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Stage48 Countdown: On Hiatus

Discussion in 'General AKB48 Discussion' started by ForrestFuller, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. violin

    violin Kenkyuusei

    Mar 24, 2015
    1. Entering Senbatsu (and making her surprise appearance at the live event)
    2. AnRiRe in Ikuji Naji Masquerade
    3. Having an important role role in drama "Shark"
    4. Centering "Hasute to Wasute"
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  2. x_AozoraKataomoi_x

    x_AozoraKataomoi_x Kenkyuusei

    Oct 4, 2014
    1. Center of AnRiRe
    2. Winning the Mechaike Baka Test
    3. Major acting role in Shark
    4. Coming of Age 2015 Center
    5. Jumping from NR to Undergirls in 2013 Elections
    6. High Position in Juujun na Slave
    7. Her happiness over Nattsun's prelim ranking
    8. Renai Kinshi Jourei center in A5 Revival
    9. #3 in Sailor Zombie
    10. Supporting role in Gomen ne, Seishun
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  3. AWchan

    AWchan Kenkyuusei

    Jun 28, 2014
    1. Center of Haste to Waste
    2. Center of Tsugi no Season
    3. First regular senbatsu in Heart Ereki
    4. Center of Anrire
    5. Senbatsu breakthrough in Kokoro no Placard
    6. Starring as Bakamono in Majisuka Gakuen 4
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  4. DerKaiserZen

    DerKaiserZen Kenkyuusei

    Feb 23, 2013
    On the top, slightly to the right
    1. Hasute and Wasute
    That Mechaike put her in national/public awareness, we can't deny that
    2. Her first ever senbatsu appearance in "First Rabbit"
    Actually that the first ever I notice that management was high on her
    3. AnRiRe
    Being the part of AnRiRe is like a blessing to her, although my hope for that being a prober, single-release subunit will never achieved now..
    4. AKB Kousagi Dojo ep.3
    - Being a 17 years old that time, she admit that segment with gravure model there was her first time ever attempt of being sexy, and the only manga she ever read was Anpanman
    5. Team A KSGK Revolution
    Together with Oshima Ryoka, Takahashi Juri, and Tano Yuka, she became the unofficial Team KSGK member who became the hot topic of 2013, and deem as the future of AKB
    6. SHARK
    IMO this drama opened her eyes on acting world..
    7. Tsugi no Season
    This song is her first center song in AKB
    8. Being Part of Original Team 4
    Just the fact that she becoming a part of my favorite period and Team in AKB timeline make it even sweeeter
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  5. Doodleboy

    Doodleboy Kenkyuusei

    May 29, 2015
    New York City, New York
    1.) Appearing on Mechaike: Her personality was truly expressed for the first time here. Definitely memorable moments for her here. Most people have only seen the first mechaike test she appeared in, however she appeared several other times in the show and even took the test a second time where she was second-to-last place.

    2.) Center of Hasute to Wasute: This made her popular and I'm glad she was center Baka. The song is pretty catchy too.

    3.) Senbatsu for Sugar Rush: This is the first AKB48 song to be used for the global market, so Akimoto made sure that he picked the biggest members possible for the song. Everyone chosen were regular senbatsu members that appeared in at least one lead single or stage song. Kawaei was the exception. I think it made people search her up more.

    4.) Sports mechaike special: I am separating this from number one because we see another new side to her. She is really good at sports!

    5.) Viking TV show: She was a regular on this show and her normal side was seen on a weekly basis. It is amazing how beautiful and honest she is.
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  6. suzuki

    suzuki Kenkyuusei

    May 12, 2014
    1. First MC JuRicchan at request hour 2015 and after ricchan grad we can't see duo JuRicchan MC anymore :cry2:
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    BAKA OSHI Kenkyuusei

    May 26, 2014
    Dublin, Ireland
    1) A live Koi Suru Fortune Cookie I was watching on YouTube, a girl has a great smile in the second row, then she comes to the center after Sasshi..... I was hooked in under a second. It took me a few days to find who she was.

    2 ) Rappa Renshuchu on stage live

    3 ) AnRiRe Heart Ereki

    4 ) Mechaike sport special

    5 ) Hasute to wasute

    My first encounter :

