are bound to be more things than I can possibly express.

    Without holding onto the worries or fears that “I feel like I’ll lose something,” without predetermining my limits,
    without fear of the thoughts and circumstances that change each day,
    I want to move forward while enjoying those variations.

    And, having faith that the things I’m doing now will again connect to somewhere new, I will do my best.


    Once more, what made it possible for me to strive to continue both my entertainment activities and my studies even before I entered college, and for me to also complete 4 years of college without issues this spring, was
    wholly thanks to the professors who taught me, my senpai in seminar, the friends I studied together with,
    my parents who taught me valuable, even if strict, lessons,
    and owing to everyone from various places who supported me and were understanding of how I was balancing work.

    I am thankful for all the lessons and encounters I’ve had, I will strive to put them to good use in my activities from now on.

    March 23, Reiwa 2
    Nogizaka46 Yamazaki Rena
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    Thanks for the translations

    (and thanks to Rena for pushing up Nogi's average IQ)
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    This is something different, but sometimes I find interesting and informative(?) matome posts (excerpts from 5ch comments) and comments on those matome posts. At the very least, it gives a view of what some Japanese fans are thinking and saying (and trolling each other about).

    The topic was Maiyan writing the lyrics for her graduation song Jaane and what that means in terms of Akimoto Yasushi's relationship with Nogizaka (since usually he writes the lyrics for all songs). The first part is the matome page's excerpt from 5ch, which is just 3 comments. The second part is comments on the matome page (~80 comments). Obviously, since these are just comments by Japanese fans on forums, take everything with huge grains of salt. (There were also a few comments which I couldn't figure out what they meant, but they're translated as best as I could as well. There were also some comments that were pretty crazy, as you'll see lol.)

    Link to the source: http://nogizaka-46bunno1.blog.jp/archives/81579811.html

    Link to image copy of above

    The Matome page's excerpts from 5ch:


    March 16, 2020
    【Nogizaka46】The Relationship between Akimoto Yasushi and Shiraishi Mai - these words were strangely convincing to me...

    521: 君の名は(東京都) (アウアウウー Sac5-0gjq)
    Yoshida Go [a journalist] said that Akimoto Yasushi is good at making idols believe in only themselves. When I think about it, he usually writes a song for a girl when they graduate and in the song makes them think that everything they did up to that point was right and I thought, that's really true. Yet Shiraishi Mai writes her own lyrics for her graduation song, making me think that she has kept the most distance from Akimoto Yasushi.
    I don't feel Akimoto Yasushi from Shiraishi Mai.
    [Comes from this tweet: https://twitter.com/zaizaizaitaku46/status/1239162302823149568]

    523: 君の名は(庭) (アウアウカー Sa09-Xxf2)
    I don't know whose words these are but they're strangely convincing to me.

    525: 君の名は(空) (ワッチョイW eef2-bS0R)
    I bet Mai doesn't care for headcases like Yasusu
    So she didn't complain nor deny but just warded him off

    Comments on the Matome page:

    1. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 12:20 ID:0MJHnA.D0
    She addressed other people with honorifics [-san] but not with him, am I right
    2. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 12:23 ID:i8VZGA2W0
    In an Akimoto group that exists due to Akimoto Yasushi's lyrics, it's quite something that she came out and said she wanted to write the lyrics. I don't mean that as a snide remark. I really think that's amazing.
    3. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 12:34 ID:QhXlvp7E0
    I get the feeling of Yasushi [from her] just like any other
    4. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 12:34 ID:aqY4N9Wo0
    Nogizaka doesn't especially depend on Akimoto Yasushi. He writes lyrics and is the producer for them, but there's no excessive dealings like with AKB groups and Keyakizaka. That's the secret to Nogizaka's success.
    5. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 12:37 ID:QhXlvp7E0
    She met directly with Akimoto Yasushi and requested that she write her own lyrics for her solo song
    It's not that she keeps distance from him
    Don't have your own delusions and just convince yourself like that
    6. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 12:39 ID:GhDcxfBk0
    Some people said Nishino is liked by him
    but I feel Shiraishi is also liked by him
    7. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 12:40 ID:fZI3U0pl0
    Compared to others, wouldn't you say not really?
    Unlike Sashihara or Hirate. I don't feel many dealings between other (Nogizaka) members and him, either
    8. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 12:50 ID:tRVJk.JO0
    The picture at the top of the thread is from when they did radio with Akimoto Yasushi, isn't it?
    It was entertaining that there was hardly any close and friendly conversation and it felt awkward lol
    When Akimoto Yasushi said, "Nogizaka needs change," captain Sakurai disagreed, if I remember correctly
    9. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 12:51 ID:pf5QzyZI0
    Or rather, Nishino had no interest but after her popularity exploded, Yasushi was the one who bandwagoned
    10. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 12:53 ID:XJn3z.ed0
    The amount of effort he's putting into that is crazy
    Maybe now he's bandwagoning on Shiraishi
    11. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 12:54 ID:V1I2RtFy0
    True. Keyakizaka is all Hirate, but Nogizaka doesn't have a member like Hirate who is clearly backed by Akimoto, nor does it have members who bring up Akimoto as a topic of discussion like in AKB groups. He may meddle in some things but basically Nogizaka is entrusted to Konno. Being in between Nogizaka and Akimoto, Konno is perhaps a good buffer.
    12. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 12:57 ID:Wkwbf3XY0
    He placed Ikoma Rina as center and acted as producer disastrously, gaining no popularity at all for the group, and being unable to beat AKB. Unable to do anything, from outside of his expectations, popularity exploded when fans and management inevitably turned toward Shiraishi and Nishino. In other words, Akimoto couldn't control Nogizaka.
    13. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 12:58 ID:7QejpTmu0
    Not just from Maiyan, I don't feel Yasushi from Nogizaka in general. Other than Ikoma in the beginning. Also, the lyrics for "Naimononedari" were virtually written by Nanamin, so it wasn't Yasushi's own delusionary lyrics.
    14. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 12:59 ID:W5UpZ8Fx0
    >>4 I think the way Nogizaka got popular was not the way that Akimoto had imagined it.
    Because they were successful in areas that weren't the projects he created.
    In a way, it's a group that Akimoto couldn't keep in his control and walked its own way and attained the top.
    15. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 13:00 ID:hqNZLKgy0
    That's why Akimoto Yasushi doesn't have good feelings for Nogizaka.
    I understood that when I listened to that radio show.
    16. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 13:03 ID:hqNZLKgy0
    So isn't that itself an act of keeping distance?
    The point is that what was up to then provided by Akimoto Yasushi, she wanted to make by herself.
    17. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 13:03 ID:sLdmP.9C0
    Akimoto: Ikoma
    Nogi wotas: Maiyan, Maiyan!
    Akimoto: Hori
    Nogi wotas: Naa-chan, Naa-chan!
    Then of course it isn't like AKB or Keyaki and it won't be fun
    18. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 13:04 ID:XJn3z.ed0
    19. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 13:04 ID:GMU5o1ZA0
    There actually are people who genuinely believe this?
    It's due to Yasushi the producer, the whole way through, that she was allowed to write her own lyrics at the end.
    20. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 13:04 ID:GhDcxfBk0
    It accumulated like that, right?
    From around Seifuku No Mannequin, I started hearing that.
    21. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 13:06 ID:XJn3z.ed0
    What are you talking about
    He's shown the way to them
    22. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 13:08 ID:hqNZLKgy0
    And they're saying that to have allowed a Nogizaka member to write the lyrics is out of the ordinary.
    23. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 13:19 ID:KsO.VmQ40
    Shiraishi is generally awkward but still she's good at how to (diplomatically) reject people, like how to keep a certain distance or get away [from people]. A most difficult skill to attain.
    24. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 13:22 ID:GhDcxfBk0
    Maybe there just wasn't anyone who said they wanted to write their own lyrics?
    25. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 13:24 ID:f3igis5h0
    That's like the ability of a prime minister who surrounds himself with yes-men. Not really a compliment.
    26. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 13:24 ID:QhXlvp7E0
    I agree
    How is wanting to write your own lyrics keeping distance from Akimoto Yasushi?
    Always having sung Akimoto Yasushi's lyrics and danced to his songs,
    the Ore No Skirt, Doko Itta drama and the Kami No Te app commercial,
    Akimoto Yasushi was involved in all of them and these jobs were given to Shiraishi. What the hell are they talking about?
    27. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 13:33 ID:QiV9eldg0
    Akimoto created the group idol strategy and came up with fishing fans using handshake events and events, but no matter how much management pushes a member, it's the person with individuality and charm who becomes popular. People who aren't won't become popular no matter how much they're pushed. Nogizaka has members like Hashimoto, Shiraishi, Nishino, Ikuta, Asuka who could go solo, yet still had more group unity than other groups, which is why they succeeded.
    The "French Pop" style that Akimoto envisioned failed, and it was always Shiraishi in the middle of the group. Outside of his expectations is where they succeeded, so Akimoto must have mixed feelings.
    28. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 13:40 ID:W7.J2Jv70
    The delusions of ambivalent Nogi wotas who have an allergic reaction to Yasusu's name lol
    29. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 13:43 ID:QhXlvp7E0
    Sashihara is close to Akimoto Yasushi but she's written lyrics for songs while she was in the group. So don't mistake writing lyrics with keeping distance from Akimoto Yasushi.
    30. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 13:50 ID:G9i62dSk0
    I agree with this
    It didn't go as Yasushi planned, but they were successful anyway
    Konno has confirmed that Nogizaka is a group without much dealings with Akimoto Yasushi
    He must have found it unamusing that Nogizaka was successful despite being different from his plans.

