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Nakai Rika (Rikachan/Rikahime)

Discussion in 'Team NIII' started by nobodywil, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. Humbucker

    Humbucker Kenkyuusei

    Jun 19, 2014
    Sashihara Rino
    Sorry, that post may have gotten a bit confusing. Who was actually challenging the no-makup was Team 8's Shitao Miu. I think Rikachan was at least with a light make-up, unless it was a staff requirement for the shooting (even so I doubt she would do it). She told recently that she has to change the make-up depending on the job, the one she uses on stage doesn't work in shooting/filming for magazines/dramas and vice-versa. (I looked for the SR she told it but I couln't find it.) :^^;:

    I think we have some sort of a new version of a hetare and ijirare-chara and ROAD TO WIP staff has doing a great job using it. It's funny how the staff woman reacts when Sakura asks about Rikachan. :lol: Various members have already got into Rikachan like Naachan (she remembers the "Kurushuunai"), Miion, Shimada, Oshima Ryoka, Sayaya, Komiharu (Shimada was surprised that Rikachan was close to her and honestly me too), etc. It's interesting that Sakura talked about Rikachan here again but in the last ANN she also teased Rikachan about the 3 years old child and the Rapunzel. [hehe]


    Tofu Pro Wrestling (TV Asahi) twitter: https://twitter.com/tofu_prowres/status/842334493461561344
    #Tofu Pro Wrestling

    Tofu Pro Wrestling Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BRx5d4OA3v_/

    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/843103547356983297
    Tofu Pro Wrestling
    watch it please
    Hinata's cheeks are so cute :inlove:
    She's in my Cheeks Selection along with Ayutaro :inlove: <3



    I think it's Rikachan in the last row at the very left (you can barely see her), anyway:


    NGT48 Official twitter: https://twitter.com/official_NGT48/status/843087508002947072
    [Playball (1)] Tonight a little report of "Iwai - Major Debut! NGT48 Koko Kara Playball! @ HARD OFF ECO Stadium Niigata".
    By the way, about 5000 people to watch the "Day Game" and "Night Game". Thank you very much.

    C7M_mnyV0AA-VJg.jpg C7M_mnyV4AANQTe.jpg

    NGT48 Official twitter: https://twitter.com/official_NGT48/status/843097720042614784
    [Playball (4)] Song Title of the Debut Single "Seishun Dokei".
    Team NIII performed it at the beginning of the concert. All the members, including the Research Students, performed it at the concerts finale.

    C7NI4oBVAAE8Tt2.jpg C7NI4oDVoAUPfBs.jpg

    NGT48 Official twitter: https://twitter.com/official_NGT48/status/843104621480443904
    [Playball (7)] NGT48 all members' "Kurayami Motomu".
    Katomina (Kato Minami) and Okappa (Takakura Moeka) are W-Centers in a song with a image never seen before in NGT48.
    Just between us, we're planning to release a cool MV next week. It's our secret okay?


    NGT48 Official twitter: https://twitter.com/official_NGT48/status/843106481582964736
    [Playball (8)] In the latter part of the concert, they jumped out the stage and also performed near the light stands.
    By the way, Miizun (Mizusawa Ayaka) was with such a surge that she slipped again as she did in the Theater's 1st Anniversary Event.
    It's a pity we couldn't take any picture.


    The Asahi Shimbun Nagano twitter: https://twitter.com/asahi_nagano/status/843024925669572608
    [Shinshu Idol Forefront]
    In the press conference after the NGT48 Major Debut Event, we asked Nakai Rika and Kato Minami about the costumes for the major debut single "Seishun Dokei". (Matsu)


    Aoki Hiroyuki FLASH Specital twitter: https://twitter.com/paopaoPap/status/843054211344429056
    NGT48 Major Debut Event held at HARD OFF ECO Stadium Niigata.
    The wind was strong. NGT48's "Seishun Dokei" began to mark a new time!
    The debut song "Seishun Dokei" starts without an intro. It's a wonderful song which is fresh, light and cute. The center Nakai Rika was also shining.
    C7MhUuHVwAEIpv4.jpg C7MhUuIU4AE_PUt.jpg C7MhU3PVsAAQaTh.jpg

    Nikkan Sports NGT48 Coverage Team twitter: https://twitter.com/nikkan_ngt/status/843011012802428928
    "Iwai - Major Debut! #NGT48 Koko Kara Playball! @ HARD OFF ECO Stadium Niigata!" was held!
    These are pictures of "#Seijun Dokei" and "#Kurayami Motomu" just taken. Breaking news coming soon!

