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    Wreslting isn't only about fighting, it i also about puting on a show !

    As we can guess from the snipet above, it was a messy and hilarious fight and there were 2 main reasons on the ring : (and not because there were 3 idols)
    • Hyper Misao
    • The still clumsy and show stealing referee

    [hide]This time, Shiori appear a bit more prepared, she welcomed the 2 teams, and during the body check, she quickly noticed something wrong with Hyper Misao who was carrying a banana belt bag.
    Shiori grabed this object that had nothing to do there, and which was of course filled with various cheating stuff, the least to be expected from the TJPW masked heroine. Just that wasn't all, something was protubering out from Misao's chest. Shiori pulled out a shiny guarland, or I should say a shiny strangling device.

    Then she ordered the salutations, during which of course, Misao took the occasion to reclaim the mike. It seems this time she praised the referee who this time had no interest conflict.

    The fight started, with a referee who this time didn't forget the bell, and who wouldn't miss any occasion to show how well she did each time she arrived at a 2 count. Just while she was posing for the corwd, 4 wrestlers were still fighting behind her back, resulting in a referee somewhat late each time a pin atempt occured. She would also forbid some legit change, because she didn't clearly see those (happened in her back while she was posing)
    At some time, for some reason Shiori forbid Tatsumi Rika from performing her usual routine, go figure ... BUT, Raku was more clever and led her into her sleeping on the challenger stun.
    At some point, the fighters throwed their opponents into the ropes or one of the corner, the referee was so well placed, that she had to dodge the "projectile", with a "aaa! help !!!" expression.

    Then came Harajuku Pom's turn
    She tried to take advantage of the situation by distracting the referee with some charming talks, while she and her teamates were sitting on the ropes, and trampled their opponent's leg. Of course it's not authorised since it's a move from the ropes.

    Next we had a short Hyper Misao Vs Himawari, somewhat legit sequence. Just Misao couldn't help but to try to pin Himawari while having her feets in support from the ropes. Fortunatly Shiori saw the illegal move and asked for a break.
    Shortly after, Watanabe Miu entered the ring and started beating on Misao, but the referee was too busy in the opposite corner, distracted by Harajuku Pom and Raku, to witness the change, which she forbid.

    Next sequence had an authorized change which saw Pom coming in the ring, and came a couple of throws (with the referee dodging), and Pom grabbed Shiori's arms and managed to perform a double lariat on Himawari. Pom cheered Shiori for the unintentional (but convenient) help.

    Next Watanabe Miu successfully entered the ring and went in berserk mode to clear everything, Pom intervened again to distract the referee, while Misao pulled out her favorite: device a spray can.
    Miu wrenched it from Misao but distracted Shiori thought Miu brought the can and tried to bring it from her hands, only resulting in the referee spraying Miu's face.

    Later we had another messy sequence, with several fighters on the ring, Miu and Rika seem to have taken contole of the situation when Miu was holding hyper Misao. She asked Rika to attack the now locked opponent. Rika tried to strangle Misao, but Misao dodged and it ended in Rika strangling Miu. An unfortunate move which right after led to the moment from the previous post.
    Rika did her best to wake Shiori from her "KO".
    Pom tried to take advantage of the situation by reverting Rika and pinning her. It's when Shiori performed her cartwheel to proceed for the count, but was only 2.

    Next Rika really took again full controle of the fight, but relaizing she wouldn't obtain a 3 count, she choosed to submit Harajuku pom in a dragon sleeper to obtain the win.[/hide]
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