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    I know that MNL girls want to be in SSK!
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    I translated Team L’s mall show because I found it amusing, they really did a great job at MCs. After watching it again, I believe technical difficulties occured somewhere in the middle and Teacher Anne signaled them to prolong the MCing for a bit.

    [ENG TRANSLATION] MNL48 Team L at Starmall Shaw MC Cuts
    (T/N: Team L are still behind the stage, they are only interacting through mics.)
    (T/N: For those who don’t know, ‘Anne’ is MNL48’s PR staff who’s popular among MNL48 wotas for being one of MNL48’s teachers in their online show MNL48 iSchool. MNL wotas call her “Oshi Anne”)
    (T/N: First part is cut.)

    Oshi Anne: Team L?
    Team L: /shouts/
    Oshi Anne: Did you hear them?
    Oshi Anne: No? You’ll see them in a bit.
    Oshi Anne: Okay for our next question, the 6th trivia question.
    Oshi Anne: When was the release date of ‘Aitakatta, Gustong Makita?’
    Oshi Anne: No one else? Kuya what’s your name?
    (T/N: ‘Kuya’ is usually referred to an older male. But can also be used for any random male.)
    Wota1: ?
    Oshi Anne: Martin, what a lovely name. Where are you from?
    Wota1: From Q.C. (T/N: Abbreviation for Quezon City.)
    Oshi Anne: Q.C. Who’s your oshi in Team L?
    Wota1: (T/N: Can’t hear properly but he said that his oshi is Alice but since she’s in MII, he’ll pick Ash for Team L.)
    Oshi Anne: It’s Ash. What’s your answer to the question?
    Wota1: November 28.
    Oshi Anne: November 28 of what year?
    Wota1: 2018.
    Oshi Anne: 2018, I thought it would be next year or last year right? Is he right?
    Crowd: ... yeah ...
    Oshi Anne: Seems like you guys don’t know the album’s release date and just bought it am I right?
    Crowd: /laughs/
    Oshi Anne: When it comes to things like these you all should treasure it. The correct answer is November 28, 2018.
    Oshi Anne: By the way, the Aitakatta, Gustong Makita physical albums are still available at the merch booths. You can also listen to it on digital platforms such as Spotify and Apple iTunes on Apple Music (?).

    Oshi Anne: Okay, it seems we’re done with our 2nd round of games.
    Oshi Anne: Seems like you don’t want to play anymore because you don’t look happy. Because I’m the only one you see here, do you guys know me?
    Oshi Anne: Anyways...
    Backstage Team L: (T/N: Inaudible.)
    Oshi Anne: Did you hear that? That surprised me. Who was that?
    Oshi Anne: Now it’s gone.
    Oshi Anne: Anyways, this is the last game. I promise you’ll see them with no filter. You will see MNL without filter. There’s no pollution. (T/N: She’s referring to the Aitakatta, Gustong Makita MV where people complained about the filter.)

    Oshi Anne: For our 3rd and last game. Singing challenge. What do you think will we be singing?
    Oshi Anne: Okay for our third game, we will have ‘Aitakatta, Gustong Makita’ singing challenge.
    Oshi Anne: So for sure you would know the song since it’s their first single right? And I would need 3 contestants here on stage.
    Oshi Anne: This is where you’ll show how much you really love your oshis. Okay.
    Oshi Anne: So who wants to join me on the 3rd game?
    Oshi Anne: Okay so we have here Kuya. Oh, you’re so cute.
    Oshi Anne: Are you all really loosing to a kid?