    C7L5fH2U4AEdeQL.jpg C7L5fH1U0AA1QDE.jpg

    Nikkan Sports NGT48 Coverage Team twitter: https://twitter.com/nikkan_ngt/status/843185569391824896
    In today's (19) Nikkan Sports (Entertainment & Niigata version) we're covering yesterday's (18) Major Debut Event in the . Check it please!!

    Niikan Sports twitter: https://twitter.com/nikkansports/status/842523207420727296
    NGT's debut song "Seishun Dokei" MV release to the whole country.

    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/843077964472373248
    #It was fun (*´꒳`*)♡
    Everyone, wasn't it cold? :blush: <3
    Thanks for coming
    Those who couldn't come
    look forward to next time
    I enjoyed it at its best!


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/843082157476073472
    #Thanks for lots of
    uchiwas today.
    I could see and hear everything.
    I felt happy everytime I found a Rika's uchiwa.
    I became confident.
    Thanks for
    taking time and come
    From near or from far.
    I was happy.


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/843102541978128386
    Also today
    The Nya-Nya duo
    were kind, asking me
    to take pic with them :blush: <3
    #Rikahime no Koto ga Suki Dakara


    Seishun Dokei (Fan cam)


    [Alternative link]

    Smile stadium twitter: https://twitter.com/NSTsmst/status/843076776804868096
    Smile Stadium 800th broadcast!!!!!!!! We'll continue broadcasting to turn smile in power and to make the family smile.
    *NGT48 performed "Seishun Dokei" without rehearsal even though it was very good. We'd be glad if there's someone who watched to it and wants to get their debut single ...



    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/843104553784373249
    Good night
    I'll do SR tomorrow!
    I can't meet you,
    I'm lonely ...
    Well, it makes me excite for tomorrow :inlove: <3
    I'm fine
    And I want to be with you as much I can.
    Thank you so much for today.
    Good night!



    I personally don't like idol stuffs but I'd like to have this one. [hehe]

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  2. fatrain

    fatrain Kenkyuusei

    Jun 15, 2014
    maybe the character is not so new after all, history repeats itself [hehe]
    I don't know how Rika is in theater or concert MCs, but in that Showroom, where they introduced MV, I saw her leading the talk, like one other hetare we know))

    Ogiyuka/Rika pair seriously reminds me of Yukirin/Sasshi ^^;


    another Showroom today (170319, 20:59- )

  3. Humbucker

    Humbucker Kenkyuusei

    Jun 19, 2014
    Sashihara Rino
    ^ Yes, Rikachan's sure one of the group's top talkers. Another member who has high talk skills is Sato Anju (she's like a "Natsumikan" of the group). Other members who can talk well is Ogiyuka, Gatanee, Hinatan and of course Kitarie, but they are more "normal".


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/843425163211231232
    I was taking a selfie.
    there was someone. lol
    Ah ... :shifty: <3 lol
    Like this
    #After this ...
    #Everyday occurrence


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/843425670277472256
    After that:
    Well, obviously Noe came. lol
    Well, it couldn't be different lol
    These two are always together :blush:
    Pleasant :blush:
    Please let me take my selfie :blush: lol lol
    #Princess Bitter Smile
    #It's Yamada after all


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/843426512330137600
    My recent hobbies are
    Eating sweeties while watching movies
    Better saying,
    I go to bed
    wake up
    Something like this lol
    #SR child
    #Showroomer Nakai
    #Princess Rika's Room


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/843427768171819009
    Before yesterday's concert,
    I wonder if she knew I was nervous,
    I got a message from Pon-chan.
    Pon-chan was doing
    another job :cry: <3 :XD: <3
    Those magic words made me work hard.
    #I'm an idol!
    #You're an idol!

    Do your best!!
    You're an idol, an idol!!!