    So I think it's inevitable that Nogizaka, to which Yasushi feels no attachment, isn't able to get a real hit song.

    31. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 14:04 ID:inQBBMxy0
    My impression is Yasushi likes huge reversals and major airdrops. Somehow or other, likes to create surprises and drama and agitate the members and fans. On the other hand, Nogizaka had that kind of stuff in the beginning but it didn't work for fans and members who like the peaceful Nogizaka.
    32. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 14:09 ID:.p3r50T60
    Myself, I didn't get that Yasushi feeling other than from the lyrics, so I drifted over here
    33. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 14:25 ID:MpLh4gHK0
    When you think about it, AKB was all, "Akimoto-san! Akimoto-san!", but Nogizaka doesn't do that at all. Nogizaka then is, "Konno-san! Konno-san!" lol
    34. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 14:26 ID:f4HJ3brz0
    Who, in the first place, wants to see girls fawning on an authority figure? On AKB's ANN, there was an "Inquiring with Akimoto-sensei" segment where they had him as a guest, but who finds that fun to listen to? It was creepy, that's all. There's no need to talk about stuff like, "Who and who is liked by Akimoto." Nogizaka keeping a certain distance from him is much better.
    35. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 14:27 ID:KfVMqXym0
    Now, it feels like Akimoto has a cold attitude towards AKB instead. Since he was all about Hirate.
    36. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 14:36 ID:Bc3Lec810
    Have you guys forgot about Konno's interview or you guys didn't read it or are acting like you didn't read it?
    37. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 14:41 ID:eek:A.5ZNVT0
    Hashimoto Nanami gave Akimoto her diary or something, and that was used for it. I think I heard something like that on showroom.
    38. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 14:44 ID:yyyJtg.q0
    After reading this post and the comments section, I finally understand why Shiawase No Hogoshoku was like that. So it was Yasusu's final act of resistance.
    39. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 14:51 ID:XJn3z.ed0
    So Hashimoto didn't write the lyrics, then.
    40. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 15:22 ID:qO759PzR0
    Yasushi said in some interview that he doesn't pick the really amazing girls during auditions. Because they'll go somewhere and succeed even if he isn't their producer and it won't be interesting for him to produce, some reason like that.
    Also, I think he said something like Nogizaka's 1st gen auditions were organized by Sony so that's why there are a lot of properly solid girls in it.
    41. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 15:23 ID:T1MWAC4.0
    It's not that Nogizaka didn't become popular the way Akimoto thought they would. In the beginning, he was pleaded by Sony and so he reluctantly created Nogizaka. He didn't care about it much from the beginning. So it's not that he liked Ikoma and put her there, it was more like, "Ikoma is good enough, whatever." That's problematic for Sony, so they were able to draw him in by pushing Nishino - someone they thought he would like - to prominence, and then they were able to get on the AKB SHOW and Music Station.
    42. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 15:26 ID:W5UpZ8Fx0
    >>21 That's what I'm saying
    Akimoto is a producer in the end, so he'll create the openings but after that, it's up to management and the members.
    He was probably involved to some extent in the beginning, but it feels like even without getting very involved with them, they became successful.
    43. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 15:32 ID:XJn3z.ed0
    Fuck openings, he's involved in everything from lyrics to drama scripts.
    Do you hate Akimoto Yasushi that much?
    44. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 15:34 ID:qO759PzR0
    Regarding Nogizaka, they only use the relatively good parts of Yasushi's power.
    The parts that aren't Yasushi's cup of tea, the Sony team works among themselves and puts a lot of work into it. It's a business-oriented relationship, but it yields results. Yasushi probably doesn't find it to his liking, but perhaps he feels safe having at least one group that's stable.
    45. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 15:39 ID:GhDcxfBk0
    A comment section that's clearly Nogi wotas being biased against Akimoto Yasushi. You need to thank him for creating Nogi.
    46. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 15:54 ID:qdCEj1mc0
    So in the end, Shiraishi's graduation song is a competition between Shiawase No Hogoshoku, written by Akimoto Yasushi, and Jaane, written by Shiraishi. Thinking honestly about both songs, you should be able to see the relationship between Akimoto and Shiraishi. Akimoto has no interest in Shiraishi and management pushed Shiraishi and didn't give a real budget for Akimoto's song, so that must be why the MV was like that.
    47. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 16:14 ID:Lbm.DpQh0
    Shiraishi and Ikuta didn't rely on or fawn on Akimoto Yasushi.
    Akimoto Yasushi has also said that Shiraishi and Ikuta are the ones who made Nogizaka.
    Members who were liked and patronized by Akimoto Yasushi didn't grow up and become mature in the world of show business. Was it because they got arrogant?
    Hori Miona is the closest one to Akimoto Yasushi in Nogizaka.
    Nishino Nanase is getting help from him getting jobs after graduation.
    Anata No Ban is that, but commercials also are due to Akimoto Yasushi pulling strings.
    Ikuta Erika is the first in Nogizaka to break barriers and create a second career for herself.
    She put her employment at Sony on the line to break barriers and pursue becoming a musical actress.
    After that, more and more members got roles in stage plays.
    Watching that, Fukagawa Mai pursued the road to become a serious actress, and thanks to Matsui Rena's introduction, who was at Ten Carat [talent agency] at the time, she moved to that agency.
    Seeing that, management created a talent agency to take on managing graduates.
    They would at least like to keep Shiraishi Mai.
    I anticipate further success from Shiraishi Mai and Ikuta Erika.
    48. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 16:16 ID:h7YLcEcs0
    What is it with Akimoto Yasushi haters? Do you all think you created Nogizaka?
    49. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 16:18 ID:p1aYDPM50
    Yasushi and the scissors[?], due to their methods, succeeded with Nogizaka, failed with Keyakizaka.
    50. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 16:19 ID:p1aYDPM50
    Actually, are there Akimoto idol group wotas who aren't Akimoto haters?
    51. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 16:22 ID:GhDcxfBk0
    I remember it was like how it is with Konno now.
    52. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 16:31 ID:a9eReWQY0
    I like Nogizaka and I don't dislike Yasushi. Am I the only one?
    Like, there are no reasons to like or dislike Yasushi anyway.
    53. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 16:32 ID:QhXlvp7E0
    I said this above as well, but are you saying that without knowing that Ore No Skirt, Doko Itta and the Kami No Te app commercial are jobs that Akimoto Yasushi got for Shiraishi? Akimoto Yasushi and Shiraishi Mai is very much a relationship that is relied on.
    54. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 16:40 ID:W5UpZ8Fx0
    I've never disliked Akimoto. If I did, I wouldn't listen to the music.
    Nogizaka was created thanks to Akimoto but what we're saying is that the key is that the members succeeded at things outside of what Akimoto had imagined.
    There are things that he clearly wasn't involved in, like modelling, photobooks, and other commercials.
    55. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 16:54 ID:XJn3z.ed0
    Commercials were transferred over to them.
    They've also worked with Kodansha before, the Otowa Group [subsidiary companies under Kodansha].
    56. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 16:59 ID:WnObJxUs0
    I think there are.
    57. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 17:07 ID:Lbm.DpQh0
    To survive in show business, the same determination and ability to pitch yourself, and support structure, that are needed to survive in professional sports are necessary. The classical example is Ichiro.
    In that sense, Ikuta Erika's determination closely resembles that of an athlete. Her daily effort is as amazing as Ichiro's.

    Shiraishi Mai has said that she didn't have the confidence to survive in the tough world of show business. Her assets weren't created due to her own effort and time, so it makes sense that she isn't able to measure her own worth. Watching Ikuta by her side, she would feel insecure about what she has achieved on her own. Previously she said she would retire from show business, but after her photobook exploded in popularity she got confidence, and that's believable to me.
    While having beauty that draws people's eyes, she's humble and a hard worker, so she will definitely succeed.
    To be able to gain the support of many people behind the scenes, staff, and co-casts must be one of her abilities, too.
    Soft but dignified, like peony (symbolizes compassion).

    These two [Ikuta and Shiraishi] especially, they evaluate the situation strictly and the fact that they think they don't have real ability is the foundation of their success.

    Many idols generally are satisfied with being able to temporarily enter a glamorous world and tend to believe that someone will carry them through a second career. The classical example of that is Shimazaki Haruka. These days, I don't even hear rumors about her.
    58. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 17:12 ID:Lbm.DpQh0
    She should just continue a long win-win relationship with Akimoto Yasushi.
    To do that, she needs to establish herself and put in the effort to do that.
    Of course that is with the premise that she has the talent.
    59. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 17:19 ID:6rau67yF0
    True. Like Hirate or Jurina if you get too close to Akimoto Yasushi you become arrogant and isolated from other members and staff.
    60. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 17:41 ID:Lbm.DpQh0
    He's a show writer, so to just do what people expect wouldn't be doing a good job to him.
    He's always saying that the worst thing is to create something that audiences expect.

