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    This experiences make me wanna go now to Japan, I hope I can see akb live this year :)
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    Iwasa Misaki
    Thanks Gingerninja. Great to see some NMB stuff on the thread! I would love to go to their theater, if I could just find the time
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    Oh, I didn't realize the April 1st event was a theater edition one :( I didn't find out about the whole theater edition process until recently, so it will just be the general hand shake event for me the day before. Will you be around for that?

    No Wasamin scenario on Sunday. Maybe it was the day before? She didn't appear on stage at all when I was there, so I didn't even get a chance to see her.

    Anyways, I said I'd post more about the event, but TGSK says everything I would have (with pictures!) on his Google+, so check that out instead!
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    OK. Better write my report early before the US concert.
    I know you guys will have a lot to share after that. [hehe]
    (Somehow I want to see a concert more ... and the line-up with Miichan, Juri, Ricchan :^O^: )

    Anyway, let's begin to talk about my experience today.

    For some background information, 3 members of AKB48 (Acchan, Yuka and Harugon) is coming to Hong Kong for the Genki Nihon Event, instead of an AKB48 official event.
    So apart from the show itself, they have no other official activities here.

    Tickets were allocated by a first-come-first-serve basis some time ago, and people expected that they would draw lots as that's what was done for the same event in Beijing and Shanghai.
    Anyway, I was so lucky to get registered and get a ticket. All tickets were gone within 10 minutes that day.

    Today, when I got to the venue, there were about 50 fans waiting outside.
    They didn't have tickets. They just waited to see if there could be a chance for them to see Acchan (mostly).
    They failed to meet the members in the airport already as they used the VIP exit.
    Some people also asked the ticket holders to see if they were willing to see their tickets.

    The event started at 8pm, and I arrived at about 7:10pm after work.
    I think I was one of the older people already ...
    So I couldn't compete with those young students who could go there early and get a front seat.
    My seat number was T11, the last row, right before media's camera.
    Luckily the venue is not very big, holding around 700 people, and my seat was in the centre block, so it's ok.

    The event started by an introduction of Genki Nihon by two MCs.
    After that they introduced AKB48!! [rock]
    Here comes Overtune!!
    Obviously everyone just stood up and do the mix!
    I am sure that's no worse than those you see in Japan!
    (I am sure those in US will do excellent as well! [rock] )

    After that, members came in and sang Aitakatta!
    Lovely atmosphere!
    And then Everyday, kachusha !!

    After two songs, MCs came in again and started to chat with the 3 members.
    First of all, the members did their introduction first.
    Acchan received lots of cheers, but same for Yuka and Harugon! :XD:
    Yuka was rather surprised that the Hong Kong fans know her catchphrase.

    And then the MCs asked them about the feeling about Hong Kong, about what things they want to do here.
    Acchan answered that she wanted to walk around on the street to do shopping and eat :lol:
    Harugon mentioned that they intentionally make the same hairstyle.

    Fans tried different ways to attract their oshis' attention.
    Two Yuka fans sat at the back corner shouted very loudly a few times and wanted Yuka to see the small banner they brought. Finally, Acchan saw it (or she heard their voice?) and told Yuka to look at it. [hehe]
    And I saw a fan who brought a Takamina banner. I'm sure Acchan saw it. :lol:

    And then they thanked Hong Kong for the support to Japan after the earthquake last year.
    So for no doubt, the next song is Dareka no tame ni

    And after that, they said goodbye!!! :yikes:
    What!! They said the event would last for about an hour, and now they are going after only 30 min!!

    That was my first thought, the angry thought.
    Then my second thought came. Handshake event!! They are holding a handshake event!! That's why the performance ends so early!!

    And that was really the case! :XD: :XD: :XD:
    I have already asked people to translate some sentences for me before as I have thought there may be a handshake. And I was right!!
    So I quickly checked my notes and revised. [hehe]

    OK. But after a while, I realized that it was pointless.
    That was the quickest handshake I have seen here in Hong Kong.
    People were pushed away by the staff immediately after doing the handshaking, or even before!! :angry:
    And more, I saw a fan failed on the floor after being dragged away by the staff.

    So I guessed I would not be able to see what I wanted to say.
    I prepared some short phrases so that I could say something meaningful quickly.

    I was about the last 1/4 of the people to do the handshake.
    When I saw the stage more closely, I saw Acchan's face. She looks rather sad, no, lost, no, satisfied, no, or maybe a mixture of all these. My English is not good enough to explain this ... (nor my Chinese)
    I am sure some fans had said some touching words to her.

    The sequence of the handshake was Yuka, Acchan and lastly Harugon.

    For Yuka, I was well prepared. I brought the "Lost the way" CD with me. :chuffed:
    I showed her before the handshake and she was obviously very happy and thanked me!
    And then she was probably looking forward to hear me say something.
    But ..... but ........ I forgot what to say :fp: (like my last handshake with Annin and Renachii ..)
    Originally, I only wanted to say very simple words, Type B, Stargazer, Yuttan solo, and then "thumbs up"
    ......... I failed to do any of these .....
    (oh, btw, Yuka is a bit taller than I expected)

    Then it's Acchan.
    First time to see her closely. And I confirmed that she was having a sad face, but was trying to pretend being not the case. ..
    I managed to say to her, "Acchan, Ganbatte!"
    That's the only Japanese words that I could fluently say at the time. :^^;:
    She didn't say anything, but just nodded a bit and smiled a bit to response. :(

    Lastly, Harugon.
    I was pushed by security already before I could touched her hands :angry:
    So I needed to go away before saying anything to her!! Not even her name!!
    Luckily I learnt a lesson in my last handshake.
    This time when I left, I was facing Harugon, waved to her and said goodbye to her!
    And she was looking at me all the way. :^O^: (actually only like 2 sec. at most :p )
    (Maybe the person after me was still shaking hands with Acchan. I didn't pay any attention to that :lol: )

    So. This is my report.
    Glad that I have a chance to attend the first handshake after Acchan announced her graduation.
    Despite she is not my oshi, I shouted her names loudly many times during the event [hehe]
    (somehow because her name is easier so say than Harugon :p )
    And I saw many fans who support her a lot!

    I suppose quite a number of people attending today are not core fans of AKB48.
    I heard someone saying that he only knows one song of the group.
    Hope that after this time they would know AKB48 more and love them more too!