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  8. JoltFiend

    JoltFiend Kenkyuusei Stage48 Donor

    Oct 10, 2012
    California USA
    1) Ricchan repeatedly runs into the wall during the Olympic question opening of Mechaike.
    2) Haste & Waste center
    3) Appearing on stage to accept her 16th place at 2014's Senbatsu Sousenkyou.
    4) Majisuka Gakuen 4
    5) Passing the U-Can exam
    6) Kawaei / Yokoyama skits from AKB SHOW! (very late add)
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2015
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  9. skydrive27

    skydrive27 Kenkyuusei

    Nov 21, 2013
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    1. Mechaike Baka
    2. Hasute & Wasute.... Ricchan signature song
    3. Sayonara Crawl PV... YokoEi !!
    4. the U-Can exam... she proved he's not "baka"
    5. AnRiRe center
    6. First Rabbit & Totteoki Chrismass (Eien Pressure singles)... the first time I notice Ricchan :^^;:
    7. Hebirote Center, after accident....
    8. Tenshi no Shippo, the first unit center (?) & my favorite Ricchan perf....
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  10. xcrossfacekillahx

    xcrossfacekillahx Kenkyuusei

    Nov 30, 2012
    1. Mechaike Test SP
    2. AnRiRe
    3. Team 4 - She was a promising member that time and being an original member of the team will always have its place in the history books
    4. First Rabbit - Memorable appearance there
    5. Mechaike Sports SP
    6. Sugar Rush
    7. Sailor Zombie
    8. 2014 Sousenkyo - Even if she's physically recovering, she still appeared.
    9. U-can exam - She's not really "baka" as she portrays.
    10. SHARK drama - She played an important role there for the main character.
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  11. edisonaguilar

    edisonaguilar Kenkyuusei

    Jan 28, 2014
    Manila, Philippines
    1. Appearing in Mechaike Test SP and being deemed as the Baka Center
    2. Formation of AnRiRe and being the center of the unit
    3. Surprise appearance in 37th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo after ranking in Senbatsu, #16 place
    4. Promotion to Team 4
    5. Hasute To Wasute --- her signature song
    6. One of the top notchers on her appearance in Mechaike Sports Festival SP --- especially when she bumped three times on the wall because she answered wrong on the Olympics question :D
    7. Her first performance after the incident, centering Heavy Rotation
    8. Her role as Bakamono on Majisuka Gakuen 4
    9. AnRiRe performing Heart Gata Virus on Kouhaku Utagassen 2012 with Ricchan centering the performance
    10. Her role as Momoka in Sailor Zombie
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  12. oniqlo

    oniqlo Kenkyuusei

    Aug 1, 2013
    City of Riften
    1 First participation in mechaike test
    2 Ranked as senbatsu 2014
    3 U-Can exam
    4 AnRiRe
    5 Appear at Majisuka gakuen 4
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  13. Fani Chairani

    Fani Chairani Kenkyuusei

    Apr 18, 2014
    1. Participated in Mechaike Baka Test SP and become "center Baka" after test.
    2. Ranked as senbatsu in sousenkyo 2014
    3. Be a main role in Sailor Zombie
    4. Pass from U-CAN exam
    5. Be a reguler senbatsu since Heart Ereki song
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  14. town_el

    town_el Kenkyuusei

    Feb 3, 2015
    1. "Uso Darou Ga !!!"
    2. Hasute to Wasute
    3. AnRiRe featuring Sasshi
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  15. BeMyGuest

    BeMyGuest Kenkyuusei

    Feb 2, 2014
    I'll count the moments that turned me into a big fan, probably it won't be best moments in general, but my personal breakthrough in my wota heart lol

    1. The Mechaike baka test
    2. "Kodoku na Hoshizora", double center with Mayuyu
    3. The sport Mechaike
    4. Kawaei during the MC breaks at the akb48 theater
    5. Her theater comeback stage after the incident
    6. Her role in the drama "Shark"
    7. When she got cast for the drama "Gomen ne Seishun"
    8. Appearing at 2014 SSK and her speech
    9. The news of her joining Avex Vanguard after leaving AKB48 and AKS
    10. Sasshi feat AnRiRe ''Ikujinashi Masquerade''
    11. Her request hour ''Rappa Renshuuchou'' performance

