Hinatazaka46 3rd Generation

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Hinatazaka46's 3rd Generation. They currently have 4 members. Kamimura Hinano was the first to debut in December 2018. The remaining three debuted as Sakamichi Kenshusei in September 2019, and were promoted to Hinatazaka46 in February 2020.

3rd Generation Songs on Hinatazaka46 Albums & Singles


  • All four members of the 3rd Generation have a different blood type. This means that the 3rd Generation has a member with each of the possible blood types: A, B, AB, and O.


Generation Picture Romaji Kanji Nickname Birthdate Hometown Blood Type Age Height
3rd KamimuraHinanoHinatazaka46.jpg Kamimura Hinano 上村ひなの Kamimuraa (かみむらぁ), Hinanonano (ひなのなの) April 12, 2004 Tokyo, Japan AB 18 162.4cm
3rd Takahashi Mikuni 髙橋未来虹 Mikunichan (みくにちゃん) September 27, 2003 Tokyo, Japan B 19 170cm
3rd Morimoto Marie 森本茉莉 Marimoto (まりもと) February 23, 2004 Tokyo, Japan A 18 160.9cm
3rd Yamaguchi Haruyo 山口陽世 Paru (ぱる) February 23, 2004 Tottori, Japan O 18 151.7cm