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    Iwasa Misaki
    Iwasa Misaki 4th Solo Concert at Ebisu Garden Hall (2018/02/04)
    Plus, Wasamin meets her fans a few days later...

    (Cross-posted from Wasamin thread)
    Okay, let's finally do this! I'm sorry this post is coming so late. Usually I try to put up major Wasamin stories within a day or so, but this week I have been crushed with responsibilities, studying, and social stuff, so I barely had time to do the writeup. But alas, today is the beginning of a 4-day weekend...

    The day finally came. It was the event Wasafans had been anticipating since late last year. The great thing about Wasamin's solo concerts is that it's the chance to see her perform on a big stage. We are also treated to the surprise of what pop-songs she will perform during the photo-op portion of the show. Of course there is also the possibility of a major announcement too.


    Since this was Wasamin's solo concert, the fan club was offered the exclusive opportunity to purchase "Ichigo Seats," which not only guarantee a seat in the first three rows, but also come with other exclusive benefits. For this show, an Ichigo Seat for the matinee came with the opportunity to go to TBS radio and watch Wasamin record episodes of her weekly radio show. The evening Ichigo Seats came with a special "Wasamin Party," which I talked about in this writeup in the experience thread. That said, this was the first time I didn't purchase the Ichigo Seat for all shows. To make a long story short, 1) I had a mixup with AKB handshake tickets, so I was trying to free up part of the day to use the handshake tickets I had accidentally purchased. 2) Ichigo Seats are quite expensive, so I decided I would be frugal and save myself 10000 yen. As a result, I bailed on the radio recording, and only went to the party. Luckily enough, my "regular" seat for the matinee was in the row right behind the ichigo section. So from a seat standpoint, it didn't really make much difference.

    Ebisu Garden Hall is just across a walking bridge from Ebisu Station, in the same complex as the Yebisu Brewery Museum and many high-priced restaurants, including my favorite restaurant on the planet, Lawry's. For some reason I had forgotten what time the matinee show started, arriving in Ebisu just before 11am. When I got to the hall, and only saw one other fan standing there, I realized I was a bit early. Luckily, there was a sign on the door stating that the goods booth would be open for early bids at 12pm. I passed the time watching people ice skate on the portable rink in the middle of the square. I went back and forth on whether to get all the new goods, despite the fact that the shirt and hoodie they were selling came in XL. Japanese XL is somewhat of a crapshoot for me, as sometimes they fit, and sometimes they don't I considered blowing off the hoodie, but ultimately bought the full set since it also came with a bonus photo of Wasamin modeling all the goods. The irony was that ultimately the hoodie "kinda" fit, but the T-shirt is way too small. XL my ass! It is smaller than the M-size shirts Wasamin had for her first two concerts! Anyway, eventually it was show time.

    The "hoodie" kinda fits me

    I love the little sanrio Enka character, too bad I really can't wear this shirt.

    Wasamin modeling all the new goods. Yes, I got the oshi-towel and the acrylic stand too

    Another Wasa-ballpen, yatta! You got that if you pre-ordered a single at the venue.

    My matinee seat was in the 4th row, which had a huge aisle right in front. Could this mean that I will have some "up close and personal" time with Wasamin? Here is the matinee setlist...

    Matinee Show 2pm
    01. Saba Kaido (6th Single)
    02. Tomonoura Bojou (3rd Single)
    MC 1 "Introductory MC"
    03. Hi no Kuni no Onna (Sakamoto Fuyumi, 1991)
    04. Kaze no Bon Koi Uta (Ishikawa Sayuri, 1989)
    MC 2 "Where did people come from?"
    05. Wakasa no Yado (6th Single c/w Memorial Ver.)
    06. Ettou Tsubame (from Request Covers)
    07. Kita no Yado Kara (from Request Covers)
    MC 3 "Q: How many times has she performed Mujineki?"
    08. Mujineki (1st Single)
    (costume change, Wasamin recorded audio message)
    Photoshoot Time!
    09. Tenshi no Wink (Matsuda Seiko, 1985)
    10. Touch (Iwasaki Yoshimi, 1985)
    11. Sentimental Journey (YUKI, 2003)
    12. Watashi ga Obasan ni Natte mo (Moritaka Chisato, 1992)
    13. UFO (Pink Lady, 1977)
    (end photo time)
    MC 4 Goods Table
    (Wasamin guitar section)
    14. Taiyou ga Kureta Kisetsu (Aoi Sankaku Jouji, 1972)
    15. Konayuki (Remio Romen 2006)
    16. Chippokena Ai no Uta (Ohara Sakurako, 2006)
    MC 5 "Talk about her acoustic "Love Live" concerts"
    17. Watashi no Joukamachi (Koyanagi Rumiko, 1971)
    18. Goodbye My Love (Onitsuka Chihiro, 2016)
    MC 6 "Masaaki Hirao mini-tribute"
    19. Kukou (Theresa Teng, 1974)
    20. Moshimo Watashi ga Sora ni Sundeitara (2nd Single)
    (end regular set)
    VTR: Review of Wasamin's first six singles, introducion of her 7th single)
    EN1. Sado no Ondeko (7th Single)
    MC 7 "Noting the debut of the new single"
    EN2. Gomen, ne Tokyo (5th Single)
    EN3. Hatsuzake (4th Single)


    I have to admit, at the beginning it felt like "just another Wasamin concert." It wasn't until she got to the pop stuff and acoustic guitar stuff that I really started to get into it. A couple of those songs she had performed before, but it was really nice to hear her sing UFO. My favorite part was her performance of Goodbye My Love, which contains an English-spoken verse. I just melt when I hear Wasamin trying to speak English. The other question was whether or not she would perform the new song, Sado no Ondeko. Our question was answered during the Encore VTR, which was a retrospective of Wasamin's past PVs, leading into an introduction of the new song. Her performance was spot on, despite the fact that she later said she was really nervous. Not only that, she is really demonstrative with her body movement while singing it. I am looking forward to seeing her perform it more, as it is quickly becoming my all-time favorite Wasa-single.


    Wasamin is still diligently practicing on her guitar work, and ultimately she seems a lot more comfortable playing while singing. However, she completely screwed up on Konayuki to the point where she stopped, sighed, and then picked it back up, LOL.


    That black dress was so cute! I love when she wears stuff that shows off her sexy little legs. The bummer was that during the photo-op portion of the show, Wasamin seemed to forget to come over near where I was sitting. I don't know if it was on oversight, or she just took too long in the other sections, but I was in the perfect spot to get some awesome closeup shots, and she never came by.


    Anyway, after a very short break, it was time to enter the venue for the evening show. Wasamin's family was on hand for the finale, although I'm not sure where they sat. They are usually somewhere in the middle-back of the venue. My ticket was in the Ichigo section, on the opposite side of the stage from where I sat in the matinee. Here is the setlist for the evening show...

    Evening Show 6pm
    01. Hatsuzake (4th Single)
    02. Gomen, ne Tokyo (5th Single)
    MC 1 "Introductory MC"
    03. Hi no Kuni no Onna (Sakamoto Fuyumi, 1991)
    04. Kaze no Bon Koi Uta (Ishikawa Sayuri, 1989)
    MC 2 "Wasamin's visit to Ueno Zoo to see the Giant Panda"
    05. Wakasa no Yado (6th Single c/w Memorial Ver.)
    06. Ettou Tsubame (from Request Covers)
    07. Kita no Yado Kara (from Request Covers)
    MC 3 "Where did everyone travel from?"
    08. Mujineki (1st Single)
    (costume change, Wasamin recorded audio message)
    Photoshoot Time!
    09. Kamome ga Tonda Hi (Watanabe Machiko, 1978)
    10. Watashi no Kare wa Hidarikiki (Asaoka Megumi, 1973)
    11. Toshishita no Otokonoko (Candies, 1975)
    12. Fuyu no Inazuma (Alice, 1977)
    13. Pepper Keibu (Pink Lady, 1976)
    (end photo time)
    MC 4 Goods Table
    (Wasamin guitar section)
    14. Kabukichou no Joou (Shiina Ringo, 1998)
    15. Heroine (???)
    16. Kokoro no Tabi (Tulip, 1973)
    MC 5 "Promotion of the bottled water company"
    17. Watashi no Joukamachi (Koyanagi Rumiko, 1971)
    18. Goodbye My Love (Onitsuka Chihiro, 2016)
    MC 6 "Maasaki Hirao tribute"
    19. Kukou (Theresa Teng, 1974)
    20. Moshimo Watashi ga Sora ni Sundeitara (2nd Single)
    (end regular set)
    VTR: Review of Wasamin's first six singles, introducion of her 7th single)
    EN1. Sado no Ondeko (7th Single)
    MC 7 "Story behind her green Kimono"
    EN2. Tomonoura Bojou (3rd Single)
    EN3. Saba Kaido (6th Single)


    The main difference between the setlists were 1) songs 9-16 were completely different for each show (there are some gems in there too!), and 2) Songs 1-2 and encore songs EN2-EN3 were swapped in the later show Between the morning and evening setlists, I liked this one a lot more. "Hidarikiki" and "Otokonoko" are both crowd-pleasing covers she does a lot, and her cover of Pepper Keibu was awesome!


    Despite being just one row closer, I had a much better angle to the stage, and a much better view overall. Plus, Wasamin did come over to where I was sitting, so I got a few nice closeup shots. This may have had something to do with why I enjoyed this show more.


    I mentioned the black dress, which you can see in my photos. The other costume of note was the green Kimono she wore at the end of the show. That was a gift from Wasamin's senpai Tagawa Toshimi, I believe it had something to do with the play Wasamin performed in last year in Osaka, which Shimi-san starred in.


