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# [[You Ni]] <small>(有你)</small> / [[Next Girls]]
# [[You Ni]] <small>(有你)</small> / [[Next Girls]]
# Poetry About Time (off-vocal)
# Poetry About Time (off-vocal)
# Yong bu Yonggan (off-vocal)
# Bravery (off-vocal)
# You Ni (off-vocal)
# You Ni (off-vocal)

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CD Information

Poetry About Time (时间的歌)
Release Date
2019.09.21 (Type A & Donation Edition)
2019.09.23 (Hardcover Edition)
2019.10.08 (Type B)
Catalog Number/Price
SNH11102595 (Hardcover Edition) / 288元
SNH11102592 (Type-A, CD) / 78元
(Type-B, CD) / 78元
SNH11102592 (Donation Edition) / 78元

Tracklist Details

  1. Poetry About Time (时间的歌) / Top Girls
  2. Bravery (勇不勇敢) / Undergirls
  3. You Ni (有你) / Next Girls
  4. Poetry About Time (off-vocal)
  5. Bravery (off-vocal)
  6. You Ni (off-vocal)

Included Members

"Poetry About Time"

Senbatsu (选拔组) (16 Members) (Li YiTong Center)


Undergirls (16 Members) (Qian BeiTing Center)

"You Ni"

Next Girls (16 Members) (Yang BingYi Center)

General Information

Poetry About Time is the 25th single released by SNH48.


External Link

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