    Photos I took tonight: NIHON/
    password: sikanakb
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    Hello, I have a question about Mayuyu's event in Nagoya this week-end. Think this thread is the best place to ask this...

    A friend of my who is going to this event actually has 3 mini-live tickets but all of them have his name on it. He's a bit desperate 'cause he wanted to go there with other people but he does not want them to be kicked out. So my question is easy: do you think he could go there with 2 other people or not ?

    I remember that I went to Tomo's promotional concert for Fui Ni in August 2011 with a ticket I bought in YJA. It has the name of a Japanese guy on it and obviously I don't look like a Japanese guy at all. They did not check names on those ticket concerts but does someone know if it's the same or different for a handshake event ?

    Thanks a lot for him. :)
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    Hi, I would've spotted your question earlier if you asked in Mayuyu's thread or at the Synchro Tokimeki thread viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4681&p=542440#p542440

    If his name is on 3 emails with serial numbers that matches the 3 mini-live tickets - he cannot go in with 2 other people.

    They will check at 2 different tents. Please remind him to bring his passport (or photo ID), print outs of the 3 emails and the 3 mini-live tickets.

    He will have 3 chances for the 2nd lottery.
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    I knew I was posting in the wrong thread but I didn't notice the one you're talking about. :s

    Thanks for your answer. :)
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    Thanks for the account and the coverage sikanwan-kun! :awesome:
    These last days of a closing era are vital and precious... (/_;。)(before a new one begins, of course)
    (although I wouldn't say "I wish I was there" because I obviously wish I was at the other parallel event. XD)
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    Great report, secret agent 048!! ;) You had a great time, indeed. A handshake!!! That must be amazing... :^O^:
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    Well, I guess it’s about time that I post my experience about the Washington concerts… :p

    Day 1 (Sunday 25/03)

    Planes & trains

    10:45 (Spanish hour) my plane takes off from Barcelona.
    13:40 The plane lands at the Philadelphia International Airport. I have two hours and fifteen minutes to go from the Terminal A to the Terminal F (where I have to take the plane to Washington). Two hours and ten minutes later I’m at the boarding gate where a guy tells me that he just closed the doors. One hour at the customs and more than forty minutes at the other control took their toll (literally). [boom] Fortunately, the plain is still there and it seems there is still a free seat …
    17:00 Washington at last. I need to take the metro from the airport to the city. Oh, so it seems that the price of the ticket depends on the destination station. Mmm…and…what the heck is a dime? :wtf:

    Colorful street

    Ok, I finally bought a ticket and arrived at the U street station, just in front of the theater. The theater looks fine, but the street is far less appealing.
    I start walking to my hotel and two big black guys are just behind me. One of them goes barefoot and seems to have some problems to walk straight. They start talking nonsense loudly. I pass by some people who look at me like I was a walking money box and an old woman singing something I don’t understand passes me at the traffic lights. Of course, the fact that I’m carrying a red suitcase doesn’t help to go unnoticed [sweat]. I turn left and everything seems to change, the streets are quieter and the houses are nice here. My hotel, at last. A nice guy who looks like Long John Silver’s brother welcomes me. :pirate: The room is big and nice, but the bed is quite hard…well, AKB48 is worth anything, isn’t it? [rock]
    Day 2 (Monday 26/03)

    Airport meeting

    I know that some stagers will meet at Dulles airport to welcome the group, so I take the metro to l’Enfant Plaza station. It took me less than I had expected to find the bus stop. The day is clear, but the wind is strong and cold :cold: . The bus, it was time! So it’s true, those who don’t have the exact money can’t get in. Well, I had read it before, so let’s go to the airport! Mmm, it seems that I’m the only stager on this bus… Dulles airport. It takes me some time, but I finally arrive at the international exit where my fellow stagers are getting ready. I only recognize 55Cyanides thanks to some pictures he posted in the forum, but everybody looks nice. [hi5] I unveil the aces I had up my sleeve, a white t-shirt and two golden heart-shaped balloons, both dedicated to AKB48 and Miichan.
    The reporters from two TV channels interview some of the fans, but it seems they aren’t interested in me (at least for now)… [hehe]

    Paparazzi time

    We’re getting nervous, the plane landed perhaps an hour ago and everyone else already came out (even the pilots and hostesses) but they are still inside. [sweat] Finally, the doors of heaven open and Takamina goes through them. She is tiny, indeed. [hehe] Pictures, shouts, waving hands…but the members pass by very fast. All of them wear masks on except Sae (someone calls her name and she waves her hand), Takamina and another member who removes it just for a moment. Some stagers have a letter for Acchan and Takamina stops for a moment to take it (along with some presents). AKB48 has got the best captain, indeed. :worthy: And Miichan? Where is she? She was there…but I didn’t recognize her… :wah: But there is no more time to think about that, because the members are already going up the slope corridor leading to their bus, shortly followed by all the fans. When I get there the members are already on the bus and the reporters are interviewing some of the fans. Everyone is waving at the members and it seems that one or two of the members do likewise. The reporters find out that I’m from Spain and interview me:
    - Where are you from? Barcelona
    - So you came just for AKB? Yes, just for AKB48
    - Who is your favorite member? Miichan (pointing to the balloon with her name) :hehe:
    - Why do you like her? Well, who knows? (yes, a cryptic answer, they took me by surprise with the most obvious question) But she’s an angel (a lot better :p)
    - You must be her best fan… No, no, I’m not her best fan, just a fan, that’s all…

    I take the bus to Washington again with the rest of fans and mixed feelings. On the one side I’m a bit sad that the members went by so hastily. After all, there weren’t hundreds of fans waiting for them, so they could have granted us a smile, some words or (only in my dreams) an improvised handshake. But on the other side I’m not too surprised, because that’s the way it usually goes, and we were able to welcome them, after all. :approve:


    Little to say here, I spend some hours visiting the tidal basing, the memorials, the monuments… My heart wishes to find the members, but my head is sure that they are at their hotel having some well deserved rest…
    When my legs begin to ache I decide to go back to my hotel and save the White House area for another day so I take the metro and…and I can’t take it, because I have 10 dollars and the machines don’t accept it because they can’t give me so much change :fp: …so I have a shake at a nearby bar to obtain some change and I’m finally able to take the metro.
    Day 3 (Gloryday 27/03)

    Sightseeing (part II)