    (T/N: Sela from backstage is talking through the mic backstage.)
    Oshi Anne: Wait, they said music, wait, who was that?
    Sela: Can I have a request?
    Sela: Can you please sing ‘Talulot ng Sakura’?
    Oshi Anne: She asked if it’s okay for you guys to sing ‘Talulot ng Sakura’?
    Sela: Oshi Anne!
    Oshi Anne: What?
    Sela: You sing ‘Talulot ng Sakura’!
    Oshi Anne: Uh, well, this (her voice) is only for the showers.
    Sela: Hala...
    Oshi Anne: That’s the way it is, there are things that you won’t get right away.
    Sela: I’ll sing with you!
    Oshi Anne: What about Tin? From what I know she did a cover of it. Is Tin there?
    Oshi Anne: Hello Tin? It’s like (T/N: Inaudible).
    Sela: Tin? I’m not Tin~
    Oshi Anne: Sela?
    Sela: Uhhhh....
    Oshi Anne: Yah it’s Sela. That ‘Uhhhh’, I knew it.
    Sela: Sela the Tamago(?)
    Oshi Anne: She said Tamago. They’re excited to see you.
    Sela: Really?
    Oshi Anne: Yeah. Could you all cheer for Sela?
    Crowd: Sela! Sela! Sela!
    Oshi Anne: Could Sela come out here for a bit?
    Oshi Anne: Because it seems they think we’re talking through Skype.
    Oshi Anne: Maybe they think you’re not actually here.
    Oshi Anne: Is Sela allowed to come out here? Could you all cheer for Sela?
    Sela: Later, see you all later!
    Oshi Anne: So that was Sela, we’ll see her in a bit.
    Oshi Anne: Anyways, moving on in our 3rd game. Is he our only contestant? There’s another one. How about you? Will you join us?
    Oshi Anne: Okay, it seems like we have cute contestants here, are adults not joining? We need 1 more. Kuya!
    Oshi Anne: This Kuya looks familiar. Anyone else wants to join? It’s okay? Okay.

    Oshi Anne: Wow, very cute. They’re all cuties. Let’s greet them first, what’s your name?
    Little Boy: Gian.
    Oshi Anne: Gian? Where are you from Gian?
    Little Boy: From Caloocan.
    Oshi Anne: From Caloocan? Wow that’s far. Are you a super fan of MNL48?
    Little Boy: Yes.
    Oshi Anne: Who’s your oshi?
    Little Boy: Ash.
    Crowd: /cheers/
    Oshi Anne: Ash? Wow. What do you want to say to Ash? She’s listening backstage.
    Little Boy: Come out.
    Crowd: /laughs/
    Oshi Anne: He said come out Ash.
    Oshi Anne: Kids are so straightforward, we should be more like that.
    Oshi Anne: Okay, do you know Aitakatta Gustong Makita?
    Little Boy: Yes.
    Oshi Anne: Can you dance and sing to it?
    Oshi Anne: You might be confused. You’ll just sing to it okay? The chorus of Aitakatta Gustong Makita okay? Before that let’s greet our contestant #2. What’s your name?
    Little Girl: (T/N: Inaudible)
    Oshi Anne: What?
    Little Girl: (T/N: Inaudible)
    Oshi Anne: Huh?
    Little Girl: (T/N: Inaudible)
    Oshi Anne: Ahh! You’re Gabb’s little sister!
    Crowd: /cheers/
    Oshi Anne: Are you excited to see your Ate? (T/N: Ate, pronounced as A-te, refers to older females. In this context, she is referring to her older sister.)
    Little Girl: Yes.
    Oshi Anne: Other than Gabb, who’s your Team L oshi?
    Little Girl: Ash.
    Crowd: /cheers/
    Oshi Anne: Ash?
    Oshi Anne: What’s your message to you Ate and Ash? They’re listening backstage.
    Little Girl: Come out.
    Oshi Anne: They should also come out!
    Oshi Anne: She’ll be out later. Say “Ate, come out now!”
    Little Girl: Ate, come out now!
    Oshi Anne: She’ll come out.
    Oshi Anne: Kuya come here, it’s like you’re (?). What’s your name?
    Wota2: It’s Kevin.
    Oshi Anne: Kevin, you look familiar. Did we see each other before?
    Wota2: Just yesterday. (T/N: Team NIV and Team MII had a mall show the other day.)
    Oshi Anne: Just yesterday? Where are you from again?
    Wota2: Taytay, Rizal.
    Oshi Anne: Taytay, Rizal. Who’s your oshi in Team L?
    Wota2: There’s a lot.
    Oshi Anne: A lot? That’s why you also spend a lot. You have lots of oshis. But who’s your kami-oshi in Team L?
    Wota2: Ash.
    Crowd: /cheers/
    Oshi Anne: Ash. Seems like all the contestants here are fans of Ash.