    Thanks (´;ω;`) ♡

    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/843428690750930944
    Good night:
    I'll do SR after this :blush: <3 <3
    Look forward to it
    I end up sleeping with my belly uncovered.
    Be carefull you too!
    See you tomorrow
    Good night
    #Rikahime no Koto ga Suki Dakara
    #Ashita mo Ganbarikachan


    Yamada Noe's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/843330881934700546
    RikaMina + α
    Trio's name is Rikamina+α.
    Yesterday, we took a lot of photos. lol
    This is a cute photo with RikaMina's natural smiles.
    There's a bonus at the edge. lol

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  4. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Kenkyuusei

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    Watanabe Mayu
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  5. fatrain

    fatrain Kenkyuusei

    Jun 15, 2014
    Rika composed another hit song! :rofl:


    she entered senbatsu of AKB's 48th single! congrats! :v:


    Showroom 170320

  6. Humbucker

    Humbucker Kenkyuusei

    Jun 19, 2014
    Sashihara Rino
    Choro Wota ni Narabarete! :XD:
    These long SRs in her room (not in the hotel) are the best!
    I still want to put the "A-I-U-E-O Sakubun" in the Glossary/Guide but I guess it may not sound so funny if translated.



    NGT48 Official twitter: https://twitter.com/official_NGT48/status/843678297808490496
    [48th] Prior to the announcement of the General Election, the Selection members for the AKB48's 48th single "Negaigoto no mochigusare" were announced.
    From NGT48, Captain Kitahara, Rikachan (Nakai Rika), and Kashiwagi-senpai will participate.
    Release scheduled for May 31.




    NGT48 Official twitter: https://twitter.com/official_NGT48/status/843802377983418369
    [Homeland] Rikachan (Nakai Rika) is going to appear live on KNB's afternoon wide show "Icchan☆KNB" tomorrow. Please take a look if you have time.
    In addition, there will be interviews by local media. Details will be reported again.
    Princess, are you ready to visit your homeland?



    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/843823705201360897
    #I wanted I had seen you.
    I looking forward to the next opportunity
    Let's fight :blush: <3 <3
    #Photo Event
    #Hime no Koto ga Suki Dakara


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/843825050876706816
    I was chosen as a Selection
    member for the 48th single.
    "Negaigoto no mochigusare"
    This is thanks to everyone. There's nothing but gratitude.
    Thank you very much,
    I'm really glad :oops:
    #Negaigoto no Mochigusare


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/843825720451194882
    I remembered a important
    thing I had forgotten.
    I wonder what I've been
    doing so far.
    I hope you don't
    forget important things :blush:
    #Rookie's heart
    #A big dream


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/843830249523617793
    Selection General Election
    has been just announced.
    My goal is within 48th place.
    Everyone, please lend me your strength.
    There's a continuation of the dream I want to see.
    I want to turn last year's tears of regret into tears of joy.
    You're the one who can make me
    a real princess.
    #Senbatsu Sousenkyo
    #Within 48th place
    #Rikahime no Koto ga Suki Dakara


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/843826905178505220
    Good night:
    Is there any cheater here? :shifty: <3
    I was uncomfortable today :rolleyes:
    Don't use Rika's tickets to see another girl :cry: :cry:
    There's a properly system you can transfer it
    to see me in a different day :XD: :XD:
    Good night <3


    Nakamura Ayuka's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/843733109635915776
    A king of a far away polygyny land
    Otaki is the king
    and those are his women. lol
    Otaki is so cool. lol
    Isn't she look so good? :shifty:
    I have a good sense
    \(^^)/ lol

    Nakamura Ayuka's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/843759203684503552
    A king of polygyny - Magazine's cover style -
    I think it'll be like this lol
    Nice :shifty: :shifty: :shifty:
    We all laughed after the photo :XD:
    "It'll be sold out." lol

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  7. Humbucker

    Humbucker Kenkyuusei

    Jun 19, 2014
    Sashihara Rino

    Hinatan talks how Rikachan pleased her being the center for the coupling song "Junjo Yoroshiku" and encouraged her. 13:31 ~ 16:15



    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3


    Givesan (Tomion) twitter: https://twitter.com/givesan/status/844145341716869120
    I interviewed NGT48's center Nakai Rika today!
    "I'll become the bridge between Toyama and Niigata", said Princess Rika.
    NGT48's debut single "Seishun Dokei" will be out on April 12.
    "Tomion" will be aired on April 1.



    KNB's "Icchan☆KNB" & "news every."

    NGT48 Official twitter: https://twitter.com/official_NGT48/status/844035695719006208
    [@Toyama] Despite it's raining, Rikachan (Nakai Rika) has been interviewed with a high tension since morning.
    There're some more interviews after this, and she's appearing on live broadcast on "Icchan
    KNB" starting 16:25.
    Everyone in Toyama, please take a look if you have the time.