    I guess I still have some free time to visit the White house. After all, I don’t think people will start lining up too early. Besides, there is still the chance that the members go sightseeing today (I don’t know yet, but I’m right and I miss them for only some minutes… :wall: ).
    At 12:00 (aproximately) I’m again at the theater on the way to the hotel. Hey, what’s that? Some people are already lining up! :shocku: Damn, my third ace (an official t-shirt of the football club barcelona team with ‘Carles 48 Miichan’ on the back) is still at the hotel, but it will take me twenty minutes or more to fetch it and that will surely mean a longer line (and a worse seat)…so I decide to buy some supplies at a nearby shop and I join the line. :fear:

    First concert

    12:15 There are only 40-50 people lining up, but I recognize some of the stagers I met yesterday at the airport and I’m finally able to say hello to fellow flagator21 before I join the line. [hi5] A young japanese girl joins it too. She doesn’t have a ticket, but she is confident that some people will cancel their tickets. She’s japanese, but she lives in Washington and has decided to attend the concert. We talk for a while about AKB48 and Morning musume while the line gets longer. At first it was quite cold here, but now it’s getting warmer. Luckily I have a baseball cap in my bag so I'm able to prevent my brain from melting… :^^;:
    Two guys are behind me (now I can name one of them, twopointslow [hi]) and I hear that one of them is interested in Miichan, so I ask him who his oshis are. ‘Tomochin and Miichan’. Well, I have the same oshis, but the order is the opposite, nice coincidence… :approve: The japanese girl leaves, the wait is hard and she’s not even sure that she will be able to go in. Some people from the organization passes by from time to time, it seems they are counting us. I see too some girls wearing costumes and performing pieces of the choreographies and two guys with ‘life-size heads’ [hehe] of Takamina and Aki-P. Suddenly, a guy gives me a marker and points to a bag full of baseball caps. He tells me that they are presents for the members and that we can write a message for them.
    I write ‘Supein kara kimashita. Arigatou. <3 ’ on Miichan’s, ‘Supein kara kimashita. Ganbare Umechan!’ on Umechan’s and something like ‘Supein kara. Captain ichi’ on Takamina’s (yes, I guess that doesn’t mean anything, I only wanted to pay my respects to her saying that she’s the best captain…I guess she won’t understand it :p ). Well, at least I know someone, it seems that fellow honeysenpai is selling? handing out? trading? posters and other AKB48 stuff… A guy is asking averyone about their oshis, he says he’s from myaidol. When she ask it to me, I reply ‘guess who?’ and show him my t-shirt declaring again my “Miichan-oshimeness”… [rock]

    15:00 Finally, here we go!!! :omg: There is a cameraman filming so perhaps I’ll be on TV!! [makeup] I follow the fans into the theater, but it seems that it wasn’t the right door so we go out and use the other one. We are given a flyer of the concert and a woman tells us where we must sit. I thought that everyone would run to have the best seats, but it seems that the organizers at least made this right. We are given some glow sticks. Time to go to the restroom, it’s been more than three hours since the last time and nerves don’t help. The seat is in the 10th? 11th? row so the stage is reasonably near. I talk for a while with the girl seated on my right. Her name is C(h)rista and speaks a little of Spanish. The guy on her side joins the conversation, introduces himself as David and says that he has recognized me because he saw me on TV (the airport interview). Nice people and a nice wait. [nod]

    16:00 A voice…THAT voice…it’s Takamina’s voice!!! :omfg: She welcomes us, so the show is about to begin…lights off…A..K..B..48!!! WOW!!!...They are there, I can see them, the dreamed day is today, Takamina, Sae, Umechan…and Miichan!!! :cute: Of course it only takes a second and everybody in the theater stands up (hardly surprising, but I hope nobody was unable to see the show because of it) and glowing sticks light the sky… Welcome to wonderland!!! [party]
    …Flying get…it’s me who feels like flying now…
    …Everyday Kachuusha…wow, Umechan center!!! [shock]
    …MC1…each member tells us her nick and says something funny… yes, they aren’t comfortable when they speak in English (except Hilary, who speaks better than me…not that it’s too difficult, though) but they do their best.
    …Bird…I have grown fond of that song…and live it’s even more impressive
    …Kiseki Wa Ma Ni…one of those songs I never remember the name…a good chance for the members to show their dancing skills
    …Gyakuten Oujisama…Miichan singing HER song (apart from Watashi wa watashi, of course)…ecstasy…the song is perfect for Miichan and Miichan is…simply perfect… :inlove:
    …Heart Gata Virus…I miss Kojiharu, Suuchan, Miichan… but it’s an enjoyable version too
    … Kioku no Dilemma…I feel like I’ve never heard that song before…well, waiting for the next song…
    …MC2…only four members now, but Miichan is there!!! There is a woman translating what the members say, sometimes it’s funny things, sometimes the funny part is lost in the translation…finally I’m able to rest my poor arms a little (too much ‘glow sticks dance’…)
    …Kaze Wa Fuiteru…here comes the hits…
    …Beginner…Umechan center, again…she’s indeed one of the most outstanding members today…
    …Ponytail To Shushu…ecstasy again, my favorite song… :drool:
    …Sakura no ki ni Narou…I learned to love this song…lovely…
    …ENCORE…yes, it looks like many people know about the encore, but they don’t know all the subtle details because they start to shout too soon…Encore calls are always never-ending for me, and this one isn’t an exception… [blush]
    …Heavy Rotation…yes!!! And Umechan is center again…
    …Sakura No Hanabiratachi…an appropriate ending…

    17:10 (aprox) The end of the first concert. It was amazing!!! :omg: . Yes, it was short, but intense. However, I don’t feel the same way than I felt when I attended the AKB theater show. The setlist was great, and I finally met Takamina, Umechan, Sakippe…Miichan, but this concert had a different ‘taste’ (and it’s not because it was ‘my second time’) [think]. Any concert at their little theater is far more intimate, you feel like you could touch the members only stretching your arms and there is a stronger bond between the members and the fans. Yes, a show in their theater is indeed ‘different’ but this concert was amazing too. :chuffed:

