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|deathdate= October 16, 2018
|deathdate= October 16, 2018
|deathplace= {{Flag|China}} ''China''
|deathplace= {{Flag|China}} ''China''
|age= 19 Years Old (Age of her Death) 
|age= 19 Years Old  
|height= 170cm
|height= 170cm
|Agency= **
|Agency= **

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Du YuWei (杜雨微)
Gali (咖哩)
Du YuWei (October 2017)
Birth Info
Birthdate March 17, 1999
Birthplace Flag of China.png Shandong, China
Blood Type AB
Death Age 19 Years Old
Deathdate October 16, 2018
Deathplace Flag of China.png China
Height 170cm
Professional Info
Agency **
Social Networks **
Idol Career Info
Former Group GNZ48
Former Team Team G
Debuted December, 2015 / SNH48 5th Generation

Du YuWei † was a member of GNZ48's Team G. She passed away on October 16, 2018.


  • Strengths: Photography, Sewing
  • Hobbies: ACG, Paint, Cook
  • It was rumoured that she once fell in love with a 39-year-old cartoonist.
  • According to sources, she committed suicide by poisoning by carbon monoxide.

SNH48 Senbatsu Elections

Team History

SNH48 Research StudentsTeam XIITeam G → Graduation
Joined SNH48 as a Research Student on July 25, 2015
Promoted to Team XII on December 4, 2015 (Team XII Formation)
Transferred to Team G on April 20, 2016 (Team G Formation)
Unofficially graduated from Team G on October 29, 2017
Graduated from Team G on May 26, 2018

Singles Participation

GNZ48 B-Sides

SNH48 B-Sides


Stage Units

XII1 (Theater no Megami)
G1 (Theater no Megami)
Locker Room Boy
G2 (Xīn de Lǚchéng)


Du YuWei (June 2017)
Du YuWei (March 2017)
Du YuWei (December 2016)
Du YuWei (October 2016)
Du YuWei (June 2016)
Du YuWei (April 2016)
Du YuWei (2016) (SNH48)
Du YuWei (2015) (SNH48)
Zp 112.jpg
Du YuWei (2015) (SNH48)