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[Wishlist] JKT48 New Setlist

Discussion in 'General JKT48 Discussion' started by greenjokr, Jun 27, 2013.

  1. Halim Harvestrainer48

    Halim Harvestrainer48 Kenkyuusei

    Aug 21, 2016
    Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia
    As J has take B5, It's recomended if KIII choose A6 and T eat K6.

    Stage Recomendation
    Ori Stage
    A1: KKS (recomended) + HG
    A2: J (recomended) + HG
    A6: KIII (recomended)
    + T (bit recomended) + J (not recomended)
    A7: T (recomended)+ HG (recomended)
    K3: KIII + T + J
    K5: J (recomended)
    K6: T (recomended)
    + KIII (bit recomended, mod better recomended like KII5) + J (not recomended)
    B4: T + J
    HG2: KIII (recomended)
    S3: KIII
    KII3: J
    N3: J
    NIII3: KKS + T
    SDN1 (not recomended): HG

    Another Stage
    SS7: KIII
    SP1: J
    SP2: J + T
    A1 A2 full mix: HG

    Revivals (not recomended)
    A3: T
    A4: KIII + T + HG
    A5: KIII + KKS + HG
    K2: T
    K4: J
    B3: HG
    B5: T (not recomended) + KIII (not recomended)
    HG1: HG
    S2: T (recomended, restart)
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  2. Kierukiel

    Kierukiel Kenkyuusei

    Oct 26, 2015
    Ghaida Farisya
    Just want to share my prediction unit song for Team T stage if they are not graduate and this is before some member promoted in the future.
    Dareka no Tame ni (T)
    Bird : Aya, Lisa/Jinan, Cindy
    Nage kiss de uchi otose! : Zara, Eve, Christi, Citra, Ori, Celine
    Shinkirou : Ruth, Devi/Melody
    Rider : Vio, Melati, Fia, Pucchi, Gina

    Theater no Megami (T)
    Hatsukoi yo konnichiwa : Lisa, Ori, Vio
    Candy : Zara, Eve, Celine/Ru-chan
    Arashi no Yoru ni wa : Christi, Cindy, Jinan, Aya
    Locker room boy : Fia, Melati, Gina, Citra, Pucchi
    Yokaze no Shiwaza : Devi/Melody

    Shaishuu bell ga naru (T)
    Return Match : Aya, Christi, Cindy, Devi/Melody
    Gomen ne Jewel : Melati, Vio, Fia, Lisa
    Hatsukoi Dorobou : Zara, Eve, Ruth
    Oshibe to meshibe : Celine, Jinan
    Shimai no uta : Citra, Ori, Pucchi/Gina

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