    Akimoto Yasushi has said that Shiraishi and Ikuta created the core concept of Nogizaka.
    However, if you change the core part of a musical group, your original fans will leave you.
    That's the difficult part, and he's good at how to create as an idol producer while bringing about a group's concept.
    There's no need for Nogizaka to become like bis or erotic K-Pop.
    61. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 17:41 ID:Lbm.DpQh0
    What's disliked are the suspicious people - that have nothing to do with Akimoto Yasushi's abilities - that were involved when AKB was first created, and the outlaw-types from Kyoraku [pachinko company] that were involved with that.
    Also, since Akimoto Yasushi has been in show business for so long, it will bound to look like there might be suspicious figures behind the scenes. So when he didn't comment during the NGT incident, he became suspected even if there was nothing there to dig up with him.
    I think that statement comes from that fundamental suspicion.
    62. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 17:59 ID:.p3r50T60
    I was wondering why there were so many comments here but it's just been taken over by a few folks.
    63. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 18:08 ID:W5UpZ8Fx0
    >>55 I see, then that's fine. I didn't think Akimoto managed and put out every single job having to do with Nogizaka. I wouldn't imagine that he's putting out every single thing, from writing a book to shogi to quiz shows.
    64. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 18:13 ID:ivRTvbUj0
    To be honest, I thought it was the worst lyrics and MV.
    But since it's Shiraishi, it won't be criticized.
    65. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 18:27 ID:Lbm.DpQh0
    That's just business.
    His own company is involved, too.

    Even for members he is partial to, Akimoto Yasushi only gives them opportunities and tells them that after that, it's up to their own abilities and fortune. That's why he is able to maintain his power in show business for so long, since if you lean completely towards one person, there will be more powers out there opposing you and things will get more difficult. That's why he gives off an impression of being a cold person. He's originally a show writer where the work only lasts as long as the specific project does.

    It's easier to see if you contrast it with movie directors, and screen writers and directors for stage plays where they often find talent and develop them. Koreeda Hirokazu is the one who found and developed Hirose Suzu.
    On the other hand, when Akimoto Yasushi finds a member he finds interesting in his show writer way, he will tinker with them or give them opportunities but after that will just leave them alone and won't develop them. Otherwise, his relations with many talent agencies will turn bad.
    That's why his only successful example is Sashihara, who was full of talent. Kawaei Rina didn't seem to grab Akimoto's attention, so she left while young and succeeded. Although he may have made the introduction to Avex.

    What everyone here is saying is that, it's likely that in the cases of Hirate, Shimazaki, and Matsui Jurina, they have close relations with Akimoto Yasushi, being invited to his house or meals, and from the perspective of other members that's favoritism, causing jealousy and envy. Members who receive that favoritism then use that as a way to act more superior than the others, making things extra complicated and causing divisions in the end.
    Shiraishi understood that, and I think that's why she rejected it. A big reason why members get along with each other I think is because she made sure not to receive the boss's favoritism.

    Right now, within Nogizaka, Hori Miona has the strongest relationship with Akimoto. There is a big risk that in the future, a member will get funny ideas and plead with Akimoto Yasushi for jobs, show that off to other members, and cause rifts with the members.
    Women snuggling up to power and money is how it's been for thousands of years. Shiraishi and Nogizaka has been the anomaly and a rare example.

    That's why what you're saying is off the mark.
    66. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 18:48 ID:Lbm.DpQh0
    Women snuggling up to power and money and showing that off is an inherent thing so that can't be stopped.
    How it can be stopped is if someone at the top of the organization like Shiraishi doesn't do it herself, and furthermore creates a culture that doesn't allow that of others.

    After Shiraishi graduates, Nogizaka will probably be divided among itself and become uncontrollable.
    Within that, there will probably be someone who will lean towards Akimoto Yasushi.
    That will be a reason for its decline.

    They should just disband and re-establish everything.
    It shows the greatness of Johnny Kitagawa, who created an environment where people are continuously climbing.
    67. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 18:49 ID:GhDcxfBk0
    That passion to do anything to separate Yasushi and Nogizaka lol
    68. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 18:50 ID:GhDcxfBk0
    Does this guy have a grudge against Akimoto Yasushi?
    69. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 19:24 ID:WJhhLZdo0
    What Lbm.DpQh0 is saying is generally pretty right.
    But 66's second paragraph is quite doubtful.
    That's because the Sony team knows very well the things that Lbm.DpQh0 is saying, because they don't allow individual connections between members and Yasushi (to become strong).
    70. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 19:35 ID:XJn3z.ed0
    [She] wrote lyrics, didn't she lol
    71. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 19:45 ID:Lbm.DpQh0
    Is >>67>>68 ID:GhDcxfBk0
    related to ID:QhXlvp7E0?

    You don't have reading comprehension, do you.
    Read and understand it properly.
    Or is it impossible for a kid like you who has no experience to understand the business world or the truths of people?

    What's written here is the true nature of Akimoto Yasushi, and he's someone to respect in terms of being a businessman, right?

    How does a person like that shift modes and write a hit song? That's really amazing.

    But there probably were some issues with how he dealt with teenage girls who don't know the world yet, right?
    It's true that he played favorites with Hirate and Keyaki became divided, right? <- Is this what you can't accept~~?
    What's most important is that Nogizaka doesn't have the type of person who will try to curry favor with someone in power and do something with that. That was the biggest difference between Nogizaka and Keyaki.
    The responsibility for Keyaki was forced onto an executive "T" [alias] at Sony Music Labels, but it's not right that Akimoto Yasushi gets off without having any responsibility. Since they're joint owners.

    You young wotakus here,
    -Open up your own futures by yourself.
    -Work hard so that when there is an opportunity, you can grab it.
    -Not limited to Akimoto Yasushi, "When someone gives you an opportunity, they won't go as far as to take responsibility for you, nor guarantee your future."
    to understand these things is the truth.
    It's worse [for the bosses] to ask for things that aren't written in a contract, but a young idol will probably mistake that as an opportunity to rely on [the bosses for future advancement], but that responsibility is still on the talent [the young idol in the above example].

    It's annoying when people like you make off-mark comments like that.
    If you don't understand, ask the adults around you.
    72. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 20:17 ID:.77sY0QX0
    New fans may not know,
    but hating Akimoto Yasushi is a tradition of Nogizaka.
    73. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 20:21 ID:JRn2O9aY0
    The type of person who writes long texts in the comment section, my god.
    Probably the type who loves to lecture other people.
    74. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 20:26 ID:GhDcxfBk0
    An old man who likes to pretend he's in the business lol
    75. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 21:46 ID:qdCEj1mc0
    The lyrics were generally a passing grade, I think. It's not like she's a professional lyricist, and if she's able to symbolize her 8 years in her very own way, that's genius. There's no other way than just to connect things with key words.
    But changing "Good bye and thank you" to "Good bye into thank you" at the end I thought showed great taste.
    Some say that putting footage of graduates in the MV was corny but there were parts referring to past works to draw smiles from the viewer and it was better than the A-side MV that exists only to please certain people.
    76. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 21:52 ID:5V6OyH.I0
    Getting called "kimi" [you].
    77. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月16日 22:26 ID:94wVo0Jm0
    5 Yoshida Go, sometimes you say some good things!
    78. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月17日 00:00 ID:2oCSf43w0
    I understand why you want to say that, but I think it's smarter to prepare for the worst in this case.

    ++++++++ Neuroscientist Nakano Nobuko says this ++++++++
    What threatens a community isn't an enemy. An enemy actually strengthens the community, because everyone can unite to counter the enemy. Many psychological experiments have shown this. Everyone fights in common. Cooperate and fight. By this, the team bonds strengthen.
    The biggest reason that a community is destroyed is by "free riders" within. Someone who cheats. This is what destroys a community. How does one person cheating destroy a community?
    Then who is in the wrong? Everyone is cooperating a little and sacrificing but one person doesn't sacrifice. That's the free rider. What happens when there is a free rider? If there is even one person who doesn't sacrifice and profits, then everyone begins to not sacrifice. By that, the group becomes negative and is destroyed. To avoid that risk, free riders must be removed.
    ++++++++ Neuroscientist Nakano Nobuko says this ++++++++

    The person who curries favor with Akimoto Yasushi, the one with power, and try to receive partial treatment is indeed that person who wants to free ride without sacrificing. Furthermore, if that person shows off that relationship and tries to get others to obey them, then there will definitely be internal divisions.

    If management could do what you said, then Keyaki wouldn't have had its divisions.
    Within Keyakizaki, which felt self-conceit due to having no enemies that they needed to overcome, Hirate alone received Akimoto Yasushi's favoritism, and furthermore she alone could avoid things she didn't want (for example going on variety shows), then that will lead to internal divisions.
    79. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月17日 00:40 ID:2oCSf43w0
    >>64 Continued
    Do you now know about Shiraishi?
    In the case of Nogizaka, when Shiraishi, who is at the absolute top of members, says or acts in a way that expresses dislike for free riders, that is important. Furthermore, if Shiraishi, Matsumura, Takayama, Shinuchi, Ikuta etc. are in agreement, then there's nothing one can do but follow.
    Members understand that Shiraishi has contributed the most to Nogizaka, and that's why they follow.
    Unfortunately, after Shiraishi graduates, there will be some member who won't follow anymore.
    It would be more effective to prepare for the case that a free rider comes about and prepare for that.