    Part 1


    Part 2

    Part 3

    Part 4

    Part 5

    Part 6

    C7bSeuSVsAAZmLl.jpg C7bSfZRU4AAYENd.jpg C7bVbmVUwAAozB2.jpg C7bWXWFV0AAA2AH.jpg C7bWZQFVwAI9TJq.jpg C7bX7dXV0AARq0c.jpg C7bX8eoUwAAV4UL.jpg C7bYLBmU0AIvXyR.jpg C7bYLvwVoAAHXjA.jpg C7bYMZZU0AA-yPl.jpg C7bYNC1VoAAOY-q.jpg C7bYRqCVsAMpvek.jpg C7bYS9HVwAI4o5K.jpg

    NGT48 Official twitter: https://twitter.com/official_NGT48/status/844097849436463104
    [Continue] Thank you very much for watching to "IcchanKNB".
    Rikachan is also appearing on KNB's "news every." after this, so take a look please.


    KNB's news every.

    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/844159754968715264
    I visited
    Icchan KNB :blush: <3
    I felt strange because
    it's a program I've been watching for years
    but I enjoyed it very much :blush: <3
    #Icchan KNB
    #From home's TV room to the studio


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/844184755448958976
    It was fun
    Niigata is a nice place but
    Toyama is good as well.
    It's as if I had two hometowns. Happy


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/844185170483666945
    At the end
    We all went to eat black ramen
    It was too tasty :cry: <3
    #Black Ramen
    #Dark Princess?


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/844186179952025601
    Good night
    I finished early today
    so I want to sleep a lot :rolleyes: <3
    Good night, world.
    #Rikahime no Kota ga Suki Dakara
    #Toyama was fun


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/844185762945875968
    I got
    fired up.
    I'll work hard so that people from Toyama can support me too! :cry: <3 <3
    #Rikahime no Koto ga Suki Dakara

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  8. Humbucker

    Humbucker Kenkyuusei

    Jun 19, 2014
    Sashihara Rino
    Advanced Nakai Rika Guide:
    Appendix A.9 - NGT48 "Seishun Dokei" News
    Nakai Rika's 100th Stage Performance News
    BEST TIMES Interview

    A.9 - NGT48 "Seishun Dokei" News

    Nikkan Sports

    With NGT "Seishun Dokei" to all country, debut song MV is out
    [March 17 2017, 7:49, from newspaper]

    MV filming, from left to right, Kato Minami, Nakai Rika, Takakura Moeka (C) AKS

    The music video of NGT48's major debut single "Seishun Dokei" (out on April 12) is available from today (March 17). The filming was carried out at Niigata city downtown, where NGT48 is based, and aproximately 500 Niigata citizens participated. It'll create a NGT furor with Nakai Rika (19) as the center.

    It's a song about youth focusing on a man's yearning for love. The video matches a refreshing melody and the interaction of the members with Niigata citizens. Nakai, who was chosen for a big role, said "It's a wonderful music video that shows the connection between people and people."

    Although there had been three original songs so far and she'd never stood as the center, she got famous at the video broadcast application SHOWROOM event, held in June last year along with the AKB48 Selection General Election. She picked up fans one after another and expanded the amount of them. She was gradually concious about it with the opportunith that came. "I haven't sang as the center many times until now but it's something I dreamed of. I do know that other members wished to be the center too. I wish I can work hard also for them with confidence." NGT have seen that Keyakizaka46, formed at the same time, played a brilliant debut and gained popularity. They've seen other groups activities as well. "I wish many people know that NGT is also a group with momentum in this single." From Niigata to all country. Finally this time has come. [Matsuo Konosuke]

    NGT48 is the fifth national AKB48 group based in Niigata and produced by Akimoto Yasushi. Captain Kitahara Rie (25) (transferred from AKB48), Kashiwagi Yuki (who has a concurrent position in AKB48) and 24 first generation members, in a total of 26 members were announced to form the group in August 2015. In January 2016 they opened their theater at the commercial facility "LoveLa 2" at Bandai, Niigata city.