    FLOWERS: Here ya go...
    Fan Club flowers, and then the row of flowers, which stretched all the was across the lobby (the pic shows about half of them)

    At the end of the day I don't even other critiquing Wasamin's singing performance, as it is always spot-on. Her setlists have taken on somewhat of a predictable format, however there are enough surprises throughout the show to keep it interesting. It is a nice mix of enka, pop, and a few classic oldies. The 1000 seat venue was for the most part filled, although it wasn't sold out. They were selling tickets at the venue before the show. So this seems like the appropriate size venue for her to perform in at this point. As for the ichigo seats, I like to get them, but the truth is I was fine with my non-ichigo seat as well, so we will see what I will do in future concerts.

    Post-show Event: Iwasa Misaki Handshake Event at Tower-mini, Diver City (2018/02/08)



    It is always nice to be able to give Wasamin support and feedback after a show. Sometimes we get to do that, like at "Love Live," but other times we have to wait until the next handshake event. Luckily, Wasamin is promoting her new single, and had a non-singing event scheduled in Odaiba. I actually got to Odaiba five hours early, and spent the day shopping, eating, and hanging out while I waited for the event. Diver City, and Odaiba in general, is a great place to pass the time. The Tower Records in the mall is kinda hidden. Luckily, I had been there before for KissBee, so I knew where it was. I was one of the first fans to arrive, and bought two CDs for two tickets. Wasamin eventually came out, sporting a fresh look. Her hair was black again, and cut a bit shorter.


    1st Handshake: I had things to say to Wasamin, but of course I was sidetracked by the new hairstyle, so we spent most of the handshake talking about that. I then told her my favorite performances at the concert were Sado no Ondeko, Pepper Keibu, and Goodbye My Love. Wasamin immediately laughed and asked how her English was. I said "Jouzu and Kawaii!"

    2nd Handshake: I told her I read her tweet when she talked about being really nervous when she performed the new song. I then said her performance was excellent. She squeezed my hand really tight; "Hontoni???" I gave her a big thumbs up. I could tell it meant something to her for fans to tell her that. And I really did love the performance!

    Anyway, Wasamin is down in Western Japan this weekend. Next week begins the NagaraPro Enka Festival. She is doing a couple of events in Tokyo later in the week, leading up to the NagaraPro Concert at NHK Hall over the weekend. After that, we gear up for the big push of the new single. I'm not sure how many events I will be able to attend, given some of them conflict with my personal schedule, but I will try to make as many as I can.
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    Since STU48 don't have their own "your STU48 experiences" thread, I'm posting it here... Today, I went to STU48's handshake event in Tokyo. I actually didn't plan to go to this event originally, but I ended up getting a ticket from fellow Stage48 member @marioworldakb to see his oshi, Iwata Hina, who just celebrated her 15th birthday.

    The ticket I got was for the 2S slot (unlike with AKB's handshake events, STU's 2S slots actually have a guaranteed 2S photo). Because it was just after Hina's birthday, her queue was 2nd longest at the event (after Yumirin's), but I lined up early so it was my turn pretty fast. The photo part came first, so I decided to go with the classic heart with hands pose, and also ask Hina to wink, since she's apparently known for her winks. Here is the result:


    After we took the photo, I told her it was my first time and told her the country where I come from, and that it's in Europe, but that I live in Saitama now. She asked me how it's going in Japan and I told her I'm having a lot of fun. Then I wished her a happy birthday and that was it. Actually, the staff member kept saying the time was up but turns out that in 2S slots today, we were also getting a message/card thingy from the members onto which the members hand-write our names (copied from the ticket). She was taking a lot of time writing my name, not sure if she is just a slow writer or if it was because my name was in katakana and she was making sure to copy it correctly. Either way, it gave me some extra seconds to talk to her. By the way, here is the message/card:


    I was hoping to go to her seitansai party later but unfortunately, due to some last minute changes in the starting time, I ended up missing it. Either way, the handshake was fun. To be honest, while I think Hina is lovely, she is not one of my top members and I probably wouldn't go see her if I didn't receive the ticket from marioworldakb. But she was very nice and gave good treatment, so I'm glad I went and I do recommend others who like her to go and see her :)
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    Today, I went to the big handshake event at Makuhari Messe :) As I've been to a few handshake events by now, I'm getting more used to the whole process but today I was super nervous anyways. The reason was, I'd get to meet my kami-oshi, Jurina, for the first time.

    Matsui Jurina
    I got a ticket for Jurina for the 2nd slot, which was my first one of the day. Unfortunately, I was able to only get 1 ticket for this event. Anyways, I lined up at her lane a few minutes early. Jurina ended up being a few minutes late, but nevertheless I got to her about 30 minutes into the slot.
    At first, after saying hello to each other, I told her I really liked her, which she seemed really happy about. Then, she told me I was very beautiful, which made me almost forgot how to speak any Japanese at all :^^;: I told her I was very nervous about meeting her, and she asked "really?" with a big smile. Then she asked me, in English (we've only been talking in Japanese so far): "Do you love me?" at which I just kinda awkwardly nodded and said yes [hehe] By this time, security staff has started to push me away already, and although Jurina tried to stall for time, I eventually had to go, but I managed to wish her a happy birthday while being pushed away as her birthday is in a few days.
    Overall, this was amazing, and it met all my expectations that I had for meeting my kami-oshi for the first time :^O^: I was surprised at the time because I actually felt I had a lot of time with her, despite only having 1 ticket (obviously I'm not complaining). I do have more tickets for her in upcoming events, so considering how well it went today, I'm really looking forward to them :blush:

    Furuhata Nao
    Originally, I had a ticket for Uchiyama Mikoto, but while I was waiting in line to see Jurina, I noticed the announcement on screen that Mikoto's slot will be cancelled due to illness. So after I finished with Jurina, I checked which lanes were still available for oshi mashi. To my surprise, Nao's 2nd slot was still available, and since I had enough time until my next ticket in 3rd slot, I went for it.
    Immediately after I entered her lane, Nao greeted me in English, though she seemed quite relieved when I spoke to her in Japanese [hehe] It caught me off guard when she touched my face with her hand and called me kawaii (as expected from one of those godly treatment members :^O^:). I told her that I liked her singing and sax playing, and that she was cute, and she seemed very happy. Then she asked me where I was from, so I told her that I'm from Europe but that I live in Japan now. Then the security started to push me away, but she also stalled for time and asked me if I would come to see her again today. I had to tell her that unfortunately I can't (cause I didn't have any more tickets), and she seemed very disappointed :^^;:
    As with Jurina, the time seemed quite long, but then again, Nao was also good at stalling and since there was also not much of a queue, I guess security wasn't that strict and didn't mind it being a second or two longer. Her treatment was amazing, the face touching really surprised me but she was the first member to ever do that to me, so it left an impression on me [hehe] I'm definitely hoping to see her again as she was one of my best handshake experiences so far.

    Sashihara Rino
    Ah, the SSK queen. Sasshi is one of those members that I don't follow super closely but I have some kind of ongoing liking to. So I decided I'd get 1 ticket to see her. I lined up before the 3rd slot started, so I ended up being 4th in line. However, she was super late to her lane, we waited more than 20 minutes for her to appear. Once she was there, I could see her handshakes were going very fast, much faster than Jurina's or Nao's. So my time came really fast once the queue started moving.
    Because of the short time (honestly, it felt about half as short as the previous 2 handshakes of the date, even though I had 1 ticket for each :confused:), there wasn't much time for talking. I told her she was interesting in TV shows and that I really enjoyed Ima Para (one of my fave AKB songs for some reason [hehe]). She thanked me, and that was it. So honestly, compared to other handshakes I've had, this was a pretty mediocre experience. I still think I prefer handshake with her over Yuihan, cause she at least seemed to pay more attention to what I was saying and held on to my hand tightly. I think the problem was a combination of the short time, and that she doesn't seem to lead the conversation much (I prefer members who lead more, as my Japanese is not fluent). I do think she looked pretty good in person though.

    Matsui Jurina's special stage
    My last ticket for the day was for Jurina's special stage. To be honest, I have thought about about using this ticket as oshi mashi, as the last time I went to Jurina's stage a month ago, all she was doing was talk a bit and mostly draw. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing Jurina do whatever, but compared to that another handshake with Nao or some other member would be more fun. But I decided to go with it anyways, especially since it was Jurina's birthday.
    Luckily, this time she decided to sing as well. She decided to go with a cute theme (both her outfits and song choice), so the songs she sang were Wagamama Collection, Matsuilove (Matsumulove) and Sansei Kawaii. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to film the singing, but we could take photos of her near the end of the stage. She also did some shameless promotion of her seitansai T-shirt [hehe] I've added some pics I took (sorry for low quality, the light was making it quite difficult).

    28693484_1560305037421408_1915891222_o.jpg 28695841_1560305257421386_1055432934_o.jpg 28755393_1560304714088107_1292468605_o.jpg 28755054_1560306527421259_334493427_o.jpg
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    Iwasa Misaki
    AKB48-Group 11-Gatsu no Anklet Individual Handshake Event at Makuhari Messe (2018/03/03)

    It seemed like it had been a while since I had been to a 48-group related handshake event. Since the first weekend of 2018 I had only been to one, and that was kind of a blur since I basically showed up at the end of the night and oshi-mashi'd all of my tickets. So it was nice to spend a proper afternoon meeting with members.

    I had eight tickets in total, spread out between Slots 4 and 7, pretty much all for my regular girls. That meant I could cruise into Makuhari in the early afternoon. I actually tried to get there early and have a leisurely lunch before the event, but there was a delay on the Yurakucho Line that caused me to miss my transfer, and get in a lot later than I had planned. I still managed to shovel in a quick lunch before heading to the halls. I didn't need my tickets stamped, so once I got through security I went to queue up for my first ticket.

    And a reminder, the prizes were in play. The usual 1-shot videos, 2-shot selfies, signed photos, and the trump game. BTW, here's what the back side of the trump game prizes looked like. The other side is the member photo, and signing spot, which you will see below.

    They gave you a plastic slip to put these in, but I couldn't figure out how they fit, until I realized you are supposed to fold them, LOL!