    It's hard to believe that Nogizaka management was especially excellent and were able to control members. The top executives and people from Sony Music Labels who were seconded over are in common among all the groups, so their management methods are the same.
    And in AKB, they had a talent agency that members could go back to, discuss things with, or be protected by, so any issues can be talked over between the talent agency and AKB/AKS and resolve things.
    If Keyakizaka management understood the problem of a free rider, they would have complained to Akimoto Yasushi and put a stop to it. AKB didn't have internal division and collapse.

    The ones who have good control over things is major talent agencies like Watanabe Pro, Hori Pro, and Stardust where there are many [accomplished] senior talents who the person [idol] in question cannot compete with.
    Not even a female manager can completely understand the internal relationships of a female group, and if members are young, then those relationships will be that much in flux. Even if you placed a spy, that spy will report things that will give an advantage to the spy's clique.

    Nogizaka46 today has no rivals. That's why there is the danger of internal division and collapse. There will definitely be someone who will try to get a head start on others. That's been shown in neuroscience, so one should prepare for it regardless of who's particularly in question.
    The drastic solution to that is to create small groups like the Johnny's method.
    With small groups you create an environment where they always start from zero and have to climb up so there's no time for them to have divisions.
    80. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月17日 00:42 ID:2oCSf43w0
    Are you mocking? Or trolling?
    You should just stop.
    A poser like you is the lowest low-life.
    81. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月17日 00:45 ID:2oCSf43w0
    It's not about show business, it's organizational behavior, neuroscience, psychology, the truth about people, management science.
    It's about regular society!
    Understand, boy?
    A poser like you is the lowest low-life.
    Someone who makes a counterargument has more promise, at least.
    82. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月17日 02:11 ID:Vpl5o9gq0
    If you listen to Shiawase No Hogoshoku, you should understand
    that Akimoto Yasushi clearly has no interest in Nogizaka. Doesn't make me feel grateful to him at all.
    83. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月17日 08:32 ID:Wx5eZknq0
    It was a different person in Sony who pushed Ikoma. Akimoto was pushing the provisional center who quit before Nogizaka debuted. After that girl quit, he lost interest. If she hadn't quit, it's possible that there might have been a perma-center like with Keyaki.
    84. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月17日 18:49 ID:dEZKDDrY0
    You put reply numbers 66 and 64 but from what you wrote, I think you meant 69.
    If you were replying to 69, the companies behind Nogi and Keyaki (the investors and the parent company) are different, so even if some people who are involved in some aspect [in the groups] are the same people, it won't really be the same thing.
    It's not a listed company, we don't know the ownership shares, and we don't know the structure of the officers. If the people involved and the extent to which each person involved were exactly the same, then there would be no need to have separate companies.
    Regarding Keyaki, even besides Hirate and Yasushi's close relationship, the way they choose the formations and their strategy for raising popularity is totally different (the way they choose the formations is amateurish, and a chunibyou [edgy, emo] style while developing [fashion] models has little synergy. Generally amateurish). It's hard to imagine that what's happening at Keyaki would happen the same way at Nogi.
    Can't say there's no possibility of that but what 66 is saying is too much of a leap in logic.
    85. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月17日 23:37 ID:FJ462Y.h0
    It's working lol
    86. 名無し@1/46 2020年03月18日 14:06 ID:6AR6k1620
    If it works out, that's good.
    The important point is that issues within group members and issues with management and its organization need to be thought about separately.

    There is also the other issue of how a male adult manages a young female group.
    From that point of view, it's not impossible.
    Many of the very young members will lack in professionalism. Which means that there will be more people who choose to judge those young members more by their inherent and natural abilities, and if such members are at the core of the group, then issues within the group will be that much more drastic and intense.
    No matter how the management [that's made of adults] and its organization are, if the top brass doesn't understand the things going on within the group, they will make the wrong decisions. That's the thing.
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2020
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  6. baymon

    baymon Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Jun 28, 2014
    Shiraishi Mai
    Wow, so long...but interesting to read...
    I honestly feel the same way. The fact that he chose Shiawase as the title track when the B-sides are so much better makes me feel like he's trolling at Maiyan....
  7. Halyup

    Halyup Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Dec 20, 2016
    Interesting ; So that would mean Miona is the threat to Nogi's Unity ?
  8. gish0046

    gish0046 Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Feb 4, 2019
    ah man I love a good villain
  9. Halyup

    Halyup Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Dec 20, 2016
    Fits well with 2nd gen Background of Underdogs
    With Miona the Revolutionary

    But then He got a lot more hurdles to clear , Even if Maiyan left , Asuka still there and The vanguard of 3ki and 4ki Top Tiers will keep Miona in check.
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  10. theobserver

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    Nov 28, 2016
    Melbourne, Australia
    Takahashi Juri-Miyawaki Sakura
    No......Kii-chan will keep Miona in check....
  11. sambelteri12

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    Sep 21, 2018
    Sure. That's why she threats Renka and Tamami like her little sister.
  12. Conjyak

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    Aug 6, 2017
    Here is another translation of an interesting and informative(?) matome post (excerpts from 5ch comments) and comments on those matome posts. Plus a bonus translation of a relevant 5ch post.

    The first is about a tweet that Tsunku of Hello Project made in June 2019 asking about the difference between AKB and Nogizaka and the reactions to that. The second is a short excerpt of an interview of Tsunku in the April 2020 issue of EX Taishuu (the cover of which was Endo Sakura). The second one is a bonus because while the topic is relevant to the first thing, it's more relevant to Sakamichi as a whole (and Hirate of Keyakizaka) rather than Nogizaka.

    Matome post about Tsunku's tweet:

    Link to the source: http://nogizaka-46bunno1.blog.jp/archives/79305272.html

    Link to image copy of above

    Tsunku's tweet: https://twitter.com/tsunkuboy/status/1135602054074908672

    Link to image copy of above

    The Matome page's excerpts from 5ch:


    June 4, 2019
    【Nogizaka46】 Tsunku♂ 『From where we are, we've never known the difference between the AKB realm and the Nogizaka realm. Should I understand these cultures as totally different? Tell me.』

    523: 君の名は(黄昏の大砂漠) (ワッチョイW 6a61-ob9i)


    From where we are, we've never known the difference between the AKB realm and the Nogizaka realm. Should I understand these cultures as totally different? Tell me. Using examples from this side, is it like the difference between Morning Musume and other Hello Pro groups, or like the difference between Hello Pro in general and Hina Fes units.

    525: ジル・ドゥルーズ(やわらか銀行)
    AKB is a general masses route, Sakamichi is a high class route. That's the only basic difference.

    2: 君の名は(茸)
    HP songs are written and composed by Tsunku but Akimoto's songs are composed by others.
    I think that alone will change the style a lot but has he not even listened to the songs before

    3: 君の名は(東京都)
    I don't know HP even more
    so the examples don't help
    Just ask Akimoto

    4: 君の名は(茸)
    About as different as Onyanko Club and Momoko Club

    5: 君の名は(SB-iPhone)
    I don't know what the difference is between HP and MoMusu, so I don't know

    6: 君の名は(日本)
    An economist's opinion
    The AKB realm has many people who understand the analogy of 「the difference between Morning Musume and other Hello Pro groups, or the difference between Hello Pro in general and Hina Fes units.」 and the Nogizaka realm doesn't.

    20: ◆GISOAbZbDI (茸)
    That's a good answer, or like
    I don't even know the difference between HP groups like ℃-ute and Berryz Koubou.
    Or, there isn't even a difference anyway

    26: 君の名は(東京都)
    Yeah, I've never heard of Hina Fes before

    40: 君の名は(千葉県)
    So AKB wotas will know that

    7: 君の名は(馬刺し)
    Ozeki Rika is the one who looks like Niigaki Risa

    9: 君の名は(地図に無い島)
    About the difference between SharanQ and Momusu.

    Even Tsunku will understand that.

    19: 君の名は(神奈川県)
    To explain it so that the Tsunku generation will get it easily, it's the difference between TRF and globe

    21: 君の名は(馬刺し)
    Like, he's late to ask this now

    22: 君の名は(東京都)
    The only difference is between 48 and 46
    In other words, they're pretty much the same thing

    In either case, under the order of Akimoto Yasushi

    23: 君の名は(東京都)
    The fact that he's putting Sakamichi together is already...
    If you watch Keyaki, you should be able to tell that they're totally different
    If you're a music creator, there's no way you can't tell

    24: 君の名は(東京都)
    A geezer who isn't interested in idols won't even know the difference between HP and AKB groups.
    How are you supposed to explain this to a person like that.

    25: 君の名は(埼玉県)
    A person who knows the difference between HP, the difference between 48G, and the difference between Sakamichi
    That's someone with a lot of free time or someone who has devoted their life to idols

    27: 君の名は(馬刺し)
    I even know Kpop, too

    30: 君の名は(大阪府)
    Hina Fes is an event where they shuffle members from HP and create units and do a concert

    31: 君の名は(東京都)
    Morning Musume was famous in the past so people know about that
    Tsunku mentions HP as if, oh of course everyone knows about it, but there are a lot of people who are like, what's HP?