    Oshi Anne: Anyway, this is all what you have to do. These are the mechanics, you just have to sing the Aitakatta, Gustong Makita chorus okay? Just be better it’ll depend on your rendition.
    Oshi Anne: Are you all ready?
    Oshi Anne: Yes, so for our 1st contestant. Are you ready to sing?
    Little Boy: /sings/
    Oshi Anne: Can you sing it again?
    Little Boy: /sings/
    Oshi Anne: He’s so cute!
    Oshi Anne: Thank you! For our second contestant? Are you ready to sing Aitakatta?
    Little Girl: /sings/
    Oshi Anne: You just have to sing the Aitakatta’s chorus. Just a little bit of the chorus. Okay?
    Wota2: ?
    Oshi Anne: Huh?
    Wota2: ?
    Oshi Anne: Do you know the song Aitakatta?
    Oshi Anne: Just sing the chorus, just like where they started.
    Wota2: /sings/
    Oshi Anne: ?
    Oshi Anne: To determine the winner, we’ll do it by hearing how loud the cheers are okay?
    Oshi Anne: For our contestant #1!
    Crowd: /Cheers/
    Oshi Anne: For our contestant #2!
    Crowd: /Cheers/
    Oshi Anne: And our contestant #3!
    Crowd: /Cheers/
    Oshi Anne: Okay, it‘s clear that contestant #2 is the winner.
    Oshi Anne: Congratulations! (?) even if she wins or not. Because of that you earned an MNL merch. But I feel like giving the other two as well.
    Crowd: /Cheers/
    Oshi Anne: For the other two. I’ll give you too, since you’ve given effort right? If you give effort, we appreciate you. Congratulations!

    Oshi Anne: So there you go. We just finished our 3rd game. And I know you’re very bored, I can see it on your eyes. Maybe later, we’ll see posts on those (?) groups.
    Crowd: /laughs/
    Oshi Anne: Don’t worry, I’m just scrolling around.
    Oshi Anne: But anyways! Before we see Team L. We would like to thank of course, Hallohallo Entertainment, Star Music and of course Starmall Shaw for making this event happen.
    Oshi Anne: And of course, you can follow our official social media page on facebook.com/mnl48. Instagram and Twitter at mnl48official and our Youtube account at MNL48 Official.
    Oshi Anne: Aitakatta, Gustong Makita albums are still available there at the entrance or you can also order online at www.mnl48.ph or www.mall.hallohallo.com.
    Oshi Anne: And! Of course, you can also watch MNL48’s 2nd MV which is Talulot ng Sakura and did you know? It’s a new entry at #20 on Pinoy MYX! So continue voting for them on MYXPH.com. You can vote for it to rank up. And by the way, Aitakatta is I think ranked #7 on Pinoy MYX and it’s still on the daily Top 10. So keep on voting for them.
    (T/N: MYX is a popular Philippine music channel.)

    Oshi Anne: And of course the handshake event is on November 18 but for the venue and other details, you’ll need to stalk MNL48 for that then you can just spread the info yourselves. Well anyways...
    Oshi Anne: For us to see them, you have to cheer for them.
    Oshi Anne: Can you cheer for Team L?
    Crowd: Team L! Team L! Team L!
    Oshi Anne: Seems a little weak. Can you cheer for Team L? Because they really won’t come out unless you guys get noisy.
    Crowd: Team L! Team L! Team L!
    Oshi Anne: Okay, it seems we lack cooperation.
    Oshi Anne: You all have your own oshi that you’re cheering for. Anyways Team L are you ready?
    Team L: YES!
    Oshi Anne: Everyone! Let’s welcome, MNL48 Team L!

