Lee Siyeon

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Lee Siyeon
Kanji 李始燕
Kana イシヨン
Romaji Lee Siyeon
Nickname Shiyomin (しよみん)
Birth Info
Birthdate May 16, 2000  
Birthplace Flag of South Korea.png Seoul, South Korea
Blood type A
Current Age 23 Years Old
Height 161.5cm
Professional Info
Agency Showtitle
Social Networks Blog / SHOWROOM / TikTok / Twitter
Idol Career Info
Group NMB48
Team Team M
Debuted August 2021 / 7.5th Generation

Lee Siyeon is a member of NMB48's Team M.


  • Favorite foods: Rice, donuts, sweets, wagashi (tradiational japanese sweets), donburi
  • Hobbies: Eating, singing AKB48 Group songs
  • Special skills: Intro quiz (AKB48 Group), japanese
  • Future dream: Actress, model
  • She auditioned for NMB48's 7th Generation, but due to the pandemic, she couldn't attend the final round in 2020. Therefore she re-auditioned as a 7.5 Gen in March 2021.
  • She has been practicing by herself as seen in a video released at NMB48's concert.
  • She is the second Korean member of AKB48 Group after SDN48 member Siyeon.
  • "I knew I wanted to be in NMB48. I'm aiming to be at the top of the group."



NMB48 Senbatsu Election

Team History

NMB48 KenkyuuseiTeam BII KenkyuuseiTeam M
Joined NMB48 as a Kenkyuusei on August 14, 2021
Transferred to Team BII Kenkyuusei on February 19, 2022 (NMB48 Team Shuffle 2022)
Promoted to Team M on July 16, 2022

Singles Participation

NMB48 B-Sides

Albums Participation

NMB48 B-Sides


Stage Units

BII6 (Namba Egao Kaika Sengen)
Heart Gata Virus

Concert Units

NMB48 LIVE 2021 in Hatsu Natsu ~HATSU NATSU! HATSU RATSU!~

NMB48 12th Anniversary LIVE

STEP Mushi
Under Live
JUMP Mushi
This is NMB48


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