    Some final thoughts about it…
    …I still believe that they should lower the volume. The music is great, the members have lovely voices and sing well, the lyrics are amazing…so, why do they keep turning the volume up until the music gets even a bit distorted? :confused:
    …Sakura no ki ni narou and Sakura no hanabiratachi are amazing sakura songs, but I missed Sakura no shiori :(
    …I believe that ‘Arigatou’ would be the perfect song for closing any concert…
    …I’m happy that Gyakuten Oujisama was part of the setlist, because Miichan was most of the concert far from the central spots... :cry:

    Before I join again the line, a nice surprise. The TV reporters that interviewed me at the airport are here too and I get two interviews more [makeup] with questions like...
    - Did you like the show? It was amazing, a bit noisy but yet incredible. You can watch a video, but this is very different, the soul, the feeling…
    - What was your favorite song? Ponytail to Shushu, that and Sakura no shiori are my favorite songs :^O^:
    I don’t remember the other questions, but I ended saying something like ‘I believe that all the countries should have a group like this, they spread love, friendship and happiness over everyone. God bless Akimoto-san!’ Yes, quite mystical, but that’s how I felt then… [blush]

    Second concert

    17:30 I join the line again. This time I don’t mind being far behind. In fact, I’m afraid about the effect two concerts at such volume may have on my ears (they are already a bit ‘numb’ after the first concert and I have a long flight tomorrow) and I’ve decided to sit far from the stage this time ;). Behind me there is a young and pleasant couple. They are from Peru (he’s already living in Washington and she is here to visit him) so I can talk a little in Spanish (and Shakespeare stops turning over in his grave :lol:). They have attended some concerts from other groups like l’Arc en Ciel or Vamps so they are used to lining up, but it’s their first AKB48 concert. They wish AKB visited South America soon. I take some pictures of the line.
    I’m behind two guys and we begin to chat. They are Mariko fans and tell me that they just joined Stage 48 (well met, Halo48 and Rusty_Venture! [hi]). Halo48 had a stroke of luck and found the members when they went sightseeing (jealousy overload [hehe]). This time I’m not worried about the seat and the wait is shorter. The only remarkable thing is that the organizers move the line a couple of times from the alley to the street and back to the alley (it seems that the members used the side door of the theater to go out and have something to eat)

    18:30 The door opens. This time I want to go upstairs, so I tell my fears to the man at the stairs and he allows me to go. I meet a different kind of fans, mostly children with their parents and the guys that are filming the concert. There are two mothers who are having trouble with the glow sticks, so I offer to crack them (eight sticks cracked later I still wonder why some of them are so difficult to crack… :rant:)

    19:30 The second concert begins. The performances are very similar to the ones of the first concert, but the MCs are wittier, Miichan delights her fans reminding that ‘she likes shrimps’ :drool: and Takamina speaks about the mangas she likes (One piece, Naruto, Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball…) and ends casting a Kamehameha… [rofl] There is too a funny moment at the beginning of the second MC when Sae begins to speak without realizing that the translator is not there yet (and when she realizes it, she says ‘oh, no, oh, no...’.) :rofl:

    20:40 (aprox): The concert ends and I look one last time at Miichan as she disappears and can’t help wondering if I’ll ever see her again :cry: … No reporters this time, but I see that the bag with the baseball caps is inside a box with other presents for the members (had I known it…). Outside the theater I find 55Cyanides, Honeysenpai, toddvanzetti and other stagers who are going to have something to eat at a nearby place.
    Sandwitches, drinks, comments and picture trading until the owner says he’s closing the place. It’s time to go back to my hotel. A short walk and some brotherly farewells later I arrive at my hotel.
    Day 4 (Hangoverday 28/03)

    I don’t need to be at the airport until 1pm so I pack, check the posts in the forum and my personal mail, shirk a little and make the check out. I still regret missing the moment the members left the theater (well, nobody is able to be at two different places at the same time ;)) and I can’t help thinking that had my plain taken off later perhaps I’d have gone again to Dulles to say farewell to the group… Just a last great coincidence. I’m checking my mail and I realize that fellow Cisumechan and I were at the same hotel. Better late than never, at least we had a short but pleasant talk about the concerts and about Umechan… [hi5] Ok, time to go to the airport and fly back to my country leaving behind four intense days with two amazing concerts, a lot of nice people and many unforgettable experiences.

    Thank you to everyone!!! :worthy:

    PS: a little guy I met on my way to the airport... [hehe]
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    Sep 10, 2008
    Saitama, Japan
    Iwasa Misaki
    SDN48 Final Concert at NHK Hall 3/31/2012

    Warning, this is going to be long. Oh, and another warning. I might be slightly mixing up the order of events. It was a long show, and a lot of emotional stuff happened...

    So yeah, I am in Japan again. You surprised? I said that I would be aiming for this concert since the day they announced SDN's graduation. But I almost didn't make it to the main event I came here for...

    After months of worrying about being able to score tickets for SDN's graduation, they finally announced the ticket lottery. I had a lot of friends applying, so I was reasonably confident about getting a ticket. However, they did announce a "random id check", which all but ruled out obtaining one from a reseller. Anyway, we didn't have any luck with the ticket lottery, so I had resigned myself to the fact that I was probably going to miss the show. It wasn't until the wee hours of Saturday morning that my friend found someone with extra tickets. They weren't the greatest seats, and they were quite pricey, but we went for it anyway.


    I spent the entire morning and afternoon with Tenkun and friends at the Wasamin mini-live, then headed over to Harajuku to meet my friend and the girl wth the tickets. BTW, it was raining, windy as hell, and freakin' freezing in Tokyo. The doors were supposed to open at 5pm, so we queued up around 15 minutes before. Doors opened almost 25 minutes late. By then I was totally numb. So I skipped the goods line and went to my seat in order to thaw out. Basically missed out on trading pics. The t-shirt had already sold out. But enough of my yappin...let's boogie!


    You guys have seen the setlist...and the stage setup. I didn't get the jungle theme, along with the door to "Club SDN". The vines actually blocked the monitor from my view. Show started with the standard SDN overture into Sado e Wataru, which was a curious opener. But they did a very cool rain effect over the stage. That was neat. So the opening set ended, and I figured "Okay, they will do most of their songs, then a tearful goodbye, and that will be it" But then, something strange happened...and I swear I am choking back tears as I write this...

    Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring - J.S. Bach?