    Source: http://www.nikkansports.com/entertainment/akb48/news/1793293.html


    The Kitanippon Shimbun

    Nakai Rika (born in prefecture) aspires to be the center who delivers dreams in the debut single "Seishun Dokei" out next month
    The Kitanippon Shimbun, March 21 (Tue) 19:42

    "I want to be a center with confidence" by Nakai Rika = The Kitanippon Shimbun

    Nakai Rika (19), born in prefecture, is member of the NGT48, a sister group of AKB48 based on Niigata. She visited the Kitanippon Simbun on March 21. She was chosen as group's face (center) for the debut single "Seishun Dokei" out in April 12. "I'd like to be supported by both Toyama and Niigata, I want to be a center who delivers dreams", she said.

    "Seishun Dokei" is a song about a man's yearning for love. It has a relaxed tempo and starts with a Nakai's solo. Nakai wears a red and white costume inspired by "Toki" birds from Niigata prefecture. "The song has a soft and warm lyrics and I want it to be liked by people of all ages", she asked.

    Many fans from Toyama prefecture have visited Handshake and other events in Niigata. "I have a sense of security that Toyama's people are supporting me, I'm really happy for that", she said with a smile.

    She was also chosen as a Selection member for the upcoming AKB48's 48th single "Negaigoto no Mochigusare", out on May 31. In June there's the "General Election". "Last year I got frustrated because I couldn't enter within the 80th place (ranking boundary). This year there's the pressure for ranking because I'm the center, but I wish I can have my name called with a smile", she reinforced.

    NGT48 was established as the fifth national AKB48 group in 2015. Kitahara Rie, who serves as captain, and Kashiwagi Yuki, who has a concurrent position in AKB48, are members of the group.

    Source: https://headlines.yahoo.co.jp/hl?a=20170321-00074032-kitanihon-l16



    Nakai Rika's 100th Stage Performance News
    BEST TIMES Interview
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  9. atsukoD

    atsukoD Kenkyuusei

    Oct 8, 2013
    Awesome. Thanks for the translation.

    Last year, she came late (too close to the election) with the Showroom. However, she still made in the top 100 (to my surprise).

    This year with many top rank members graduated, lets see how high she is going to rank. Senbatsu?
  10. Humbucker

    Humbucker Kenkyuusei

    Jun 19, 2014
    Sashihara Rino
    You're welcome! :)
    Yes, I also think that the SHOWROOM came a bit late for the last SSK and her rank was mostly because her popularity before it. This is my hope for this year, that the popularity she got because SHOWROOM and other opportunities she received since then can boost her rank this year. There're some interesting points she talked in her last SR about SSK and what she thinks about Niigata that I wrote below:


    Sousenkyo 2017

    Rikachan said on her last SHOWROOM that she's going to run and talked about some thoughts concerning the SSK.
    She's received a lot of opportunities since last year (she was chosen as a Selection member for the AKB48's 48th single this week), but she knows it's not for granted and she must show the results to fans (who make it possible) and to everyone who believed her and put some efforts to promote her. She's more confident because she ranked 33rd place in the NHK Kouhaku but it's also a pressure to achieve such a high place in SSK.

    In last year's SSK, she didn't ask fans much to vote her, as long as fans were having fun in the SHOWROOM it was fine but the situation is a bit different this year, she has to show results for the opportunities she received and although it might be a burden to her fans, she'd like to ask for their help. She's aiming to rank within the 48th place because it's the double of 24, her audition number. Honestly she'd like to rank 24th but it's too hard to ask this to her fans. She didn't grow up in a wealthy family and does know the value of money. Everybody has personal expenses and it she feels sorry for asking the fans to spend money for her. But there's a dream she wants to reach, so she ask for help as long as fans don't push themselves too hard. It breaks her heart to ask fans to do such effort but reality (situation) is harsh and they aren't allowed to be so naive.

    She also thanked her fans and management, who were watching her working hard and decided to give her the opportunities. She gradually realized what people was expecting from her. SHOWROOM was of great importance, thanks to it, several dreams came true and was the place she was able to show herself more and more. But she also wants to be an idol beyond SHOWROOM and give people more things the same way she did before.

    Rikachan wants that all the opportunities she received take form as a result and she believes that SSK is the place where it's possible. It's the place where there're all the dramas in 48G. To her, everything started from SSK and she wants to share tears of joy this year: "I want to see the landscape everybody saw but I couldn't see last year, so please lend me your strength."

