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'''[[Aninditha Rahma Cahyadi]]''' <small>(Specialization: PUBG)</small>
'''[[Aninditha Rahma Cahyadi]]''' <small>(Specialization: PUBG)</small>
'''[[Amirah Fatin]]''' <small>(Specialization: ) (November, 2019)</small>
'''[[Amirah Fatin]]''' <small>(Specialization: Mobile Legend) (November, 2019)</small>
'''[[Cindy Hapsari Maharani Pujiantoro Putri]]''' <small>(Specialization: ) (November, 2019)</small>
'''[[Cindy Hapsari Maharani Pujiantoro Putri]]''' <small>(Specialization: Mobile Legend) (November, 2019)</small>
'''[[Jinan Safa Safira]]''' <small>(Specialization: AOV)</small>
'''[[Jinan Safa Safira]]''' <small>(Specialization: Mobile Legend)</small>
'''[[Maria Genoveva Natalia Desy Purnamasari Gunawan]]''' <small>(Specialization: AOV)</small>
'''[[Maria Genoveva Natalia Desy Purnamasari Gunawan]]''' <small>(Specialization: Mobile Legend)</small>
'''[[Tan Zhi Hui Celine]]''' <small>(Specialization: PUBG)</small>
'''[[Tan Zhi Hui Celine]]''' <small>(Specialization: PUBG)</small>
'''[[Zahra Nur]]''' <small>(Specialization: ) (November, 2019)</small>
'''[[Zahra Nur]]''' <small>(Specialization: PUBG) (November, 2019)</small>
==Former Members==
==Former Members==

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Valkyrie48 (December 2018)

Valkyrie48 is a JKT48 sub-unit. They are focusing in eSports competition or play together event. They were announced during “Legion of Champion III Indonesian Final” on 19 December 2018. They Debuted during the JKT48 Saka Agari HSF (Handshake Festival) to play PUBG together.


Aninditha Rahma Cahyadi (Specialization: PUBG)

Amirah Fatin (Specialization: Mobile Legend) (November, 2019)

Cindy Hapsari Maharani Pujiantoro Putri (Specialization: Mobile Legend) (November, 2019)

Jinan Safa Safira (Specialization: Mobile Legend)

Maria Genoveva Natalia Desy Purnamasari Gunawan (Specialization: Mobile Legend)

Tan Zhi Hui Celine (Specialization: PUBG)

Zahra Nur (Specialization: PUBG) (November, 2019)

Former Members

Sinka Juliani (Specialization: PUBG) (September, 2019)

Syahfira Angela Nurhaliza (Specialization: PUBG) (November, 2019)

Media Appearances

Web Series

  • JKT48 X RRQ Web Series “Journey to Legendary” (2019) (Collaboration with Team RRQ, Indonesian eSports Team)

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