    It was at this moment that I felt this concert was going to be special. It was like, wow, this is REALLY going to be graduation! The pipe organ played for a long time. I was waiting for something to happen Then suddenly two men appeared on stage guarding the door to Club SDN. And these guys were not Japanese. Three members, I don't remember who was there other than CinDy tried to enter the club, but were blocked by the guards. Then Sayanee came out and asked the guards, in English, how they could get through the door. He responded that you had to knock three times. So the girls all knocked and went in. Next Konan showed up and asked the same question, but this time they answered in the Kansai dialect! :D

    The stage setup then changed to inside the club, with a bar, lounge, pool table and dancer poles. Then we got the standard show open with Saturday Night Party, Never, and Black Boy. Both gen's teams were onstage for this. Then after the first verse of Black Boy, just as the crowd started the 2nd mix, the music changed. They began to intro the members in small groups, each doing a mini-performance. There was hip-hop, ballet, bubble gum pop, you name it! To me the ballet one was the best. I don't remember what everyone did, except that Meetan was in a group that did pole dancing ala Dump Show, and Chaki was in the hip-hop group. It was the greatest version of Black Boy ever! Too funny! Onto the next skit, and the first guest star of the night...

    Cut to the bar, and some of the girls were hanging out, drinking with the bartender who was curiously "tounguing" a highball glass...Yama-chan! If you don't know who I mean, he is the ref from the Janken. Masamin sort of led the skit, but Miray and Serina were also there. At one point Yama-chan started making fun of Serina's voice. That led into the next set of songs...

    Now the way they did the units, both team's units were onstage simultanously. In the case of I'm Sure they were on each side of the stage. As for Yuuwaku no Garter (which was later in the show) the girls shared the same chairs, but on the final verse half of them performed on the stripper poles. At one point Mamitan did an insane split on the pole!!! Full crotch shot for everyone! [hehe]

    There was also a skit before all in, with the girls playing pool. At one point Nonti decided to try a "trick shot", but failed miserably...TWICE! Didn't even hit the ball. Then she just threw the cue ball across the table. :p

    FYI, they did the PG-rated version of Futsuu no Anata, and it was about this point in the show that it became apparent the entire catalog was going to be performed.

    Queue our next special guest, Mino Monta, who got an amazing reception from the crowd. He had some nice things to say about SDN, then he sat on the couch with the girls from the single. Meetan was totally perving out on Monta-san. They poured him a stiff drink as well. In fact, there seemed to be a lot of alcohol onstage throughout the show. I would like to think it was all real! But before they could perform the song, Rachel came out for her solo while Monta and the girls watched.

    In the next segment we got Kazue and Cha-min's new songs. I was so excited to hear Chaki's new song! I love Kazue, but I thought her song was just okay. Some great moments from the next segment...

    Meetan chasing Yamachan around the stage with her whip during Jaujama Lady, the champagne pouring going on behind Onedari Champagne. And of course seeing everyone doing Tamanegi!! Next was the Nachu MC, where she did her impressions. We got to hear a little Daruma, Natsuko/Akiko, Chaki, a few others I can't remember. The Natsuko/Akiko one was classic, with Natsuko sounding like an airhead and Akiko sounding dopey! And of course her big finale, Takamina.

    I think it was at this pont when the speeches started between songs. Various members, featuring the former AKB girls talking about what the graduation meant to them. But then things would lighten up and they would go into the next song. They did both of their AKB covers, whh pretty much sealed that all of their songs would be performed. Oh, and I absolutely loved "1 Gallon no Ase". Very cute song! When they performed Aisureru Tame ni, each gen's members shared their respective lines. And since they had so many members on stage, the spelled out SDN simultanously instead of the letters one at a time. With that, the regular set had finished.

    It had been predetermined, and communicated by a note on a white lightstick that the graduation committee would lead the encore, and it would be done as SDN...FORTY-EIGHT! It was deafening! At points it was so loud that you couldn't hear the words anymore.

    The first encore finished up all the songs remaining, with tearful goodbye's from select members. The cameras would often cut to the girls that were crying the hardest. My poor little Chaki! At one point I thought she was going to fall over she looked so distressed! Also, one of Nonti's MCs was a rundown of chart positions for all of the singles and the album, and a big thank you to the fans for supporting them. But when Kodoku finished and the girls left the stage it was obvious the show wasn't over since they hadn't done their official graduation song yet! Cut to the longest and loudest ever "Encoree" I have ever experienced. And then...

    Jesu Joyf Man's Desiring. The Bach music returns? OMG, it is really graduation time!

    I forget the order that everything happened. But at one point Nonti was beside herself crying. Pretty much everyone was crying onstage. I think it was ths point that the girls went silent and all you could here was pretty much the entire audience sobbing. It was freaking amazing! I wondered what tgsk thought when this happened. Perhaps he was crying too? Oh, I forget. He was busy Google Plussing. :p Anyway, the girls came out all dressed in white. First they performed their new single. Then came the "final call" Nonti asked that all of the girls say their name one last time onstage, and the crowd call it back. It was so hard, I was so choked up that I was even having trouble speaking. But I muscled it up when my favorite members' turns came.

    Finally, they performed Owaranai Encore, and we all lit our last white glowstick. Although the effect from where I was sitting was slightly dimmed because the stage was fully lit at the time. Then, for the fans, a second dose of Kodoku na Runner. After a tearful double-bow, they left the stage. Meetan being the last one to go. They did a closeup on her face...she was crying her eyes out. :cry:

    As you left NHK there was a beautiful collage with messages from all the members. It was really hard to get close to it, but I did get a side shot which I will add to this post later so you get an idea. (EDIT: Done)


    Final thoughts...

    At first I was thinking that management really "phoned in" the planning for this concert. It seemed kinda hokey ithe beginning. But as the show progressed I started to see how perfect it really was. Pretty much all of the MCs and skits were unscripted. Tons of goofy things were happening as the show worked up to it's emotional finale. At the end I think everyone in the audience had to be satisfied. It was a fitting goodbye. Perfect in it's imperfection. The girls being completely authentic. It was everything SDN is all about, as far as I am concerned. And when you make an entire audince cry, you are doing something right.

    And I think about the select few that called SDN a "failure", and that their concept was "off the mark", "too sexy", and whatever else. I don't think those people truly saw what SDN48 was really about. Sure, they had a sexy side. But in truth that was just a small piece of SDN. hey were about fun, they were about authenticity. And more than any other spoke in the AKB wheel, they were about a true comeraderie with their fanbase. Perhaps it was because they are more mature, but the bond they had with their fans was very strong. The manifestation of that was this unbelievable concert that I will remember forever.

