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    I translated the 6 new 2kisei's interview in UTB

    • the reason she audition was because sakamichi supported her when she feel troubled at high school, so she want to that kind of person to someone else as well
    • the song that supported her was nogi's taiyou knock. she admire ikoma
    • she only ever went to hs event once, it was ikoma's last HS event. looking at her up close, she thought ikoma is really pretty. she wasn't able to say anything
    • she has always been a fan of nogi and keyaki, performing keya song in the tour made her like keyaki even more than before
    • it was really hard for them to remember 15 songs in one month for the trainee tour, so everyday they are at their limit. but they supported each other, she feel really happy when they are going to perform the opening performance in Osaka, and remembered how she cried during the cheer. she also feel happy that the fans very warmly welcomed them on stage
    • Hikari has been dancing since 1st year of elementary until recently, so it's 13 years of dance experience. she have participated in several tournaments, and while sometimes she acted as substitute, she have also appeared in dance world tournament "World Hip Hop Dance Championship"
    • She usually stay at home during her off days, watching anime and reading manga. She's quite an indoor person. She's bad at going out on her own, so someone need to invite her first
    • she's a good friend with Matsuoka Manami (the girl whose withdrawal announced during the assignment SR). they often went for a meal or watch live performances together
    • seeing the 6 new members who joined keyaki, she thought that they have strong individuality. she thought that the 15 2kisei are members with particularly strong individuality among the trainees, and she's very excited right now
    • she have a crybaby, negative personality that can only think about bad things like "what should i do if i fail?". she want to be reborn as a positive person with this assignment

    • (asked abt why she auditioned) she likes idol since she was a kid, because they are so shining. that is why she want to be one, but she kept it a secret. keyaki's "eccentric" encouraged her, and she applied
    • specifically the "i’ll pass on being normal, just let me be myself". before, she tried to live normally and suit her surrounding, but bcs of that she thought "i should really do what i want to do"
    • she want to clear up the misunderstanding that might happen, that she only likes "eccentric" from keyaki, stating that she actually likes a lot of other keyaki songs
    • she's happy about being assigned to keyaki, but having difficulties to dance keyaki songs made her thought whether she will be okay, but she'll do her best
    • her memory of the tour is osaka's day 2, when there was a sound trouble and the music didn't come out, so they are singing acapela. it made her really happy that fans sang with them during that time, she could really feel how they are supporting them
    • among the 6 new members, her character is "the one who watches over". during her time as trainee, she was told to be "a soothing presence", so in keyaki she'd like to be "the person who watches over and soothes over"
    • she want to try acting. at the start of acting lesson, she said "i don't like how quickly i cried", but the teacher says "that's sensitivity is important". that teacher also think that she could be a wonderful actress, hearing them say that made her very happy and want to try acting
    • she never had any interest in acting before, that's why being told that surprised her. that's why that time she can only thank them, she wished she could ask them in details about what they see from her
    • she claims to be a bilingual... kagoshima dialect and standard language lol
    • her home was always surrounded by rice field, but the other day when she went home there was a house built, so she thought "we are becoming more city-like"
    • she was surprised by how people in Tokyo uses umbrella right away, even if it's just a light rain
    • she's majoring in psychology in university! the reason why she picked this major is that she want to become a person who can notice someone who is worried or holding back something inside them from their actions and behaviors. people have mentioned how she is a good listener, which also makes her want to learn about something related to that, which is psychology
    • >asked about her enthusiasm of future activity she said that she want to become someone who can contribute to Keyakizaka46, who have saved her, and how it'd be great if she could save someone as well