    Slot 4

    Tani Marika (Lane 96) Marika's queue wasn't very long. However, she wasn't in her booth yet, and Slot 4 had already started. I didn't win the signed photo, drats! In the meantime I had a good view into both Goto Rara and Tsuzuki Rika's lanes. Eventually Tani came out, but she was taking a long time signing the photos for people who won the prize. When it came my turn I congratulated her on her 400th theater show. Tani did her usual "Yeah, let me hear it" pose. However, I mentioned that I have never seen her perform in a theater show, and I really want to win one day. She was like "Yeah, you gotta come see me!" LOL.

    Yamane Suzuha (Lane 18) <1st ticket> As expected, Zunchan's queue was really long, and that was just to get to check in. The inner queue was at capacity. Interestingly, she was in the lane right next to Okada Nana, and during Slot 4 actually had a longer queue than Naachan. I didn't win the prize for either ticket, which were 1) 2-shot/1-shot and 2) signed photo. I have actually gotten to know a couple of Zunchan's big fans, so I had people to chat with during the wait. There were also other Wasafans in her queue, as well as the queue to my right, so we were talking as well. Per usual, Zunchan's lane was filled with all the signs and decor. Jeez, I wish I could take a pic, it is all so cute. I already planned what I wanted to say to her for the first ticket, so I didn't pay too much attention to the signs. I essentially told her that I had gotten cancel machi last weekend, but didn't make it into the show, so I was sorry I didn't get to see her.

    Slot 5

    Matsumura Kaori (Lane 95) <1st ticket> I got to her lane just before it opened, and only one person walked in. So I ended up second in line. Finally I had won a prize, the 2-shot/1-shot. I know I'm a glutton for punishment, but I decided to go for the selfie, despite the fact I am horrible at taking them. Kaotan had a really cute skirt on, which unfortunately wasn't going to show up in the pic. I mentioned my lack of photo-taking skills to Kaotan, so she helped me steady the camera, and voila! I had a nice selfie!


    Afterwords she asked how I was, and I told her that I was a little worried. She asked why, and I blurted out "Don't graduate!!!" She started laughing, "That was just a joke" I knew that, and told her that I saw it being talked about online. Anyway, we had a good laugh.

    It was somewhere around this time that they showed the HKT, NGT, STU, and whatever that other PV was. (They must have shown SKE and NMB's before I arrived) To be honest, none of them got me too excited, although STU's seemed quite nice. I was really only paying half attention to them though...

    Yamane Suzuha (Lane 18) <2nd ticket> After heading off to another lane, I came back to find Zunchan's queue only slightly smaller than before. I compared it again to Naachan's lane, and this time Naachan's was somewhat bigger. But I point this out to show that Zunchan's popularity has reached the level of the big members of AKB, and that management should take a look at her potential for being a significant part of the group's future. Anyway, I couldn't think of much more to say to her, but I did notice the big sign behind her. It was something about "Hina Matsuri" and eating Chirashi "something of other" The rest was about looking forward to eating it. So I asked Zunchan what it meant, It was Chirashizushi. Okay, I should know that! She asked me if I had eaten it, which I had. So I told her I have eaten it, and liked it.

    Slot 6

    Matsumura Kaori (Lane 95) <2nd ticket> Again I got there before the slot started, but this time four people jumped in, so I was fifth in the queue. This was important since I had three tickets for Slot 6, and I was trying to fit all the tickets in. Then Kaotan was like ten minutes late to the lane. I passed the time watching Kitagawa Ryoha in the neighboring lane. Eventually it was my turn, and I got to play the Trump card game with Kaotan. It worked somewhat differently than before, and I didn't really understand it. I just picked a card, and she said I won. GREAT! So I got a signed photo.


    While she was signing it, I mentioned that the Trump card game is okay, but Trump the President sucks. She was like "Huh?" I was really surprised that she didn't get it. After explaining it a couple of times, it finally clicked for her who I was talking about. "Oh yeah, people don't like him, ne?" After she finished signing, she asked when she would see me again, and I said the SKE handshake event (forgetting the AKB shamekai is a week earlier) Oh well, by then she will have forgotten what I said.

    Fuchigami Mai (Lane 76) I was actually heading to Akiyoshi's lane, when I saw that Maichan's queue was virtually empty. Really? At the January event her lane was ridiculously long. In fact, I ended up skipping her ticket as a result. In any case, I figured I would take advantage, and I won the prize, which was the 1-shot video. Per usual, Maichan looked adorable. Amazing looking one-piece dress, and the twin tails, WOW! Made me very thankful I won the video...

    It had been a long time since I had talked to her, and she pointed that out. Probably because she saw me at the last couple events where I didn't go to her. Anyway, I told her I loved the outfit, and that I hope to see her during HKT's Spring Tour. She kinda spun around and did a quick modeling for me. She really knows how to melt a guys heart!

    Akiyoshi Yuka (Lane 71) <1st ticket> Yuka-chan had a decent sized queue, and I was in line right behind the old guy who always tried to be first in her queue. This was later in the slot, while he was looping the queue. He and I were talking about Yuka-chan's trip to Singapore, and how she tried speaking English and Chinese. According to him, she had limited success. So we decided I would give her an English lesson. While I waited I was watching Yamashita Emiri in the next queue, who was wearing a somewhat revealing black top. Finally it was my turn. This was another Trump game, and according to Yuka, I won, GREAT! While she was signing I said to her in English; "Did you Enjoy Singapore?" and then "What was your favorite thing in Singapore?" This time she admitted that she didn't understand the 2nd question, so I repeated it in Japanese. She said that the Singaporean Chicken and Rice was OISHII!!!


    I had to wait an hour before I could use my last Akiyoshi ticket. In the meantime I went out to the food garden, and they have gotten a bunch of new food trucks, including this one!


    Skewers!!! Pork, beef, chicken, shellfish, tons of great stuff! So much better than when our choices were pretty much ramen or gyudon. I had a Pork Kalbi and a Sazae skewer while I waited for Slot 7 to begin...

    Slot 7

    Akiyoshi Yuka (lane 71) <2nd ticket> I pre-queued fairly early, and ended up being 2nd in line, and I won the prize! Again I was tasked with the choice of the 2-shot selfie, or 1-shot video. Since the last selfie I attempted to take with her came out badly, I decided to try and redeem myself. I told her about the last one coming out poorly, so she told me to take my time and make sure the shot looked good.

    hs2.jpg least it isn't blurry. The guard was pretty much pushing me out from the moment I finished taking the pic, but I confirmed with her that she was not going to be performing with HKT at Sendai. She said she would only be at Saitama. I told her I would see her at the upcoming 2-shot events, and was off...

    For those keeping score, I was 5 for 8 on the prizes, which is damn good! I got skunked on Zunchan though which was a bummer, and didn't get any autographed pics. But hey, I was 4 for 4 with my 2-top, Akiyoshi and Kaotan. Yay!

    Before leaving Makuhari, I stopped at the 7-11 by the station and picked up my ticket for Horipro Matsuri, which is in a couple weeks. The show is at Zepp Diver City, which is mainly standing room only. I got a great queue number too, so hopefully I will be very close to the stage.


    I am not attending next week's handshake event, which means that aside from the aforementioned concert, my next 48-group related events won't be until April, where I will be attending AKB and HKT's album shamekai events, plus SKE's single event. So things to look forward to. And tomorrow is the last day of Wasamin's 7th single release week promotion. It should be a crazy day!
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  5. Matto

    Matto Kenkyuusei

    Oct 16, 2016
    Tochigi, Japan
    March 11th, 2018 AKB48 Group 11 Gatsu no Anklet Handshake Event @ Makuhari Messe

    -Slot 2-

    Lala Goto



    For this slot, there was a special ticket drawing game, where you would pull small sakura cards out of a box and it would either be marked as a winner or loser. If you got a winning card, you'd get a sakura-themed sign card booklet. I had 8 tickets and won 4, but she forgot to sign the fourth one or forgot to give it to me. I didn't realize it until I left the lane, but I wasn't going to go back and make a big fuss about because I don't 4 of these cards, let alone more than 1.


    -Slot 3 & 6-

    Sayaka Yamamoto


    So to confirm, I am in fact going on the AKB48 Group InstaGuam Tour in Guam in April. Sayaka is the primary reason why I'm going. I'm excited.

    -Slot 5-

    Ishizuka Akari

    I actually used 9 oshimashi tickets from various members on Anchu, so I did 3 loops for her. Anchu has quickly become one of my favorite members to meet because of her energy and because of her gaming Youtube channel. That Mario Kart tidbit was the first I've heard of it, so there's a little exclusive scoop. I was renbanning with @Sakuraism and it wasn't until we were about 5th in line when she noticed us and starting screaming during everyone's handshakes like usual.

    That's it for this event. My next one will be the 4/8 2-shot event!
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  6. Boma Adhi

    Boma Adhi Kenkyuusei

    Dec 21, 2014
    Hi. I don't usually report my handshakes here. But since today I met Cristafari, so I wrote a short report.
    3/16 I went to 109 Shibuya to met Odaeri, my 2nd oshi, bought some of the Uneednow stuffs. LOL
    3/17 was literally Tokaido Handshakes for me. I went along Tokaido line to 3 different events on a single day. I went to Kyoto for SKE Kobetsu, I have some Jurina's ticket (my kami) in A1 slot. Straight to Nagoya for Odaeri - Yuiyui lane for only 2 loops (since I already promised to Odaeri that I will come) at AKB zenshu and managed to go back to Tokyo for Nogizaka's handshake. Fortunately the chaos at West Hall (Keyaki's kobetsu) which was near the enterance has ended since long ago, so I could make to the lane just barely on time.
    3/18 This morning I went straight to SKE's zenshu. I met Cristafari while I was lining up in Jurina's lane. I left the venue quite early since I got quite some NMB tickets at Pacifico.. Now I'm still in Pacifico.