    34: 君の名は(東京都)
    If he really doesn't know, he's not watching music shows at all then

    37: 君の名は(しまむら)
    From someone who isn't a HP wota like me, I don't know what is Hina Fes.
    Is it an app like Nogikoi but for HP?

    38: 君の名は(東京都)
    Hina Fes is a made-in-heaven festival that's a collab between Kawago and Hinachima

    42: 君の名は(大阪府)
    There's no clear difference within the category of large idol groups produced by Akimoto
    The only difference is the people. What they're doing is the same

    44: 君の名は(庭)
    In short, he doesn't understand why AKB is declining while Nogizaka is successful

    45: 君の名は(嘆きの島)
    Pocari Sweat and Aquarius
    Coca Cola and Pepsi
    Cup Noodle and Cup Star
    The difference is something as small as that
    AKB is the one that people are more familiar with

    47: 君の名は(北海道)
    If you don't know that difference, then you can't survive in show business. That's what this is.

    51: 君の名は(日本)
    Rather than that, tell me what is the difference between Kobushi Factory and Tsubaki Factory

    Comments on the matome page:

    1. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 15:45 ID:fOx.CqdY0
    The only difference is whether you like Nogizaka or you like AKB.

    2. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 15:49 ID:rYfvW1Uq0
    To explain it so that anyone can understand, Nogizaka is cute, AKB isn't
    To explain it even more simply, it's about as different as the difference between Chanel and channel, between the real thing and a knockoff.

    3. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 15:50 ID:54h14qdN0
    The concept behind them is different and everything else is the same.
    Just choose which you like

    4. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 15:51 ID:RA6a1uwf0
    About the difference between Uniqlo and G.U. Not much difference.

    6. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 15:53 ID:03O4tOzz0
    Just ask Akimoto Yasushi directly.

    5. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 15:53 ID:81OSMYY80
    They're about the same but they basically don't have any interaction
    Kinda like the difference between the Central League and the Pacific League [Japanese pro baseball]

    7. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 15:55 ID:hkI7AAUp0
    In terms of HP, I think it's like Berryz Koubou and ℃-ute

    8. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 15:57 ID:9B5v2GVF0
    He's been a producer for idols for decades. What kind of a producer doesn't understand the idols of another company in the same industry?... lol

    9. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 15:58 ID:y26icg370
    I don't understand the HP examples
    that Tsunku used...

    10. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:00 ID:hkI7AAUp0
    >>8 No, normally they wouldn't know
    It's not like Tsunku has been following Nogizaka. That's why he said this

    11. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:02 ID:b1JPyJew0
    Yeah, something like that
    It's not the difference between Morning Musume and others.
    In HP, Morning Musume is completely at the top.

    13. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:04 ID:wIxY.1.R0
    From where I am, I don't understand the content of HP at all, and I've never heard of Hina Fes.

    14. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:07 ID:dkT75nuc0
    I had the impression that HP has a shitload of groups but I looked it up and it actually has a small number of groups and I've heard of them all.
    I thought bish was HP but it isn't.

    19. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:10 ID:dkT75nuc0
    I don't really want Tsunku to mention Akimoto groups
    I'd kinda feel apologetic

    20. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:11 ID:D813g.g.0
    I don't know anything about HP either so I guess we're even

    21. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:13 ID:rrgBj5q30
    AKB is Iris Ohyama and Nogizaka is Balmuda.

    22. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:15 ID:DczzYAzS0
    Since he doesn't know, HP and AKB are probably like the same thing.
    The difference between what's shown to the outside and to the inside, what's shown to society at large and what's shown to wotas. For Nogizaka, that's with the central members, as well, though.

    23. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:15 ID:y26icg370
    I don't know about comparing it to
    something that's just mere show like Balmuda lol

    24. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:19 ID:BCMElARV0
    Well, I don't think Tsunku said that as a put-down

    25. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:19 ID:m9lXO2.40
    48 is underground idols centered around a theatre who became major.
    After 48 succeeded and became a major idol group, Sakamichi instead is centered around mass media and doesn't have a theatre
    12 probably doesn't know that he might come to suffer the same kind of health issues as Tsunku.

    26. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:21 ID:OD2dE.wW0
    AkiP probably tries to create each group differently in his own way.
    Personally, I think the song arrangement quality between AKB and Nogizaka has a huge difference.
    Whether that's due to budget or due to the difference in management ability of KING and Sony, I don't know.

    27. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:22 ID:BCMElARV0
    ※5 said this as well, but I think it's like the Central League and Pacific League.

    28. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:22 ID:w.PnVGqe0
    Nogizaka is an orthodox idol route, AKB is an emphasizing entertainment route.
    AKB emphasizes entertainment so they do general elections and rock-paper-scissors and do anything really flashy, and if it's to get publicity they'll even expose secrets or cause controversies. Nogizaka has rather many things that aren't allowed and basically tends to dislike things that would deviate from the idol route.

    29. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:28 ID:iw91k18G0
    From my point of view, there are many 48 wotas who also like 46. There are (relatively) not many 46 wotas who like 48.

    30. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:35 ID:826Qql500
    With one look, there's a difference between the styles of their costumes. How does an idol expert not know the difference...
    It'd be the same oddness of a Seven-Eleven exec saying, "I don't know the difference between Lawson and Family Mart."

    31. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:36 ID:0ll9Xo920
    Don't know, so I can't use HP as examples lol
    In any case, akb and Nogizaka are totally different
    At any rate, we were official rivals.. or "we are"?? There's no hostile competition [between the two] though.

    32. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:42 ID:iipT4Oe40
    Nogizaka is a high class route? lolllll

    33. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:44 ID:l7JvHlks0
    Nogizaka is a combination of the good parts of the popularity of the Central League and the strength [of the teams] of the Pacific League.

    34. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:45 ID:.1Lk2Lvo0
    In the source thread and in the comments here, there are people saying that "they're totally different" regarding their concepts and music, but is that what Tsunku is asking about? If it's in the realm of something you can understand by listening to their works, he's an expert so he wouldn't go to the trouble of asking that.
    Isn't what Tsunku wants to know the structure and the relationship of the two groups?

    35. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:51 ID:dkT75nuc0

    36. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:54 ID:v9ZgHBcs0
    I used to watch HP shows, but every group sang the same way, the songs felt the same and everything felt the same, so I got tired of it. AKB groups feel like they're about the same with just different alphabet letters. Nogizaka feels like it's a group created from gathering 1980's idols like Matsuda Seiko and Nakayama Miho.

    37. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 16:58 ID:lne2m8GV0
    As someone who has watched MoMusu since the hand-selling CDs project, I don't understand the concept of the current 「Morning Musume。'xx」. There's no point for that group to call itself MoMusu anymore.

    >There's no hostile competition but
    the previous general director might not think so

    38. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 17:01 ID:S.lHaxKS0
    I feel like the difference between groups in HP are also getting less and less
    Maybe because groups aren't disbanding much and they're starting to add new members
    A group like ℃-ute is very rare

    39. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 17:12 ID:yEnzLFAZ0
    I find it hard to believe that Tsunku doesn't know anything.
    Perhaps he has his own answer in his mind but wants to hear what actual fans will say?

    [Omitted mostly irrelevant comments]

    45. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 17:59 ID:qMgJZ38v0
    Maybe like the difference between the Tokyo Giants and Hiroshima Carp? [Japanese baseball teams].
    If it's between AKB and Sakamichi, perhaps better to say the Central League and the Pacific League.

    46. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 18:00 ID:F.48a9Nx0
    Whether it ends in 48 or 46
    AKB groups always are three alphabet letters that start with the sound "e" [when pronounced] and Sakamichi series use actual slopes
    Overall production and song lyrics writing are by Akimoto Yasushi and song composition are gathered via competition so 48 and 46 have many song composers in common
    That's all the difference there is. So they're female idol groups with the same business model based on handshake events.

    47. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 18:01 ID:mtQbBOIz0
    About the difference between TOPVALU and BESTPRICE

    48. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 18:01 ID:YZsOttSs0
    That's everything right there
    Is Tsunku still doing Morning Musume?
    Or like, is Morning Musume still active?
    If so, how is he their producer while not even knowing this
    Or maybe that's the reason why things are like that over there

    49. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 18:08 ID:svZSZ0tz0
    Give Tsunku a proper answer, will you

    50. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 18:08 ID:wA2jlwTy0
    AKB is dagashi [cheap snacks for children]
    Sakamichi is Western confections

    51. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 18:19 ID:qMgJZ38v0
    That's just due to the order they appeared chronologically.

    52. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 18:22 ID:qMgJZ38v0
    There's someone above who wrote that as well.
    Not high class, but classy and on the quiet side. Like, not aggressive.

    53. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 18:22 ID:v9ZgHBcs0
    Tsunku is someone in the business so instead of asking the public, he should study and take in the knowledge himself. There was some old man in Osaka radio who once said "Dunno," but Tsunku is in an industry where it's easy to gain such information. Since he's someone in a creative position, even if he isn't interested in it, as a professional he should do that since that's something you absolutely must do if you're serious about your work. If he doesn't know that, is he being arrogant? Proof that he's gotten old and should retire.