    • interviewer mentions how they have been mentioned with a good weather for photoshoot. this is the first time the 6 of them had a photoshoot together, since they are also good friends, it made her happy. she hope that their closeness could be conveyed to the reader
    • Keyaki songs have supported her during hard times for many times already, so she feel really happy about being assigned to a group she admire. she hope that she can give courage to someone, just like how Keyaki have encouraged her.
    • she admire idols since she was in middle school, but she never thought of wanting to becoming one. she moved to tokyo to enter a vocational school, that is when she saw the CM and encouraged by garasu played as BGM. she thought, "i want to change myself. let's give it a try" and applied for it.
    • before the actual tour performance, she was feeling so very nervous, she thought, "so people don't die from this kind of nervousness". realizing that made her feel stronger. the fans was very warm, she had a lot of fun.
    • but while she enjoy performing, she did not feel satisfied with her performance. she had never danced before, so she thought that she should change her peculiarities. she was really troubled with how she can convey the feelings in "Inochi wa Utsukushii" that she centered. she'd like to work harder on it.
    • during the tour she introduced herself as "having a personality that is the combination of a rabbit and coriander". her friends told her that she have this "soft" or "peculiar" feeling. she also likes to do things people don't usually do.
    • the interviewer asked what she mean. she said that that day, there was a lot of bread in the catering. among them, there is one white bread she has never seen before. she wondered what kind of bread it is, but it turns out to be a towel. Rei laughed at her. interviewer points out that she's an airheaded character. she wondered if it's because she grew up in the countryside, people often said that she is a weird person
    • there is sea in front of her house, and it took about 30 minutes to walk to the nearest convenience store. when there is an off day, she would come back to shizuoka.
    • the interviewer ask what kind of activity she do when she's back home. she said that the other time, she played soccer with her friend. she run and she walk, she loves to move her body.
    • her jumping rope might look weird in the promotion PV, but she proudly proclaims that she used to be the best at high school.
    • she does kendo from kindergarten to elementary school, then volleyball from elementary to middle school, and then tennis in high school.
    • she doesn't think she's good at sports. she says that she is clumsy and have a strong peculiarness. like when she first started tennis, she got told that her way of swinging is weird. but she worked hard to practice and got better, and when she got picked to participate in the prefectural tournament as a part of doubles, she surprised everyone around her.
    • interviewer wondered if she hates losing. she said that because she's bad at the beginning, she have this strong feeling of "doing more than everyone else".
    • as for the tour, they all practiced a lot, so she can't say she "does more than everyone else". but bought a large mirror and always practiced at home.
    • she says that she is a clumsy person, but she will do her best to cover for that, and that she will stake her body and mind to work hard for keyaki.

    • she couldn't imagine in which group she will be assigned in, but when she find out that she is assigned to keyaki she feel worried. she's bad at dancing and memorizing choreo, so she feel worried about whether it will be ok. but right now, she's really excited about her future activities
    • her friend told her "hey, nogi's saito asuka is really cute!", and when she looked her up indeed she is, and since then she likes sakamichi group. her mom told her about the joint audition, and she thought "i don't know whether i will be accepted or not, but let's give it a try!" so she applied for it
    • it was the first time she took an audition. the people around her are practicing their dancing and singing, while she had no experience and barely practiced so she thought that she will definitely fail.
    • looking back to the trainee tour, she can't even remember a simple choreo, it was really hard for her. but the other trainee supported her and she was able to overcome it, it have become a wonderful memory of hers.
    • she is the kind of girl that would shiver from nervousness when she is selected to say/read something during class, but she doesn't really feel nervous when performing. she think it's because she have the other trainees with her, and all the experience she have from practicing.
    • during the tour, she does her self introduction while spinning 3 hula hoops. they are asked to show a special skill, but she doesn't have one, so she talked to mother and she said, "why don't you just use hula hoops?". she could spin one just fine, but keeps failing to spin 3 at once
    • among the new 6 members, she is particularly close with Matsumoto Kira. they sat next to each other when they are on the move, they share a room when they stayed in a hotel, it's like they are always together. she's shy and not the type to actively talk to people, so even when she's talking to someone she could become quiet. Kira is the only one she can endlessly speak with, it's really fun
    • she understand that if she goes on like this, her HS will be treated as "super salty" (as in super cold). So she thought of practicing with Kira lol
    • she doesn't thought of a dream yet, but she want to perform in a big venue as a part of Keyaki
    • she have bought and watched Keyaki's Tokyo Dome DVD. the 9 2kisei got shot a lot, and they seemed very different than what she remembered, and she could feel the difference. that's why she want to quickly catch up with them.
    • going forward, she hope that as the 6 of them support each other, they could quickly become someone who can share the same stage as their seniors and the 9 who entered earlier. she want her family and friends who are supporting her to see her activity.
    • during the tour, she have small dance movements, and got told that she have this "small animal feeling". that's why she want to dance bigger, and to show her presence.