    Might write a complete report later.
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  7. Cristafari

    Cristafari Stage48 Admin Staff Member Stage48 Admin

    Sep 10, 2008
    Saitama, Japan
    Iwasa Misaki
    Always fun to meet other fans at the events. :) I even met @Puni for dinner and beers this week, Amazingly though, @Riina and I have never crossed paths (as far as I know) Jeez, I was even in her oshimen's lane!

    Anyway, since it is an SKE event I will do my writeup in the SKE experiences thread.
  8. Riina

    Riina Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Dec 4, 2015
    Actually, I think I might have spotted you today! I'm not 100% sure, since I'm really bad at recognizing faces, but I've seen those photos from HS events you post and I saw someone who looked similar in Jurina's lane, so considering how few foreigners come to these events, it was probably you [hehe] If I were closer, I'd strike a conversation but I was way behind. This was during Jurina's first slot of the day, around 13:10 or 13:15 :^^;:

    I'm also going to write a report in the SKE thread.
  9. Cristafari

    Cristafari Stage48 Admin Staff Member Stage48 Admin

    Sep 10, 2008
    Saitama, Japan
    Iwasa Misaki
    Horipro Thursday FES 2018 ~Spring Song Battle~ at Zepp Diver City (2018/03/15)


    A lot of odd events occasionally show up on the AKB-Group Ticket Center. I wasn't sure what this event was, despite the "Hori" at the beginning being a major clue. It wasn't until I checked the details that I got really excited....

    Ishida x2?



    My first true oshimen, and I have not seen her since shortly after she graduated from SDN48 when I went to her Gravure DVD release event at Tower Records Shibuya. That was what? Six years ago??? This was the clincher for me. Not to mention Ishida Anna and Tomochin, two former 48-group members who I enjoy visiting would also be there. On the other hand, it had been quite a while since I had actually won a concert via the ticket center. So I was truly surprised when I got the winning email.

    I received a second surprise when I picked up my ticket and saw that I had entry #26. Diver City can fit over 2000 people, although I didn't know how many people were actually coming, especially since the Horipro website said the show wasn't sold out. But needless to say, with that ticket I would be very close to the stage.


    Anyway, I got to DiverCity relatively early, had lunch, and then hung out at Tully's waiting for doors to open. I checked the goods on the website, and frankly nothing appealed to me at all, so I had no interest in the "early bird" goods table. At 5:30 pm, they didn't line us up. Instead everyone was in this mass of people as they called people in one by one. That seemed like quite an ineffective way to handle the queue, but whatever. They also made you buy a drink ticket, which I thought was slightly lame considering the cost of the show ticket. Oh, and the crowd was a sea of orange Ogino Yuka T-shirts. It seems like at least 1/3 of the crowd was there to see her. The only other performer I saw any evidence of a support group for was Yamauchi Suzuran.


    When I got in, they quickly checked my bag. I ran over to the bar, and quickly grabbed a beer (took about 15 seconds) and then jogged in to get a spot. There was a walkway in the middle of the arena, so you could either go to the left side or right. Everyone was going to the right, so I took off for the far side, and got a spot right against the rail. Not really close to the center, but a good spot nonetheless.

    I mentioned a few of the members who were performing. Let me give you the full lineup. The majority of the performers were current and former 48-group members....

    hori15.jpg hori16.jpg

    The hosts were Ijiri-san and Oshima Mai
    Current 48-group members were Myao, Suzuran and Ogino Yuka.
    Graduates (other than MaiMai) were Meetan, Iwata Karen, Kasai, Tomochin, Harukyan, and former Nogi member Nagashima Seira. Ishida Anna was supposed to be there, but ultimately wasn't. I didn't read the reason for her absence, but I was kinda bummed out about it.
    Non-48 Women: Kojima Ruriko, Sasaki Moyoko, Hamaguchi Junko, Yamane Chika, Koso Yoko
    Male Talent: Ueda Kandai, Sadaoka Yuho, Okamoto Tomotaka


    This was a "Spring Song Battle," and the performers were put into two teams, red and blue, captained by Meetan (blue) and Kasai (red). The members chose teams by picking balls out of a box, which was shown via VTR at the beginning of the show. BTW, Anna WAS in the VTR, which made it surprising not to see her performing. Also, Kasai had some sort of throat condition, and was not allowed to speak. Instead she carried a art book with pre-written lines in it. As for their outfits, all Team red members wore some kind of red themed outfit, wile the blue team wore blue or white attire.


    The first half of the show featured members singing various songs in various pairings and groupings. Interestingly, the Horipro members all have varying degrees of skill when it comes to singing. I'm a Meetan fan, but I am painfully aware that she is an awful singer. There's really no one among the 48-girls who is an exceptional singer. Karen probably comes the closest, and Myao is surprisingly decent. Ranran's not bad either. On the other hand, the other talent really carried the show, singing-wise, especially Koso and Uedo. Oh, and Okamoto Tomotaka, well....


    This guy is amazing. He is billed as a classical singer. He's gigantic. He towered over everyone in the group. He's huge, from shoulder to shoulder he looks like a human wall. Couple that with the long and flowing gown he wears, he is quite the site. And, his singing is incredibly powerful, which is even more surprising considering he is a Soprano. He did a duet with Ranran that for me was probably the biggest highlight of the show.

    The second half of the show was the AKB Battle, where they for the most part sang all 48-group related songs, and Tomochin performed her solo song OMG with two backdancers. They sang a lot of short versions of songs, and for the life of me I can't remember all the songs they performed. I do remember Only Today, Korogaru Isshi ni Nare, Sakura no Hanabiratachi (Ranran/Okamoto duet) and Heart Gata Virus. I would have loved to see a performance of Oshi/Meshi, but since Kasai couldn't perform. Speaking of Kasai...


    It was nice to see the graduate members, and most of them looked for the most part the same. Iwata has the short blonde haircut, which is quite cute on her. However, I did not recognize Kasai when she first came on stage. Her entire face looked completely swollen. Now it IS possible that whatever her ailment is might be affecting her face, since I didn't notice this in recent photos. Moreover, the rest of her body looks fine, so it isn't like she is putting on a lot of weight. But yeah, she looked different. Meetan, on the other hand looked really good. I like the short top w/side-ponytail look on her.

    As for the non AkiP-Idols, the one that stuck out the most for me (aside from Okamoto) was Kojima Ruriko. Let's just say she has a slammin' figure. It was fun to watch the non-singing idols trying to perform AKB songs. One of them commented (I think it was Hamaguchi) that after performing these songs, she had a newfound appreciation for the work if idols.


    The end of the show was 1) the vote, and 2) the photo-op portion of the show. We were all given a red and blue glowstick to use during the show, not only as a cheering tool, but to ultimately vote on who won the battle. In the beginning, my glowstick refused to work properly, but after smacking it a few times, I finally got it to light up and stay lit. I was in a quandary, since I wanted to vote for Team Meetan, but I was standing against the Team Red side of the stage, so they would clearly see me voting against them, including Tomochin. Nut what the hell, I voted for Team Blue anyway, and we won. Yatta! It was pretty much a given since Ogino was on the blue team. But it was close, there were a lot of red sticks too.

    hori18.jpg hori19.jpg

    I was looking forward to the photo ops, but ultimately was disappointed in the way they carried it out. In other shows I have been to, when they offer this benefit the performers will move around the audience to meet more people. However, in this show they stayed stationary throughout the song, I ended up with Iwata Karen right in front of me, so I got lots of great closeups of her. But Meetan and Suzuran were far away from me, so I didn't get any photos of them. Bummer.


    After the show there was a promised High Touch. A couple of the older non-48 group related performers didn't participate. It was quite a line, and you were pushed through fairly quickly, but I was sure to pause when I got to Meetan. Actually, I saw her eyeing me from when I got about three away from her too. I also got nice reactions from Ranran, Tomochin, Iwata, and the Nogi girl Nagashima, who started speaking to me in English.

    And with that I was out of the hall and ready for dinner. But unfortunately last order at all the Diver City restaurants was 9:30, and I got out at 9:31. So I was out of luck. Ultimately the show was fun, but I was mainly happy that I got to see Meetan again. Who knows when/if I will have another chance to meet with her. But never say never, right? It had been almost six years and here came another opportunity.
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  10. Lt-weetabix

    Lt-weetabix Kenkyuusei

    Oct 20, 2015

    Her segments in the first episodes of Akbingo are legendary!:cute:

    I seriously hope she gets more work and makes a come-back into the industry, especially with AKB collabs.

    Thanks for the write up! :approve:
  11. hermionepj1

    hermionepj1 Kenkyuusei

    Jan 20, 2016
    Yamashita Emiri
    WOW! thank you so much for the report!
  12. Boma Adhi

    Boma Adhi Kenkyuusei

    Dec 21, 2014
    Cross posted from Unko's (UKN) FB page since that page is not publicly available. I don't usually post my report here, but as I promised, here is the full report.

    Long ass handshake report.

    3/16 - 3/18. I went to 6 different events in 3 days. LOL. Not all parts are translated.


    I went to Uneednow event at Sibuya 109. There was a Uneednow direct selling events with 3 Team 8 members, Oda Erina, Okabe Rin and Kuranoo Narumi. I bought several bags. I mainly only talked with Odaeri. Sorry Naru and Berin, but... :(

    On the second round, just before my turn, my phone vibrated. Naturally, I checked my phone. It was a mobame from Mogi. She sent it along with an off-shot mizugi photo of the latest AKB48Shinbun. Whithout realizing, my turn came, I put my phone in my pocket without turning off the screen then I proceeded. Inside, I didn't talk a lot with all those 3 girls, but suddenly I felt like I missed my phone and I searched my pocket. Found my phone, I took it out from my pocket, with the screen still on, showing Mogi mail with her photo in mizugi.. Odaeri Noticed and said: "Ah.. So it's Mogi san.." Then she pestered me: "So, your kami oshi is Jurina, isn't she? Who is second then?"

    I was really shocked. I never told her that I am a Jurina oshi. And also to the fact that now she knew that I also subscribed to Mogi's mobame. LOL
    The rest is not translated.. :v


    It was a Tokaido handshake event for me, because I attended 3 different events in 3 different cities along the Tokaido line on a single day. Shinkanshen makes this kind of trip possible, as it is really fast and efficient with a high service frequency and it goes directly to city center (as opposed to airport which tends to be outside the city). In the morning I went straight to Kyoto Pulse Plaza for SKE handshakes. I hate that venue as it is small and get overcrowded easily. But since I got there pretty early, it was pretty quiet.

    I only have Jurina's ticket that day on A1 session. Since I have 8 tickets in A1 session, which is pretty impressive for Jurina's lane, I waited until more tickets in one go was allowed. (you cannot use more than a certain number of tickets when a session was just started, 1 or 3, depending on the queue length)
    J: Hisashiburi..
    B: Hisashiburi..
    J: Thank you as always..
    B: Thank you for being so bright/sparkling..
    J: Eh.. Seriously? Thank you for following me wherever I go. Even if I go abroad.
    B: No I didn't go to Korea. (LOL)
    J: Eh? But you were at Hong-Kong airport, weren't you?
    B: Haha..
    J: Also pro wrestling. Eh, I saw you. But where did you go?
    B: Yeah. Ring side is not good. I see nothing. I move to stand seat.
    J: As expected.. (Before the show was started) I told everyone, that was my fan there and there. But somehow, during my fight, you were gone. (She pouted.. And she was insanely cute.. wanna take her home..)

    (from previous report at Unko: I didn't get the premium seat so I bought it on auction. But my seat was at the corner so my view was actually blocked by the post at ring corner. And actually I couldn't see the other side of the ring. So I moved to my original stand seat)

    The rest is not translated..

    At least now I know why Odaeri and Nao (see previous report in Unko) knew I was there and Odaeri knew the fact that I am a Jurina oshi (I never told her). LOL
    Then, I took a taxi from the venue to go back to the Kyoto station, and then went to Nagoya by shinkanshen, later switched to Aonami line to reach Port Messe, Nagoya. It was just in time, the mini live was just ended and the handshake event was about to begin. I went straight to Yuiyui-Odaeri lane. It was crowded, but since I didn't go for the mini live, I managed to line up for handshakes early. This was a national handshakes, most members share a line with 1 or 2 other members, and you got about 3-5 secs per member.

    Yuiyui part is not translated. Basically we were just hera hera. LOL

    First round:
    O: Ah.. He came..
    B: I met Jurina this morning and now I am here.
    O: Great.. (Did you also see) Mogi san?
    B: Nah.. Like you..
    O: Like you.. (with a big smile <3 )

    Second round:
    B: Did you get my present?
    O: Aa... you didn't watch my showroom.. did you? (with an evil grin)
    B: Sorry.. I'm going to watch.. Bye..
    O: Bye..

    I don't have much time there, I had to leave early. Next, I rushed to the Kinjofuto station, and hopped on the Aonami line again to go to Nagoya station before taking shinkanshen again to go back to Shinawaga. Then, I transferred to Osaki by Yamanote line and finnaly by the Rinkai line to Kokusai Tenjijo Station. Two and a half hours passed since I left Port Messe Nagoya and finally I arrived at Tokyo Big Sight. I got there a bit earlier than expected.

    Three Sony Music managed groups held their handshake events there, NGT48, Nogizaka46 and Keyakizaka46. Both NGT48 and Nogi handshakes were in the East Hall, while Keyaki was in the West Hall. According to some twitter reports, Keyakis's was chaotic. I was afraid that the main entrance, which is shared between both hall, would be affected. But seemed that the chaos had subsided long before I got there.

    I went for Ikuchan, my kami in sakamichi. I forgot to record my convo, so I don't really remember what we said. I just introduce my self, as I rarely see her. Also, I praised her as she looks prettier recently. She seemed to remember my face but nothing more. It is really convenient to have non-east-asian face in handshake.

    After more than 1000 km of train ride, 3 events in 3 cities, the day was over.


    On Sunday, I went to SKE48's Zenshu (national handshakes) in Yokohama Arena and NMB48 Kobetsu akushukai (Individual Handshakes) in Pacifico Yokohama. Since I have plenty of time in the morning, I spent the whole day in SKE's zenshu. Later in the late afternoon, I left Yokohama Arena, even before most of the matomedashis were started. It was because I had 5th and 6th session of NMB individual handshakes in Pacifico.

    Yokohama Arena is situated near Shin-Yokohama station which is very convenient for SKE fans taking shinkanshen from Nagoya. I arrived in Yokohama Arena quite early. The line was not that long, but I managed to get a pretty good seat in the arena. The live was about 50 minutes long and quite worth to see. If I recalled it properly, the setlist was Muishiki by senbatsu, Mango by D3, the new love crescendo song, Aishiteraburu, 窓際LOVER, Wagamama Nagareboshi by Egochan and Naru, and the last was the staple concert closing song, Nakama no Uta. I had to spend all my Igai ni mango tickets since I wasn't sure that those will still be valid in the future.

    As the handshake area was opened to the public, I managed to line up early in Jurina's lane.

    First round:

    J: Good morning. You are early!
    B: Good morning. I didn't get the SKE SSA Concert Ticket.. :(
    J: Eeeeh.. For real??
    B: Yeah.. See ya..
    J: See ya.. (she hold my hand. winked.. ah.. wanna take her home)

    Then I looped. Suddenly I noticed a familiar face. I never met him but his photos are everywhere. I ran into @Cristafari from stage48. LOL, Also, I thought I saw you @Riina, quite far behind.. I hesitated tho..

    Second round:

    J: Eh, for real? (I wonder why she was the one who was shocked)
    B: Yeah.. But I got one from my friend. (Thanks Hayate Low)
    J: Nice..
    B: I'll go around for now. See you later..
    J: See you..

    Then I went around to see other lanes.

    Banana, Oochan, Honono
    While mostly I have seen them before, but basically I just said hajimemashite and an introduction where I came from, as I don't see them quite often. But Yunana noticed that I've seen her several time and retorted, "it's not hajimemashite.. lol".

    Reona, Yuria's cute little cousin, and bootleg sakura
    First, Reona was cute and dangerous. She gave me a nice view IYKWIM. LOL. Then, Yuka was cute. And the last, Yuzuki recognized me even when I was still in front of Yuka. She shouted "Jurina fan came.."

    The good thing about this zenshu was they have back stage camera connected to several giant screens there. Fans enjoyed it so much, to the point it caused a minor problem in line 12 when the fans was watching the screen instead of going into members booth and the staff got angry as a result. LOL

    Ruuchan, Marika, Lala
    Other than Lala, I'm not really familiar with them. Ruuchan DID say to me "Thank you for coming" in english after I introduced where I came from. Tani was cute as usual. Then Lala:
    L: I remember you (english)
    Then I retorted..
    B: What do you remember about me? (english)
    But my retort back fired..
    L: I saw you yesterday but you didn't see me.. (english, sic, she meant I didn't go to her lane)
    B: Gomenne.. :(

    Renahyu, Ayaha, Arai Yuki
    Similar with the previous line, I just introduced myself to them. Both Renahyu and Ayaha mistook Indonesia as Indo/India. LOL. Yukichan was cute as usual. Seemed like she didn't recall my face. :(

    Satokaho, Donchan, Nao
    I messed up in this lane. I got a bit nervous and I forgot to take my ticket from the holder causing a delay. LOL.

    Satokaho: Hisashiburi.
    B: Hisashiburi. So, today is see through? (Refer to latest team E stage. Dave Han suggest me this. LOL)
    S: Eeh.. It's a secret.. LOL
    B: Bye..

    Don: He came..
    B: Jurina winked to me..
    D: Eeeeeh...

    Nao: Aa..
    B: Hi. I'm from Indonesia.. (she pulled my hand, but seemed that she didn't remember me.. LOL)
    N: Thank you. Will you come here again?
    B: Yes.
    N: Really? Great..

    Nonomiki, Machi Otoha, Ruka
    I introduced myself to Nono. I said to Machi she was cool in the proresu. She looked so sweet lately, to me at least. LOL. Ruka was cool as usual.

    Satokaho, Donchan, Nao (again)
    S: Because today is Uniform. So, misepants/safety pants.
    B: I will wait then.
    S: LOL. Your face is cute.
    B: LOL. Bye..

    with Donchan I never talk anything other than Jurina, so..
    B: Ask Jurina, "please wink for me"..
    D: No.. No.. Impossible.. Impossible.. (her reaction was soo cute here.. LOL)
    B: Bye..
    D: Bye..

    Nao just said thank you for coming again.

    Then I looped for Jurina's lane again for several times. We talked about various things. Including why members often called my face cute (especially Sannan and Satokaho) despite the fact that I AM A MALE. LOL.

    I also tried the badminton slot. I was against Lala. You need 1 ticket for 3 times hitting the shuttle. LOL what a waste of tickets..

    Since it was already pretty late for my NMB handshakes, I hailed a taxi to go to Kikuna station directly. It is much faster than walking to Shin-Yokohama then taking Yokohama line to Kikuna (5 min vs 15 min). From Kikuna, an F liner on Toyoko Line took me trough the Minatomirai Line directly to Minatomirai Station for Pacifico. I arrived at Pacifico barely on time for Kokochan at the 5th session. I got 20 tickets. We talked mostly about her mobame. On the 6th session I went to Uuka's lane with 15 tickets. And I also had 6 Yuuri tickets furikae from when she was sick. Yuuri still didn't look healthy tho. A bit chubbier but her eyes were not as sparkling as usual. I'd like to translate this NMB handshake but I don't have time for now. So prolly I will do it later.

    Tomorrow I will go to STU handshake in Ikebukuro and Keyaki's in Big Sight. I don't think I will write a report since I will be busy the day after.

