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    Kiuchi Rikako (木内俐椛子)
    Nickname: Rikapi (りかぴ)
    Birthday: March 14, 2002
    Birthplace: Osaka
    Blood type: A
    Height: 159 cm

    Light Stick Colors: White, white
    Hobbies: Gaming, manga, anime.
    Special skills: Talking.
    Future dream: Become a talent.
    Favorite food: Avocado, oyster
    Favorite word: Love situation
    A short message: I'll do my best with all my might! Please treat me well!!
    Showroom Audition Number: #34
    (Profile translation taken from the Wiki, fixed a few mistakes only)
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    Happy to see she got in, so my vote wasn’t in vain. Gotta remember that double white for future reference.
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    SKE48 no Let's Stay Home
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    her last blog is quite sad :cry:
    rough translation:

    rikapi's big love blog vol.0

    this is my last blog.
    its quite long.

    -- SKE48 and me --

    How i become obsessed with SKE.

    About two years ago, during the SKE48 9th Generation audition SHOWROOM round, I did a stream where I withdrew from the audition. The reason for that was, I was a high school student at the time and was wondering how I would juggle my school and entrance exams if I passed the auditions. Then, my grandmother's conditioned worsened, and I became unable to attend the final round of auditions. (Even after the stream I was crying at home everyday, my mom couldn't take it and called the SKE48 office, in the end I went for the final audition round but didn't pass)
    During that withdrawing stream, I was thinking that since I've betrayed those who are supporting me as a candidate for the 9th generation, I was ready to accept whatever people would say about me.
    But SKE48's fans were such kind and wonderful people, even throwing gifts and saying kinda words to me.
    From that day, for me, there was nothing but SKE48, and I decided to stake my life on SKE48.


    After that, while waiting everyday for the 10th Generation auditions I decided to take the entrance exam for a Nagoya university.
    And then I applied for the 10th Generation audition and was able to make it to the SHOWROOM round. When the SHOWROOM round started, I was thinking since it's my first time showing my face, and because I did that withdrawing stream the last time, I was worried about not getting any support. But of course, SKE48's fans were kind and I was able to have fun streaming daily.
    Through everyone's votes, I was about to pass the audition.
    When I dropped out of the 9th Generation auditions, the day I withdrew I said on stream (I'll definitely be back.). I managed to keep that promise, and finally passing the 10th Generation audition through votes to get into SKE48 is something I will truly, truly treasure.


    Firstly, my hobbies are games, anime, mahjong, so I'm a super indoor kind of person. My athletic abilities are so catastrophically bad, I couldn't even skip. But in the end I was able to learn how to skip!
    My personality is also really negative, and in SKE48 Mail I always send very gloomy mails, but because of everyone I was able to become a positive person! (I think)
    But, I'm really bad at dancing, and I think there are many of those who was looking forward and supporting me to become better. I am truly very sorry for quitting halfway.

    Wonderful senpais.

    I've gone to handshakes as a SKE48 fan, so being able to interact with all the Senpai is something that really really made me happy. I've gone to see Team E's Stage as an audience before, so I'm really happy to be able to have done the 2 minute MC. I've always loved Sato Kaho, and she gave me sweets when I first debuted in a theatre stage. I will always keep the photo of that as my lockscreen.
    Not sending congratulations to Arano Himeka for passing auditions is a regret I have. I hope she receives this! lol
    12th Anniversary Concert!!
    Being able to interact with a lot of senpai, it was a really good experience!
    After I graduate, watching a SKE48 without me will be tough. But the day before I had a call with Ego Yuna, and I realised if I dont keep watching SKE48 I will regret it, so I will continue being a SKE48 fan.
    The really is only kind senpais. Not being able to watch them up close is sad, but I will take what I have learned and continue living the best I can.

    To those who supported me.

    Thank you for finding me.
    Being a part of the SKE48 I love, and meeting every one is truly a blessing.
    I loved SHOWROOM and SKE48 mail where I could interact with everyone.
    Every night before I sleep I will read everyone's repliess to my mail. Thinking about not being able to do that anymore saddens me.
    Even though I said I definitely wouldn't quit. Im sorry.
    Because of everyone I could enter SKE48, because of everyone I could have my theatre debut, because of everyone I could do my best in everything.
    Thank you for supporting me.
    From now on, I'll do my best in college in my beloved Nagoya.
    I will never ever forget everyone.
    I love you all.

    In this wonder love situation and with BIGLOVE, SKE48 10th Generation KKS, Kiuchi Rikako

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