    • She got asked what is her impression of the other 5 members. She says she often share a hotel room with Marino, and is a good friend with her. Their tension matches and it's fun, she want to make her laugh even more. Hikari always so earnestly practice, she want to see more of her smile, so she want to make her laugh as well. Rei laughs a lot when a joke hits her sense of humor, so she want to make her laugh even more. Rena is clumsy but graceful, so she want to make her laugh as well. Akiho have an interesting behavior, and it made her laugh and that frustrates her, she want to make her laugh as well.
    • in conclusion, she likes to see everyone's smile, so she want to make them smile!
    • during the audition, she doesn't try to make people laugh. she was just trying to do what the audience asked her to while adding her own "twist", but it seems that she chooses the wrong kind of twist that bring forth the current result. looking back, she feel embarrassed, so she would like to have another try.
    • during school break, she would improvise a comedy act with objects. her friends laughed from it, and it made her happy.
    • she doesn't know if she can be as interesting as people expected of her in variety shows, but she'd be happy if she can naturally speak out what she thought and made people laugh from it.
    • she's originally a fan of sakamichi group, she admire Nogi's Momoko in particular. Seeing her made her thought "I also want to become an idol", and want to become someone who can move someone's heart.
    • She have went to Momoko's HS before. She's smaller and prettier than she expected, and have this different atmosphere than one of a human being. She was shocked by it.
    • during the tour, they had to remember 15 songs in one go and she thought "i can't do this! no way!". the dance teacher told her, "if you say you can't, then you won't be able to". ever since then she practiced with the goal of to not say "i can't". her feeling change to "i've just gotta do it!", and she was able to concentrate and positively do her work.
    • when she's performing in front of the audience, she erased her negative feeling and thought "i've just gotta do it!". her past self wouldn't be able to do that, so she thought that she have really grown from the tour.
    • She have seen Keyaki's past performance videos, and even went to Yokohama Arena last year. She could feel that they put their soul in the performance, or rather, she think that they way they made a story on stage is really cool. Thinking that she will be creating that story together with them made her feel very excited. She's still really bad right now, but she think that compensating for her slow start is her ability to expand her self with her growth. In the end, she hope that she can grow so much that people would say "You've become good. Completely different from the past".
    • Right now, "Dorokatsu" is more established among the fans compared to "Kira", so if everyone is OK with it they are free to continue calling her "Dorokatsu". Kira then thought for a while, and she wanted people to call her "Masumo". Btw, "Masumo" was also an old nickname of her dad.

    • She's really happy about being assigned to Keyaki, that she always admire and love. Many emotions overflows and she started to cry.
    • She likes sakamichi groups thanks to Nogi, then when she watch Republic of Keyaki DVD she thought about how cool they are and come to like them.
    • She had never thought about wanting to become a part of Keyaki or applying for an audition, but her mother and older brother told her about the audition and they encourage her to apply. She applied with the light feeling of "I probably gonna fail anyway". That's why she's very surprised to know that she passed.
    • She enrolled in a nursery school with the aim of becoming a nursery school teacher. Her friends are job hunting or have become a teacher, but her life have changed completely since she passed the audition.
    • Looking back to the audition, she thought that it's not easy to perform in front of people. When she see the video, she thought that is a lot that she wasn't able to show or express. But she think that the experience of performing songs from all 3 group, and becoming center one by one is a valuable experience she couldn't get elsewhere. Receiving the support of the fans also made her realize that she is able to stand there because of the fans.
    • Says that she is a shy person, except when she is with family or friends she trusted, where she can be more lively.
    • She think that she's a "my pace" kind of person. she would forget what she bothers her after a good sleep, so she also think that she have a positive personality.
    • Her special skill is how she likes scent, could tell what item belongs to who by their scent. She also do baton twirling when she was in middle school, so she can do that a little.
    • She humbly said that she learned etiquette from Ogasawara school as a part of her school study, and receive qualification as "Hanakatzura no Syouden".
    • The Keyaki member she aims to be with Akanen. She have strong consciousness of beauty, and within her own beauty there lies "a strength", which she really attracted to. She think that she doesn't have "a strength", so she want to have it as well.
    • She got asked who among the new members she is particularly close with, but Rena said that they have experienced the tour together and she come to understood them, so she's close with all of them. In particular, she's been friends with Akiho since the audition, she feel at ease when she's with her. They also do things like going out to a café together.
    • Interviewer ask what sort of conversation they have, Rena says normal stuff and even about beauty. Interviewer points out that she have similar point to Akanen, and Rena quickly said that there is no way she can be compared with her.
    • She's short (154 cm) and often thought "If only I have another 5 cm", but she will do her best to show a powerful performance by making her body looks bigger than it is. She thought that if she's having fun, it will surely make the fans feel happy as well, so while treasuring what her seniors have made, she hope that she can be someone who makes people smile and gives them courage from songs.

