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CD+DVD Type-A (Limited Edition)
CD+DVD Type-A (Regular Edition)
CD+DVD Type-B (Limited Edition)
CD+DVD Type-B (Regular Edition)
CD+DVD Type-C (Limited Edition)
CD+DVD Type-C (Regular Edition)
CD+DVD Type-D (Limited Edition)
CD+DVD Type-D (Regular Edition)
CD+DVD Type-E (Limited Edition)
CD+DVD Type-E (Regular Edition)

CD Information

Sentimental Train (センチメンタルトレイン)
Release Date
Label/Catalog Number/Price
Label: You, Be Cool!/KING RECORDS
KIZM-90575〜6 (Limited Edition Type-A, CD+DVD) / ¥1,524
KIZM-575~6 (Regular Edition Type-A, CD+DVD) / ¥1,524
KIZM-90577~8 (Limited Edition Type-B, CD+DVD) / ¥1,524
KIZM-501〜8 (Regular Edition Type-B, CD+DVD) / ¥1,524
KIZM-90579〜80 (Limited Edition Type-C, CD+DVD) / ¥1,524
KIZM-503〜80 (Regular Edition Type-C, CD+DVD) / ¥1,524
KIZM-90581〜2 (Limited Edition Type-D, CD+DVD) / ¥1,524
KIZM-505~2 (Regular Edition Type-D, CD+DVD) / ¥1,524
KIZM-90583〜4 (Limited Edition Type-E, CD+DVD) / ¥1,524
KIZM-507~4 (Regular Edition Type-E, CD+DVD) / ¥1,524
NMAX-1307 (Theater Edition, CD) / ¥0,952

Regular Edition Details

  1. Sentimental Train (センチメンタルトレイン) / Senbatsu
  2. Sandal ja Dekinai Koi (サンダルじゃできない恋) / Undergirls
  3. Sentimental Train (off-vocal)
  4. Sandal ja Dekinai Koi (off-vocal)
    • (Type-A) Tomodachi ja nai ka? (off-vocal)
    • (Type-B) Aru Hi Fui ni... (off-vocal)
    • (Type-C) Hitonatsu no Dekigoto (off-vocal)
    • (Type-D) Nami ga Tsutaeru Mono (off-vocal)
    • (Type-E) "Suki" no Tane (off-vocal)

Theater Edition Details

  1. Sentimental Train / Senbatsu
  2. Sandal ja Dekinai Koi (サンダルじゃできない恋) / Undergirls
  3. Yuri wo Sakaseru ka? (百合を咲かせるか?) / AKB48
  4. Sentimental Train (off-vocal)
  5. Sandal ja Dekinai Koi (off-vocal)
  6. Yuri wo Sakaseru ka? (off-vocal)

Included Members

"Sentimental Train"

Sekai Senbatsu (世界選抜) (16 Members) (Matsui Jurina Center)

"Sandal ja Dekinai Koi"

Undergirls (アンダーガールズ) (16 Members) (Matsumura Kaori Center)

"Tomodachi ja nai ka?"

Next Girls (ネクストガールズ) (16 Members) (Taniguchi Megu Center)

"Aru Hi Fui ni..."

Future Girls (フューチャーガールズ) (16 Members) (Kuranoo Narumi Center)

"Hitonatsu no Dekigoto"

Upcoming Girls (フューチャーガールズ) (16 Members) (Goto Moe Center)

"Nami ga Tsutaeru Mono"

10th World Senbatsu General Election Commemorative Category (第10回世界選抜総選挙記念枠) (20 Members) (Ueki Nao Center)

""Suki" no Tane"

SHOWROOM Senbatsu (SHOWROOM選抜) (16 Members) (Nakai Rika Center)

"Yuri wo Sakaseru ka?"

(17 Members)

General Information

Sentimental Train is the 53rd single released by AKB48.

Oricon Chart Positions

Date Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales Releases
18.09.17 ** ** ** ** ** ** ** *** ***,***
18.09.24 ** ** ** ** ** ** ** *** ***,***
18.10.01 ** ** ** ** ** ** ** *** ***,***
18.10.08 ** ** ** ** ** ** ** *** ***,***

Total Reported Sales: *
Total of weeks charting inside Top 200:


  • First ALL48 single and Senbatsu in which the center does not appear in the title track or MV.
    • Matsui Jurina went on hiatus shortly after the AKB48 Senbatsu Election for this single due to poor health. As her condition did not improve, it was announced that she would not be able to return before the production deadline. On October 25, 2018, a re-edited title track, MV, and Type-A and Theater Edition covers were released which included her when she returned.
  • Sold 1,394,356 copies on first day sales, the highest first day sales of an AKB48 non-election voting single.
    • The single also sold 1,448,900 copies on first week sales, the highest first week sales of an AKB48 non-election voting single since Flying Get in 2011.
  • Oba Mina's first AKB48 Senbatsu since Labrador Retriever in 2014.
  • With the exception of international sister group members, this is the first AKB48 single participation of Aoki Shiori, Isshiki Rena, Unjo Hirona, Oki Yuka, Oda Ayaka, Okada Miku, Hori Shion, and Mizuno Airi.

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