    Thank you for reading.
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  13. Riina

    Riina Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Dec 4, 2015
    Today, I went to STU48's handshake event at Sunshine City (Tokyo). I only had 1 ticket, and it was for Okada Nana.

    Compared to the last STU48 handshake event I went to, this one was a lot more crowded and several girls had sold out some of their slots. Of course, Naachan's slots were also all sold out, and this is actually Naachan's only STU48 individual handshake event, so tickets were pretty hard to get (if I could, I would have gotten more). However, the wait wasn't too bad, and I spent my time waiting chatting with the girl lining up before me, who was also the only other female fan I could see in Naachan's lane at that time.

    Anyways, as for the handshake itself...

    Naachan (in English): Beautiful!
    Me (in Japanese): Thank you!
    (from then on, we continued in Japanese)
    Naachan: Ah, your Japanese is good!
    Me: Actually, I want to say something... It seems Naachan has no self-confidence, but to me, Naachan is perfect.
    Naachan: Ahh, so nice! (the security guard pushing me away) Kawaii!

    I really wanted to say something like that to Naachan because I know how much she struggled with her confidence (feeling not good enough for AKB etc.), stress, eating disorders, etc. I don't usually say serious stuff like that during handshake events but I just wanted to tell it to Naachan and maybe make her feel better. My Japanese is only conversational level, not fluent, so I'm sure somebody more fluent could put it into words better, but I think my point came across and I really hope it made her feel even a little bit happier or more confident for a moment.

    Also, as with all STU48's individual handshake events, we all got cards from members. Here was the 1st slot card:
    Name: Okada Nana

    HE - HENTAI (pervert)
    Everybody is a pervert.

    HO - HOKURO (mole)
    Actually... I have a mole on my back.

    EDIT: I forgot to add, I saw a cute interaction between Naachan and Yumirin (who is in the lane next to Naachan's). Just before the girl in front of me could shake hands with Naachan, Naachan was called to disabled lane, so we had to wait for her to come back. As she was coming back, she stopped at Yumirin's lane, said a few words to her (that I couldn't really hear) and put her arm around Yumirin for a moment :blush:
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  14. Boma Adhi

    Boma Adhi Kenkyuusei

    Dec 21, 2014
    You were also there @Riina? I was also there for the first session, but now I'm in Tochigi for Team8 event. I will return during the 6th session. Are you still there by then?

  15. Riina

    Riina Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Dec 4, 2015
    Unfortunately not, I only had that 1 ticket and I'm leaving for a trip around Japan (not 48G related) in the evening anyways, so I couldn't go there in 6th slot anyways. I arrived there in the middle of the 1st slot, around 10 AM or so, were you there? I didn't see any other obvious foreigners around, but I could have missed you, especially if you are Asian (sorry, I don't know where you are from or what you look like).

    Considering how I always manage to miss any other Stage48 members at HS events, I think we should start a thread (or use an existing thread if there is one) for those Stage48 members who go to HS events, concerts, etc. and want to meet other Stage48 members there [hehe]
  16. PetalidiStelle

    PetalidiStelle Kenkyuusei

    Oct 31, 2016
    Just wanted to say I find this a great idea. I never attended an event, but I want to do it eventually (I love reading this thread), and already thought about a thread like that since it'd be nice to meet other foreigners.
  17. SaitoWinterStar

    SaitoWinterStar Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Oct 1, 2017
    Saito Fuyuka
    I'm a bit in awe of all the nice reports here, but I'll add my poor one anyway. So thanks (again!) to @Riina for tipping me off to this event. On 3/14/18 I attended the AKB CD release event at Tower Records Shibuya, featuring Okada Nana, Kashiwagi Yuki, and Takahashi Juri.

    I was in Tokyo at the time and it didn’t look like I was going to have any opportunity to meet Naachan, which was making me sad. Then this event came up on the day of the AKB48 51st Single release – well they announced it on the 7th, but I didn’t hear about it until @Riina alerted me on the 10th. It appeared that you needed to pre-order copies of the new single at the Tower Records Shibuya store in order to get a ticket, and then at the event you got to have the CD “delivered” to you by one of those three members. This was Saturday night, and the deadline for preorders was Monday. I figured it was probably already too late and surely with an event like this in the middle of Tokyo, all the tickets would be gone. But I really wanted to see Naachan in person, and here was a (remotely possible) chance.

    So I made a special trip two hours into Shibuya on Sunday (running madly from the 22/7 event in Saitama) to drop in on the Tower Records and see if I could still get a ticket. My Japanese is not good, so I figured I might not even be able to communicate to the staff what I wanted to do. After going out the opposite exit of Shibuya station and taking about a 25-mile walking detour through Olympic construction, I somehow made it to the store before closing. I wandered around the J-pop floor for a bit to build up my courage and then went up to the info counter and, creatively putting together my 5 good words of Japanese vocabulary, asked how to make a reservation for the Wednesday AKB event. Miraculously the staffer seemed to understand me and directed me to the “orange desk with clipboards” behind me. I thanked her and headed over, directly past where I was supposed to go. She helpfully then ran over from behind her counter and guided me to the actual reservation desk, where I grabbed a clipboard and… well first problem was there was a lot of kanji to read on the form. After valiantly struggling and failing with that for a couple minutes, the second problem was it wasn’t for AKB48.

    Cleverly replacing that with the correct clipboard, I guessed my way through a couple checkboxes, filled in my name in illegible katakana, and selected one type-A, -D, and -E CD preorder. I figured if each member was giving out one or two versions, this should hopefully get me Naachan (surely she would be A for center or E for Sakamichi, right?). I presented the form to the clerk, who helpfully made some corrections then rang up my order. Of course then their credit card system then immediately went down, but fortunately I found enough cash on me to get my tickets. Once I had the tickets in hand (along with a strong warning to bring my copy of the pre-order form to the event as well), I was actually pretty surprised it was that easy. Where’s the mob, why aren’t these sold out, did I completely misunderstand this event? I shrugged and headed home to find the Tobu line now in complete disarray – I guess I’m fortunate I made it there at all.

    2018-03-11 18.15.11a.jpg

    The next day the tickets were still nagging me – what if it’s a random member each time, won’t I really kick myself if I miss this opportunity to meet Naachan due to a coin toss? ;) So back to Tower Records Shibuya Monday evening, and ordered Type-B and -C as well. Tickets still not sold out?!

    The event is supposed to open at 5pm Wednesday and as usual they warn you not to show up too early, but I get myself to the Tower around 4:30 and start heading up. It is supposed to be on the roofdeck, which is floor 7 or 8 depending on which sign you believe. I stop off on the J-pop floor (3) to find a restroom, and discover a line of people forming down the back stairway. Fortunately, the current end was directly there on the landing, so I verified with the staff member directing people on the stairs that this was for AKB and lined up. Vocabulary learned from watching all of those Nogi and Keya senbatsu announcements also finally paid off when he asked me to help the line form two rows. Soon the line of uncomfortable-looking people stretched down the stairs and out of sight.

    I was a bit concerned about how long we were going to be trapped in this stuffy stairwell considering there were presumably at least five floors of people waiting in front of me. Although as usual my intimidating “completely bewildered and lost Westerner” persona meant no one wanted to stand too close to me, there was at least an interesting mix of people I could see. Some young schoolgirls, 20-30-somethings guys in casual or business suits, and a handful of grey-haired wotas. Fortunately the wait was only about 10 minutes before we slowly started climbing.

    In the end I’m afraid I never discovered if the roofdeck is actually floor 7 or 8 – sorry. But we eventually emerged into a small room with a table where they sort of looked at our bags and presumably determined we weren’t threatening. Then we exited out onto the “Sky Garden”; I’m pretty sure there were no plants up there, but maybe they had brought them in for the winter? There was indeed no roof other than some mechanical equipment on scaffolding, but fortunately the weather was cool and beautiful. A small table was set up here where they collected your copy of the pre-order form (thankfully I had understood the instruction to bring it) and then directed you to line up with a crowd that was forming in front of a very small stage.

    2018-03-14 17.31.47a.jpg

    The crowd slowly filled the space while staff busily moved something around up front, and a little after 6pm Naachan, Kashiwagi, and Takahashi appeared up the back stairwell to rousing applause. They were quite flashy and sparkly wearing their A-side outfits:


    At this point I was already pretty satisfied having gotten to see Naachan in person, and from relatively close. :cute: All three were energetic and in good spirits, which was impressive as, if you followed AKB media, it was obvious they had been running all over Tokyo that day making appearances in stores and on shows for the single release campaign, and had more events that night. They were also beautiful in their outfits - Naachan looking smart and confident in pants, and Kashiwagi the tall sexy model, and Takahashi the cute idol.

    I don’t quite recall what happened at this point – I think they each introduced themselves – Kashiwagi getting the loudest cheers, and Naachan said a few words about the new single before they were all whisked away. The staff then set up a table on the stage, and began forming the crowd into a long line. Everything went along very orderly, and after a bit the members reappeared and took their place on stage in a line behind the table. It finally became (more) clear what was going on – each member had a station: the first one would hand you the CD(s), the second a postcard with the senbatsu on it, and the third a small Tower Records bag to put it all into.

    As I approached the front I realized you had a couple seconds with each member. I had plenty of things I wanted to say to Naachan, and I liked Kashiwagi as well, but I didn’t know much about Takahashi. So I alternated looking up some quick info on Stage48 and stealing long glances at the members going about their distribution. As an aside, maybe she was just excited, but the cute woman behind me kept running into me. :blink: Like every fifteen seconds a little nudge. I adjusted myself in case she thought I was holding up the line, but it continued unless I was glancing back at her, but then she would conspicuously look away. Maybe this is some kind of flirting, but I was really distracted by Naachan being like 10 feet away and terrified of trying to strike up a conversation with a stranger in Japanese. I also was getting nervous about the mechanics of the event, as it wasn’t clear if you got more than one chance at this. A staff member was collecting tickets just before you stepped up on stage and would call out to the members which version of the single to give you. Almost everyone was turning in only one ticket, but occasionally there were two or three at once. Is that because most people knew it didn’t matter how many you ordered so only had one? But finally I caught sight of someone finishing the line and then immediately recycling to the back.

