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아이즈원 츄
Genre Variety
Network Mnet
Episodes 4
Airing Date October 25 - November 15, 2018
Running Time 60min
Presenters **
Opening Theme O' My!
Official Web **

IZ*ONE chu is an IZ*ONE variety show, documenting the members' lives and experiences leading up their Korean debut with the mini-album COLOR*IZ and their first single La Vie en Rose.

The first season aired from October 25th to November 22nd, 2018 and had a total of four episodes. Each episode was roughly 60 minutes. The second season received the sub-title "Secret Friend" in addition to just IZ*ONE CHU, and the first episode aired on March 21, 2019.

List of Episodes

Season 1

Ep. Air Date Main episode summary
1 October 26, 2018 The IZONE members are preparing for living together and packing their things while saying good bye to their families. They are having a meeting with staff about the future plans, which includes them having their first variety show (IZ*ONE CHU). They show bits of their very first commercial photo shoot before even debuting.

When the girls move in together, they live in two building. Kim Chaewon, Ahn Yujin, Choi Yena, Kang Hyewon, Kwon Eunbi and Kim Minju live together in one building and Jang Wonyoung, Jo Yuril Honda Hitomi, Miyawaki Sakura, Lee Chaeyeon and Yabuki Nako live together in the other building and their life together is shown. Then they have their album cover shoot for their upcoming debut COLOR*IZ as well as the recording of the songs. The main part of the episode is about the M.T. (Membership Training), where they go on a trip. You can see them travelling by bus to an unknown location where they play games in order to see who will have to buy food. When they arrive in Tochigi, Hitomi's home town, they go shopping in the mall and even run into Hitomi's old friends. At the end of the episode, the first teaser trailer for La Vie en Rose is shown.

2 November 2, 2018 Still in Tochigi, the IZ*ONE members visit Hitomi's family for her 17th birthday, where they meet her father, mother, brother and sister. The girls also read heartfelt letters to Hitomi's mother to ensure her that she is in safe hands while in Korea. More preparation footage for the music video for La Vie en Rose is shown.

They eventually decide on a leader. Up until this point, Eunbi had acted as the temporary leader and it was unanimous among the members that she would become the official leader, but they decide to prank her and Sakura suggests Chaeyeon as the leader because her Japanese is the best out of the Korean members and it would be difficult for herself, Nako and Hitomi to understand if it was Eunbi who gave the instructions. When the anonymous voting for the leader is revealed, Eunbi was the only one who actually voted for Chaeyeon and Eunbi starts crying because she's so happy that everyone chose her as their leader. Some behind the scenes footage for the upcoming debut showcase are shown again towards the end as well as the first performance of La Vie en Rose and the members see that their debut has peaked at #1 on the charts.

3 November 8, 2018 While Yena and Wonyoung do their makeup and pretend to be beauty gurus, Sakura, Chaeyeon and Chaewon prepare boxed lunches for their picnic that day. Sakura finds out that Koreans do not seem to like pickled apricot because of its sour taste, and they decide to make onigiri with various flavours and prank some members with the sour apricot onigiri. On the picnic, Eunbi, Yuri and Yena fall victim to their prank and they don't enjoy the onigiri at all.

After that experience, they have delicious sandwiches and then decide to play games in two teams: Hitomi, Hyewon, Wonyoung, Nako, Yujin and Chaeyeon on Team A and Sakura, Yena, Eunbi, Chaewon, Yuri and Minju on Team B. For the first game, they have to fold a mat as small as possible while still fitting all team members on the mat (Winner: Team A). For the second game, each member hides a treasure in the park and the team that finds the most treasures wins (Winner: Team B with 6 treasures, of which 3 were found by Sakura alone, versus 2 treasures found by Team A). For the third game, they have to throw a show on a mat. After Hitomi is the only one that manages to land her shoe on the mat, Team A wins the game and therefore Team B has to carry out the penalty of tidying up the picnic and carrying everything back to the van. In the second half of the episodes, the members decide to visit their old trainers from Produce 48 and make some food for them to show their gratefulness.

4 November 16, 2018 More scenes from the girls visiting their trainers are shown. Eunbi, Yujin and Minju perform Rumour and La Vie en Rose together with their former dance trainer Choi Youngjoon; and Chaeyeon, Wonyoung and Chaeon show the La Vie en Rose choreography to Bae Yoongjeong; and Nako, Hitomi, Hyewon and Yuri surprise Lee Hongki and Soyou during their preparations for a performance on M Countdown, as well as a produce 48 staff member who worked behind the scenes and often provided them with food during the duration of the show. While most members visit old staff members, Yena goes to see her family and in the evening, all 12 members go to the movie theater to surprise a group of WIZ*ONE who are watching the first episode of IZ*ONE CHU.

In the evening they come home surprised to see that the house has been cleaned and find personalised T-shirts with a motif drawn by Sakura and a letter on their beds. Finally, IZ*ONE's first win on M Countdown is shown, breaking the previously set record of 13 days by BLACKPINK for winning an award after only 10 days after debuting.

Season 2: Secret Friend

Ep. Air Date Main episode summary
1 March 21, 2019 Footage of IZ*ONE's Japan debut is shown before the girls move back into their dorm in Korea. They live in the groups of six that they also lived in for Season 1, but they seem to miss each other so Chaeyeon's dorm invites Eunbi's dorm over for dinner. They also play silly games and dress up funny, then they find out what the concept of the second season will be.

First, it will be shot in a school-like environment with the idea of all of them being in the same class, making them equal (honorifics like unnie would disappear); second, the girls have to pick a secret friend each that they will have to try and impress three times a day. At the end of the episode, they go to school, where they do some maths work, then explore the classroom. They discover that each girl has been assigned a locker and there are special items in each of them, such as a bag Wonyoung was given by her mother or a ready-made hot dog for Hyewon like she used to have them in school.