    54. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 18:27 ID:qGYA7UTT0
    If he had said "From where I am," then I would've nicely explained my theory, but when he says, "From where we are," who is that "we" exactly?
    This is kind of a strange tweet, isn't it

    55. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 18:47 ID:lh9sR4FK0
    Just ask him directly.

    56. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 18:52 ID:VSnmhwpk0
    Before I was a fan, all I knew were that they were both Akimoto idols and didn't know any difference besides their names. From a person who doesn't know, it's something like that.

    57. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 19:08 ID:69MVZkjR0
    Are people who make Asperger's-like replies like these HP wotas?

    58. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 19:08 ID:vfw28q3x0
    30,000 people at Makuhari is Nogizaka. 2,000 people at Kyocera Dome is AKB

    Japan Record Awards and Kohaku is Nogizaka
    Can't appear, can't win is AKB

    59. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 19:15 ID:qyS7dulV0
    AKB created the handshake event business model system.
    Nogizaka took that, cut away some parts, and specialized in squeezing out money from wotas.

    60. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 19:17 ID:svZSZ0tz0
    Are you talking about now? lol

    61. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 19:20 ID:0prVVcMO0
    Analogies with supermarkets:
    Sakamichi→Seijo Ishii
    HP→Aeon group (including Daiei, My Basket)

    62. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 19:46 ID:YPiXeNas0
    Until 12 years ago, I was a HP wota

    63. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 19:46 ID:z.mSwHLx0
    Tsunku hasn't been able to keep up with the times at all

    64. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 19:47 ID:19KS1OBu0
    No way that Tsunku doesn't know!
    He's being sarcastic in a roundabout way!

    65. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 19:48 ID:Wz08Akv60
    There's clearly a difference in culture
    46 series don't have general elections nor sokaku [group shuffling event], and don't have theatre performances as well

    66. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 20:16 ID:igyZlC4a0
    This is hopeless

    67. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 20:24 ID:ggprLqrd0
    I don't understand Tsunku's sensibility so there's nothing I can say to him.

    68. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 20:32 ID:npAAtH8Z0
    Huh? I meant just ask him through Twitter.
    I guess I shouldn't have said "directly."

    69. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 20:53 ID:B1ZfSKfQ0
    Similar to 28,
    AKB does Kouhaku Uta Gassen, athletic field day events, and general elections
    Nogizaka does Principal

    And with Ikoma-chan as the occasion,
    with graduates signing with Nogizaka LLC
    I think the difference is really big now.

    70. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 20:58 ID:B1ZfSKfQ0
    I lean towards Nogizaka so I'm not unbiased,
    but the difference between having the wallet chain [Konno Yoshio] is so big

    71. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 21:51 ID:vCAASoyu0
    Isn't what he wants to ask
    Why did popularity move from one to the other?
    Let it just be changing fads, people getting tired of AKB.
    Nothing will change with the next generation.

    72. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 22:26 ID:M2jGroVZ0
    4 Akimoto made the foundations of the systems for both. Akimoto created the culture for AKB, wallet chain = Konno made the culture for Nogizaka. Akimoto only presented the concept for Nogizaka while Konno created and developed it. Feels like Akimoto's role is advice. You can conclude that from the MDM[?] Nogizaka Special.

    73. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 22:41 ID:Fmxx8FMR0
    Isn't the difference that Sakamichi is a group of girls who would be the first or second place most beautiful in the class, while AKB is the fifth to sixth place in the class and cute in a plain way?
    Or is that only for Nogizaka and would be a mistake to include all of Sakamichi in that?? lol

    74. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 22:48 ID:EKFw63AD0
    I think the "An economist's opinion" is really accurate for the difference between the fans.
    AKB is an expanded version of the so-called idol wotaku-focused business and Sakamichi's selling point is how they differentiated themselves from that. Thus as a result, Sakamichi fans aren't going to be able to keep up with HP things.
    Well, the fact that HP has become a business focused on a subset of hardcore fans is probably something Tsunku is sad about...

    75. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 22:55 ID:pUhsZjXx0
    AKB is members selected with live concerts in mind. They're provided with the highest level costumes of the idol world.
    Sakamichi is members selected with looks in mind. Members with physiques good for modeling are selected.
    AKB is: song and dance is what idols are about and as for looks, just do your best with the costumes.
    Sakamichi is: looks is what idols are about and as for song and dance, pick it up with effort.
    "Yuuhi O Miteiruka?", which Sony left with AKB, is really similar to "Sing Out!" but Kojima Haruna is impressive to be able to sing that solo so well.

    76. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 23:01 ID:aJurGBTB0
    On AKB, Akihabara is their headquarters and Namba, Sakae etc. are branches. Transfers are frequent. Members from branches may participate in the headquarters's songs.
    On Sakamichi, there's no concept like that.

    77. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 23:28 ID:QBaMTgF.0
    He's not a producer now

    78. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月04日 23:44 ID:QBaMTgF.0
    It's laughable that there are so many people who don't understand this

    79. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月05日 00:09 ID:JYmeSfNh0
    I know what you mean
    His choice of wording in, "From where we are" feels like his sour grapes are oozing out.
    I thought he'd be a better sport than that.
    Maybe because he's gotten old.

    80. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月05日 08:22 ID:4hkUIJiA0
    I want this kind of person to go to the "Daitai Zembuten."

    81. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月05日 10:12 ID:sRDYBKwO0
    AKB has obligations to do exchanges between sister groups and rights to getting in sembatsu, while Sakamichi doesn't.
    AKB has a permanent theatre and Sakamichi doesn't.
    I think this is their essential difference?

    82. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月05日 10:32 ID:ewQnNItq0
    He's asking about "the cultures."
    I don't think he's asking about the slight differences in concept, the existence or not of central members, or the rising and falling of popularity within the idol world. Instead, isn't he asking about the differences in their foundations and the fan demographics?

    83. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月05日 11:22 ID:7F33W.xb0
    The fact that he didn't research it himself and is asking people shows that he isn't really interested
    Even if you described the difference to him, he won't get it

    84. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月05日 15:48 ID:hz7oALie0
    He still has some pride, so he can't ask him

    85. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月05日 16:02 ID:hz7oALie0
    It ended at the end of May!

    86. 名無し@1/46 2019年06月05日 16:17 ID:tnFS1Xxf0
    The biggest difference is having a theatre and everything else is negligible.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2020
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  13. Conjyak

    Conjyak Kenkyuusei

    Aug 6, 2017
    Excerpt of Tsunku's interview:

    Link to the source: http://tarte.2ch.sc/test/read.cgi/keyakizaka46/1585030686/

    Link to image copy of above

    Cover of April 2020 EX Taishu

    A blurred scan I found of the Tsunku interview pages

    1 :!key:15(愛知県):2020/03/24(火) 15:18:06 ID:w7nAHKr80.net
    「EX Taishuu」 April 2020 Issue 
    Tsunku♂ Speaks on the Now of Idols, the Future of Entertainment (Excerpted)

    ――What do you think about the recent Sakamichi series? The withdrawal of Hirate Yurina, who was the center of Keyakizaka46, was featured a lot in the media.

    Partly to avoid being too conscious of them or to end up similar to them, I haven't closely followed Akimoto's works after AKB48 other than what naturally ends up in my view, so I'm really unknowledgeable. Since I don't even know about AKB groups, if you mention Sakamichi series to me, I haven't done my homework on their differences or their structures, so I'm sorry but I'm completely out of date.


    Bringing the topic back to Hirate, she isn't similar to anything really and I've only seen 1 or 2 songs, so if someone says, "Tsunku doesn't know a thing," there's no rebuttal I can give to that, so I won't go into that, but "Fukyouwaon" was exciting and stimulating and meshed well with the performance, giving it a sense of tension and excitement. I thought it was a wonderful song.

    My feeling is that if Hirate had auditioned for Morning Musume I don't think I would have taken her, but if it was for Berryz Koubou, I might've. Just a selfish imagination I had for myself (laughs).

    In that respect, Akimoto is as you'd expect, so to say. When I met him some time ago, he had said, "I let them do it however they want to do it, and they'll become that." Normally, if they collapsed during the Kouhaku Utagassen, you'd be scared of continuing to use them as the face of the team. And if it'll affect the other members, whether for good or for worse, I think I would distribute the center role more. Yet, to continue to push them at the center. I think that's the difference between me and the Akimoto way.
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  14. gish0046

    gish0046 Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Feb 4, 2019
    It's like the difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero (Sakamichi is Coke Zero)
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  15. Conjyak

    Conjyak Kenkyuusei

    Aug 6, 2017
    Here is another translation of a matome post (excerpts from 5ch comments) and comments on those matome posts. This is a shorter one on Kazumin and her role (or not) as a variety specialist member.

    Source: http://nogizaka46link.blog.jp/archives/24088835.html

    Image copy of above

    Matome page's excerpts from 5ch:


    March 25, 2020
    [Nogizaka46] Wakabayashi said that Kazumin "actually doesn't go all out to be a variety specialist." Is this true?

