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Kubo Shiori / 3rd Gen

Discussion in 'Nogizaka46 Members' started by kanjo, Oct 12, 2016.

  1. eternalord

    eternalord Kenkyuusei

    Oct 9, 2014
    Kubo Shiori
    I am glad the MV for Sing Out! turned out good. Although I am still expecting the song to grow on me, the MV is a huge plus. I can forgive the similarities with Synchronicity, because for me, this one is better. Kubochan can be found! Just in case you haven't noticed, her skirt color is a different shade of purple that is not replicated in any other members' costumes, so finding her is easier. A simple nitpick, but I hope it's a good sign.

    This part right here stands out for me, because she's at the dead center of the frame, and the choreography emphasizes it. The merit of the back center position.

    Some dance parts that I can't overlook and make me like her more

    And this part here, where she doesn't face the camera but the sharpness of her movement can be seen.

    Thank you, Nogizaka.
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  2. eternalord

    eternalord Kenkyuusei

    Oct 9, 2014
    Kubo Shiori
    Bocchan, Junna, and Karin performing Watashi no Tame ni, Dareka no Tame ni during Under Live, December 20th 2018. There was a footage from Nogiten for this perf, but this one released in Nogifes is the full performance (although I think it's also cut).
    Can't rip it myself and since it's not yet on Youtube, I took it from Weibo. Short video but showcased their level as idols who can sing. Kubochan now has experienced trio performances with almost all Nogi singers available.

    From Zambi

    Feeling cute, might sing later idk
    Sporting a triangular outfit
    With her archnemesis
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  3. galangsatria

    galangsatria Upcoming Girls

    Nov 17, 2016
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  4. mayuri91

    mayuri91 Kenkyuusei

    Apr 3, 2014
    south east asia
    i think she should be push like a face. i meant her push need to be bigger. maybe two consecutive solo centres and some acting roles or maybe solo single release. mizuki can be push in acting as she seems good with it.
  5. SteCola

    SteCola Kenkyuusei

    Jul 4, 2015
    Not sure about that. I would like it cause I like her. But as a "face" of the group and multiple center it has to come naturally, when she reaches a point that it would be indesputable for everyone that she should deserve it. I prefer that to a 'forced' one, and the competition in 3rd gen is so strong, there are multiple popular girls.

    Now I'm hoping for a W/Center with another 3rd gen girl (Mizuki?) for summer single.
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  6. eternalord

    eternalord Kenkyuusei

    Oct 9, 2014
    Kubo Shiori
    It was announced in last month's LINE LIVE (with Haruka) that there will be Kubochan's LINE MUSIC playlist, with songs she personally selected. It comes out today, named "Kubo Shiori no Kyou wo Shiawase ni suru Playlist (Kubo Shiori's playlist that brings today's happiness)": https://music.line.me/playlist/upi7nLrdtfvhxjzl8uBLZxbNdaB4GvpSv9dD

    Just in case people want to search the songs (figured not a lot of us are using LINE MUSIC) I noted down the romaji of the song titles for the ease of searching (Song title - Artist - Album):
    1. Namida ga mada kanashimi datta koro - Nogizaka46 - Boku dake no kimi~Under Super Best
    2. Naitatte ii janaika? - Nogizaka46 - Nigemizu (Special Edition)
    3. Hito natsu no nagasa yori - Nogizaka46 - Nigemizu (Special Edition)
    4. Tenshi wa itanda - Abe Mao - Abe Mao Best
    6. Daijoubu - wacci - Nichijyo Dramatic
    7. Koko ni shika sakanai hana - Kobukuro - ALL TIME BEST 1998-2018
    8. Boku ga ichiban hoshikatta mono - Makihara Noriyuki - EXPLORER
    9. Hello, my friend - Matsutoya Yumi - 40 Shunen Kinen Best Album "Nihon no koi to, Yuming to."
    10. Kaze ni naru - Tsuji Ayano - Tsuji Best (DISC-1)
    11. Kuchibue - GReeeeN - Shio, Koshou
    12. I am a believer - SPYAIR - 4
    13. Ah Yeah!! - Sukima Switch - Sukima Switch
    14. Shizuku - Sukima Switch - POPMAN'S ANOTHER WORLD
    15. Restart - wacci - Nichijyo Dramatic
    16. Matane. - GReeeeN - A, domo. Ohisashiburidesu.
    17. Garnet - Oku Hanako - Oku Hanako BEST ~My Letters~
    18. Niji (Konsei Sanbu) - Gassyodan Todoroki&Ensemble Sakuragumi - Believe V~Utai Tsugareru Sotsugyoshiki no Uta・Atarashii Sotsugyoshiki no Uta DISC -(1)
    19. Kokoro no hitomi - Chiba kenritsu Makuhari Shogoh Koutougakkou Gassyodan - Sheishun Chorus
    20. Tegami ~Haikei juugo no kimi e~ - Angela Aki - TAPESTRY OF SONGS-THE BEST OF ANGELA AKI (Deluxe Edition)
    21. Fukuwarai - Takahashi Yu - Realtime Singer Songwriter
    22. Sakanaide - WHITE JAM - WHITE JAM BEST
    23. A New Day - Beverly - A New Day
    24. Kanjou - wacci - Kanjou Hyakkei
    25. Ano hi boku wa tossa ni uso wo tsuita - Nogizaka46 - Nandome no Aozoraka? Type-C
    26. Mitsu no tsuki - SEKAI NO OWARI - Lip
    27. Beautiful - Hirai Dai - The Light
    28. 365 - Naoto Inti Raymi - Nice catch the moment!
    29. Ato hitotsu - FUNKY MONKEY BABYS - 10th Anniversary "Complete Best"
    30. Naimononedari - Nogizaka46 - Sayonara no Imi (Special Edition)
    Note: Since 18 and 19 are choir songs, it will be hard to find (unless you are a LINE MUSIC user, ofc)
    And a trivia, Kubochan mentioned several times in her mobame that she watches anime Haikyuu!! so I guess it's natural for her to put in two of its opening songs (12 and 13). 14 is also an opening of anime, Kemono no Souja Erin.

