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Jul 26, 2018
Jun 16, 2017
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Seoul, Korea

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Kenkyuusei, Female, from Seoul, Korea

*I had never learnt Japanese, although Im influenced by Japanese language due to surrounding Japanese friends. Jun 16, 2017

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Jul 26, 2018
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  • About

    Seoul, Korea
    Takahashi Minami
    Personal Information
    • Currently a high school student, have a concurrent position as a college student.
    • YOB: 2001
    • I'm more into Kpop.
    Journey of being a part of 48s as a fan
    • Started to listen to AKB's songs without knowing the artist, as my half-Japanese friend provides me the MP3s of Jpop music all of the times.
    • Known the existence of AKB since Heavy Rotation but I had't had any interest in that group yet.
    • Didn't know the existence of 48 sister groups until I watched Strongest Brain in 2016 featuring SNH & NMB, and wondered their group names which features '48' of whether it's related to AKB. (In fact, it is)
    • Spotted Jurina somewhere on the internet in early 2017 and started to gain interest on her talent, but currently I prefer WMatsui although Rena graduated. From that incident, I noticed a such group SKE exists.
    • But unfortunately, I switched my oshimen to Minami Takahashi :p
    • Still prefer to see all of the 48 groups with not more than 3~5 gens of members.
    Current interested members (including graduated)

    • Kami 7s (Seriously goddesses!)
    • Mimami Takahashi! (Kami 7) OMG I love her leadership skils + has the most of similarities with me even compared to all of my friends!
    • Yuko Oshima (Literally good at everything like me although my ability of 'good at eveything' is still a bit weaker than Yuko.)
    • The WMatsui Pair!! (Seriously a perfect pair with mixture of different elements!!)
    • Matsui Jurina (Brave & full of dreams & like to challenge & cool, and of course her talent in dance & acting, currently my most fav member)
    • Matsui Rena (A warm, careful, with good leadership skills)
    • Watanabe Miyuki (Kinda looks like me although Im a bit fatter and uglier than her cuz Im not an idol ahaha. Really attractive (Am I talking about me as well? ahahaha))
    • Yamamoto Sayaka (Talented in comedy, in my opinion she has a mixture of personality of WMatsui)
    • Kodama Haruka (Her nerdy look and tongue-slip personality has attracted me)
    • Miyawaki Sakura (Her early times is seriously cute, still I prefer her with long hair, has a little uncle personality like Oshima Yuko)