    183: 乃木りんく 2020/03/25(水) 01:59:59.53 ID:yNi7Lvzd0

    Wakabayashi in Shikujiri Sensei was saying that
    Kazumin actually doesn't go all out to be a variety specialist

    191: 乃木りんく 2020/03/25(水) 02:01:44.04 ID:yhMmMEC90

    If she wanted, she could
    They were saying something like, not doing that was important

    195: 乃木りんく 2020/03/25(水) 02:02:00.86 ID:+1848/qMr

    That's what's vexing, but I don't know what Kazumin really wants to do...

    200: 乃木りんく 2020/03/25(水) 02:02:39.72 ID:C3EtLdxo0

    I think Wakabayashi and Zakiyama's critiques are correct

    203: 乃木りんく 2020/03/25(水) 02:03:33.84 ID:N1H/lvL80

    Which Shikujiri episode?

    201: 乃木りんく 2020/03/25(水) 02:02:44.96 ID:NNzOUkgt0

    That means Takayama is thinking about the group's image

    208: 乃木りんく 2020/03/25(水) 02:03:58.28 ID:+n5XIeZHa

    The thing is, Kazumin just ends up being funny and basically is a person who aspires to orthodox idols.

    221: 乃木りんく 2020/03/25(水) 02:05:31.27 ID:+1848/qMr

    That's true
    I don't know about now, though.

    198: 乃木りんく 2020/03/25(水) 02:02:31.95 ID:N1H/lvL80

    Kazumin is the funniest on something like Sanma No Manma but now, age-wise, that'd be tough

    204: 乃木りんく 2020/03/25(水) 02:03:35.46 ID:5LuRdbNa0

    Kazumin wasn't able to do a sudden joke request on 46 Hours TV and cried

    220: 乃木りんく 2020/03/25(水) 02:05:24.11 ID:RewXE5Fpd

    She suddenly showed her girliness when she got embarrassed about sticking out her tongue.

    226: 乃木りんく 2020/03/25(水) 02:06:07.00 ID:BRVgpFUYH

    Oh yeahhh

    Comments on the matome page:

    1. 名無しさん@乃木りんく 2020年03月25日 20:01

    This strikes at the core. It's not clear whether she's a writer or an idol or has the variety label so she can't go all out, so on Shikujiri she loses to other idols. At this rate, if you take away the Nogizaka title, feels like she'll fade away.

    2. 名無しさん@乃木りんく 2020年03月25日 20:07

    Yeah, she aspired to orthodox idols and entered Nogizaka
    She's stated in interviews that she doesn't want to end up as a variety idol
    Along with Manatsu, she embodies the ideal faces of Nogizaka variety. She's wonderful.

    3. 名無しさん@乃木りんく 2020年03月25日 20:24

    There's no need to label her.

    4. 名無しさん@乃木りんく 2020年03月25日 20:28

    When the MC calls on Nogizaka, they answer properly
    There is a Nogizaka style where they don't go overly aggressive
    They're there with a proper idol stance
    so isn't it fine just like this?

    5. 名無しさん@乃木りんく 2020年03月25日 20:33

    If she doesn't want to throw away cuteness,
    she should quit the penny-pinching persona

    6. 名無しさん@乃木りんく 2020年03月25日 21:23


    There's a tendency to think that idols who go all out are funny. One or two years of that, ok, but I don't think it's really funny when people who have been on TV for some time already do that.

    With Asuka, Hoshino, Wada, it's like, "She really must be like that 24 hours a day." When it's like that, it's funny.
    I think Takayama is able to bring out her natural self and is doing things skillfully.

    7. 名無しさん@乃木りんく 2020年03月25日 21:34

    Not Manatsu

    8. 名無しさん@乃木りんく 2020年03月25日 21:42

    There is a sense that things aren't focused, like with Minegishi.
    With no hesitation, she chose to chase two rabbits and got quickly passed by Sashihara who can skillfully catch those two rabbits.
    Her [Kazumin's] ability to merge into the atmosphere of a variety situation is off the charts so it'd be fine for her to go all out

    9. 名無しさん@乃木りんく 2020年03月25日 23:51

    She probably is worried feeling that she's just being laughed at instead of making others laugh, so she can't go all out because of that, maybe?
    She may have initially thought she didn't want to become a variety idol but when you've done it for a long time, you'll start to know what people are looking for from you.
    And to be able to pull back and not go full out because she doesn't want to ruin her position as an idol is something only someone who solidly understands comedy could do
    Before deciding whether she can go all out or not, since she's humble and self-deprecating, I wonder if she got a mistaken impression like that [being laughed at vs. making others laugh]

    10. 名無しさん@乃木りんく 2020年03月26日 00:04

    Takayama doesn't go for laughs. She does things seriously but it just ends up becoming funny. That's what's great about it.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2020
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  16. Gofindnova

    Gofindnova Upcoming Girls

    Apr 18, 2019
    I translated a series of interviews from Platinum Flash vol. 12 (Feb. 14, 2020). The 2nd gen discusses how they view each other and their identity in the group. (cross-posted to the 2nd gen thread)

    -- If the 2nd gen lived together, what would each day be like?
    Kitano: Maichun (Shinuchi) seems like she would do the cleaning neatly.
    Shinuchi: I cleaned before leaving the house today too (laughs).
    Hori: I feel like me, Hinako, and (Watanabe) Miria would always be in front of the television. Then, it seems like Maichun and (Suzuki) Ayane would do the cooking.
    S: It seems like you’re trying to make me do the cooking (laughs). Well, since (Terada) Ranze and Miria certainly can’t cook.
    K: Among the 2nd gen, there are a lot of types who want time for themselves, isn’t there.
    H: Yeah. Wanting our own rooms.
    S: If it feels like a dormitory, that might be good.
    -- You’ve been able to do more work together as the 2nd gen recently, right?
    K: That’s right. Was it November? We went to the cliffs at Chiba for a photoshoot.
    H: Everyone was being blown about by strong winds. Just standing up was tough, but I was thinking during the photoshoot that they put a lot of consideration into the location.
    S: Back then, everyone wore red outfits, but I wonder if the 2nd gen have a red image?
    K: That’s probably the case.
    H: If we wear the same outfit, it’s probably red.
    K: The 1st gen have a blue or white image.
    S: The 3rd gen are yellow or pink.
    K: The 4th gen seem green.
    S: I know, right!
    -- Ito Karin’s graduation was in 2019.
    S: It hasn’t even been a year! It feels like incredibly long ago…
    H: She was the intermediary for the 2nd gen, so I was worried for a moment if the 2nd gen would become scattered, but everyone’s developing in their own respective places, so it turned out alright.
    -- Senpai graduations have also increased, haven’t they?
    K: You think once more about the things you should be doing. Each person’s walking forward towards their next dream, so it makes you need to consider your own path too.
    S: The graduates told me, it’s a sudden realization, that “Nogizaka46 is like being in Neverland.” Even though you should be aging, everyone’s growth is the same, so there’s no sensation of getting older. But, they say once you graduate, you become aware of it. “Ah, I’ve already reached this age,” they say. Being in Nogizaka46 is fun, so you can get by even without thinking of your future. That’s why we have to nurture the kouhai.
    K: When the 2nd gen joined, the 1st gen kept an eye out for us. We’ve only been doting on our kouhai (laughs).
    H: If we don’t communicate more closely, the unity of the group will end up disappearing. We have to impart what we’ve become aware of. It’s difficult for the kouhai to approach from their side, so we want to extend a hand from our side.

    -- It’s been about 7 years since you met. Have your impressions of each other changed?
    Yamazaki: Ranze has grown into a wonderful woman, but the core of her hasn’t changed. She can clearly tell white from black, so it’s easy to talk about work with her. Ranze might be the only same-gen member that I think that way about.
    Ranze: Really!? Rena is the type who can get along talking with anyone though, that makes me glad.
    Z: Also, I think the catchy words that Ranze suddenly unleashes have been improving. When all the 2nd gen appeared on All Night Nippon at the end of last year, and Maichun joked “I’m 18 years old” during the self-introductions, Ranze responded, “Let’s go home.” Such unexpected words to bust out (laughs).
    R: I thought it’d be bad if nobody picked up the punchline (laughs).
    Z: I still laugh about that, even now.
    -- How does Yamazaki-san appear to Terada-san?
    R: I think it’s incredible how she steadily balances both college and Nogizaka46 activities, she’s pioneering a new genre with history, I respect how she’s tying it to her work.
    Z: The presence of Shiraishi (Mai)-san, who took the lead in expanding activities outside the group, is huge, I think. Such a beautiful and playful senpai like her doesn’t exist anywhere, so I’m nothing but grateful.
    -- How do you think about the 2nd gen, in relation to the group?
    R: I think the 2nd gen are the ones who remember the early days when Nogizaka46 was being created, and who, although with our limited ability, supported the group that the 1st gen built up from zero.
    Z: We remember the times when no one at all would come to handshake events, so we understand. How grateful a thing it is to be in our current situation where we can receive so much support. As we gazed at the backs of the 1st gen, we recognized those things, but right now, I think we must also become the senpai who can convey those things to our kouhai.
    R: Recently, work that only involves the 2nd gen has also increased, and I’m glad we can talk like this, but now when we do full-group activities, I have a strong awareness that I want to show the kouhai that “this is the color” of the Nogizaka46 that the senpai built.
    Z: What we want to do ourselves is also important, but I believe the ones who protect the sought-after Nogizaka-ness are the 2nd gen.
    R: But when it’s only us same-gen getting together, isn’t it a little embarrassing?
    Z: That’s true. When we meet face-to-face, it’s like I’m most awkward around same-gen members or something.
    R: There’s a feeling like family, isn’t there?
    Z: That’s why I feel we don’t hide our shortcomings or complexes from each other, we’re able to be accepted and to accept those things as each other’s individuality. Perhaps the reason that people say we’re all full of individuality comes from that.
    R: I know, right! That’s the origin of 2nd gen-ness!