    With commentary:
    1. The Mechaike baka test - I was first hooked by her photos that I saw after accidentally finding her on the 48 wiki and then googled her lol. Then I asked around what should I watch, and the mecha test was suggested. Since there was more focus on her in that show, it was the moment I fell in love. As she was looking at the camera with her shining, smiling eyes, I was grinning happily at my monitor and that was that lol. I was sold to those eyes, 19 months ago. I also thought the whole baka thing was adorable and she made it funny. Also undoubdably the breakthrough point in her akb48 career followed by centering "Hasute to Wasute" that ranked pretty well at Request hour next year.
    2. "Kodoku na Hoshizora", double center with Mayuyu - this was the first akb48 MV with her that I saw and I truly loved the song and the MV and I still do, she is gorgeous there. My jaw dropped for real :cute:
    3. The sport Mechaike - I watched it shortly after the baka test and I found more reasons to like her. I like girls who are good at sports and more 'hardcore' in general lol. I was really surprised and taken by the contrast, super small and super kawaii appearance vs good at sports and a bit tomboyish character.
    4. Kawaei during the MC breaks at the akb48 theater - I'd suggest, if you want to feel better the true colors of the personality of a certain member, watch the theater shows with her. I saw all shows with her that I could find, mostly cuz of the MC breaks. I have countless of happy memories of Kawaei and the interactions with her fellow members and I cherish them, even the sad moments, cuz everything there, in the small theater, feels more sincere than anywhere else. This is where I am going to miss seeing her the most.
    5. Her theater comeback stage after the incident - Ah, what a happy day that was. Though she was visibly extremely nervous and I remember she messed up a few times her speech at the end, it was really cute. Sadly, the great relief from her coming back there, didn't last long :(
    6. Her role in the drama "Shark" - I am very picky when it comes to acting, so I was skeptical at first and even hesitated whether to watch it, cuz I was afraid it might ruin the good impression she has left in me so far. I saw it and ended up, once again, pleasantly surprised by this young girl. She was really natural in her acting, even in the more emotional scenes, she did pretty good. Actually, it's my favorite Kawaei's role so far.
    7. When she got cast for the drama "Gomen ne Seishun" - Shortly after she had started to express her growing love for acting, she was given this role in a pretty decent quality drama and best quality I dare say in her acting career so far. She again did well with portraying her character and I believe this role increased her popularity among the general public. Sorry to say, but appearing in two "Majisuka Gakuen" seasons afterwards, felt like a step back, quality roles wise. Plus, giving her a baka role again, kind of overshadowed the idea of passing the U Can Challenge exam aka to move away from the baka image.
    8. Appearing at 2014 SSK and her speech - I was so happy and shocked at the same time to see her appearing there, just shortly after the incident.. She was really strong to go on that stage and smile again for everyone who was worried sick about her. Even though, she couldn't keep her word from SSK and ended up leaving akb48, I'm proud and thankful she stayed for so long, even thought it was very hard for her.
    9. The news of her joining Avex Vanguard after leaving AKB48 and AKS - I was legit worried what will happen to her after leaving akb48 and this news made me extremely happy and for the first time, relieved, after the announcement of her graduation.
    10. Sasshi feat AnRiRe ''Ikujinashi Masquerade'' - She is so adorable in the MV and in the live performances :cute: It was a huge exposure for her.
    11. Her request hour ''Rappa Renshuuchou'' performance - I can't think of another performance that is more filled with Kawaei's 'kawaiiness :) Her cuteness really shines there.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2015
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  16. KiaRaXeL

    KiaRaXeL Kenkyuusei

    Jul 14, 2014
    Kingdom Hearts
    1. Tsugi no Season center
    2. Kodoku no Hoshizora center with mayuyu. Damn she just so gorgeous here i keep replaying the mv ,even make a screenshoot for her.
    3. Anrire moment eventhough i only love annin and ricchan.
    4. Center Hasute to Wasute
    5. Sugar rush senbatsu
    6. The slashing incident and being senbatsu for last year election.
    7. Oshiete mommy team :v
    8. NyaKb team
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  17. ForrestFuller

    ForrestFuller Future Girls

    Dec 4, 2013
  18. souchan48

    souchan48 Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Feb 8, 2013
    Oshimen: Amami Yuki
    1. Iwate scandal & entering senbatsu last year
    2. BKA48 - Hasute to Wasute
    3. Mechaike baka test
    4. Anrire
    5. Viking
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  19. rendizzz

    rendizzz Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Nov 23, 2014
    1. Came to Indonesia with AKB48 on February 2012
    2. Mechaike Baka test and Sport Festival (BKA48 - Hasute to Wasute)
    3. First Rabbit and Sugar Rush Senbatsu..and became regular senbatsu since 2013 (Heart Ereki)
    4. Tsugi no Season Center
    5. Anrire
    6. part of Original Team 4 and transfer to AKB48 Team A.. became double center with mayu for "Kodoku no Hoshizora"
    7. MC Skill during AKB48 Theater..birth of KSGK
    8. U-Can
    9. Shark and Gomen ne Seishun
    10. Slashing Incident and being senbatsu last year (giving speech on stage)
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  20. nigamushiotoko

    nigamushiotoko Kenkyuusei

    Apr 5, 2014
    Heisei era
    MY best moments of Ricchan

    10. Majijo4
    9. YokoEi moment
    8. Otona KISS Phone call prank

    7. Ricchan no Hitori de Dekirumon

    6. NyaaKB
    5. Ariyoshi AKB ep 162 (Sexy Voice Game vs SKE48)
    4. Sailor Zombie
    3. Mechaike Baka Test (BKA48 center - Hasute & Wasute)
    2. Anrire - That was when I saw her for the first time. ;)
    1. Senbatsu

    Thanks for the laugh, Ricchan. [hehe][hehe]
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