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Miyaki Riho (三秋里歩)
Miyaki Riho (2019 - Kon'ya wa Eyan)
Kanji 三秋里歩
Kana みやき りほ
Romaji Miyaki Riho
Nickname Ripopo (りぽぽ)
Birth Info
Birthdate August 24, 1994  
Birthplace Kyoto, Japan
Blood type A
Current Age 25 Years Old
Height 149cm
Professional Info
Agency Showtitle
Social Networks Instagram / Twitter
Idol Career Info
Group Yoshimotozaka46
Team 1st Generation
Debuted October, 2010 / NMB48 1st Generation

Miyaki Riho is a member of Yoshimotozaka46's 1st Generation, and a former member of NMB48, under her real name Kotani Riho.


みなさんおいでやす。今日はノッたはる? (イェ~イ!) おおきに。ほな、はんなり行きますえ。
Mina-san oideyasu. Kyou wa NOTtaharu? (IE~I!) Ookini. Hona, hannari ikimasue.
((In Kansai-ben) Welcome everyone. Is today great? (Yay!) Thanks. So then, let’s proceed gracefully.)


  • Hobbies: Looking at things she likes, eating
  • Favorite foods: Yogurt, fruit
  • Loves: Sharks, zombies
  • Special skills: Cheering up dogs
  • Future ambition: A variety-talent who appears on TV often
  • Her real name is Kotani Riho (小谷里歩).
  • Former member of Art Club
  • She's well known for her snaggletooth
  • Also known for her outrageous reaction, especially on haunted houses
  • She has a unique sense of humor and often performs solo MCs
  • Her and Ogasawara Mayu are called "Chupopo" by NMB48 members
    • They always shared the same room in hotels and they never fought
    • They are both huge fans of Kondo Rina, describing her as "an angel". This has caught on within the fans, and many fans refer to her as an angel as well

AKB48 Senbatsu Elections

AKB48 Janken Tournaments

Team History

NMB48 KenkyuuseiTeam NTeam N and Team ATeam NTeam N and Team 4Team N → Graduation → Yoshimotozaka46
Joined NMB48 as a Kenkyuusei on October, 2010
Promoted to Team N on March 10, 2011
Had a Concurrent Position in AKB48's Team A from August 24, 2012 (Tokyo Dome Team Shuffle) to April 28, 2013 (AKB48 Group Rinji Soukai) (Graduation: May 27, 2013)
Had a Concurrent Position in AKB48's Team 4 from February 24, 2014 (AKB48 Group Daisokaku Matsuri) to March 26, 2015 (AKB48 Spring Shuffle 2015).
Graduated from NMB48 Team N on February 4, 2016 (Announcement: September 13, 2015)
Returned as a Yoshimotozaka46 1st Generation member on August 20, 2018

Singles Participation

Yoshimotozaka46 B-Sides

NMB48 A-Sides

NMB48 B-Sides

AKB48 B-Sides

Other Singles

Albums Participation

NMB48 Albums

AKB48 Albums


Stage Units

RS1 (Dareka no Tame ni)
N1 (Dareka no Tame ni)
Nage Kiss de Uchi Otose!
N2 (Seishun Girls)
Ame no Doubutsuen (Under)
Team A Waiting Stage
Junai no Crescendo
N3 (Koko ni Datte Tenshi wa Iru)
Nando mo Nerae!
100nen Saki Demo
43 (Idol no Yoake)
Itoshiki Natasha
N3 (Koko ni Datte Tenshi wa Iru) (Revival)
Nando mo Nerae!
100nen Saki Demo

Concert Units

Osaka Juuban Shoubu

AKB48 Kouhaku Utagassen 2012

NMB48 Western Japan Tour 2013 12/31

AKB48 2013 Manatsu no Dome Tour ~Mada mada, Yaranakya Ikenai koto ga aru~

Osaka Dome

AKB48 Kouhaku Utagassen 2013

AKB48 Request Hour Setlist Best 200 2014

AKB48 Sister Groups in Saitama Super Arena


NMB48 National Tour

NHK Hall (Tokyo)
NTK Hall (Nagoya)

AKB48 Zenkoku Tour 2014


AKB48 Kouhaku Utagassen 2014


Media Appearances



Miyaki Riho (2018 - Nakasetekureyo)
Miyaki Riho (Debut)
Kotani Riho Showtitle profile
Kotani Riho (2015) (NMB48)
Kotani Riho (2014) (NMB48)
Kotani Riho (2014) (AKB48)
Kotani Riho (2013) (NMB48)
Kotani Riho (2013) (AKB48)
Kotani riho.jpg
Kotani Riho (Late 2012) (NMB48)
Kotani Riho (2012) (AKB48)
Kotani Riho (Early 2012) (NMB48)
Kotani Riho (Late 2011) (NMB48)
Kotani Riho (Early 2011) (NMB48)
Kotani Riho (2010) (NMB48)

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