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|name= Praewa Suthamphong<br/><small>Music</small>
|name= Praewa Suthamphong
|pic=<center>[[Image:MusicBIIIMar2019.jpg|thumb|center|270px|Praewa Suthamphong (March 2019)]]</center>
|pic=<center>[[Image:MusicBIIIMar2019.jpg|thumb|center|270px|Praewa Suthamphong (March 2019)]]</center>
|Thainame= แพรวา สุธรรมพงษ์
|Thainame= แพรวา สุธรรมพงษ์
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|age= {{Age|2001|2|24}} Years Old
|age= {{Age|2001|2|24}} Years Old
|height= 159cm
|height= 159cm
|Agency= BNK48 Office
|Agency= iAM
|Blog= [https://www.facebook.com/bnk48official.music/ Facebook pages] / [https://www.instagram.com/music.bnk48official/ Instagram]
|Blog= [https://www.facebook.com/bnk48official.music/ Facebook pages] / [https://www.instagram.com/music.bnk48official/ Instagram]
|group= [[BNK48]]
|group= [[BNK48]]
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* [[BNK Festival]]
* [[BNK Festival]]
* [[Beginner (BNK48 Single)|Beginner]]
* [[Beginner (BNK48 Single)|Beginner]]
* [[77 no Suteki na Machi e]]
===BNK48 B-Sides===
===BNK48 B-Sides===
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===Mimigumo A-Sides===
===Mimigumo A-Sides===
* [[Candy (Mimigumo Single)|Candy]]
* [[Candy (BNK48 Song)|Candy]] ([[Mimigumo (Single)|Mimigumo]])
===Mimigumo B-Sides===
===Mimigumo B-Sides===
* [[Myujikki]] ([[Candy (Mimigumo Single)|Candy]]) <small>(Solo)</small>
* [[Myujikki]] ([[Mimigumo (Single)|Mimigumo]]) <small>(Solo)</small>
* [[Heart Gata Virus (BNK48 Song)|Heart Gata Virus]]) ([[Candy (Mimigumo Single)|Candy]])
* [[Heart Gata Virus (BNK48 Song)|Heart Gata Virus]] ([[Mimigumo (Single)|Mimigumo]])
==Albums Participation==
==Albums Participation==
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[[Category: Thai]]
[[Category: Thai]]
[[Category: 2001]]
[[Category: 2001]]
[[Category: BNK48 Office]]
[[Category: iAM]]

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Praewa Suthamphong
Praewa Suthamphong (March 2019)
Thai แพรวา สุธรรมพงษ์
Nickname Music (ミュージック, มิวสิค)
Birth Info
Birthdate February 24, 2001
Birthplace Flag of Thailand.png Bangkok, Thailand
Blood type B
Current Age 20 Years Old
Height 159cm
Professional Info
Agency iAM
Social Networks Facebook pages / Instagram
Idol Career Info
Group BNK48
Team Team BIII
Debuted February, 2017 / 1st Generation

Praewa Suthamphong is a member of BNK48's Team BIII. She is also a member of Mimigumo.


  • Name in Japanese: プレーワー・スタムポン
  • Hobbies: Singing
  • Favorite color: Pastel colors
  • Likes: Biscuit stick
  • Special skills: Japanese, impersonating Pikachu
  • Representative symbol: The pika, Pikachu, the sun, her hamster (Munoom) & her soft-toy dog (Chori)
  • Has a cute & kawaii J-Idol image.
  • Part of the 4 Goddesses Unit with Cherprang Areekul, Jennis Oprasert & Punsikorn Tiyakorn (Pun).
  • Often shipped with Cherprang Areekul in a pairing called 'Chersic'.
  • Is a timid, shy & introverted person who transforms into an energetic idol on stage.
  • Emotionally sensitive & cries easily.
  • Considers herself a Hufflepuff.
  • Famous for her energetic dancing in stage performances, over-the-top meme-worthy reactions & anime voice.
  • Was a seiyuu (voice actress) for the anime 'Kamisama Minarai: Himitsu no Cocotama'.
  • Known for her Pikachu impersonations (which she did at her audition, giving her the nickname 'Sic-achu'.)
  • Is close friends with Takayanagi Akane, Kunjiranut Intarasin (Jane), Mananya Kaoju (Nink), Suchaya Saenkhot (Jib), Rinrada Inthaisong (Piam) & Korapat Nilprapa (Kate).

BNK48 Senbatsu Election

AKB48 Senbatsu Elections

Team History

BNK48 TraineeTeam BIII
Joined BNK48 as a Trainee on February 12, 2017
Promoted to Team BIII on December 24, 2017 (Team BIII formation)

Singles Participation

BNK48 A-Sides

BNK48 B-Sides

AKB48 B-Sides

Mimigumo A-Sides

Mimigumo B-Sides

Albums Participation

BNK48 Albums


Stage Units

BIII1 (PARTY ga Hajimaru yo)
Skirt, Hirari
Kiss wa Dame yo

Concert Units

BNK48 1st Concert "STARTO"

BNK48 Concert "1st 2gether"

AKB48 Group Kanshasai ~Rank in Concert~

BNK48 Space Mission Concert

AKB48 Group Asia Festival 2019 in Bangkok

Solo Songs

Media Appearances



Praewa Suthamphong BNK48 1st Senbatsu Sousenkyo Poster (2018)
Praewa Suthamphong (November 2018)
Praewa Suthamphong (September 2018)
Praewa Suthamphong AKB48 10th Senbatsu Election Poster (2018)
Praewa Suthamphong (May 2018)
Praewa Suthamphong (March 2018)
Praewa Suthamphong (December 2017)
Praewa Suthamphong (August 2017)
Praewa Suthamphong (Debut)


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Khawisara Singplod (Myyu)Korapat Nilprapa (Kate)Kunjiranut Intarasin (Jane)Miori OhkuboNatruja Chutiwansopon (Kaew)
Plearnpichaya Komalarajun (Juné)Punsikorn Tiyakorn (Pun)Rachaya Tupkunanon (Minmin)Rinrada Inthaisong (Piam)
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