Lin DanLei

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Lin DanLei
Hanzi 林丹蕾
Pinyin Lín DānLěi
Nickname Xiǎolán (小蓝), Lánméi (蓝莓)
Birth Info
Birthdate December 16, 1998  
Birthplace Flag of China.png Beijing, China
Blood type **
Current Age 25 Years Old
Nationality Chinese
Height 162cm
Professional Info
Agency STAR48
Social Networks **
Idol Career Info
Group CKG48
Team Trainee
Debuted October 29, 2023
Generation CKG48 7th

Lin DanLei is a CKG48 Trainee bound to Team C.


  • Skills: Doing experiments, can use chopsticks with both hands, and fall asleep instantly
  • Hobbies: Drinking coffee, reading, everything about cats

Team History

CKG48 Trainee
Joined CKG48 as a Trainee on October 29, 2023


Stage Units

C3 (Zhuānshǔ Pàiduì)
Xing Meng Ji

Chen XiaoYangHu SiYingLin DanLei
Shen JiaLuShi MengYuanTan JingWenWang SiYu