    And suffice it to say, I will never again be able to listen to that Bach piece without thinking of SDN.


    I did a couple of other neat things this weekend, I will post about them later.
  12. cisumechan

    cisumechan Kenkyuusei

    Jan 11, 2009
    great reviews! karles and CK

    karles, whenever they come back we definitely have to meetup sooner, such pleasant conversations (^^)
    and I'm long overdue for a Wasamin conversation with CK. lol
  13. Allocer

    Allocer Kenkyuusei

    Dec 12, 2010
    Crista, thanks so much for your review. I've never been to a SDN48 show before and I loved reading your experience. :)
  14. karles48

    karles48 Member Stage48 Donor

    May 6, 2010
    Republic of Catalonia
    Of course!!! [hi5]
  15. Cristafari

    Cristafari Stage48 Admin Staff Member Stage48 Admin

    Sep 10, 2008
    Saitama, Japan
    Iwasa Misaki
    Okay, so that SDN concert was major. But it isn't the only bit of fun I have planned for this trip. Not by a longshot, my friends. In fact, the SDN concert wasn't even the only thing I did on Saturday. There was another event, and I was even more excited about this one than the SDN concert...

    Iwasa Misaki - Solo Mini-live and handshake event at Sunshine City, Ikebukuro

    This was going to be awesome! And I knew there would be no problem getting into the event since well, pretty much anyone in the mall could watch if they wanted to. But they were holding a special raffle early Saturday morning for the people who wanted "premium seating". So I hoofed it over to Sunshine and met Tenkun. He had friends who were already there. We got there around 20 minutes before the drawing, and were around 50th in line. This was really good news since they had 200 premium seats for each of her three events.


    So the way it worked, you went up to the table and bought a CD. Every time you got to the front you got handshake tickets, and got to draw a seat ticket for your choice of shows. Since there were probably around 100-150 people there, you could simply loop the line and keep drawing seats until you got a decent one. Of course you had to buy a CD too. I ended up with four, which means I have a new product for my shop!


    Around 30 minutes before the show we queued up by lottery number, and went down to our seats. A lot of people had gethered around the free areas, so Wasamin was going to have a good crowd to cheer her on. In addition to the CDs, they were also selling Uchiwas and postcards. I have always wanted a Wasamin uchiwa, and now I have one [party]

    One of the bigwigs from Tokuma Records did the opening MC. Talked about Wasamin, and did a bit of banter with the crowd. They also explained how the handshake process would work. After a few minutes, out came my little hero. It was Wasamin!!! <3 <3 <3


    She was dressed in her pink kimono, with a beautiful flower set in her hair. She immediately went io the short version of Mujineki. I was in heaven!!! I have been so worried that I would never get the chance to see her perform this live. And now I have. It was so great! But that wasn't the only song she sang. Actually she sang four in total, with a short MC between each song. I kn during one particular MC she mentioned that she sometimes shopped in that mall. Which would make sense since we already know from Sasshi's 600 sec. segment that she and Komorin like going there. BTW, I was perfectly positioned dead center in the 2nd row. And there was nobody in front of me because of a break in the first row seats. So I was completely in Wasamin's sightline, and her eyes were fixed on me much of the time. [blush]

    As for the other songs, she did Heavy Rotation second. The third song changed for each show The early performance had Seto no Hanayome. The 2nd show was Kikyou. I didn't see the third performance because of SDN, but I am guessing she did Tsubasa wo Kudasai. The last song was the full version of Mujineki. She sang brilliantly, and looked absolutely gorgeous. Even Tenkun remarked how great she sounded! Then came the handshakes. I had four tickets. You used one as you exited the seating, but could requeue for more after all the seated people went once. My plan was to use three in the first show, and one in the 2nd just in case I had to jam out of there to make it to SDN.

    First handshake: Wasamin got that excited look on her face I have grown accustomed to. "Oshiburi!!!", she says. It is funny because it feels like I was just in Japan for the Kazefui event. But I guess Wasamin missed me? So it seems long for her. She then whispered something to her manager. I hope it was something along the lines of "This is the man I am going to marry!" Anyway, I told her how much I loved Mujineki, and I was so happy to be back in Japan for the event. She responded with "I Love You", which I of course reciprocated. And you guys think I am joking when I say that Wasamin and I are in love...


    For the second round I told her that I learned what Oshiburi meant (I actually didn't know when she originally said it to me) I asked her to teach me more Japanese she paused...."Arigatou???" Her manager laughed! I also congratulated her for winning the AKBingo! Diva contest. For the third round I showed her a picture of my AKB car. She loved it, and actually showed the picture to her manager. [rock]

    For the last ticket I simply told her that she looked beautiful, and her kimono was lovely. Also, for each event you got a choice of an autographed signboard, or a postcard. Naturally most everyone took the autograph. So I will add that to my collection.


    And this was all on the same day as the SDN concert. Not to mention the fact that I had another huge day planned for Sunday. So now you know why I was so exhausted after SDN. But at the end of the day, it was two majorly awesome events. Wasamin, as expected, did an amazing job. I am so happy they are pushing her single so much. It gave me plenty of opportunity to see her live. And I did, os I am a happy camper.

    By the end of the night all I wanted to do was get some sleep and have some wonderful Wasadreams.

    BTW, I think Tenkun is going to post here about the same event in a little bit. :p
  16. Tensai

    Tensai Member Stage48 Donor

    Jan 17, 2011
    Silicon Valley, CA
    Wasamin Solo Live + Handshake - 12/3/31 - Sunshine City - Ikebukuro, Tokyo

    It seems my best J-Pop experiences are the unplanned ones. My first AKB48 theater show, first Ayu concert, first YUI concert, and now first my mini-live + HS event.

    I was coming to Tokyo primarily for hanami and hopefully a chance to see the final SDN48 concert. While in chat during the final SSA concert, Cristafari asked if I was going to any of the HS events, including Wasamin's on the 31st. I get so focused on regular shows and concerts, I always forget about these mini events are going on all the time. Since I'm a rabid AKB48 fan and casual enka fan (I had already bought Mujin Eki because of that alone), I definitely was going to make it part of my plans.

    Cristafari and I made plans to meet up at 8:00 AM. While I was waiting, another Twitter acquaintance noticed I had checked into Ikebukuro station and wondered if I was there for Wasamin. I tweeted back that I was and asked if the queue was on the second floor (which it was).