    At the ending, she said she's planning some commitments if she ranks within 48th that would make her fans happy. One of them that she compromised to do is 48 consecutive forward rolls. :lol:

    Rikachan and Niigata

    Rikachan also pointed that people frequently ask her what she thinks about Niigata. And the answer is, she loves Niigata! Niigata is the place where her dreams came true, which couldn't be fulfilled in Toyama or Tokyo. There, she was able to finally became an idol, she first appeared on a drama, they first held mini concerts and they filmed the music video in which she's the center.

    All the members from outside the city are afraid if they have the right to speak about Niigata. They think there might be people who could say "What an outsider is talking about Niigata? You know nothing!", so she was holding it back but she does like the city. Rikachan considers Niigata her second home. "Tokyo is wonderful but has its worries." Everytime she comes back to Niigata from Tokyo by Max TOKI bullet-train, she can feel relieved and say "I'm home." Actually Rikachan's mother is from Niigata. She also has relatives there but she doesn't say it much so not to bother them. In this sense, she's half Toyama and half Niigata. The two cities are Rikachan's treasures. She's lucky to have two places where she can feel at home.

    People might think she doesn't care about Niigata but she does care. She lives there, there's no way she doesn't like it. And there has been enough time for her to get used to the city. She's probalbly been researching about Niigata more than its own citizens and she's enjoying learning about it. So she doesn't want people to think she doesn't care. Niigata is her second home and she loves it.


    KNB site: http://www.knb.ne.jp/announcer/blog6/detail/?sid=1198

    NGT48 Official twitter: https://twitter.com/official_NGT48/status/844302685012553729
    [Princess@morning newspapers] Rikachan (Nakai Rika) got various interviews yesterday.
    First of all, it seems that articles were published this morning in The Kitanippon Shimbun and The Asahi Shimbun Toyama.
    People of Toyama, if you are interested, please take a look.


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/844548732720889856
    I was in a gravure shooting! :blush: <3
    Look forward to release
    #Swimsuit and ○ ○

    C7hwmJgUwAAwSQX.jpg C7jx7HTVYAEpIsE.jpg
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  11. MindOfALibra

    MindOfALibra Kenkyuusei

    Dec 24, 2014
    Kashiwagi Yuki
    ^ Thank you for the translation!! :) That's very thoughtful of Rika and very realistic about the goal as well.

    Although my wish would be for her to shoot straight up to Undergirls! She managed to gather almost 9k votes last year with barely any activity, so I don't see why she can't gather another 20k votes this year to get into UG. Well actually I could see why, NGT debut single so close to the election :glare:

    Not that it matters, but nice to know that Rika is half Niigata haha
  12. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Kenkyuusei

    Dec 4, 2013
    Columbus, Ohio
    Watanabe Mayu
    Rikachan's Showroom (17-03-23)
  13. Humbucker

    Humbucker Kenkyuusei

    Jun 19, 2014
    Sashihara Rino
    You're welcome!
    Yeah, it shouldn't matter if a NGT48 member is native or not, what's important is if she's working hard for the group that represents the city. :)
    48th place (around 50th) is a reasonable number. I'd be a bit disappointed if she ranks lower than that. UG would be great, considering she's not that young if she's aiming the top members in SSK.


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/844907264905379840
    Thanks for watching SR :blush: <3
    It was fun
    I'm in a high tension since yesterday :blush: <3 <3
    #Rikahime no Koto ga Suki Dakara
    #I wish good things tomorrow too.


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/844909610515382273
    I needed to buy a shampoo,
    I was thinking it but
    I forgot it.
    Just saying this useless information lol
    #That's useless
    #Ogino's shampoo smells

    wktk lit. "excited trembling/shaking".

    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/844909947540299778
    The blue sky and the sea
    I'm confident they suit me.
    Huh? Don't they?
    Theys suit me, don't they? :shifty: <3 <3
    #The princess, the rainbow, the sun and
    #the blue sky and unrequited love*

    (*) Aozora Kataomoi

    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/844910702561157121
    Seishun Dokei
    If you haven't listened to it yet
    You should listen :blush: <3 <3 <3
    It's a good song
    #Play it now
    #Top song


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/844911211263115264
    Angry Princess
    Are you cheating me again?
    I don't know
    although I love you
    #About handshake


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/844911797396107265
    Come soon, summer!
    I mean, spring.
    I wanna spring to come soon ...
    I don't want to go out now, I hate the cold
    I'm going to blow the spring breeze!! ←
    #Didn't spring come yet?
    #I hate the cold
    #Spring breeze girl


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/844912210434392064
    Let's see
    She's dancing. lol
    #You cute


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/844913724460720128
    Good night
    I wish you have a nice dream.
    Let's do our best tomorrow with a smile!
    #Good night
    #Rikahime no Koto ga Suki Dakara



    On today's SR, a viewer threw 10 Tokyo Towers (one of them was x2) out of nothing.

