Kanya Caya

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Kanya Caya
Birth Name Kanya Cahya
Other Name Kanya Caya
Nickname Kanya
Birth Info
Birthdate November 22, 2004
Birthplace Flag of Indonesia.png Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Blood type **
Current Age 14 Years Old
Nationality Indonesian
Height **
Professional Info
Agency **
Social Networks **
Idol Career Info
Former Group JKT48
Former Team Class B Academy
Debuted September, 2018 / 7th Generation
Graduated October, 2018

Kanya Caya was a member of JKT48 Academy's Class B.


  • The first member of the JKT48's 7th generation that resigned from JKT48. She resign on October 6, 2018.
  • Currently holds the shortest time for being a member in JKT48. She had been a JKT48 member for a week, her time was faster than Jihan Miftahul Jannah (only 13 days) and Pipit Ananda (only 15 days).

Team History

JKT48 Academy Class B → Graduation
Joined JKT48 as a member of Academy's Class B on September 29, 2018
Resigned from JKT48 Academy's Class B on October 7, 2018 due to family reasons