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I will no longer do updates to any JKT48, SNH48, BEJ48 and all other international sister groups in this site.
To be honest, it's hard to keep up with international sister groups because sister groups within Japan itself are already growing and keep growing to many prefectures. Japanese lyrics are easy to find from reliable online sources and faster to get all of them on the release date.

Go HERE if you wish to see old lyrics of JKT48 and SNH48.

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We don't work for STUDIO48 24/7 and have our own real life too.
We're always trying our best to serve you the most reliable and accurate lyrics of 48-groups.

Because STUDIO48 would like to preserve the integrity of the 48-groups' original lyrics as much as possible,
Japanese lyrics (with respective romaji lyrics) will not be posted until they can be verified as matching with the lyrics in the official CD,
except lyrics for stage songs. Unofficial lyrics will be posted first, then official lyrics will subtitute after they're out.

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10/11 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Nogizaka46 19th Single: Itsuka dekiru kara kyou dekiru, Fuminshou, Maa ii ka?, Shitsuren wo shoji hito, My rule, Boku no shoudou and Atarashii kafun ~Musical "Mishiranu sekai" yori~.
10/07 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to NGT48. Added color-codes to Aokusai Rock.
09/27 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Kodoku wa kizutsukanai.
09/19 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Dakitsukou ka?. Added color-codes to Subete wa tochuu keika, Dakara kimi ga suki na no ka, Runner's High, Dare ga watashi wo nakaseta?, Nigemizu and #sukinanda.
09/10 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to aki (Deguchi Aki) 2nd Single: Clione no akari, Starting Days!! and Sora Wo hi Bu fuu.
08/30 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to AKB48 49th Single: #sukinanda, Darashinai ai shikata, Tomadotte tameratte, Jibuntachi no koi ni kagitte, Tsuki no kamen, Private Summer and Give Up wa shinai. Added English translation to Setouchi no koe.
08/17 Added English translations to Igai ni Mango, Party ni wa ikitaku nai, En wo egaku, Oretoku, Eien no Legacy, Yume no kaidan wo nobore! and Kiseki no ryuuseigun.
08/13 Added color-codes to Kiss wa matsu shika nai no deshou ka? and Masaka Singapore.
08/09 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Nogizaka46 18th Single: Nigemizu, Onna wa hitori ja nemurenai, Hitonatsu no nagasa yori..., Under, Live kami, Mirai no kotae and Naitatte ii ja nai ka?.
08/08 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to Gunyatto magatta and Koi suru Ribbon!. Added English translations to Masaka Singapore, Naimononedari and Shoujo ni wa modorenai. Added color-codes to Daite Twintail, Igai ni Mango and Influencer.
08/02 Added kanji and romaji lyrics to new tracks of NMB48 3rd Album: Masaka Singapore, Namba ai, Boku wa aisarete wa inai and Sasasa Saiko!. Added kanji and romaji lyrics to HKT48 10th Single: Kiss wa matsu shika nai no deshou ka?, Sakuranbo wo musuberu ka?, Tonari no kare wa Kakko yoku mieru and Romantic byou.

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