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SKE48 is my number 1 favorite group, my other favorite groups are Nogizaka46 and AKB48, my ultimate Kami-Oshi right now is Matsui Rena, before it was Maeda Atsuko (I miss her so much). I started editing the wiki48 page back in early 2013.

What I Focus On

  • Anything SKE48 related is my main priority and I mostly focus on SKE48.
  • I also constantly work on Nogizaka46 and AKB48.
  • The rest I work on when I have time.

My current top 16 girls in the whole 48G

Nogizaka46 Favs

My 48 Group Kami-Oshi Hall of Fame

My 48 Group Hall of Fame

Working On

Graduation Song

In some cases a member, mostly a popular member, gets an song which is dedicated to her. This happend the first time in 2007 when Hoshino Michiru and Imai Yuu graduated from AKB48. The song is mostly included in the last single as a coupling song before the member graduates or in some cases the song is only aviable on an album or an stage DVD. Sometimes it is on included in both, album and single. In Ima, Kimi wo Omou case the song was written for Nakanishi Chiyori and Tani Marika who were transferred from HKT48 to AKB48 or rather SKE48.

Following members got an graduation song: