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Your NMB48 Experiences

Discussion in 'General NMB48 Discussion' started by ithebigc, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. Sakuraism

    Sakuraism Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Apr 7, 2012
    Osaka, Japan
    Yeah, no member would assume u know someone even from the same country unless you guys renban-ed together. For them to ask that and getting it wrong would just confuse the crap outta the fan and waste their ticket lol
  2. zeroshiki

    zeroshiki Kenkyuusei

    Feb 28, 2014
    Especially if the country is the US
  3. Nieru

    Nieru Kenkyuusei

    Apr 1, 2015
    Kawamoto Saya
    Well just remembering you're from US from 1 ticket across like 6 slots is impressive. Unless it's one of those gaijin = american thing.
  4. joooooooooe

    joooooooooe Stage48 Moderator Staff Member Stage48 Moderator

    Jan 21, 2011
    Tsushima, Japan
    Nishimura Aika
    July 16 Makuhari Messe
    Whatever the election single is called HS

    Maybe my last handshake. I was pretty salty after but when I think about it I'm going through a lot right now and had unrealistic expectations. Maybe.

    Slot 2: Cocona
    @Sakuraism had 5 tickets and I wanted to help him out so I oshimashi's a Yamarina because I had too many.

    When I walked in she gave an "Oh!" as if she remembered me. Kinda cool since I don't remember doing anything.

    Me: let me see your angry face again.
    Cocona: hmm
    *tries hard but it looks goofy*
    Me: haha that's terrible. Does your stomach hurt? (I wanted to say it looks like your stomach hurts but messed up)
    Cocona: Oh actually it does
    Me: Oh geez. Well, take care then, bye bye.

    Cocona looked really cute but it's a little weird how she's so dolled up but she's like 12. I had fun though, it might be because I like talking to kids like that. It's...how my job was these past two years.
    Slot 3: Jo
    Jo: hey, long time no see
    Me: Good morning how are you
    Jo: I'm good
    Me: I think my stomach hurts
    Jo: oh no what happened
    Me: I think it's from my own cooking
    Jo: you cook by yourself? That's impressive
    Me: it's really not that's why I got sick.
    Jo: Haha
    Me: Yeah I think I left the oil out...


    Me: Oh hey can you make sweets and stuff
    Jo: yeah I can!
    Me: What kind of stuff can you make?
    Jo: (in English) CAKE
    Me: Oh really? What kind of cake?
    Me: uhh, OK, what else?
    Me: Anything besides cake?!
    Jo: Cookies... Oh and scones!


    Me: You can make scones? Me too.
    Jo: Oh yeah?
    Me: Yeah. And you know when you mix the cream and the dough with your hand
    Jo: yeah
    Me: it looks like you murdered anpanman with your hand. With all the batter and stuff
    Jo: Yeah! Haha


    Me: By the way today is my last day. I'm going back home to my country in 2 weeks.
    Jo: What really? Where are you going?
    Me: I'm going back to the US. Los Angeles.
    Jo: Oh that's why you speak English.
    Me: Yeah
    Jo: Wait is this one your last for today?!
    Me: Nah I got 7th and 8th slots too.
    Jo: Whew, that's a relief
    Me: see you then!

    I was talking about cooking because I wanted to mention how I was baking stuff for my friends before I leave and I wanted ideas but eventually I dropped that line of discussion. It does turn out that in my life, 90 percent of my conversations are about food.
    Slot 4: Yamada Suzu
    (I've been saying Kikoku suru which means I'm returning to my country. I thought it carried a harder connotation that I've been here for a while, but it actually doesn't. This led to a really confusing conversation.)

    Suzu: Hey long time no see
    Me: Hello. By the way, in 2 weeks I'm going back to my home country.
    Suzu: Hm? What does that mean? How long have you been here?
    Me: Wait what? (I think she used kansai ben here)
    Suzu: you live here?
    Me: Oh, yeah, I've been here for 2 years.
    Suzu: that means your leaving... Oh, I hope you come back!


    Me: Yeah I just wanted to say thank you even though it's been a really short time
    Suzu: it's okay, please come again
    Me: my favorite memory was when I went to the gyoza festival and coincidentally sat in front of you but I didn't want to butt in your private life so we moved
    Suzu: Oh... What you were there?! Really?! I love you come back!

    At this point I probably should've realized the whole "I'm going home" angle was ineffective. It makes sense, they hardly know me. Too bad for me.
    Slot 5: Yamao Rina
    Me: Hey nice meeting you for the first time.
    Yamarina: HELLO
    Me: Your voice gives me courage
    Yamarina: THANK YOU
    Me: Yeah I'm not good at Japanese or conversation but your voice makes me want to speak
    Yamarina: You're not Japanese?
    Me: Err, no, I'm from the US.
    Yamarina: Thanks for coming. (in English) EXCELLENT!