    Rikachan had some free time yesterday, so she went to the movies to watch Moana with none other than her beloved Milky! :banana:

    Watanabe Miyuki's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BR9rPcIFDNQ/
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  14. fatrain

    fatrain Kenkyuusei

    Jun 15, 2014
    wow, Rika and Milky hang out together! :fear:
    I hope Rika wasn't too creepy around her ^^;
  15. marioworldakb

    marioworldakb Kenkyuusei

    Jan 4, 2017
    Hina Chan's Cell House
    Kashiwagi Yuki
    Rika-hime いい子だな T__T

    More respect for her now, thanks senpai for translation!
  16. Humbucker

    Humbucker Kenkyuusei

    Jun 19, 2014
    Sashihara Rino
    She's already creepy when she's along with Yukirin or Jurina, I wonder how it is hanging out with someone who's a goddess to her ... or Rikachan is just a chorohime :^^;:

    You're welcome! :)
    Yes, I've enjoyed a lot following her. At first I thought "Nah ... she must be just another fisher girl", but soon I found out that the "fisher" is just her "external character" and there's indeed a very mature and funny person behind it (although terribly emotionaly unstable). I got through a full marathon of her SHOWROOMs and already in "EP03" (Day 3) there was a break of her fisher character and her geinin chara came out :XD: (and it's legit, she really loves owarai, her comedy sense is more natural than various NMB girls who are "forced" to do comedy just because they are in a kansai group).


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/845262436160626693
    Today was
    filming! :blush: <3
    It was a while since last time
    The "Minami-san doesn't give me attention" incident ...
    #Tofu Pro Wrestling


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/845262936750772226
    ... but suddenly Minami-san
    got excited.
    She was dancing
    properly today too. lol
    #Stand-by series
    #Isn't hight difference big?
    #Mimi kiin naru wa*

    (*) Japanese comedian Football Hour Goto Terumoto's gag

    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/845263781588480001
    Today I felt Yokoyama-san's
    kindness very much.
    She's very supportive in
    the backgrounds,
    thinks a lot about the juniors but she doesn't try to show it. That's why she's amazing.
    Her human nature is too much wonderful.
    #Kindness and warm
    #General Manager



    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/845264120320442370
    I took this photo
    next to a heater
    I look like a ghost lol
    Orange. lol
    #Rikahime no Koto ga Suki Dakara
    #Heater dependence


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/845264622777073664
    I'm in a lack of doing SR
    and my head hurts lol
    #Broadcast addiction
    #Princess Rika's ROOM


    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/845267387611938816
    Good night
    The couplig song of "Seishun Dokei",
    "Kurayami Motomu" was uploaded on YouTube :blush: <3 Please watch it!
    ... watch it! listen to it!
    I'm glad there're various songs
    I can ask for you to listen.
    See you tomorrow,
    Good night.
    #Good night
    #Rikahime no Koto ga Suki Dakara



    Nakai Rika's photolog: https://twitter.com/NGT48_info_bot/status/845266298628009984
    My Girl!
    It'll be out March 31!
    I'm in the cover!
    Check it please!
    #My Girl!


    modelpress page: https://mdpr.jp/news/detail/1673215
    [Nakai Rika / modelpress = March 24] Before the major debut in April, NGT48's center Nakai Rika will decorate the cover of the girls visual book "My Girl vol. 17" to be out on March 31.
    Nakai, who was chosen as the center in the major debut, appears on the cover in a cute swimsuit. She showed a slender body with a beautiful bust and waist.
    In addition, there's a photo page with girly fashion pictures. In the long interview, we approached her current feelings. The responsability to be the center and thoughts and feelings from the beginning of the activities until the major are told.

    w600c-e_c7a71805af9e9668ccab136732db27ea83f78f7d22090346.jpg w720c-e_9c34e3946d00fb756cc994431fbf08e225226a63e2c75281.jpg
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  17. marioworldakb

    marioworldakb Kenkyuusei

    Jan 4, 2017
    Hina Chan's Cell House
    Kashiwagi Yuki
    There's not really many members in AKB who have clear objectives about what they want to achieve, and to express it in a way that is also not apparent selfishness (like using tears as a weapon to gain more attention/votes). She does in fact the opposite where she acknowledges fans support and to care about them to not waste too much money on her, this in fact probably will motivate people to vote for her more. :D