    The final stretch of the line went across the front of the stage where there was a tall table for you to deposit your bag, with a staffer to keep them sorted and deliver it back to you after you left the stage. When my turn finally came, I nervously handed over only my type-A ticket to the staffer, and he directed me to step up on stage. Other than a couple staff next to the members to help feed them supplies, there were two guards milling about – one looked like he was fresh from a bouncer job at a seedy biker bar, and the other in a rumpled trenchcoat looked like he was playing a rough Bronx detective from Law & Order.

    I wish I could remember what I said to each member in turn other than hajimemasite as Kashiwagi handed me the CD, then Naachan the postcard, and Takahashi my bag. I probably told Kashiwagi she was beautiful, and Naachan that she was my oshi, but I was pretty dazzled. Naachan and Takahashi also both said “I love you” in English. It was not at all the dry goods exchange I had expected; it was essentially a single-ticket handshake, minus the touching. Full of smiles, I carefully dropped everything into my bag and walked around back to the end of the line.

    The roof area was fairly full, maybe around 300 people, but it was moving well. I was lost in thought admiring the members across the roof and considering what to say to them when the man in front of me turned around and unexpectedly greeted me with a, “so, where are you from?” in passable English. Maybe a 40-50-something Japanese businessman, he turned out to be a shockingly friendly and outgoing wota. Before long we had exchanged cards and were chatting about the event. He spoke a little bit of English, but I decided it was best to exercise my Japanese. He seemed impressed I had come from the US and this was my first event of this kind. He asked who my oshi was, and I told him it was Naachan. That elicited a broad smile and he said she was his oshi as well. He went on to explain the nicknames Kashiwagi and Naachan had given him over the years. He then reached into a well-worn bag by his side and fished out a crisp Naachan photocard, presenting it to me as a gift. I was a bit shocked and tried to politely refuse, but he insisted so I carefully added it to my CD stash. :^^;:

    While we slowly made our way up he introduced me to various other fans in the line – he is apparently quite the AKB socialite. Other businessmen, younger guys, and a gaggle of middle school girls being led by an older girl he described as their ringleader. They all seemed to know each other well. It was quite remarkable, and I found myself nodding along in a bit of a daze, almost forgetting I was standing near Naachan and was going to talk with her again. But I did at least confirm with him that my plan of using one ticket at a time was correct, and that we had until about 8pm when the staff would warn us we couldn’t recycle any more. Somewhere along the line he asked me what other members I was interested in, and eventually I ended up with three new Matsui Jurina (my SKE48 oshi) and an Ogino Yuka (my NGT48 oshi) photocard.

    Before we made it back up to the members, they unexpectedly got up and left. There was some announcement and no one seemed particularly worried, so I figured they had a call-in radio appearance or went to sign something in the store and would be back soon. After about fifteen or twenty minutes they did return, and the line started moving again.

    [Edit: As someone on the Naachan forum reminded me, she was nervous about the single's sales numbers. I think it was at this point where they came back in that she announced to the crowd that they had sold over 1 million on the first day. Apparently, as center, achieving this milestone this had been making her quite worried, and I didn't appreciate at the time that she was probably much happier after this point.]


    When our turn came he went up first, and before I realized what was happening he was talking casually with Naachan, gesturing back in my direction excitedly. The staff took my type-B ticket and I stepped up to Naachan to get my CD. He had apparently told her where I was from and a little bit about me, and Naachan greeted me even more enthusiastically this time, saying she was happy I had come so far to see her. It turns out he had also introduced me to Kashiwagi on the cards and Takahashi with the bags now, and they similarly thanked me for coming and threw in some more English phrases. I was happy and thanked them, but was even more bewildered now.

    I recycled again with my new friend, noting the crowd had decreased by about a third. I told him I was still quite nervous about talking with the members, and he urged me to calm down and try some breathing exercises. Then he laughed and suggested a game of janken – if I win I get another photo card. It took two tries as we made our way back up, but I won another Naachan photocard, and was maybe a bit calmer, too. We also started opening our CDs to see what photos we got, but he wasn’t interested in any trades. Two of his friends got photos they immediately came by and gave to me, plus one more from him, so I ended up with another two Yukas and a Yabushita Fu (my STU48 oshi). :blink:

    The members rotated spots again as we approached, and this time it was Takahashi giving me my type-C, Naachan with the card, and Kashiwagi with the bags. I’m at a bit of a loss as to what we talked about; there were so many distractions going on simultaneously my notes became quite erratic. We seemed to also be playing some game with the gaggle of schoolgirls in line, with some mutual heckling each time we passed them, but I wasn’t quite sure what was going on. I know I did keep finding more things to talk with the members about, at some point praising Naachan’s and Kashiwagi’s singing voices and telling Naachan that it was the Shoot Sign SakamichiAKB MV where I first saw her and fell for her immediately.

    Part way up this time the members left to take a break in the “relaxation room” so there was more time for chatting, and taking exciting photos of the glowing Tower sign, which actually appears to be fabric on the outside.

    2018-03-14 19.44.36a.jpg


    When they returned, Naachan struck a nice pose at the top of the stairs back down onto the roof to cheers from the crowd, now maybe half the original size. Then came Takahashi waving happily, and Kashiwagi bringing up the rear, very engrossed in eating a bag of what appeared to be gummy candy. They reformed on the stage and the process started again. This time I decided to use my type-E ticket and get the SakamichiAKB CD handed to me by Naachan. I congratulated her on becoming the center for both the album and the single. Then I got my card from Kashiwagi and bag from Takahashi. I remember being happy about whatever we talked about, but whatever that was is lost to me now. Edit: I suddenly recall for some reason I got into a thing with Kashiwagi and Takahashi for a couple rounds where my friend had told them I was leaving Japan soon, and they told me they were sad I was leaving and couldn't go to more events, along with some cute pouting/fake crying.

    At this point my friend stepped out of line to buy more CDs, which they were apparently selling at the check-in table. There were also a few people still coming in from outside. It was already after 8, so I figured I would just have time to use my last ticket anyway. I went back through the line one last time, admiring the members and the beautiful Tokyo night from the roof. This time I got the type-D from Kashiwagi, the card from Takahashi, and finished with the bag from Naachan. Remembering from some interview around her photobook that she enjoyed praise about her features, I told her how beautiful her eyes were, which didn’t require any exaggeration. Then I said that I really, truly liked her. With us both holding onto opposite sides of the bag she leaned towards me more and pouted, “what, you just like me? Don’t you love me?” Well I certainly had to agree with her there. :inlove:

    I reluctantly got pulled away from her, and took my time getting my bag. I suddenly decided to buy another CD for one more ticket, but the staff apologized and said they had ended the sales for the night. So I lingered by the exit, watching the members for a bit until my friend made his way back through. I thanked him profusely once again, and left him to get back in line. I headed back inside and down the stairs, which were lined with people loitering, holding open photocard books. I was interested, but not willing to trade what I had and a bit nervous still about engaging random fans, so I continued downstairs. Around the third floor there was a dense crowd of girls lining up in the stairwell for some other event, so I ducked back out into the J-pop floor and down the escalators. There was another small concert going on in the first floor lobby – I guess Tower Shibuya is the place to be on a Wednesday night.

    Thoroughly pleased with the event, I overcame my usual hesitation to go into random restaurants and found a cozy-looking gyoza place on the upper floor of a nearby building.

    2018-03-14 21.20.56a.jpg

    It was delicious and also piping hot; I thoroughly burned every surface in my mouth with this meal. As I headed home, I reflected that this was an amazing experience – probably about a nice as any handshake, and the added benefit of being outside on a nice night so for once I didn’t get sweaty standing around waiting.

    From my notes I have that Kashiwagi spoke mostly in English to me and she was very good at it – I just wish I remember more of what we talked about. Naachan and Takahashi also spoke some English, but we mostly talked in Japanese. But Naachan was the reason I went and was the hands-down highlight. Her pouting voice and beautiful face were a great way to end the evening. :)
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  18. David61

    David61 Upcoming Girls Stage48 Donor

    May 17, 2015
    Reading, England
    Komiyama Haruka
    @SaitoWinterStar Thank You for your reports here and over on the Keyaki board. Your level of detail is very important to those of us who don't often get to attend such events and who find some of the procedures rather bewildering! Good to know it was very successful for you, as has been said before on this thread the experience of meeting members is like nothing else.
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  19. Puni

    Puni Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Nov 6, 2013
    48Group Individual Handshake 11.03.2018 @ Makuhari Messe

    Flew into Tokyo the day before. As usual I couldn‘t catch any sleep on the plane. So I was already lacking around 7hours of sleep + jetlag I had to wake up extra early to catch the train to Makuhari and be at the venue when the doors open.

    As usual the train was packed with people going to Disneyland, but they get off at Maibara so one can have a seat for a few stations.

    The hall layout was almost identical to the Haru Matsuri Event I visited the previous year. Left half of the hall was mainly dedicated to sister group members while the right half was for AKB members. Adjacent to that was an extra tidbit with the stage.

    For most members I only had one ticket. In general the staffs were really strict about time. You never got the full time, even if there wasn‘t any lane. Prime example was Tani. The guy in front of me barely managed to hold her hands and the staff at the stopwatch already announced 'times almost up'

    Suda Akari:
    Apart from the usual „long time no see“, I told her that 3 years ago she was the very first member I had 2-shots with (and actually ever met) and that now she is the first member I’m gonna have a handshake with (haru matsuri doesn‘t count). She thanked me for that and told me to come and see her again, which I promised I’ll try.