    Pretty solid, but I forgot that I look Japanese so that angle doesn't make sense at first.
    Slot 5 cont: Anchu
    Me: Hello.
    (it's like a switch flips and she just goes nuts)
    Anchu: Hello! I love you!
    Me: You know Dragon Quest?
    Anchu: Oh yes Dragon Quest yay
    Me: Did you order 11?
    Anchu: oh no, no
    Me: I'm going home in 2 weeks. But before I go home I'm going to buy dragon Quest!
    Anchu: Nice! Safe! Bye bye I love you!

    For 1 ticket I got what I wanted which was hilarious. Also when she does this she gets really loud and everybody in the other lanes just looks at us. It's kind of unnerving.
    Slot 7: Jo
    Me: Hello
    Jo: Hi
    Me: *just stares*
    Jo: Uh, (in English) hello how are you
    Me: I'm fine, how are you
    Jo: Oh god I don't know what to do after that lol
    *I feel the piercing stare of Kokochan in the next lane *
    Me: Look now laugh... Everybody *gibberish*
    Jo: What?
    Me: God I'm the worst

    Me: What kind of western songs do you like?
    Jo: western songs? Hmm, I don't really know any.
    Me: Oh.
    Jo: what would you recommend?
    Me: Err, I listen to rap.
    Jo: Can you rap? Yeeyuh Yeeyuh lol
    Me: Maybe


    Me: I don't have my own rap but I can imitate someone
    Jo: Oh?
    Me: Should I?
    Jo: Sure.
    Me: His palms are sweaty. Knees weak arms are heavy there's vomit on his sweater already, moms spaghetti. He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready to drop bombs, but he keeps on forgetting what he wrote down the whole crowd Oh so loud...
    ... And I forgot the rest
    Jo: whoa that's incredible. Who is the artist.
    Me: Err, Eminem?
    Jo: en and en?
    Me: Eminem


    Me: you know rapping like that was... Really embarrassing.
    Jo: Haha really.
    Me: the security guard was jamming, chihhi was jamming, kokochan was jamming
    Jo: Haha
    Kokochan: hm?
    Jo: its that dude that was rapping earlier.
    Me: Err, uh, hello
    Kokochan: Hello!
    Me: So yeah this is really weird
    Jo: How do you say embarrassing in English?
    Me: Embarrassing

    Maybe I was just extra neurotic today but I felt like so many people were watching when I decided to rap. That was really odd. I actually wanted to make her rap her intro per YNN but I ran out of time. I also don't know how to react to Kokochan coming in, I'm just like, is that allowed? Are they even good friends? I don't know.
    Slot 8: Jo
    Me: so like, I want to thank you for everything. I know I'm not good at Japanese or conversation and I bombed a couple times but it was still really fun.
    Jo: *in English* fun.
    Me: Hm?
    Jo: *in English* Sorry, English, no.
    Me: It's fine just speak Japanese I can understand
    Jo: but with English it's like, sometimes I just hear vocab and it's like, maybe I understand it. Like, what does "No thank you" mean?
    Me: Um, like, daijoubu desu, kekkou desu
    Jo: Oh, I see
    Me: but it's fine, I can speak Japanese
    Jo: it must be tough learning Japanese, right
    Me: I mean, it can't be helped? Actually I studied Japanese through NMB
    Jo: Huh, really? How long have you been a fan?
    Me: since the end. I mean, since the beginning.
    Jo: what? Since the very first shonichi?
    Me: Yeah
    Me: Well, sayonara
    Jo: Sayonara

    Really I just wanted something like "Good luck" or "thanks for coming" or "don't go" or "it was fun for me too" but I get this really awkward ender about English and when I've been a fan. I was pretty upset for a few hours.

    But when I reflect on it she never really knew me. I've never practiced using 10 tickets at once. I don't even know if it's typical for them to say goodbye.
    Any other handshake and this would've been just as fun as the last ones if not more but I raised my expectations too high and overestimated my impact.

    Of course there are a lot more feelings to deal with in my life at the moment and I just made it worse. But yeah. Shouldn't have made such a big deal about myself.
  5. zeroshiki

    zeroshiki Kenkyuusei

    Feb 28, 2014
    I realize reading it in text form edited down is different and the real thing is probably 100x more awkward but I thought it seemed like you had good conversations with the girls. Maybe not super memorable but I would have considered the day a win if it was me in your place (and without the going home and this is my last handshake part)

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