    And her ethics towards work and life is very positive too. Don't care too much about her identity of not being 100% Niigata. (It's the love of it that counts, and she understands.) No complaining or conflicts with others (which is shown where she is still super friendly with Katomina instead of a rival and others around her too.) Just like what Sasshi said in her book, you gotta love and enjoy your work and that is the first step to become successful. No wonder her showroom has this many viewers, this is just her true self having fun with fans. :v:

    And I almost couldn't recognize Rika-hime in that bikini shot :O
    Looks completely like a different person looool
  18. fatrain

    fatrain Kenkyuusei

    Jun 15, 2014
    Showroom 170325

  19. Humbucker

    Humbucker Kenkyuusei

    Jun 19, 2014
    Sashihara Rino
    Let me use your post to talk a little about Rikachan :XD: (maybe someone else wants to read it too)

    There's a factor that makes her want to go up so fierce: haters! Rikachan was a pretty known Johnny's wota, fan of Kis-My-Ft2 Fujigaya Taisuke before whe joined NGT (she had a twitter account named Fujigaya Rika, which haters use photoprints all the time to attack her). They claim she entered the entertainment world only to approach him (twitter floods crazy everytime there's a chance for them to meet in a TV show) and they say she'll betray her fans soon. That's why she's so ambitious to grow up as an idol and reach the top, to show them that she's much more than they think. Of course, this is not the only reason.

    Actually Rikachan cries a lot on her SHOWROOMs. :^^;: Haters say "If you'll cry don't do SR!" but then I think, why the hell are haters wasting their time watching to a girl who they don't like? :fp: But it's interesting how there're some streamings in which she starts crying but ends laughing. SHOWROOM is a real outlet for her to deal with all her pressure and her fans understand it.

    [Edit] Just remembered. Like she said before and said it again recently, her main purpose in the group IS NOT TO BE THE CENTER. She wants to be the idol that you can find her / you want to find her wherever she stands. She wants to be that member who, independent where she stands, is essential for the group.

    I think she says that because very often she doesn't have a buck at the end of the month. She even made a song about it. :XD:
    Getsumatsu Katsu Katsu Onna
    Watashi wa Getsumatsu
    Katsu Katsu yo
    Tarekatsu sura mo taberenai
    Katsu Katsu yo
    Warikan wa atarimae
    Katsu Katsu na no
    Sou yo, watashi wa Katsu Katsu
    Getsumatsu Katsu Katsu onna yo

    The Broke Girl at the End of the Month
    I'm broke
    at the end of the month
    I can't even eat a Tarekatsu
    I'm broke
    Going dutch is normal
    I'm broke
    That's it, I'm the broke ...
    The broke woman at the end of the month.

    Although sometimes she may seem selfish, her parents are very severe with her, especially her mother. Her mother is always watching her on SRs and gives her advices when she does something that may not please people. Her father too, other day a viewer alone gave her 10 Tokyo Towers but she couldn't read his/her name because the avatar wasn't appearing, she just thanked without saying who it was. Soon, she got a LINE message from her dad (who was watching) like "Hey you, this person spent about 1000 dollars on you, read the name properly! The name is XXX."

    It's clear that Rikachan doesn't want to lose to Katomina but I'm quite surprised how they seem to be in good terms. I thought they were more like SayaMilky, which seemed to have some friction between them. CMIIW

    That's very true! There's no way to grow up and to be good in what you don't like! :)
    Oh boy, I haven't read this book yet ... failed as a fan ... shame me! :fp:

    Yeeeaaaahhh, weird, isn't it? Rikachan looks very different sometimes, depending on where she appears, magazines, SR, TV, photos, etc. I don't know if it's the camera angle, light, make-up ... Sometimes she looks very cute, sometimes not much ... :blink:
    This photo from her photolog with the same bikini looks more natural.


    VILLAGE/VANGUARD page: http://www.village-v.co.jp/news/shoot-sign-0326/
    badge.jpg faile.jpg アクリルスタンド1.jpg なま写真.jpg
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  20. fatrain

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    Jun 15, 2014
    Showroom 170326

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