    When Cristafari arrived, we both headed upstairs to find the queue. It was really great to finally meet him - we've barely missed each other by minutes a few times already in Tokyo, and considering we live within 30 minutes of each other IRL, it was nice to put a face to a name. It was also great to meet the people I know from Twitter, not only was the person I tweeted with earlier there, but their friend who I've also known for a while on Twitter too.

    On a side note: It's really nice to be able to chat with other fans at events, since most of the time I'm standing there feeling more than a little bit out of place.

    The rules for the event were simple. For each CD you bought, you received a HS ticket and a chance for a special seat at the front for the live. Since there were less than 200 people in line, everyone got seats for the first show. I ended up getting 3 CDs (2 regular and 1 limited to complete my sets), and my queue number for the first live was #17 and second #127. I ended up swapping tickets for the first live with Cristafari - since Wasamin is his oshimen and he pulled #188. The four of us then pooled our tickets for the 2nd event and got the best seats possible.

    We grabbed a quick bite at McDonalds and then lined up. I ended up way outside in the crazy weather Tokyo was experiencing. Typhoon-quality wind that was delaying trains and flights. Luckily I wasn't there too long before we started filing into the location for the live.


    If you are familiar with Sunshine City, it took place in the fountain plaza. A nice open space with a fountain (of course) and then upper floors that looked down onto the plaza. People had already started lining up on the upper levels, and around the stage itself. Since we were in the reserved section, we were right up front. There were seats for almost everyone, though with a low number I ended up standing in the back.

    I believe one of the producers was acting as the MC - basically explaining the rules of how the event and handshake would go. He did a little Q&A with the audience, IIRC mainly quizzing the audience to find out who traveled the farthest. Someone had come all the way from Nagoya - I was really nervous he was going to ask me how far I had come to see the live.

    Then it was time for the main event.

    As the 'Mujin Eki' music started playing, Wasamin came onto the stage wearing a beautiful pink kimono. They turned on the central fountain behind her as she walked up the the front, which got her to turn around and give a surprised 'ooooo'. She then launched into her performance, which as expected was very nice and as good as the performance I had the honor of seeing at Request Hour.

    After this was a brief MC, where she talked about coming to the mall in the past, for shopping and I believe Animate events. (Sunshine City is directly across from the original Animate store - what used to be my Mecca in Tokyo before I discovered AKB48).

    Then it was time for the next song, 'Heavy Rotation' - the enka version. It's weird to hear the song that way, but in a good way. Throughout these performances she would keep waving to the crowds both on the upper levels and on the main floor. There was a father and his little girl off to the right of me, and she got a really big wave from Wasamin.

    Then another short MC, where she talked about her kimono. It was new for the spring season, which is why it was pink. Then the next song was 'Seto no Hanayome' (where everyone clapped along), followed by the full version of 'Mujin Eki'. As she walked off stage to the applause they blasted the fountains again to send her off.

    Then it was time to set up for the handshake. It turns out that it didn't matter what time we queued up, as the order was based on where we were seated, rather than the number on our handshake ticket. There was a minor issue on my side of the stage, so I ended up being one of the last of the first group to go through the handshake line. Which was good, as it gave me time to prep what I would say (I was determined not to repeat my Meetan experience).

    When it was my turn - as she took my hand and there was a brief pause where I think we were wondering what language to use.

    Her hands seem so small - but what a grip and so warm. I really had a hard time looking at her because of a sudden serious fear that I could oshihen at any moment. (Which oddly enough - Cristafari had warned me about earlier)

    Thankfully for Yui, the staff pulled me away before it was too late.

    Everyone on the first pass was offered either a signboard or stickers. I decided to go for the signboard. Then it was time to get back in line for pass number two - all the while my heart was pounding like a drum.


    The second time through, I felt confident in saying a bit more:

    I had one ticket left, but I was saving that for the second performance. While waiting for the others to finish their handshake sessions, I went and picked up all of the goods they had on sale (clear file, postcards, and the fan)

    The second session was much like the first, but thanks to ticket pooling Cristafari and I were together in the front row on the left side. The MCs were slightly different (she talked about the crazy wind outside) and instead of 'Seto no hanayome' she performed 'Kikyou'.

    This time for the handshake session, Cristafari and I were in line together, which proved to be interesting:

    At which point I completely forgot everything because I looked in her eyes T T

    After I was able to think coherently again, it was time to leave for Harajuku.

    Overall, it's probably one of the best AKB48 experiences I've had to date. Not only is Wasamin an amazing vocalist, she's one of the sweetest idols I've ever met. She seem thrilled to greet each and every fan, and after how many events she's already done, she took her time with each and every person. I think she would have spent hours on the handshakes alone if the staff didn't push people away. It makes me really want her to succeed - I not only want to see her make the Kouhaku, but become one of the regulars like Kaori or Kiyoshi.

    So while Yui is still safely my oshi, I definitely have a new favorite member to follow in the years to come.

    Most of all, I really want to break out from my current pattern of only going for concerts and theater shows. I realized too late that there was not only a AKB48 HS event I could have attended, but an SKE48, DiVA, and Mayuyu event I could have tried to attend. Even if I don't win a theater show this trip, it was completely worth it for the Wasamin event alone.
  17. Yuki88

    Yuki88 Kenkyuusei

    Apr 9, 2011
    the garden of sinners
  18. Cristafari

    Cristafari Stage48 Admin Staff Member Stage48 Admin

    Sep 10, 2008
    Saitama, Japan
    Iwasa Misaki
    SKE48 Kataomoi Finally Handshake Event at Intex Osaka 4/1

    I will keep this one relatively brief, for it is a strikingly similar experience to my Oki Doki handshake event last fall. In fact, it should only be a few pages back in this thread. (Late November) Once again, I woke up at 5am to catch the first train out of Tokyo to Shin-Osaka. After that, plus 40 minutes of local train travel in Osaka, I arrived at Intex about midway through the first slot. I had two tickets for Slot 1, I would go to the shortest line first, then queue up for the other ticket after that. Luckily, both of my first slot girls had short lines. Lucky for me I guess, not really lucky for them...

    I had 14 tickets for seven members. Pretty much my Top 7 in SKE. I keep saying that I want to meet more girls in the group...Maybe next time I will try for some of the other girls. But I didn't want to overdo it since I bought so many handshake tickets for AKB next week. So here are the highlights...