    -Aitakatta, Gustong Makita-
    -Umiindak na Saya (Skirt Hirari)-

    Tin: Hello MNLoves!
    Team L: Hello MNLoves!
    Sela: We are...
    Team L: MNL48 Team L!
    Tin: How are you?
    Sela: Yes! My name’s Sela!
    Tin: Hello guys! I’m Tin!
    Gabb: Hello to everyone! I’m Gabb.
    Ash: I’m Ash!
    Grace: Hello, I am Grace!
    Quincy: Hi everyone! I’m Quincy!
    (T/N: Dian and Kyla overlapped their introductions.)
    Mari: Hello everyone! I’m Mari!
    Sela: How is everyone? Did everyone already eat?
    Crowd: Not yet!
    Sela: Not yet? Same. We haven’t eaten yet too.
    Sela: Yes!
    Dian: How are you all doing?
    Crowd: /cheers/
    Dian: Thank you for waiting just to see us
    Sela: Yes that’s right. So that’s that. I know all of you are wondering what is MNL48.
    Sela: MNL48 is one of the offici- Oh my gosh I‘m reaching puberty. (T/N: Because Sela’s voice cracked lol)
    Crowd: /lmfao/
    Sela: MNL48 is the official sister group of AKB48 which is the biggest and largest... Yah, biggest and best selling idol group in Japan.
    Sela: So we’re here to inspire and make people happy. And of course we’re here to promote good characteristics not only to the millennials but for all of you.
    Sela: Just like our songs! Yes Ate Grace?
    Grace: Yes, just like our songs so please buy our CD because our songs are really good, you will learn lessons.
    Sela: Yes!
    Grace: The lyrics of the songs are really from the heart.
    Sela: You will learn something from our songs. It’s doesn’t just bring out excitement but you’ll also learn from it behind the lyrics.
    Sela: So buying our first single which is Aitakatta, Gustong Makita is really worth it. It includes 3 songs which are?
    Tin: Aitakatta, Gustong Makita. Umiindak na Saya and Talulot ng Sakura. So MNLoves, please buy our album!
    Everyone: Yey!
    Grace: Trivia! Trivia! A trivia for everyone. Umiindak na Saya is recorded by... yours truly from Team L!
    Team L: Yes!
    Sela: And about the handshake event ticket...
    Ash: So when you buy the album, it includes a handshake ticket. And the handshake event will be on...
    Team L: November 18!
    Ash: Hopefully, we’ll see each other there!
    Sela: Yes, buying our album will be super worth it. Hopefully we’ll see each other at the handshake event which is, when was it again?
    Team L: November 18!
    Sela: It’s super close.

    Grace: Are you all happy guys?!
    Crowd: /cheers/
    Grace: Are you all enjoying?!
    Crowd: /cheers/
    Sela: And! That’s that. That’s it.
    Crowd: /laughs/
    Dian: Hopefully we’ll sell out all the CDs today.
    Team L: Yeah, hopefully!
    Gabb: This is our second time at Starmall Shaw, because the first time, we we’re campaigning as aspirants...
    Sela: Super Yah! (T/N: I swear Sela is such a valley girl lmao.)
    Gabb: Those aspirants that were campaigning here are now official members of MNL48.
    Team L: Awwwww.
    Crowd: /Cheers/
    Sela: This place is very memorable for us. It’s heart filling because we used to do campaigns here before and now, there are people watching us here.

    Kyla: Yes baby hearts?
    Sela: Baby hearts!
    Grace: Team L’s Baby hearts.
    Mari: First of all, thank you to everyone who came!
    Grade: Thank you so much.
    Mari: I hope you enjoy.
    Dian: Hopefully we sell out all our CDs! Wooh!!!
    Team L: Woooooh!!!
    Crowd: Woohhhhh!!!
    Tin: Please help us get recognition in the whole Philippines!
    Crowd: /Cheers/
    Dian: Everyone should be an, MNLove!
    Crowd: /Cheers/
    Sela: And that’s that...
    Grace: Happy.
    Sela: Everything’s happy. So now we’re off to our last song. Where we’ll perform together with the rest of the Team L members.

    Sela: And before the last song, Kapitana will say something. (T/N: Kapitana means captain. Probably one of Quincy’s nickname.)
    Quincy: Hello! I see new faces. Hello!
    Team L: Hello! Hello to everyone!
    Quincy: Hopefully even if you don’t know us. I hope you become a part of our family the MNLoves.
    Sela: Yeah.
    Quincy: Hopefully you appreciate us now. And apart from promoting Aitakatta, Gustong Makita album, I would also like to promote our official facebook pages.
    Team L: Yeah!
    Quincy: Please follow our official accounts. We also have official instagram accounts and please do follow our official MNL48 accounts.
    Sela: Yes.
    Quincy: Please subscribe to our Youtube channel. We have shows like MNL48 iSchool where you will get to know us the MNL48 members more.
    Quincy: And for those asking, yes we really do have 48 members.
    Sela: Yes.
    Quincy: But as of now we are just Team L to give (?) to you. For those who don’t know you can check for more information about us, you may search for our official accounts. Thank you so much!

