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    I understand the feeling. I guess we still need to be patient a bit more. Seventeen still hasn't put her in their push radar yet. We...

    cecfd824-s.jpg Mar 29, 2020 at 12:24 AM
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    About Runa, fans noticed something when Platinum FLASH tweeted photos of new 4th gens, Mar 26th...

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    Scratch that, we have four now :D blt graph vol.53 Comment Video [MEDIA] B.L.T. April 2020 Kubochan, Tamami, and Reno Making Video...

    006z6nxLly1gd1ftck7cyj30go0p0q4i.jpg 006z6nxLly1gd4v2acvh1j30go0b40tk.jpg 006z6nxLly1gd4v2aowb0j30go0p0jtw.jpg 006z6nxLly1gd4v2avyrpj30go0p0ju8.jpg 006z6nxLly1gd4v2b72cbj30go0p0djk.jpg 006z6nxLgy1gd7gq6by2oj30u0190npe.jpg 006z6nxLly1gd67f1qfaij30u018fdov.jpg 006z6nxLly1gd67f1qdycj317a0u0dld.jpg 006z6nxLgy1gd3ndcjbj9j30iw0e6taq.jpg ETxJksYUUAAZP7_.jpeg 006z6nxLgy1gd3nddifhjj30y60pmjvu.jpg 8e2ac932ly1gd6x9iohlxj21kw16mb2c (1).jpg 8e2ac932ly1gd7l0z48ajj21kw16kb2d (1).jpg 006z6nxLly1gd56yojmqqj316o1kw4dn (1).jpg 006z6nxLly1gd56yoyo6kj31kw16ok1e.jpg 006z6nxLly1gd56yphuj1j31bf1bfn6s.jpg 006z6nxLly1gd56yq4vqqj31ec11qai5.jpg Mar 27, 2020 at 5:16 PM