    Anna Ishida: I am so close to naming her my SKE oshi. It pains me so much to see her line almost empty for the entire event. She is so adorable, I just love her! I don't remember what I said on the first ticket, but on the second I told her that I was stupid because I didn't realize that she was wearing the outfit from Hanikami Lollipop. She responded. "I am stupid?". [shock] I said NO!!! I am stupid, you are cute!!! [blush] She got a kick out of that. I also told her I had tickets for her in Tokyo next week.

    Kanako: Sitting down beause of her injured foot. She seemed a bit down. I asked her how her foot was doing. She said it was getting better.


    Akarin: Spoke English to me the entire time. LOLWAT? She is adorable. They were basic English sentences, but she said them fluidly and without having to think about it. I was impressed! I need to get more than one ticket for her next time.


    Churi: I told her that her Bird performance at Saitama looked great. She made her little flying motion, flittering her arms. So cute! Later I asked about her bird, Papitan. She said Papitan was genki, and Papitan was cute! :D


    Masanya: Told her how cool the Kataomoi outfits are, and that I loved the performance with the bells on the bonus DVD.

    Shawako: "Nice to Meet You"??? What, she didn't remember me??? She remembered me last time I was in town. What's up with that? I had an entire routine planned where I was going to imitate her during the handshake, but she threw me off. :XD: She was a fun experience anyway. She started jumping up and down when I told her that KII 3rd Stage was great. The funny thing was, the one member that I didn't think would remember me totally did, and made a big deal about it...

    Kuumin: I was almost ready to give up on Kuumin. I wasn't sure if I was connecting with her or not. This was basically a last chance handshake. But to my surprise, she got really excited. Totally remembered me from before. We talked about the sexy PV from the song, and I showed her my Yabakune pin that I got from Nihongogo's Jet. She was really surprised I had one. I think she asked where I got it from.

    As a small bonus, other girls I got a good look at because they were in close proximity to the girls I had handshakes with: Rena, Kinoshita Yukiko, Kuwabara Mizuki, Kato Rumi and Matsumoto Rina who looked absolutely adorable! I really need to make her part of my SKE rotation!

    And since Jurina was out sick, as a consolation any fan who had Jurina tickets was allowed to 1) sign a life-sized cutout of her for her birthday, and 2) take a 2-shot with their choice of said cutouts. Too funny!

    As for the event overall, it is a lot more low-key than the AKB events. Not as many people. Lines are never really too long. Then again, this was Osaka. It is probably quite different in Tokyo or Nagoya. Even more surprising, the goods line was practically empty all day! Overall it seemed like a smaller turnout than last November. I wonder why?


    I ended up buying two keychains, one for Masanya and one for Churi. I also got five packs for trading pics. What a horrible lot! Out of 25 pics, I got no Masanya, no Anna, no Akari, no Mieko. Just one Churi, one Kuumin, and one Kanako. I didn't even get any Rena or Jurina!

    But I had fun. I just hope next time I can go to an SKE event a bit closer to Tokyo. The day trip to Osaka takes a lot out of you. Even if I did enjoy a wonderful Bento and a nice nap on the ride back!
  19. Weezon

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    Jan 28, 2012
    im so jealous to all people who meet their idols before.. :hmm:

    all i want is to meet Yuko & Reina someday...

    its really hard to make dreams come true specially if you dont have a job.. :^^;: :cute: :cute:
    in my situation,,searching for akb48 members is like searching a "Gundam" in a anime.. :hmm:
  20. Cristafari

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    Sep 10, 2008
    Saitama, Japan
    Iwasa Misaki
    GM5 Handshake Event at Tokyo Big Sight 4/7


    This will be a "mini-experience" post as I originally did not plan to do much at this event. I actually purchased most of my handshake tickets for the 4/8 event. But I figured I would grab a few Wasamin tickets as a "fail safe", as you never know when an idol might come down with something and miss an event. And as long as I was doing that, might as well get one Mikapon ticket :D

    I scheduled all of my tickets for the morning in hope that if any other idol events come up, I coul be available. Nothing wrong with a little bit of variety. And I am so glad I did, because what might have been the best event of the trip happened last night. But that will have to wait...

    BTW, Big Sight is so much easier than having to go all the way to Makuhari Messe. I think pretty much every fan feels this way, unless they live in Chiba. Not to mention Big Sight has many more amenities close to the event space. It also seems like there were even more people there than when I went to the Kazefui event 4 months ago. Just a sea of people everywhere you looked. Miichan's line was insane, the longest I saw by far!

    The experiences:

    Mikapon (one ticket): Now that I know what sashiburi means I am noticing how often it is said to me [hehe] I wanted to talk to her about wrestling, but I wasn't sure if the normal word for "wrestle" was used to describe it. But I said it anyway, and Komorin sort of said "Ohhh!" and got into her classic fighting pose. Oops, did I challenge her to a fight and not even know it? Anyway, I said "Kakkoi!" and that was it. I have moe tickets for her today...

    Wasamin (five tickets): I needed to come up with a lot of material for 5 tickets. And she looked adorable in her green and white dress...

    1. I asked her if she was tired after the Fukuoka concert. She said she was, but was still happy to be there.

    2. I said " you sang Faint?" She paused for a second, like she forgot already. But then said "Hai, fainto" I responded, "the English parts?" and started humming. [hehe] I got what I wanted as she then sang the first couple of English lines for me.

    3. I asked her about Hillary, and the English phrase she was taught. "We are friends". She said "Ahh, Hllary! and started laughing" She then pointed to herself and me and asked "Tomodachi desu ka?" which I immeditely affirmed. This is also where I got the one "I Love You" of the day. <3

    4. The funniest one of the day. I went in right after one of her female superfans (who I have become friends with. We are both WasaMeetan fans) I pointed to my friend and said "Tomodachi desu." Wasamin pointed to the guard and said "Tomodachi desu ka?" with a puzzled look, to which all three of us were laughing. Wasamin then punched me on the shoulder. LOL. A punch of affection, too cute.

    5. I basically told her she looked beautiful and I would see her tomorrow.

    BTW, aside from slot one, Wasamin's line was pretty big most of the day. I think she is on the verge of becoming a "Six Slot Member". Good for her!

    More to come...

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