    Catching up, in other (old) news, former model of Seventeen and Asadora actress Nagano Mei posted a tweet about Kubochan three weeks ago, saying
    "Cute cute
    This is Kubo Shiori
    A present to heal everyone"

    By the time I posted this the tweet has over 60K likes. It's nice to know that she's still in touch with Kubochan even after she graduated from Seventeen, and I am grateful to her for promoting her junior. Here's hoping Kubochan can also be as successful as her, one day :)
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  7. eternalord

    eternalord Kenkyuusei

    Oct 9, 2014
    Kubo Shiori
    Kubochan's LINE LIVE with Mayuchan as guest yesterday
    So much fun. Mayu is an older junior but there is no awkward feeling at all, it's as if they are long time friends. I love the part when Kubochan tricked Mayu to do impromptu zukkyun during her introduction.
    This particular moment almost turned disaster though :^^;:

    Photo from Yodachan's blog yesterday (thanks Yodachan!)
    Maybe it's just me but I am seeing Ikuchan in her facial expression. But maybe it's because I'm euphoric when Kubochan said she talks a lot with Ikuchan nowadays

    On the other hand...
    Call me dramatic but today, 30th June 2019, marks one year since Kubochan announced her hiatus.
    Dark times indeed. So much has happened in a year, so much has changed. Looking back a bit, to be hopeful for an even brighter future.

    One more thing, check out Kubochan's latest gravure from Gekkan Entame August issue (thank you @hiroto for uploading)
    I can't wait for Kubochan to graduate
    From high school.
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  8. sambelteri12

    sambelteri12 Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Sep 21, 2018
    I really like her in her LINE LIVE show. She's so lively (and lovely too!) and looks so friendly with her kouhai. I believe she will get a lot love if we have koujichuu valentine spesial next year :hehe:
  9. NyanNyan's Pet

    NyanNyan's Pet Kenkyuusei

    Mar 10, 2016
    That is so like her. Even though I see it's Kubo, the look made me think of Ikuchan.
  10. Jatuh

    Jatuh Kenkyuusei

    Mar 2, 2017
    Congrats for Kubo chan to act as usagi in the next sailor moon musical!
    The eyes of sailor moon fans will be strict, but I think Kubo can make it.
  11. halcyon

    halcyon Kenkyuusei

    Feb 13, 2018
    Kubo will be great as Usagi! I trust her stage presence and ability entirely.
  12. eternalord

    eternalord Kenkyuusei

    Oct 9, 2014
    Kubo Shiori
    Not directly related, but I was just strolling around on youtube after this stage play announcement and stumbled upon this new teaser

    Seems like the anime will have a movie next year. Looks like it will be the continuation of Sailor Moon Crystal, but the character design is changed to look closer to the original 90's anime because the original character designer Tadano Kazuko finally gets back to the project after 25 years. I guess this might be the reason why they recreate the stage play too, for more hype. Gets me excited :D
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  13. missemperor

    missemperor Kenkyuusei

    Mar 24, 2019
    Hashimoto Nanami
    As a Sera Myu fan, I'm really excited for Kubochan as Usagi!!!
  14. eternalord

    eternalord Kenkyuusei

    Oct 9, 2014
    Kubo Shiori
    Translated Kubochan's answer for the survey form of 2nd Doc pamphlet (thanks @JuriRena for uploading the scans!). I take the liberty to give my comment/opinion/explanation on some answers inside spoiler tag below.

