Suki to Iwasetai (Single)

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Promotional Image
CD+DVD Box Ver.
WIZ*ONE ver.: Jang Wonyoung
WIZ*ONE ver.: Miyawaki Sakura
WIZ*ONE ver.: Jo Yuri
WIZ*ONE ver.: Choi Yena
WIZ*ONE ver.: Ahn Yujin
WIZ*ONE ver.: Yabuki Nako
WIZ*ONE ver.: Kwon Eunbi
WIZ*ONE ver.: Kang Hyewon
WIZ*ONE ver.: Honda Hitomi
WIZ*ONE ver.: Kim Chaewon
WIZ*ONE ver.: Kim Minjoo
WIZ*ONE ver.: Lee Chaeyeon

CD Information

Suki to Iwasetai
Release Date
2019.02.05 (Digital)
2019.02.06 (Physical)
Japan and worldwide digital: Universal Music Japan, Off The Record Entertainment, AKS/EMI Records
South Korea: Universal Music Japan, Off the Record Entertainment, Genie Music, Stone Music Entertainment
Catalogue Number/Price
UPCH-80511 (Type A) / ¥1,728
UPCH-80512 (Type B) / ¥1,728
PRON-5029 (WIZ*ONE Group ver.) / ¥1,080
PRON-5042 (WIZ*ONE ver.: CD-Box) / ¥14,040
PRON-5030 (WIZ*ONE ver.: Jang Wonyoung Cover) / ¥1,080
PRON-5031 (WIZ*ONE ver.: Miyawaki Sakura Version) / ¥1,080
PRON-5032 (WIZ*ONE ver.: Jo Yuri Version) / ¥1,080
PRON-5033 (WIZ*ONE ver.: Choi Yena Version) / ¥1,080
PRON-5034 (WIZ*ONE ver.: Ahn Yujin Version) / ¥1,080
PRON-5035 (WIZ*ONe ver.: Yabuki Nako Version) / ¥1,080
PRON-5036 (WIZ*ONE ver.: Kwon Eunbi Version) / ¥1,080
PRON-5037 (WIZ*ONE ver.: Kang Hyewon Version) / ¥1,080
PRON-5038 (WIZ*ONE ver.: Honda Hitomi Version) / ¥1,080
PRON-5039 (WIZ*ONE ver.: Kim Chaewon Version) / ¥1,080
PRON-5040 (WIZ*ONE ver.: Kim Minjoo Version) /¥1,080
PRON-5041 (WIZ*ONE ver.: Lee Chaeyeon Version) / ¥1,080

Regular Edition Details

  1. Suki to Iwasetai (好きと言わせたい)
  2. Kenchanayo (ケンチャナヨ)
  3. Suki to Iwasetai (off-vocal)
  4. Kenchanayo (off-vocal)
    • Gokigen Sayonara (off-vocal)
    • Neko ni Naritai (off-vocal)
  1. Suki to Iwasetai Music Video

WIZ*ONE Edition Details

  1. Suki to Iwasetai
  2. Kenchanayo
  3. Dance wo Omoidasumade (ダンスを思い出すまで)
  4. Suki to Iwasetai (off-vocal)
  5. Kenchanayo (off-vocal)
  6. Dance wo Omoidasumade (off-vocal)

Included Members

"Suki to Iwasetai"


"Gokigen Sayonara"

"Neko ni Naritai"

"Dance wo Omoidasumade"

General Information

  • Suki to Iwasetai is IZ*ONE's first Japan release.

Oricon Chart Position

Date Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
19.02.06 ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **


  • The WIZ*ONE ver. was only available through the official Japanese IZ*ONE online shop.
  • The WIZ*ONE ver. offered one regular cover and furthermore 12 different individual member covers.
  • All 12 WIZ*ONE cover versions could be bought together in the CD-Box.
  • In Type A and Type, there was one random photocard. In the regular WIZ*ONE version, there was a "WIZ*ONE" version random photocard. In the WIZ*ONE version of a specific member, the photocard was of that same member.
  • In the regular WIZ*ONE ver. was a ticket to apply to a lottery for either a solo member or a group Hi-Touch event (passing past a member and giving them a high-five).
  • In the WIZ*ONE CD-Box was 1 ticket for a lottery to a signing event for an individual IZ*ONE member.
  • Out of all the regular editions of Type A and Type B, in 4,000 were tickets for the Japanese showcase debut.
  • In the regular Type A and Type B editions were special message cards.
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