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Kim Minjoo
Kim Minjoo (2018)
Korean name {{{hangul}}}
Birthdate February 5, 2001  
Birthplace Flag of South Korea.png Gwanak, Seoul, South Korea  
Blood type **
Current Age 19 Years Old
Height 165cm
Professional Info
Agency Urban Works
Idol Career Info
Debuted October, 2018

Kim Minjoo is a member of IZONE.


  • Is a trainee under Urban Works
  • She trained for two years and ten months
  • She was a child actress for “The Great Seducer”
  • She attends the prestigious SOPA (Seoul School of Performing Arts)
  • Enjoys walking, photography, and watching sitcoms
  • Is a Harry Potter fan (vLive with Kriesha Chu)
  • Loves rollercoasters and amusement park rides (vLive with Kriesha Chu)
  • When she was in middle school she wanted to become a stewardess
  • Her specialties are playing the guitar and doing imitations
  • Lacked confidence in the beginning of Produce 48 and was often scolded for it but improved later on in the season
  • Is close friends with soloist Kriesha Chu
    • Was featured in the song ”Falling Star” and the music video for ”Like Paradise”
  • Appeared in the music video for IKON’s ”#WYD”
  • She is expected to debut in an Urban Works girl group in 2019
  • She came in eleventh place on the final episode of Produce 48 with a total of 227,061 votes


Kim Minjoo (Produce 48)


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