    1. Interest
    Watching movie, handicraft*
    2. Special skill
    Taking notes
    3. Your strengths / weaknesses
    Strength: Can think about something deeply, Weakness: take things too hard
    4. Favorite color
    5. Favorite animal
    6. Food you’re into lately
    Bean sprouts
    7. The thing you think you cannot lose to anyone
    8. Treasure you always cherish
    Letter from mom
    9. Food specialty
    10. The thing you want the most now.
    Power of expression
    11. Thing you’re scared the most
    12. Thing you were happy about about this year
    Given opportunity to act in stage play
    13. Thing you were sad about this year
    Separation with a special someone
    14. Thing you regretted this year
    Being the only one who couldn't participate in 3rd gens' song*
    15. Thing you were mad about this year
    Towards myself who gets on the wrong train a lot of times
    16. Work that gave you a sense of fulfillment this year
    Stage "Zambi","Three Sisters"
    17. The thing that changed when you entered N46
    18. Your position in N46
    I am standing in an inconspicuous place*
    19. Which member you want to perform with in a unit now
    I want to be "Tohoku Sisters" with Suzuki Ayane-san
    20. What do you like in N46 now
    It is a place where people respect each other
    21. Member you pay attention to the most now
    Ozono Momoko-chan
    22. Member you want as boyfriend
    Ito Junna-san
    23. Member you want to marry
    Inoue Sayuri-san
    24. Member you want to be with in a deserted island
    Saito Asuka-san
    25. Member you want to be if reincarnated
    Sakurai Reika-san*
    26. When do you want to go if you have a time machine
    The past, when I was still in junior high school
    27. If you can build a kingdom, what kind of nation is it
    A country where people can live calmly by slowing down the flow of time
    28. Interesting book or manga you read recently
    29. Interesting movie you watched recently
    "Kakegurui The Movie"
    30. Favorite N46 song
    "Hitonatsu no Nagasa yori"
    31. Favorite N46 choreography
    32. Favorite N46 uniform
    Costume of "My Rule" at Tokyo Dome
    33. Favorite N46 MV
    "Sayonara no Imi"
    34. Favorite N46 unit
    "Joshiko Quartet"*
    35. Favorite joke/phrase
    36. If you were to hold a solo concert
    I want to sing, sing, and sing.
    37. The kind of group you want N46 to be.
    Now I want to contribute in making the group continuously improving
    38. The kind of person you want to be in 5 years
    I want to be someone who can stand on own feet
    39. Memorable concert or event the past year
    40. In private, thing you want to try this year?
    I want to go on a trip around Tohoku alone
    41. Things you want to try in the future
    Works related to filming and stage play
    42. Is there a hairstyle you want to try?
    Short bob
    43. Fashion item that caught your attention recently
    Collared blouse, shirt
    44. Place you want to go on a summer date
    45. Thing you want to do on your rest day
    I want to stay at the cinema
    46. Message to fans
    Thank you for always supporting me. You existence is precious. I want to keep on growing so I can see your smile a lot. Please take care of me in the future too.

    1. She mentioned that she's interested in knitting after that Gakutabi episode she was in.
    4. That is not a color, girl.
    5. This is the first time I find her giving an answer other than dog.
    11. She's a scaredy-cat, so technically anything with loud noise scares her.
    14. About Jibun janai Kanji
    18. This one gives me mixed feelings. The answer can be interpreted in several ways. First, it's her feeling and not necessarily the truth. Second, it's the truth, as in it's explicit for her that at the moment she is not being prioritized. And there are two ways on how she takes it; she's okay with the situation, or she's not satisfied. I hope for the latter.
    25. Do you want to be captain?
    34. Manatsu, Reika, Waka, Kanarin (afaik their only song is Kokuhaku no Junban)
    35. lit. 'That's right'
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  15. Mas Hir

    Mas Hir Kenkyuusei

    May 2, 2016
    Birthday Project from Kubo Shiori Chinese Fanclub in Nogizaka Station

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  16. Chubo

    Chubo Kenkyuusei

    Mar 10, 2017
    Just a bob Kuboshi passing by to brighten your day. :^O^:

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  17. NyanNyan's Pet

    NyanNyan's Pet Kenkyuusei

    Mar 10, 2016
    It's just about time....;)

    DEAR KUBO-CHAN ! ! !
  18. halcyon

    halcyon Kenkyuusei

    Feb 13, 2018
    Happy Kuboshi Day!
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  19. galangsatria

    galangsatria Upcoming Girls

    Nov 17, 2016
    Happy birthday to our new Sailor Moon. Hope you have wonderful year!

    Yes please! It looks really good on her.
  20. MasToppu

    MasToppu Kenkyuusei

    Jun 29, 2016
    <3Happy Birthday Kubochan. <3:ome:

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