    -- Getting straight to the point, for the two of you, what do your same-gen members mean to you?
    Ayane: When we first joined, and there were times when there was no work at all, they were our companions who we always took lessons with together, so there’s a sense of reassurance.
    Kotoko: They’re still easy to talk to, right? When we’re together, I’m at ease. I think Ito Karin-chan, who graduated, was always the intermediary for the 2nd gen, she was creating an atmosphere where we could mutually talk to each other.
    -- Please tell us anything that’s changed compared to when you joined, or your recent impressions of each other.
    K: I don’t think Ayane-chan has changed much. It looks like her cheerfulness and femininity have increased, but the sombreness inside of her hasn’t changed.
    A: When we went out to eat together recently, I felt that Kotoko hasn’t changed. Her good looks are the same as always too! But, isn’t there more black in your personal clothing now?
    K: Before, I was wearing cold colors like blue or green, but I suppose recently I tend to wear black (laughs). For jobs, I can wear clothes picked out for me by pro stylists, so normally, I guess anything I wear is fine. The time it takes to choose is such a waste (laughs).
    A: I suppose I’m also not really good with shopping. My shopping is basically online. Life is so convenient (laughs).
    -- So neither of your inner selves have changed, but your appearances have changed. What about your impressions of other members?
    K: (Hori) Miona has always been doing her best to liven up the 2nd gen.
    A: For me, she’s like a friend, we have a relationship where we often go out to have meals. I’m too close to her, so I don’t know if she’s changed (laughs). Of course, I think some parts of her must have changed though.
    -- How about Kitano-san?
    A: In the good sense of the word, she’s the 2nd gen’s custodian. She’s someone I’m grateful for, who can flatly speak for us the things that can’t be spoken.
    K: And then, among the 2nd gen, the one can best read the atmosphere and adjust herself to her surroundings is the youngest member, (Watanabe) Miria, and the one who’s friendly with anybody is Maichun.
    A: (Yamazaki) Rena-chan connects her own specialty genre with her individual activities, and she has an image of trying incredibly hard. Ito Junna is also doing her best on the stage, etc., I think she’s someone who can shine both inside and outside the group.
    K: I suppose the one who hasn’t changed the most is (Terada) Ranze. She’s become beautiful though.
    A: It’s great because she’s always felt like that!
    K: Our individual activities have increased, and the time we spend together has decreased, but I think each 2nd gen member’s fundamental points haven’t changed.
    A: Our relationships haven’t changed either, right? Even if we don’t have the assertiveness to try to get together to do something, you could say we’re still connected somewhere. But within Nogizaka46, I suppose the 2nd gen is the group full of individuality. Myself included, of course (laughs).

    -- What is the relationship between the two of you?
    Junna: Our tastes are excessively aligned.
    Miria: Right. This is true.
    J: Especially in relation to music, the stuff I like, Miria generally also likes.
    M: We share earphones, listening to music.
    J: And, we’ve been saying recently that we want to go to Paris.
    M: Yeah. Let’s go, okay?
    J: Let’s go (laughs).
    -- The 2nd gen Live has been decided.
    M: In a good way and in a bad way, the 2nd gen aren’t unified, so after doing a proper rehearsal, I’d like to take on the challenge.
    J: Since we have few members, too. 9 people.
    M: Up until now, we’ve done a 12-person Under Live, but since it’s even fewer than that.
    J: If we don’t alter the formations, there are so many songs that won’t be compatible, so I’m a little bit worried about that point (laughs).
    -- Have you talked with the 2nd gen about what kind of Live you want to do?
    J: Yes. Since (Hori) Miona is leading us on that. We discussed “I want to do this kind of thing” and “This kind of setlist would be nice” with everyone.
    M: The 2nd gen tend to be told they’re unlucky, but that’s not the only thing the 2nd gen are. It’d be nice if we could show people the bright atmosphere we have behind the scenes.
    J: There are many girls doing their own individual activities, but if we combine everyone’s abilities, we can surprise people by the kind of ability we can put on display – that’s the kind of Live I want to have.
    M: Miona and (Kitano) Hinako are putting it together, so I think it will be fine.
    J: Since they know what the fans want to see.
    -- After the 2nd gen Live, will there be a change in thinking about “generational difference”?
    J: Rather than what the members do about it, I feel that it’s more the fans’ voices that are circulating. I’m also glad for 2nd gen activities, but activities where the full Nogizaka46 group comes together are important too.
    M: Right now, as senpai are graduating, I think it’d be good to increase the opportunities for senpai to teach kouhai. Since from the perspective of the kouhai, opportunities to interact with senpai are valuable, I think.
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  17. sambelteri12

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    Sep 21, 2018
    So, they know that we call them an unlucky gen's..
  18. Kataomoi

    Kataomoi Kenkyuusei

    Aug 13, 2019
    I hope the management will give them another opportunity to redeem their gen,because it looks like they working harder together now..
  19. Conjyak

    Conjyak Kenkyuusei

    Aug 6, 2017
    Interesting, so management entrusted in Kiichan, too, not just the usual suspects (like Miona, Maichun, Karin).
  20. Gofindnova

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    Apr 18, 2019
    Sayuri’s final blog post (cross-posted to the Inoue Sayuri thread)

    La Fin!



    Today is my final day in Nogizaka46.

    About 10 years ago, when I was 15
    I entered the show business world, dreaming of becoming an actress.

    In those days, I had various auditions
    but I was never selected,
    it was a very hard struggle.

    I did not want to rely on my parents, but
    on my own, I did not yet have the money
    to enter a training school, nor did I have the money
    to go learn the fundamentals necessary for the theater
    such as singing and dancing.

    At that time, what was recommended to me was to become
    an idol.

    At first, I honestly resisted it, but
    when I was told,
    “Without ability, experience,
    or recognition, what can you do?”
    those words greatly
    pierced my heart haha
    Unable to say anything, simply shedding tears that would not stop,
    I decided to become an idol

    If you become an idol, you get to experience
    various locations, and
    dance and singing lessons are also a must.

    And, if by chance, even one person
    remembers your name, ,
    I thought that there would be nothing I would be more grateful for.

    At 16 years old, I appeared on an idol program,
    and right after that, I learned of
    the Nogizaka46 auditions,
    and took part in them.

    From the start, I poured my entire undivided being into doing my best,
    with no room to spare; my degree of commitment
    may have differed from those around me haha

    “I want to become that!”
    was the only goal I could see, but
    through the course of my activities, I began to think
    “I want to contribute,” not only to my own dream, but
    for the sake of these members, for the sake of this group,

    Because those times, which are like a treasure to me,
    were granted to me by all the members.
    They taught me the wonder
    and the fun of doing your best together with your companions.

    Then, before I was aware of it, my dream
    became cheered on,
    became supported
    by many fans,
    I noticed that
    the dream I should’ve been chasing alone
    was no longer only my own dream.

    Appearing on Kōhaku Uta Gassen, receiving the Record Award,
    the Tokyo Dome Live, expanding into Asia, ,
    It was a very strange sensation
    for we, who had been unknown
    to become steadily recognized by various people
    as the group Nogizaka46.

    However, each time I sensed that Nogizaka46
    was advancing in that way, the more concretely
    I became aware of the thought of leaving.

    The reason being, that the prestige and achievements
    that Nogizaka46 received in this way are things that belong to everyone,
    and in terms of me doing theater
    are, should I say, completely unrelated,

    Whatever the parent group becomes, my own lack of ability
    will not change; no matter how big
    the group becomes, being complacent
    is something I absolutely cannot do, so
    whenever there was free time in my schedule
    I took various lessons,
    put them to use, and further challenged myself
    with various productions, and over many years
    steadily, slowly moved forward.

    However, it was completely different from the early days
    when I was doing my best alone; I was able to do my best because everyone was there.
    Everywhere we went, I braced myself
    in order to not sully the cherished name of Nogizaka,
    Such were the days that passed while I constantly gave thanks.
    If it were not for these members, my feelings
    may have deviated even more,
    “I’m glad I was able to meet everyone,”
    is something I’ve thought over and over, from the bottom of my heart.

    I hope that Nogizaka46 will be a group
    that becomes loved more and more.
    I will be grateful if you continue to cheer us on.

    Looking back, although I shouldn’t have been thinking of it
    as anything more than a waypoint,
    before I knew it, I came to love it,
    I did not think my stay
    would last this long, but

    I’m glad I became an idol!

    Thank you very much.

    Everyone, please
    take care of yourselves.

    Let’s meet again!

    The weather in Tokyo is nice today.


    Inoue Sayuri
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