Jennifer Nandy Villaruel (Jaydee)

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    Dec 4, 2013
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    First Name: Jennifer Nandy
    Middle Name: Garcia
    Last Name: Villaruel
    Birthday: October 2, 2002
    Hometown: Cavite, Philippines
    Blood Type: O
    Height: 152cm

    MNL Senbatsu Election
    1st Senbatsu Election - #32 (Undergirls)

    • Name in Japanese: ジェニファー・ナンディ・ヴィリアルエル
    • Nickname in Japanese: ジェイヂー
    • Special skill: Can do funny faces and impersonation
    • Hobbies: Reading non-fiction books and watching dance tutorials
    • Describes herself as humble, friendly, and witty.
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