    Tani Marika:
    Actually I was supposed to see Haruppi at this slot but we all know the situation on that. My plans for Tani were to meet her during slot 4, but in order to free that one up (was a bit packed) I decided to use the Tani and Ruppi ticket for the first slot. Quote

    The staff at the lottery tablet was a bit confused with this, since she wasn‘t sure if you could also use a later slot ticket for the same member. She called her supervisor over to get this worked out. It took her a few times to finally understand that I wasn‘t possible. Despite me already knowing this I decided to say nothing, didn‘t even ask if I could play the lottery in the first place. Thought maybe I get lucky. Didn’t apply to the guy behind me since he tried to share his knowledge with the staff. Sorry but I don‘t remember inviting you to this conversation.

    As for Tani. I start out with the usual ‘long time no see’ which she replies with 'Ikemen'. That baffled me a bit since I don‘t fall into this category at all, I fully belong to the nerd category. She then asks me if I think she is cute which I answer yes. Seems to be a mistake since now she demands me to see her again.

    Tashima Meru:

    For the less popular members the lottery works a little bit different. You don‘t use the tablet. Instead there is a box in front of the member from which you pick (in this case) a paper cherry pedal. The front has the name of the member on it while the back says if you have won or not.

    As will happen every so often on this day my luck failed me. So there was the two of us contemplating my bad luck. I also have to mention that all this pedal drawing counts as HS time. *gg, wp*

    Takahashi Juri:
    My interactions with Juri aren‘t something to brag about. I don't have much to talk with her apart the usual obligatory stuff. She also doesn't seem to be a girl who will pick up the initiative. Or it might be that she first has to warm up with a person to have some serious interaction. Doesn't help that I only show up once a year. Despite that I still like to see her and she always puts on a happy face.

    Yamamoto Sayaka (stage):
    So this works a bit different to Haru Matsuri. You first line up in one long row. You then pick one of multiple gates where the staff will check your ticket. You are then given a different ticket with a number and a letter (among the event details) written on it. Nobody cares about the number, only the letter is important. It determines in which block you have to go. There are staffs at each block entrance to check if you are not cheating. I got block J which is the last block in the right corner. Tough luck.

    As usual Sayaka singing is top notch. She started out with karaoke but soon switched to playing on an acoustic guitar.

    Kashiwagi Yuki:
    The usual ‘long time no see’ out of the way I tell her that I wanted to go her live event next Sunday but I had already booked my return flight for that particular day, so I couldn’t come to see it. We both make some crying faces but I add to it that I will come to the stage event later

    Ma Chia-Ling:

    I start out with 'Nice to meet you' and 'I’m from Germany'. She doesn‘t get it at first, so I repeat it. She looked rather puzzled and replied with 'Really? Wow' followed by a quick 'please come again'

    Yamamoto Sayaka:

    For this I lined up with Andi. I tell Sayaka that I really enjoyed her performance, which she thanks me for. As already mentioned, the staffs were really cutting down on time, especially at popular member’s lane. I only had a single ticket for this slot so they are already shoving me of. According to Andis report I missed her asking me about my name. Must have completely overheard that.

    Ogino Yuka:
    Hurray, finally I won something. A signed memorial card. At first she didn‘t remember me because she asked me, if this was our first time meeting while working on the card. I told her 'Actually no, it‘s me, John'. Now the penny dropped and she began shouting 'John, John' while giving me the grimiest look.

    If you don‘t get this joke read my report from last year’s Haru Matsuri.

    Kashiwagi Yuki (stage):

    Keep in mind that this was on 3.11 the day of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.

    When the time of the quake closed in the staff made an announcement asking us to remain silent for a minute. The whole event hall obliged and everybody went silen. Really a moving experience.

    This time I had incredible luck. I was pretty far ahead in the queue and managed to draw a B block ticket. This put me right in front of the stage, 3rd row, dead center. I really like Yukirin singing live. She sounds so much better in person compared to the recordings.

    One of the songs she performed was 'Your Dream is a wish'. At first she only wanted to sing a bit but we forced her to perform the whole song. I have to say that her singing in English has really improved. It was noticeable better compared to the recording. We made her a bit angry since we already started applauding with the song not really being over.

    Komiyama Haruka:
    Yeah, won a signed photo. Together with the Ogiyuka card this would end up to be the only prices I bring home. She asks me if I think that she is cute. I reply with 'of course, I like Komiharus big smile'. She put that one up immediately and thanks me for it. She also insisted that I should see her again.

    Ichikawa Miori:
    Application period for this event was way before her graduation announcement, so I was happy that I got a ticket for her.

    First impression was 'god is she tinny', not just tinny, but tinny tinny. She also had this pick pedals box in front of her, so most of my HS time was already used up with this, but I managed to tell her that I was glad to see her at least once before graduating, which she thanked me for.

    Yamamoto Sayaka (round 2)
    I can‘t recall anymore what I said to her, already been two weeks and my memory is getting crap. Also at this moment I surely was lacking ~12 hours of sleep, so yeah...

    What I can remember is that as I was already getting pushed out of her lane when she asked me for my name (for the how many’th time? Dunno.). My brain was still occupied with processing what she said when Andi (who was in line ahead of me) already shouted 'Tobias'.

    Okada Nana:
    This was my game plan. I was to go in and tell her that I was happy having finally been able to meet her. She has a history of avoiding me and some friends due to her falling sick.

    However no plan survives first contact with the enemy and this one wasn‘t an exception.

    I go in and she immediately comes up with this 'Hey, Yoh' thing. Slightly confused I try to push on with 'Nice to meet you' in Japanese. She replies with 'Oh your Japanese is really good' which I have to deny. Seriously how can you say something like this when you just have exchanged a single word? Put me a bit off. More on this in a later report.

    Kashiwagi Yuki (round 2):

    I tell her that I enjoyed her stage and that I think her singing in English was really good. She said that it wasn‘t good, so I reinforced my opinion. She suddenly noticed that she was actually talking to someone who is capable of speaking English (at least that’s what she thinks ;) ) and that she can understand it as a honest compliment.

    As of now I’m already way over the time they normally allow you to have with just one ticket (feels actually longer than the triple pack I had earlier the day) and I’m getting pushed out. Not done, but out I shout 'Love you' back into her booth while forming a heart with my hands in front of my face. Got a heart in return ^^

    Screw that guy behind me

    Oguri Yui:
    Last slot, last member. Yuis reaction to my 'Hello, nice to meet you, btw I’m not from here' lead to the usual reaction of 'Oh, thank you for coming, come again'. What made it different was that she paid notice to my T-shirt (Jiro designed Halloween Night with Yukirin theme).

    'Oh Yukirin' to which I replied with an 'Oh, yeah' and gave her a thumbs up.
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  20. Puni

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    Nov 6, 2013
    Jabaja Release Event 14.03.2018 @ Tower Records Shibuya

    So how did this particular event work?
    You preorder your CDs at the store and pay in advance. They give you multiple slips of paper. One small slip for each CD you bought and a bigger yellow paper.
    I had this done by a friend since i was still in Germany at the time sales started and given the lineup it didn‘t want to miss it.

    The Tower Records Event was on the rooftop and getting there is a little challenging. First the escalators only go up to the 7th floor and the rooftop is the 9th. So your next best bet would be the elevator since this makes you think it can got all the way up, but it doesn't. It will only let you go up to 8th.
    So what you do is get the max floor your method of choice offers you and then take the staircase up to the roof.

    Next to the staircase are the lavatories so some of my friends decided to make a small detour. We were just waiting for the last guy to return, when suddenly Yukirin walks by straight to the toilet accompanied by 2 staff. The girls in our group started waving and greeting and she greeted back. One of the staff was waiting on the outside the other on the inside of the lavatories. Since the last guy finished his business we decided that it would be awkward to still be there when they were finished and headed up.
    That said Yukirin IRL is shorter than i would have actually imagined. At Events she‘s usually sitting or standing on a platform so you don‘t notice it that much.

    After the mandatory security check you hand the staff at the entrance the yellow paper slip (two people are allowed entrance per one of these) and then line up.
    Once it is your turn you exchange the other slips for CDs. You can either use up all of them at once or only one at a time. If you have the time I’d recommend the later because you will get a mini handshake with the members of which the duration is not affected by the amount of CDs you get in one go.

    The first member, will give you the CD, the second one the bonus item and the final one a plastic bag. Occasionally they swap positions.

    On my visit the lineup consisted of the already mentioned Yukirn, Naachan and Juri.
    I had three tickets and used them separately.

    Round 1:
    Juri: *hands me the CD*
    Me: today I’m actually meeting you for the fifth time
    Juri: eh, really?

    Naachan: Hey, yoh, Ikemen
    Me: i‘m not an Ikemen at all

    Yukirin: please wait a second *trying to seperate two plastic bags*
    *noticing me* oh you actually came to this event
    Me: yeah

    Round 2 (switched positions)
    Me to Yukirin: Congratulations on center position for the NGT coupling song
    Yukirin: Thank you

    Me to Juri: You‘re as cute as always
    Juri: eh? Thanks

    Me to Naachan: *wait, this time i‘ll get you first* Say Jaba now, at 3-2-1
    Naachan: Say Jaba now *slightly confused*
    Me: *smirking*

    Round 3 (again, switched positions):
    Me to Naachan: By the way I‘m from Germany
    Naachan: eh? Thanks for coming all the way

    Me to Yukirin: This is my last
    Yukirin: *imitating my crying face* but please come again

    Juri: *hands me the bag* here you go
    Me: Thank you very much
    Juri: *really adorable smile*
    Me: bye
    Juri: bye

    To sum things up:
    Yukirin finally recognizes me *yeah*.
    Still not warmed up with Juri, but that doesn‘t hinder me visiting her.
    Naachan still trying to act cool with foreigners. Personally that bothers me a bit. I don‘t think that she is doing it out of malice, rather that she thinks that this makes it easier for foreigners. Maybe others appreciate it this way, but to me it feels generic. I would rather have it no different to the Japanese fans. Should tell her that next time I'm meeting her.
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