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I will no longer do updates to any JKT48, SNH48, BEJ48 and all other international sister groups in this site.
To be honest, it's hard to keep up with international sister groups because sister groups within Japan itself are already growing and keep growing to many prefectures. Japanese lyrics are easy to find from reliable online sources and faster to get all of them on the release date.

Go HERE if you wish to see old lyrics of JKT48 and SNH48.

If the lyrics that you need are not available here, PLEASE STOP COMPLAINING! Please be nice.
We don't work for STUDIO48 24/7 and have our own real life too.
We're always trying our best to serve you the most reliable and accurate lyrics of 48-groups.

Because STUDIO48 would like to preserve the integrity of the 48-groups' original lyrics as much as possible,
Japanese lyrics (with respective romaji lyrics) will not be posted until they can be verified as matching with the lyrics in the official CD,
except lyrics for stage songs. Unofficial lyrics will be posted first, then official lyrics will subtitute after they're out.

Please report to me any translations submitted here which are taken or copied illegally from other sites, forums, personal translators or groups.
I will remove the translation(s) right after I receive the report(s).

If updated pages are still not showing any updates, please refresh those pages several times.

If you have any requests/questions/complaints/ideas/suggestions/etc, please do it via email. I will check those emails but please be patient.


01/15 Added English translations to Futari Saison and Dare yori mo takaku tobe!.
01/10 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Iwasa Misaki 6th Single: Saba kaidou, Futarizake and Ishikari banka.
01/01 Added English translations to Boku igai no dareka, Tochuu gesha, Kodoku Guitar, Koi wa sainan, Let it snow! and Priority.
12/28 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to NMB48 16th Single: Boku igai no dareka, Tochuu gesha, Kodoku Guitar, Koi wa sainan, Let it snow!, Priority and Taiyou ga sakamichi wo noboru koro. Added color-codes to Better, Yuuhi 1/3 and Seifuku to taiyou.
12/26 Added color-codes to Ano kyoushitsu, Seifuku wo nuide Sayonara wo..., Kyuushamen and Kimi ni okuru hana ga nai.
12/21 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Jankenmin 1st Single: Sakasazaka and Kiseki no Door.
12/18 Added color-codes to Sekai ni wa ai shika nai and Kimi ga Inai. Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Daikirai na hazu datta..
12/12 Added color-codes to Futari Saison, Otona wa shinjite kurenai, Dare yori mo takaku tobe! and Bokutachi no sensou.
12/06 Added color-codes to Saikou ka yo. Added English translations to Juujun na Slave, Me wo aketa mama no First Kiss, Deai no hi, wakare no hi, High Tension, Osaekirenai shoudou, Happy End, Hoshizora wo kimi ni, Shishunki no Adrenaline, Seijun Tired, Better, Mata anata no koto wo kangaeteta and Soramimi Rock.
12/01 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to new tracks (cover songs) from Iwasa Misaki 1st Original Album: Itako hanayome-san, Gakusei jidai, Ringo no uta, Kita no hotaru, Namida no sanbashi and Tokyo no Bus Girl. Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Deguchi Aki 1st Album: Pulse, Voice, Brand new day, Akatsuki zukuyo, Plastic soul, dear town and Tenohira. Added kanji and romaji lyrics to aki a.k.a Deguchi Aki 1st Single: Zetsutaiteki seiten aozora, Galaxy Party ~Uchuu no mannaka de Party shiyou!~ and Don't Call me Loser.

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