    We also translated Yuuka's recent B.L.T (where she talk about how Hiryuuden have affected her, and her thoughts about the present and future of the group). There's also Risa Pon's Weekly The Television, and Risa Pon Akanen Aoi Yuuka's TV Life where in both they talk about the documentary movie and Hirate.
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    Suzumon, Oozono Rei
    Another day pass and another keyaki members graduate :| We'll miss you Naako
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  4. miwa

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    Feb 9, 2019
    Sasaki Mirei
    This group is ridiculous. I don't understand what's going on anymore.
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  5. techizaka

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    Nov 28, 2019
    Suzumon, Oozono Rei
    they got nothing going on for a while & the situation isnt looking good either. Cant blame some of them for losing interest
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    Jan 30, 2018
    it's so sudden.
    announcement just 2 days before the graduation?
    well, i can only say that there's something wrong with keyaki.
  7. charm

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    Dec 30, 2017
    Nagahama Neru
    I had my suspicions when the photo of them meeting the new 2ki did not had Naako. But yet its so sudden to se her graduate in 2 days.
    I imagine she might want to pursue a career as a manga ka or something like that, hopefully.
    This also made me thought that Pe chan has lost two of her close friends, Neru and Naako.
    This also shows that there IS something wrong in Keyaki. I won't make any assumptions, but after all these reccent graduations, this group is suffering a lot.
    Thank you, Naako sensei.
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  8. SilentBreeze

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    Indonesia, Jakarta

    Any news about keyaki since last year always shocking me to the bone!!

    Will miss naako so much,

    is that all, the end of nanachanzu?
    Yone -> oda -> naako :(
  9. keyak

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    Feb 13, 2019
    I mean, it came out of nowhere but Naako’s grad news is not that surprising to me.

    She was one of the members who wasn’t picked for the 9th-single-gone-nowhere senbatsu. Now that a ton of new members have joined, she probably felt her opportunities in Keyaki will be even more limited. Recently, she’s been getting even less exposure than usual compared to some of the other 1st gen. I think her blog made it obvious that she wants to pursue other things (like manga artist, which is one of her earliest dreams) rather than continue the idol route.

    Still doesn’t make it any less sad, I guess. She was such an uplifting presence, brough tons of laughter in Keyakake, a great senpai to 2ki, really unique character. With COVID-19, I guess she can’t really have a proper grad event with fans but I hope she quickly moves onward to greater and better things, and that this won’t be the last time we see her in the news.
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    Mar 22, 2019
    1ki of Keyaki is one special group I have seen in the idol scene. It's like they get tired once more members join the group. Not saying that is the case, but it's the impression I got after her absence of meeting new 2ki members. She is also graduating on March 31 so this announcement is coming too late.
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    Naako was one of the friendliest member of 1ki. She got close to 2ki really fast esp Matsudaira. She was also one of the nicest toward hiragana & is pretty close to Katoshi. She just found other interest which are more important to her than continue her idol career & she made it pretty clear in her blog message.
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    Oct 27, 2017
    Takamoto Ayaka
    An another graduation from Keyakizaka. This doesn't look good for the group but I wish Nagasawa Nanako success with the goals and dreams she wants to achieve. Aside from that, Keyakizaka just focus on improving. Improve in any positive aspects is all I want now. Just improve.
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    Shiraishi Mai
    I've been absent for several days and when I decide to comeback this news come out. Somebody mentioned that it's unsurprising that Naako is graduating becuase she's one of those who weren't picked for the 9th single senbatsu. But something that nobody have noticed is that except for Techi all the graduations come from members who were left out of senbatsu. I wonder if the relation between being out of senbatsu and graduating means that:
    1. Non-senbatsu members are feeling discouraged so they decide to graduate, or....
    2. They already expressed their thoughts about graduating so management decided to not included in senbatsu.

    I always thought it was suspicious that the number of the 9th single senbatsu was exactly the same number of 1ki members at that time. So for that reason I think ishe #2. But only time will tell the truth.

    I wish the best for Naako, and her future.
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    Nov 28, 2019
    Suzumon, Oozono Rei
    Good news. New 2ki will be introduced on keyakake next week :banana:
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    Mar 25, 2018
    Los Angeles, USA
    I was hoping to spend a nice Sunday at home (virus and all considered), just to find out the news about Nagasawa-kun announcing graduation. Nothing last forever, but it kinda hurts. Such a unique personality. I wish her the best in her next endeavors. I hope Pe-chan is OK (I got the feeling she must have know beforehand).
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    Aeon Card x Keyakizaka46

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