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Yamazaki Miri (Mi/Miri)

Discussion in 'NGT48 Kenkyuusei' started by ForrestFuller, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    Kato Minami
    Name: Yamazaki Miri
    From: Hokkaido, Japan
    Birthday: November 21, 2000
    Blood Type: A
    Skill: To make everyone smile
    Hobby: Anime appreciation, reading
    Favorite food: Bean sprouts, hockey
    Favorite word: If you do try
    Message: I will do my best with everything brightly, happy and energetic! I want you to watch over the growing with your friends! Please cheer for me!
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  2. Atabou

    Atabou Kenkyuusei

    Mar 10, 2018
    Hori Shion
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  3. marioworldakb

    marioworldakb Upcoming Girls Stage48 Donor

    Jan 4, 2017
    Hinachan's Cell House
    Kashiwagi Yuki
    If we fuse Kokoa and Techi we have Miri lol
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  4. Renappon

    Renappon Kenkyuusei

    Aug 7, 2015
    Collected some photos of Miri ^^
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    ^ With her favorite senior, Ogiyuka

    from today's HS event:
    Hello everyone! It's Mirii☀️
    It's my second update today〜〜!

    Today's handshake event was terrific tooー
    Thanks you so much!!!

    I am really happy
    Everyone waited until the moment of saying "bye-bye"(´°̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥`)

    There were people who came by themselves,
    And there were people who came as a group of friends
    Feeling so happy。。Thanks so much, everyone✨

    The people who'll come tomorrow, I'm waiting〜!
    People who can't come (tomorrow)!I'll upload some photos tooー!!

    I'm going out with Saya and Nanami now!
    Going out for the first time in a whileーっ!!‹‹\( ´꒳`)/››

    Please wait for my update!

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  5. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    Kato Minami
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  6. Cisalpine88

    Cisalpine88 Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Aug 28, 2009
    I have been thinking this for a while now, but I gotta say I love how Mirii is probably one of the few, if not the only 2nd gen member to feel no self-restrain when approaching her 1st gen seniors, interacting with them as equals while at the same time knowing how to keep it respectful and cordial. And what's more, it's evident the seniors even willingly reciprocate those feelings. I noticed this most notably whenever she associates with Ogiyuka: it looks like she has put Miri under her protective wing already, those who follow Ogiyuka on Twitter will certainly understand. No doubt this extroverted personality was a factor that played in her favor.
    Usually there's always an invisible wall dividing any group internally, along seniority and generation lines, and the same is true for NGT too. It takes time for the newly-arrived members to even get over the initial timidity, let alone earn the confidence of your seniors and befriend them. But in Mirii's case, it's impressive how she managed to pull off all of this effortlessly soon after joining the group, being aware that there exists a division of sorts but acting as if there are no barriers to prevent her from trying.

    I guess it's as good a timing as any to also bring up this dialogue taken from the 2018.08.01 episode of the radio show Minna Kami-Taiou, not long ago, in which Ogiyuka talked exactly about that during the mail corner:
    https://streamable.com/du8c1 (video backup)

    Ogiyuka: "We received this one from someone whose radio pen-name is NiigataDaisuki-san, Niigata prefecture. (reading the letter) «Good evening, everyone! There's one thing I wanted to ask you: who's a kouhai you have become friends with lately...?»"
    [Segment from 00:50 onwards]
    Katomina: "What about Ogi...?"
    Ogiyuka: "As for me, lately I have become good friends with the 2nd generation member Yamazaki Mirii."
    Katomina: "Uwaah! She really has some great communication skills, and she's so amusing to be with! ...Terrific!"
    Ogiyuka: "True, true. She keeps contacting me all the time, as in «Ogino-san, let's go together to Mikazuki Italian!». (everyone laughs) Truth be told, today too we had plans to go there, so I needed to adjust my schedule for it. Even the other day we had arranged to go there, and even then I had to reserve time for it into my schedule. So, what I am saying is that the who~le time up to this day I have been setting up plans in my schedule to go to Mikazuki Italian."
    Katomina: "Admirable..."
    Ogiyuka: "She's so amazing. To have a kouhai speaking up to me in such a casual manner, Mirii was the first to ever do so. It makes me extremely happy."
    Katomina: "Definitely. To turn to a Senbatsu member such as Ogino and acting so casual..."
    Ogiyuka: "No, no. It's not just that. I mean, seriously, even when she addresses any of the 1st generation members she is like «Heeeey!». When she met me for the first time, even at the beginning she was going around like «Heeey! Suuup?», until she bumped heads with me accidentally."
    Katomina: "Eeeh?"
    Ogiyuka: "By the second time we met, it was like «Aren't you Ogiyuka-san? By all means, let's take a photo together, just one shot. Waaait, say cheese...». All of a sudden, as soon as we met there. What an amusing girl she is, seriously."
    Katomina: "Truly funny."
    Ogiyuka: "Feels like a classier version of Yamada Noe."
    (Katomina and Ayanyan start laughing)
    Katomina: "For real, a classy version..."

    Also, recently what caught my attention was this Showroom stream of Mofu dropping by at her house and preparing a bowl of egg-on-rice to eat together, with Mofu even bringing along a egg-beating machine still in the box for this purpose only. Pretty exemplary, not to mention funny to watch for various reasons: from Mofu telling Mirii there's a certain something she "always wanted to do with someone", only for Mirii to open her eyes and find out (with such a well-performed reaction) that the surprise in the bag was in fact the egg-beater. To all the troubles they go through to unscrew it, insert the battery and assemble the thing back. ( ´∀`)

    My favorite highlight:
    Mofu: (while finally having some rice at around 41:30) "Do you know what the best condiment is?"
    Mirii: "Soy sauce...?"
    Mofu: "Wrong! It's our hard work!"
    Mirii: "Ah, that one?"
    Mofu: "Exactly. When we dealt with those screws and worked so hard on it... Do you remember about that time?"
    Mirii: "It was 25 minutes ago."
    Mofu: "Makes you cry."
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