    Grace: Yes and I just received good news this morning girls. Girls I received good news this morning.
    Ash: What is it Grace?
    Grace: Talulot ng Sakura is already at MYX!
    Everyone: YAY!!!
    Sela: That’s all because of MNLoves that’s why we’re very touched.
    Kyla: And MNLoves! I have a favor to ask to all of you. Let’s take a groufie!
    (T/N: Groufie is probably plural term for Selfie xD)
    Team L: Yeah!
    Kyla: Is that okay?
    Team L: Groufie!
    Sela: We’ll turn around
    Sela: Smile okay?
    Quincy: You may come closer to the stage.
    Kyla: Smile everybody!
    Quincy: Can I have a request? Can we all do the Team L hand sign?

    Team L: Yay!
    Sela: Now we’re off to our last song and the rest of the Team L members will be with us which are Shaina, Gia, Kay, Jewel, Princess, Lei and Thea.
    Grace: But before that...
    Sela: But before that?
    Grace: Are you all okay there? How about all of you there, are you all okay? (T/N: Grace is also talking to people outside the barrier. Most probably curious passerby’s.)
    Tin: Did everyone of you already buy our CD?
    Crowd: Yeah!
    Tin: Yeah!
    Sela: Buying our CD is really worth it!
    Tin: Let’s all see each other on our handshake event!
    Grace: It’s Oshi Anne! (T/N: Oshi Anne appears from backstage, I believe she was trying to signal the girls to prolong the MCing for a bit because of technical difficulties.)
    Oshi Anne: Hello!

    Oshi Anne: Hello. Are you all ready to see everyone in Team L perform?
    Oshi Anne: But before that, let’s first interview the girls.
    Oshi Anne: Because they’re still practicing there. They want it perfect.
    Oshi Anne: But wait Sela, have you heard what the fans said about you earlier?
    Sela: Yes, I’m so touched. It’s heart filling, that’s why I’m nervous.
    Oshi Anne: Why are you nervous?
    Sela: I don’t know.
    Oshi Anne: You all love Sela right?
    Crowd: /cheers/
    Sela: I love you all too.
    Oshi Anne: Ash too, she has a lot of fans here.
    Ash: Thank you, thank you. There’s a lot of you today. I didn’t expect there’d be a lot of you today. Thank you so much for coming.
    Oshi Anne: Gabb’s little sister joined our contest earlier. Did you hear her sing?
    Sela: Baby! (?)
    Oshi Anne: She sang earlier.
    Gabb: Me?
    Oshi Anne: Your little sister.
    Gabb: Ah my little sister! She’s right there!
    Team L: /gushes/ She’s crying!
    Crowd: Aww.
    Gabb: Mommy!
    Quincy: You made her cry! (T/N: They’re just teasing Gabb.)
    Gabb: I didn’t make her cry!
    Quincy: Why did you make her cry?
    Sela: Gabb!
    Gabb: No I didn’t!
    Ash: Your sister’s crying.
    Sela: I know you have a hobby of biting.
    Gabb: No I don’t!
    Sela: You bit me before (?)
    Quincy: That’s right. In the mansion, she bites whoever who’s near her. She even bites our feet.
    Crowd: /laughs/
    Gabb: No! No! No!
    Sela: That’s not true.
    Quincy: Because that’s how she shows affection to us.
    Sela: Gabb is super sweet. Baby girl.
    Kyla: It seems Dian (?) is a bit quiet.
    Sela: Oh yah.
    Mari: Dian are you okay?
    Kyla: Where’s Dian?
    Dian: I’m okay as long as everyone’s okay, are you all okay?!
    Crowd: /cheers/
    Sela: They said they were hungry, you should treat them later.
    Dian: Siomai.
    Sela: Siomai?
    Quincy: BMI!
    Team L: BMI! BMI! BMI!
    Crowd: BMI! BMI! BMI!
    Grace: We’re thinking about food again.
    Ash: Because we’re hungry.
    Grace: (T/N: Inaudible). We’re all the same here.
    Sela: Let’s just drink water.
    Grace: Water is life.
    Sela: Water is life.
    Grace: We have tips for those who want to get thinner. These tips are from (T/N: Inaudible)
    Grace: We have tips, do you want to know them? MNL48’s secret.
    Gabb: Ate Grace, are you saying something? Seems like you’re saying something.
    Quincy: Grace, you should’ve told us this a long time ago.
    Sela: Yeah.
    Grace: So here’s the tips. The tip to get thinner is water and pray. That’s it.
    Ash: Where did you get that water and pray tip?
    Quincy: I pray all the time but why?
    Gabb: I also drink water! Why am I not getting thinner?
    Grace: Then don’t eat.
    Sela: Hey don’t starve yourselves. Don’t diet, just lessen food intake.
    Quincy: And we’d like to remind everyone that you should always bring water and an umbrella. Those who know will always be safe. Thank you very much.
    Everyone: /cheers/
    Team L: Go Quincy!
    Sela: Kapitana!
    Quincy: Because we really love our supporters, no one is allowed to get sick!
    Quincy: MNLoves should not fall sick.
    Sela: That’s right so for our following singles... you’re all healthy.

