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Kitagawa Ryoha (Ryouha)

Discussion in 'Team S' started by ithebigc, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. Nomnom

    Nomnom Kenkyuusei

    Jan 28, 2015
    Kitagawa Ryoha
    i didnt expect much from this ssk and prob she know it too, she doesnt talk much about ssk when the voting period, this year she doesnt really do much in national scale, the one big enough maybe just the baseball song, while the home fans concentrate their support in KII, team s fans prob mostly gen 1 loyalist when voting came, she has the base fans but i feel it lack rich fan which can powervote her, i hope some rich fan from new graduate member can oshi her [hehe]
  2. kaka.41

    kaka.41 Kenkyuusei

    Jul 18, 2013

    Yeah Ryoha's fans are mostly young people or women (some are former Sae's fans) so they don't have enough financial power compared to members like Sally and Suda which are favorited by older fans since Sally, Suda, or even Nao are fisher type and popular in handshake event.

    Team S is like they are in reshuffle/rebuild phase where senior members are starting to graduate like Team E and KII who have been experiencing it since 2-3 years ago after grand shuffle 2014. Now KII and E are filled by Younger Gen Members and S soon will be and already be like those teams too. Now Team S' Young Gen Members have to build their own strong fanbase again from the scratch bcs senior members who usually ranked in sousenkyo have already graduated (Sae, Miyamae, Harutamu, Maimai, Rion) *Harutamu also didn't participate in sousenkyo this year meanwhile Suzuran didn't rank this year, it seems bcs of her scandal thing just before sosenkyo

    Ryoha is now working hard to be no.1 in P4U mobile game rank so she can get Fashion CM :1st:

    revenge for the bad result in sousenkyo


    but Egochan is tough rival :(

    I hope Ryoha can win it in the final result!
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