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    Just in case, a Japanese person wearing a cross or rosary doesn't mean they're Christians.
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    That's why. In some occasions.
    If that's the case, then I cant really tell :D
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    I live in Paris but I couldn't see them that day.... TT TT and at Japan Expo I miss the dedication...
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    Maybe I’ll be lucky a second time…


    We pick up from last time with the girls split up into two teams at the Buddhist temple in the mountains – one team (Atsuko, Itano, Erena, Kasai, and Matsubara) faces “The Hole” while the other team (Yuko, Sae, Miho, Natsuki, and Kayo) faces “The Waterfall.”

    “Team Hole” (yes, that’s what I’m going to call for the rest of the show – because I can) tires to figure who goes first into the hole. Kasai tries it out, but ends up freaking out, so she ends up getting back out. Matsubara then steps up and enters the hole. (She actually seems pretty cool about the idea – especially when they put the lid on.) She explains how it’s kinda quiet, but at the same time lonely inside hole.

    Outside the group prays, and in time Matsubara’s let out. She’s all right, though her eyes need adjusting to light. (Matsubara actually ends up being the only one we see go into the hole. I’m not sure if any of the other girls went in, too.)

    Next “Team Hole” goes inside to do some calligraphy under the guidance of a temple lady – more specifically, they’ll be hand-copying a sutra with a brush and ink. Whether or not the copy is pretty is irrelevant; the girls just have to copy the sutra. Some girls have a hard time keeping the kanji inside the allotted space, while others have a hard time writing neatly. Matsubara has a trouble with her eyes still, while Atsuko tries to write with her right hand since her left hand’s tired but has a hard time anyway. After some time, the girls then wonder about “Team Waterfall.” (Yes, that’s what I’ll be calling for the rest of the show – not as cool as “Team Hole” but whatever. :p)

    We check out “Team Waterfall” as they rally at the base of a REALLY LONG series of stairs with Mr. Enshin and another temple lady, Ms. Aoki Ayu. (I hope I’m reading her name right.) Mr. Enshin leads the girls up 200 stone steps (while telling the girls to be quiet) with Ms. Aoki following from behind. The girls then share their thoughts about the ordeal - in a nutshell, they’re pretty much excited, scared, and everything else in between.

    The group reaches the base of the waterfall, and the girls are like, “Holy crap, that’s for serious!” They all pray at a little shrine not too far above the waterfall base, and do a bit of cheering to get the adrenaline rushing before coming back down and praying at the base of the waterfall.

    We swing back over to “Team Hole” as they continue hand-copying the sutra. The temple lady asks how long do they think they’ve been writing, and they’re like, “Uh…30 minutes?” but she’s like, “Actually…twice that.” The girls like, “No way!” and Erena’s like, “Damn…I am awesome. I mean ‘we’” – and the other girls are like “So it’s just you doing this?” One by one the girls finish, and they each explain their apprehensions before and during the writing process as well as relief and happiness at the end.

    Next, “Team Hole” goes back to the spot where they’ve done they’re sutra reading to do some sutra chanting – specifically chanting the same short sutra 1,000 times. (They have a necklace with beads to help the keep track.) The girls start off a bit shakily as they try to just fall into the rhythm of the sutra, but eventually the girls memorize the sutra. Unfortunately, Itano’s body gives out and is lead outside. (The temple lady actually points out how Itano’s sixth sense is pretty good – not sure if it’s true, or if she’s just trying to make Itano feel better, but whatever the case is I know I’d be pissed at myself for caving in like that.) Itano then heads back to the main building and waits for the other girls to finish.

    Back at the waterfall, “Team Waterfall” goes through a little ritual where Mr. Enshin takes water from the waterfall and whips it at the girls. They all do a final cheer before taking on the waterfall. Mr. Enshin takes the lead (and takes on the waterfall like a tank) before the other girls follow – Miho, Natsuki, Kayo, Sae, and at last Yuko. Ms. Aoki guides each girl through the sutra amidst the cold waters before all five girls chant the sutra together. The girls finally leave soaking wet, and offer their gratitude – the waterfall. (That’s right...they’re thanking the waterfall for helping them become tougher.) The girls then point out how badass that waterfall was while at the same feeling a sense of improvement and growth before heading back to temple.

    “Team Hole” continues chanting their sutra (over two hours have passed at this point) before finally finishing, and sharing their feeling of “Holy cow, I can’t believe I did that!” “Team Waterfall” meets up with “Team Hole,” and they all chat a bit before Atsuko goes over to get Itano who’s still feeling pretty bummed that she had to retire.

    The girls then finish their day at the temple with a ritual where they write a hope or wish on a stick and toss it into a pyre:

    Sae: “I want to live for other people.”
    Natsuki: “I want to face my hard times with a playful heart.”
    Erena: “I want to be more of a human being.”
    Natsumi: “I want to be a person who can read the mood of a situation.”
    Kasai: “I want to improve my body and soul.”
    Miho: “I’ll never forget my feelings of gratitude.”
    Kayo: “I want go down the right road to becoming an actress.”
    Itano: “I want to be a strong, hard-working person.”
    Atsuko: “I want to become gentler.”
    Yuko: “I want to make everyone smile.”

    *I took some liberties with these since they’d sound a bit odd if literally translated to English. (And for the record, Kayo points out how selfish her wish sounded – “Crap, I so screwed that one up!”)

    Mr. Enshin closes out the ritual, and the girls give their thanks. The girls then share their feelings of gratitude and improvement along with a lot of other details I can’t catch.

    The next episode (or two since these episodes come in pairs) takes place in Paris. There’s also a quiz (“Which person wrote, ‘I want to become more of a human being’?”) with a special T-shirt as the prize.

    And that’s that, ladies and gentlemen. B-)


    1.) Yuko
    2.) Matsubara being tank enough to go in the hole
    3.) Uh…the waterfall area
    4.) That last ritual with the pyre

    Overall Opinion:

    Yuko. :)

    This episode was all right. I’m not surprised that the producers of the show went with bratty girls for the first episode and then more grateful girls this time around – the whole “transformation” take on things. I’ll admit that I like the second episode more, though I didn’t realize that “Team Hole” would be doing more stuff aside from sitting in the hole. Still, I think I’d much rather do what “Team Hole” did instead of taking on the waterfall like “Team Waterfall,” even if the scenery’s pretty out there by the waterfall.

    The ritual at the end was a nice touch, and I actually had my own little wish in mind for myself. (No, I won’t share it with you guys. I’m just saying how the show got me thinking.). And I’m really curious how the Paris bit will go – it’s one thing to do something wild and crazy, but to do all that in a foreign country where the people speak a totally different language…now that’s something.

    And of course…Yuko. :)

    So that’s that, ladies and gentlemen. I’m surprised that I got this overview done in a little over an hour (not counting the extra time taken to clean up this post). Maybe that’s what I get for focusing on my work and consolidating the details into meaningful content. Now if you REALLY want to know the details, then your best bet is to learn Japanese and watch the whole shoe yourself. B-)

    Sorry for the usual. Hope this post helps.

    Until next time, y’all take it easy. B-)
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    Sato Natsuki
    It was a cute episode. Thanks for the summary/translation work. For this kind of thing, I feel like I need to know what's going on. I hope they all enjoyed their little experiences.
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    someomw could give me the liink to the torrent on HO somehow i cant find it
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    Jun 12, 2009
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    May 19, 2009
    thanks so much
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    Can't wait to see Episode number 3 :D
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    Jan 15, 2008
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    the show was great OMG asuka looked so cute speaking in french even they did not speak fluent they tried their best, btw i would kill to be that guy in blue

    i knew they were gonna do something in france

    EDIt i dont know who girl said to him cho kakkoi, what a lucky bastard
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    Oh man, I laughed and cried when the man lifted Meetan, ahahahahahahaha :XD:
    She was screaming!
    you love being naughty, why do you scream, Meetan? :hehe:

    But, why Meetan was crying in the bus? :confused:

    and Akicha ;_; awww she's so cute~ I love CinDy and Akicha.
    When Meetan started to cry, CinDy said "Meetan~ ;_;" like my little sister when she says me "Sister, wake up, don't scary me~ t_t"...so cute :cute:
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    Akicha was so cute when she was getting Nontii out of the shoe shop <3 Then Meetan ;-; And Akicha again ;-;

    I didn't comment on last week's episode but it was impressive when Natsumi was the only one who got in the hole. I hope that gained her some fans.
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    I'm already a fan, but it did make me like her more. :cute:
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    ^^oh yeah, that was so cool <3

    now, I like her more <3
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    Those people that they talked to on the streets were SUPER lucky! and most of them have no idea how lucky they were to actually take pics with them or even talk to them let alone have the chance to pick one up like in Meetan's case.. Damn, I would kill just to get a high five from one of them. They were very Lucky indeed.
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    How dare that guy pick up my Meetan >(
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    That episode was amazing! It really brought back a load of memories from Paris too.
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    OMG.........that wasn't good........
    I shouldn't Scream out.........
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    It's cool to see the AKB48 members like Meetan in Paris, but shame on the french people, they don't know AKB48..ok all the french people can't know AKB48 but some guys like the first..pick up Meetan for the photos..it's a bad image of the france, stupid guys!
    I'm sure that some peoples said that they knows AKB48 but they didn't or just a little but they are not real fans.
    But if we don't speak about it, it was a good!
    When I will be in Paris next time (1 hour from my home) I will eat ice-cream at the same place than the AKB48^^°

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