    (T/N: The rest of the Team L members backstage are saying Hello. Signalling that they’re ready to perform.)
    Quincy: Someone’s is saying Hello. Who is it?
    Backstage Team L: Hello!
    Quincy: Someone’s saying hello at the back.

    Grace: I just want to ask something, are there any newcomers here? I mean, who here are new to MNL48?
    Quincy: Who’s new?
    Quincy: You’re new?
    Grace: There’s a lot.
    Quincy: Those who don’t know us yet!
    (T/N: Everyone were raising their hands up lol)
    Grace: Let me repeat the question. Those who are new not those who are regulars.
    Crowd: /laughs/
    Grace: You’re all regulars.
    Quincy: Are there groups here? Hello!
    Team L: Hello! Hello!
    Grace: There are people at the top too. All of you 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8! Hello to everyone there!
    Kyla: Since there’s a lot of new faces, do you all want to hear our last song?
    Crowd: /Cheers/
    Mari: Are you ready?
    Crowd: /Cheers/
    Grace: I’m also excited, I’m also a fan of MNL48.
    Sela: Of course! Everyone of us are fans of MNL48.
    Sela: Yes now, this is our last song...
    (T/N: Gabb’s little sister ran on stage to hug her.)
    Team L: Awwwwww
    Crowd: Awwwww
    Backstage Team L: This isn’t the last time. There’s still more to come!
    Tin: Why? What’s the problem?
    Quincy: Makes you want to cry.
    Tin: She’s just proud of her Ate.
    Grace: Before we do our last song, of course we would like to introduce the other Team L members.
    Sela: Yes, on our last song, we will be joined by the other MNL48 Team L members which are Shaina, Gia, Kay, Jewel, Princess, Lei and Thea. This is...
    Team L: Talulot ng Sakura!

    -Talulot ng Sakura-
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    Jun 20, 2018
    I'm already excited for the Theater. Every teams is unique and had character. The Mall Show is a success!! More Mall Shows now outside Metro Manila.
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    So, uh, do you mind if I take this and try to sync it with the video as a sub file and upload it to vimeo or DM or something? With proper credit applied, of course. I'm 100% down with learning how to do all that extra stuff if someone is willing to do the translation....
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    Yeah sure, I don’t mind! :)

