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    Victory BNK is a variety show produced by Workpoint Entertainment. Each week, the show would invite an 'Icon', a guest who is respected in their field, such as acting, comedy, cooking, etc. to come and teach or interact with the girls of BNK48. The girls are divided into two teams and have to compete at games or activities related to the skills of the guest Icon.

    Here are some recent episodes for you to catch up on if you are interested:

    Episode 16
    This week's icon is Kru Ngor, a veteran actress. The games include working together by having two girls act as one body, with one girl being the body and the other girl being the face. Another activity is for them to pair up, try to empathise and confess their feelings to the other girl. A lot of tears and smiles.

    Episode 18
    This week's guest & icon is James Teeradon, the actor who starred in the latest movie 'Homestay' with Cherprang, and Pujan Long Mic, a rapper. They have to act as various characters on the spot together with James, as well as perform a rap battle at the end. Highlight is Izurina being possessed by the spirit of a sexy woman and has seduce her taxi driver.
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