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  1. David61 replied to the thread Stage48 Wiki - Organization & Discussion.

    Also could someone please update Tomochin's wiki page with the details of her 11th single? http://tomomiitano.jp/discography/detail/19/...

    Feb 23, 2019 at 6:32 PM
  2. ForrestFuller replied to the thread TV / Radio NMB48 to Manabu-Kun! (2013/11/04 - ).

    Episode 295 [IMG] https://48idol.com/video/13234 NMB to Manabukun #295 (GYAO Version) (2019-02-22) [IMG] https://48idol.com/video/13235

    Feb 23, 2019 at 6:27 PM
  3. ForrestFuller replied to the thread Nakai Rika (Rikachan/Rikahime).

    Seishun Koukou 3-nen C-gumi (NGT48 Nakai Rika) (2019-02-22) [img] https://48idol.com/video/13233

    Feb 23, 2019 at 6:24 PM
  4. ForrestFuller replied to the thread Uchiyama Mikoto (Mikottii).

    Tokusatsu Gagaga #06 (SKE48 Uchiyama Mikoto) (2019-02-22) [img] https://48idol.com/video/13232

    Feb 23, 2019 at 6:23 PM
  5. sc89 replied to the thread Single NMB48 20th [Tokonoma Seiza Musume] (2019/02/20).

    https://www.bilibili.com/video/av44448369 ^ J League's livestream version, I think Interesting to see an idol performance filmed in...

    Feb 23, 2019 at 6:22 PM
  6. ForrestFuller replied to the thread [GENERAL] The AKB48 Thread.

    Nekojita SHOWROOM (AKB48) (2019-02-22) [img] https://48idol.com/video/13231

    Feb 23, 2019 at 6:21 PM
  7. ForrestFuller replied to the thread [GENERAL] THE NMB48 thread!.

    NMB48 no Shaberi Hour (2019-02-22) [img] https://48idol.com/video/13230

    Feb 23, 2019 at 6:20 PM
  8. ForrestFuller replied to the thread TV / Radio AKB48 Team 8 no Anta Roke Roke! (2016/12/09 - ).

    Episode 42 [img] https://48idol.com/video/13229

    Feb 23, 2019 at 6:15 PM
  9. Cristafari replied to the thread Graduated Team K - Itano Tomomi (Tomochin).

    Okay, well there are a few things to comment on here. Oh, and in the future please leave a short description when you share a link like...

    Feb 23, 2019 at 6:07 PM
  10. biboloxo replied to the thread Single Keyakizaka46 8th [Kuroi Hitsuji] (2019/02/27).

    That must be hurt. o_O https://i.imgur.com/8HrGICY.gif

    Feb 23, 2019 at 5:59 PM
  11. biboloxo replied to the thread Event / Concert Nogizaka46's 7th Anniversary LIVE (2019/02/21-2019/02/24).

    Is there anyway to watch the last day live through a pay-service? Waiting at least 1 more year for SME to release the BD is just too...

    Feb 23, 2019 at 5:55 PM
  12. hrs0722 attached a file to the thread Cindy Yuvia (Cinvia).

    [ATTACH] Yupi photobook shoot in Hokkaido confirmed? Hokkaido is like Yupi's second home. Since 2014 she always visited the island...

    Screenshot_2019-02-23-15-29-22-868_com.instagram.android.png Feb 23, 2019 at 5:32 PM
  13. Tk-Tonkla replied to the thread Graduatead Team 8 - Cho Kurena (Kurenyan).

    Is that so? Can't wait to see Macchan and Reichan do SR delivery every day. Oh wait...!:oops:

    Feb 23, 2019 at 5:27 PM
  14. Akusaiko replied to the thread IZONE News and Discussion Thread.

    Owh, what's going on there?, huhu , tell him to share share a bit here later:approve: and about Chaeryeong, please don't post any ITZY...

    Feb 23, 2019 at 5:25 PM
  15. sakurappu replied to the thread This is why 48G is Amazing!.

    Noooooo :yikes: One thread is enough for him to make a thick thesis why entire of 48G and 46G are sucked compared to the flawless world...

    Feb 23, 2019 at 5:24 PM