    I’m actually trying to find a subbing team or someone I could send all my translations to cause I can’t set and time with my current situation rn. I’m talking to this person on YT (MNLSubs I think?) and just waiting for his/her reply cause I’m planning on translating more MNL contents that I’m sure won’t be subbed by management (radio, theater, mall shows etc.)
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    I didn't even know they existed... but it looks like there weren't any videos uploaded prior to today. I'd be glad to learn how to do set/timing for things that MNLsub isn't going to do, if you're planning on it. That way we could have two teams and make sure we get everything taken care of. :)
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    New manila
    MNL48 news update:
    MNL48 trainee Niah (Sheccaniah Faith Baler)
    announced her resignation to the group ..
    Mall tour in cavite announce:)
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    This is really frustrating. I could tell my wife bout this, or the one in Alabang, but she's busy doing interview prep for immigration and she's got a 6 days a week job in Manila. Maybe after school is on break I can send her some money to go buy me a cd and watch a performance...
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    You can go ahead and set/time it. There’s actually a decent amount of individual subbers out there for MNL48 that idk who to approach. For now, I’ma just continue translating random stuff :^^;:
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  10. Unggoy

    Unggoy Kenkyuusei

    Aug 23, 2018

    I asked MNLSub if they were planning to so the I-School episodes and they told me yeah. But hrm, who else is doing subs? I found a master list of subs that was pretty inconplete.

    I have a lot to focus on during the week, so I will do my best to get it done on the weekend. :)
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  11. Cristina Salazar

    Cristina Salazar Kenkyuusei

    Nov 2, 2016
    wow, this is really nice for international fans~~!
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  12. Cxstridert's mikhail

    Cxstridert's mikhail Kenkyuusei

    Sep 17, 2014
    New manila
    MNL48 News updates:
    circulating on Twitter pic from QMC for Hugis puso Fortune Cookie MV
    Recording session for next single location
    Text Voting for MOR song choice Banner (local voter's)
    Andi's Birthday :)
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  13. chimew9

    chimew9 Kenkyuusei

    Jan 14, 2018
    Random thought:
    - So happy for Kay's screen exposure these days. Hope she stays and Thea shows up next episode. Wiiiiii!
    - I always have a like/dislike impression about Abby but what she said about Sha is a thumbs up for me.
    - I dont understand Mari's comment to Sha's introduction. It wasn't fast and neither it was hard to understand.
    - Captain Alice is naturally very caring. I saw how she comforted Sha.
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  14. roze_street

    roze_street Kenkyuusei

    Jul 22, 2018
    I didn't like Kay's visual at first but I've come to really like her I hope she stays more.

    Mari is really cute even more than Sela (oops sorry), like an imouto haha. She kinda reminds me of HKT Mikurin.

    Who is coming to Vista Mall Daang Hari this Sunday? I'm thinking of going. It's very near to where I live.
  15. Ally_

    Ally_ Rank 81-100 (Temporary Name)

    Aug 5, 2017
    I have been liking Abby these days. I feel like she’s a sassy type but holds it back :^^;: idk, she has her moments. And lmao I guess SeBy is THAT ship. They’ve been getting paired a lot lately and the fans are loving it :lol:

    I’m curious about Team NIV, like their team dynamics and how Ecka is as a captain. It feels like I don’t know them the most out of all the teams. :O
  16. Rinji

    Rinji Kenkyuusei

    Jan 14, 2018
    off topic but...

    I'm delighted that Team NIV's Alyssa viewed my IG stories last night.

    It's about my strolling story in Robinsons Forum with random cute stuff and food. It made my night happy.

    Before that, I flood liked her posts and I found her posts fascinating.

    It was unexpected, I know it's fanservice, but still-- it's rare to have that kind of experience.

    It's a blessing for us to have MNL48 here

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  17. Helliezza

    Helliezza Kenkyuusei

    Oct 14, 2017
    ^ you can post it on her own thread so that other fans will know, this thread might bury your post y'know
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  18. JigglerCuddlerRattler

    JigglerCuddlerRattler Kenkyuusei

    Oct 28, 2018
    Also can someone make a compilation vid of their cutest moments and ig/fb stories and upload it weekly or daily like Mundee Channel on youtube for bnk. That also would be nice.
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  19. Asuka Loves Walls

    Asuka Loves Walls Kenkyuusei

    Mar 20, 2018
    No offense taken here, from a person who is a massive Sela-oshi. After all, they do resemble each other, just different head size lol

    As for captain Kaede, her Japanese ancestry really spills over ("mahinhin"/demure behavior, always being lost in tagalog translation) making up her charm.
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  20. Rinji

    Rinji Kenkyuusei

    Jan 14, 2018
    Kay's Bday today
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